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A limited edition Maxi-CD with 4 all-new songs. Continuing the revival of Blacktape’s classic 90s darkwave/ethereal sound.
A limited edition Maxi-CD with 4 all-new songs. Continuing the revival of Blacktape’s classic 90s darkwave/ethereal sound.
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About the themes of Blood on the Snow


I wrote this about the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl maxi, Blood on the Snow. It feels very relevant today. Stream for free or name-your-price download:

A limited maxi-CD with 4 all-new songs. Continuing the revival of Black tape for a blue girl’s classic 90s darkwave/ethereal sound.

Sam explains: 

The lyrics are darker and bleaker than any of my previous releases; I sense the theme is futility, though perhaps more specifically it’s about dedication to lost & hopeless causes. The dark mood of the last year of American politics created a desolate and worried anxiety as I wrote these songs. Without addressing the current situation directly, this is a musical expression of the discord and pointless chaos we’ve gone through. The senselessness, the desolation, the uncertainty and fear about principles we have to abandon; this maxi finds a path to express this. The somberness embraces you; you aren’t alone and isolated.   

The narrator in “The rubicon” dedicates himself to a cause that overthrows common beliefs; he barrels forward while wondering if it’s misplaced trust and faith he placed in the treason and rebellion he supports.

“On some faraway beach” reflects on the death of a friend/partner/parent, and wondering how to continue after their passing.

The narrator in “The apostate” faces religious conflict as he obsesses on his flaws and how he failed his god, persecuting himself in the name of the deity he fears. 

I released Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s 70-minute These fleeting moments album in August of 2016. It was the first new release from Blacktape in 7 years and the first in 17 years with original vocalist Oscar Herrera. The deluxe limited edition CD and 2-LP was funded by my fans here on Kickstater. The album was also supported by my wonderful Patreon patrons who give a monthly contribution towards creating my art.

As I wrapped up that Kickstarter campaign, I promised myself — and all of you — that I wouldn’t fall back into a non-productive slump. I decided to stay focused on making new music; towards that end I set myself a goal of writing a maxi by the new year. Well, I did it! These 4 songs (18 minutes of music) are the results. They’re all-new tracks created and recorded after These fleeting moments was released.

I understand I will lose some fans for clearly expressing where I stand. But I think an artist has to speak up for what they believe rather than keep it tame & generic; it’s not my job to make sure every fan feels comfortable. Art is about edginess, leaving the listener/viewer unsettled. My belief is that artists should support the right of all people to live the life they choose. To me, that doesn’t seem like a radical statement. Maybe on January 21st, it will be. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Craig Matthews on January 21, 2017

      Thanks Sam, I'll do my best.

    2. Sam Rosenthal 9-time creator on January 20, 2017

      @Craig. I'm sorry to hear about your mum. Stay strong...

    3. Missing avatar

      Craig Matthews on January 20, 2017

      Sam, I can only respect you for keeping it real and I'm looking forward to listening to the songs. I lost my mum just over a week ago and although I live in the UK I share your concerns about US politics so I identify with everything in Blood on the Snow.