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CD & LP in a stellar deluxe art package. Furthering the resurgence of Blacktape’s classic darkwave, ethereal, ambient sound. -- expected to ship to backers in August, if all goes on schedule.
CD & LP in a stellar deluxe art package. Furthering the resurgence of Blacktape’s classic darkwave, ethereal, ambient sound. -- expected to ship to backers in August, if all goes on schedule.
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Mastering is finished!

Posted by Sam Rosenthal (Creator)

This week, I've been working with Howard on mastering TO TOUCH THE MILKY WAY. An hour ago we made the final mastering adjustment: I added just a bit of "air" at the top of "the Stars" to brings out the highs in the drum, the reverb and the vocals. It adds a bit of sparkle. Lovely!

It is incredible to compare my mixed file from a few weeks ago (which I used to think sounded pretty good) to the final mastered file which sounds amazing, rich, and like a finished song. Mastering is worth the money. Always. Let me tell you what! 

Each step along the way needs to be proofed and scrutinized to be sure it's on the money for what I have in mind, and that no pops or artifacts have entered the process (because technology can be that way!)

The next step is Howard creates the two 24/96 files that I send to Precision as side A and side B of the LP. Then I am going to take a break to let my ears chill out (and my brain get back to normal) before Howard sends me the DDP master for the CD and the .wav files for digital. 

I think we're a bit behind schedule for an August release, unless the LP pressing plant is really speedy. I am letting you know that September seems more realistic for getting everything in the mail. I'll keep you updated on that.

But wow, this sounds great! You're going to love it.


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    1. Scott on

      RE: mono-compatibility... Hard stereo panning becomes problematic with a single speaker, for example. It's most often noticeable in electronic music.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kervin Brungardt on

      Sam. Scott. Well, mono compatible counts in FM fringe reception where your receiver can't grab the stereo pilot signal any more and AM. Overall, for this album, that may impact 59-3/4 people. :) It had not occurred to me that a smart phone speaker is or may be mono.

    3. Sam Rosenthal 9-time creator on

      Scott, I have never considered that I need to make a mono-mix. It's coming out of a phone speaker, could you even tell the difference? :)

    4. Scott on

      Do you also need to make a mono-compatible mix or does the underground music scene not worry about it? Bands may not expect to be broadcast but many people stream (from Bandcamp, for example) using a single speaker in their phone.

    5. Sam Rosenthal 9-time creator on

      This digital file is encoded in 24 bits and sampled at 96kHz. That is for the LP master. What we send into itunes, bandcamp, etc is 16/44. Bandcamp allows you to get the file as an MP3, Flac, or Apple Lossless format.

    6. Sam Rosenthal 9-time creator on

      From: --- DDP stands for "Disc Description Protocol", a proprietary format developed by DCA, Inc. DDP files are used when sending music to a CD manufacturer (also used for DVD formats). DDP files allow you to set all of the parameters for the CD such as the exact gap between each song, the cross fades and other information.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kervin Brungardt on

      Oh, also -- "DDP master" -- the format actually burned on to standard CDs?

    8. Missing avatar

      Kervin Brungardt on

      OK. Technical questions. "24/96 file". Is that sampling rate, as in >24 kHz per channel & < 96 kHz total .. variable per a magic digital standard? Also, the *.wav files -- I presume they end up as *.mp3 or *.mp4 files on line after going through the compression routine? Inquiring minds want to know ...

    9. Missing avatar

      Patrick Lynch on

      It will be worth the wait to have it sound even better.

    10. Grace on

      A little extra time for it to sound as good as possible is totally okay with me! :D