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CD & LP in a stellar deluxe art package. Furthering the resurgence of Blacktape’s classic darkwave, ethereal, ambient sound. -- expected to ship to backers in August, if all goes on schedule.
CD & LP in a stellar deluxe art package. Furthering the resurgence of Blacktape’s classic darkwave, ethereal, ambient sound. -- expected to ship to backers in August, if all goes on schedule.
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As we enter October, the image on the horizon grows.

Posted by Sam Rosenthal (Creator)

Hello All,

Since my last update, I have approved the 2nd set of test pressings, and the vinyl is on schedule to be pressed by Precision very soon. 

I was saved by a random thought. 

A month ago I asked the pressing plant in Canada (Precision) to send me a sample of the To touch the milky way LP jacket, so I could be sure the colors looked correct. All was fine and I approved them, and then set them on a stack in my basement. Two weeks ago, while I was down there doing something else (perhaps filing an order for Projekt's distributor in Italy) I thought, "Huh! I think I'll stick the five insert cards in the jacket, just to give a look and see what that's like." Dig, dig, sort, cram, cram. "Oh. Oh no!" Cram, cram!! "Oh no, the insert cards don't fit!!"

It turns out the five cards together are too thick to fit in an LP jacket, which would kind of defeat the whole idea of the deluxe set, if I left it this way. After stressing out for a few seconds, I started working through my options.

For Remnants of a deeper purity, Precision printed a "wide spine" jacket. A normal LP jacket is about 2mm thick, wide spine are 5mm thick; they have a spine on the top and the bottom as well as the side. Very stylish! This format would definitely be a great option for holding the deluxe package with the cards. Too bad I didn't think of it before I printed the regular jackets. Never-the-less, your deluxe copies of To touch the milky way need to be right, so I placed an order for 300 more jackets, using the wides spine format. Yeah, now I will have 300 extra standard jackets. But I needed to do this for you. If/when this pressing sells out, I will have the extra 2mm jackets for a second pressing. Nothing goes to waste!

True, this creates another little delay. Though I don't think it will change the approximately October 26 ship date for your packages. I'll keep you updated on that.


On October 5th I'll start sending your download codes for To touch the milky way

Around the same time, I will send overseas customers your postage total. As you recall, you weren't charged postage during the Kickstarter campaign. I will get a total with the current postage rates, and you'll paypal me. That way, when the final pieces get here, you've already paid and I'll be ready to start packaging and shipping to you.

Shipping LPs, what do you think?

I've been looking at different boxing options, because nobody likes a dinged up jacket. I've discussed with my friend Charles at Soleilmoon, Steve Roach, Joe who runs the Projekt webstore, and Sebastian my distributor in Italy. I'm getting a lot of input on what boxes they use for shipping.

One thing I consistently hear is "Don't ship the vinyl inside the jacket." People say it slides around in transit and can split the jacket open. I have not received any complaints about this, with all the past Kickstarter packages I have shipped out with the vinyl inside the jacket. Please tell me what do you think? Vinyl in the jacket, or vinyl outside?

I can see the image on the horizon, it's getting larger and larger!

I hope you have a good weekend. Take care of yourself.


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    1. Sam Rosenthal 10-time creator on

      @Gordon -- I got some nice WHIPLASH and PRATT mailers for the vinyl, so they have extra corner protection. And yes, also 12" cardboard inserts where appropriate
      @Patrick -- these jackets are nice and thick, hopefully thicker than the jackets from our youth.
      @Chris -- yeah, even though I've had very few complaints of damaged jackets in my past campaigns, I will most likely be shipping them as you suggest. Jacket in a poly sleeve, vinyl in paper sleeve on outside.
      Thanks for your inputs.

    2. Gordon Feiner on

      Unless they're shrink wrapped/sealed - shipping vinyl outside the jacket is my preferred method. I've received many records that split a seam somewhere without that.

      Also - please please please use stiffeners, I've gotten way too many "Kickstarter Exclusive, Limited Edition" vinyl with completely mashed corners, makes me sad. The post office WILL bend, mangle, spindle, and mutilate it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick Lynch on

      I've never had a problem with getting a record with a split jacket. Is this because the album covers are thinner than the jackets of our youth? I received the Remnants LP completely unscathed with no damage to the jacket.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Neal on

      I would strongly suggest keeping the vinyl outside the jacket. I have received too many damaged sleeves from shipping in the jacket - even when they are sealed. The best way to ship is with the vinyl in a paper sleeve and that plus the jacket inside a inexpensive poly sleeve.

    5. Thomas Nelson on

      Vinyl outside would be my suggestion. It is so irritating to receive a brand new, super-rare album, only to find a tear in the seam of the album jacket. It’s happened at least four times to me.

    6. Missing avatar

      John Battema on

      I've never had an issue with vinyl shipping inside a sleeve (and I've bought plenty). So whatever is easier for you will be fine by me.


    7. Missing avatar

      David Salmon on

      I have ordered well over 30 vinyl LP’s and have never received any of them shipped outside of their sleeves. I think if you’re dealing with old and/or worn out sleeves, it may make sense. The sleeve quality of the bike shop EP was excellent. Regardless of what you decide Sam, I’m looking forward to playing this LP. I haven’t even listened to any samples and I don’t plan on listening to the digital version until after listening to the vinyl.

    8. Scott on

      *QUALITY (not "quantity", as changed by my phone without my knowledge in my previous post).

    9. Scott on

      I agree with Scott - SoundstageDirect used the best overall approach. Some LP mailers seem to offer a tighter fit or better stiffness than others as well, which are as important as the quantity of the actual handling of the packages.

    10. Scott Remington on

      Yes, please ship the LPs out of the jackets to prevent seam splits. When SoundstageDirect was still in business, they always gave you the option of shipping out of the jacket. In case the LPs were in classy sleeves, not cheap envelopes, they'd place the LPs in quality plastic sleeves and shop the original sleeve(s) inside the jacket. Their website is still up and you can see how they shipped LPs if asked.