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A first person atmospheric exploration game available on Steam for PC and Mac.

UPDATE 7 - 02/01/2013 - Dream Will Live! (With your help!)

UPDATE 6 - 01/01/2013 - Dawn of the Final Day

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UPDATE 4 - 27/12/2012 - Merry Christmas & Our last Kickstarter days

UPDATE 3 - 15/12/2012 - Small updates and Kick-A-Thon

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UPDATE 1 - 07/12/12 - Initial feedback to Kickstarter and some gameplay footage!

Preemptive apologies for the wooden video performance, we don't think we were meant for the stage!

You take on the role of Howard Phillips, a young graduate with no direction in life who develops an obsession with his dreams. Discover dreams and nightmares filled with puzzles and secrets to help Howard find the meaning to his life.

Dream’s gameplay is strongly based around exploration with games such as Yume Nikki and LSD being the initial inspiration for the concept. On top of this we have been inspired by the narrative elements in Dear Esther and Deus Ex's non-linear story telling and environments, the resulting gameplay maintains aspects of all 4 games. There will be many puzzles to solve, horror sections and some more narrative focused areas. So we hope it will have a range of elements for everyone to enjoy.

        Dream was in the first batch of games to ever be greenlit!

Key Features: 

  • Unique Interact-able 3D Environments - Every environment in the game is lovingly hand-crafted by our close-knit team of three and with no worldly restrictions to the environments we can have a vast range of aesthetics and puzzles.
  • Non-linear Narrative and Gameplay - Because you are free to explore the environments in varying orders the narrative is told in a holistic manner. 
  • Multiple Endings - It's entirely possible to reach the story’s finale whilst having missed entire areas of the game, but doing so can affect the ending you receive. 
  • Collectables, Items and Secrets -  Each dream is filled with secrets and collectables that help the player progress and contribute to the story. 
  • Oculus Rift - Dream will be supporting the Oculus Rift at its launch. 
  • Soundtrack - The game features an original soundtrack by our great composer Norman Legies.

In Dream you'll run around a vast range of environments and listen as Howard tries to relate his surroundings to his life and future. There will be a lot of puzzles to solve ranging from the straight forward all the way through to point and click adventure style lateral thinking problems. There will also be horror segments and nightmares that create a strong contrast with the lovely dream worlds Howard usually inhabits.

The game opens in the house Howard inherited from his uncle. From here you can explore the house and interact with Howard's bed to make him go to sleep. Once you go to sleep you enter a sort of hub world, a concept we really enjoyed the use of in the game Yume Nikki and decided to incorporate in our own way for Dream. From the hub world you can enter the first act of the game.

The narrative is split into 3 acts with multiple endings that are possible based on how much you as a player have explored. Each act is comprised of one large environment to explore freely and hidden within that are "doorways" to 2 to 3 side dreams. Finally, completing the main "objective" of the larger dream will take you through to a nightmare segment you must overcome to unlock the next act.

The story is hidden throughout the environments and the more you explore the more you know so check every nook and cranny. Given the nature of the game we estimate that it will take somewhere between 4 to 9 hours to complete depending on how much you want to explore Howards mind and how good an ending you want.

Throughout all these dreams there will be plenty of secrets, collectables and items to find as we really want people to feel rewarded for exploring the worlds. Items play a really big part in Dream and there are a good amount to find hidden throughout the game. One example is the compass we give you at the start of the game which can help lead you to some secrets or even just operate as a normal compass would.

As you unlock more areas to explore you can still retread old ground and sometimes this can be very rewarding as items from later levels may have new uses in old areas. In the full game we really want to saturate the worlds with puzzles and secrets to add this metroidvania layer of gameplay and give people a reason to spend more time in all these different environments.

We're an Independent Games Company based in the UK that develop games for PC and Mac. The team is comprised of Lewis Bibby, Ashley Sidebottom and Sam Read. We are currently working on our first major release Dream, which is set to release on Steam (and other great online stores) in 2014.

Lewis - "I’m more trained to handle the aesthetic side of things. I got into game design through my 3D art and have since developed a love for all aspects of creating indie games. I’ve played games all my life and my adolescence defining game was Halo 2. Once Halo 2 had run through its glory days I gradually made the swap to PC gaming and I’ve been here ever since. My current love is Dota 2."

Ash - "I do a little bit of everything, so I'm always occupied with my headphones on and cracking on with work. I range from doing Web work, Programming, Scaleform, Art, House work and knocking up some meals in the kitchen - although there's only so much you can do on a tight budget. I’m just the perfect housemate ;)"

Sam - "I'm a games designer who has worked independently and as part of a team in game studios. I have a few games out on different platforms but nothing I have built from the ground up, so Dream really is a personal project for me. I've always wanted to set up a independent studio and after meeting Ash and Lewis everything fell into place."

We really need this money to make the most of the response we've had from you guys. It's been great talking to our audience and finding out how passionate people are about lucid dreaming and exploration games. This doesn't mean we are changing the overall design and structure of the game, as that is built around Howard's engaging journey, but this means we can fill out these worlds, make them more non-linear and atmospheric than ever before. 

In order to make Dream as feature rich and polished as it can be we need to have a longer development cycle than originally planned. This will make for a much more rewarding game, and ultimately something we are much more proud to offer you.

Everyone who helps by backing Dream will receive a pack of desktop wallpapers and be thanked in the credits, but lets go a bit more in depth to see the other stuff you could get.

You can choose to have your game on Steam or a DRM free copy, we understand that different people want different things, but make sure you get yours early as there are only 100 early bird specials!

If you back our OST tier or higher you will also get the whole of the games sound track by our great composer Norman Legies. You can hear three of the songs featured in Dream below and make sure to check out his SoundCloud for more by him.

There are also Limited Edition Physical items on offer too! If you back the T-SHIRT tier then you can get one of our Backers t-shirts, only available on Kickstarter. You could go one higher for the PERSONAL POST tier and also get a post card from one of Howard's Dream Locations signed by everyone here at HyperSloth. The final physical reward tier is SLEEP ENTHUSIAST, this tier comes with all above rewards as well as a Limited Edition Dream Pillow Case!

We don't have the designs ready for any of the physical items just yet but we will have a vote where backers can chose their favorite designs sometime in the future.

Not final designs.
Not final designs.

For the COMPUTER tier you will receive all previous rewards and... we will also work with you to create a personal username and password for the in-game computer. This computer will be where a lot of the games story is told and will be a main feature of Dream. When the game is released it will be up to you what you do with you login information, keep it to yourself or share it with the world, its totally up to you. Your profile can involve you writing some documents and emails to include on the computer and also can include pictures of yourself and loved ones, what ever you want, its up to you!

Our final reward tier is PRODUCER this will give you every thing we have talked about on the whole page and we will work with you to create your very own secret collectable that will feature in the game! Plus you will also have your name in the credits under producer!

Here are some articles and media about our game.

  • TheGamersHub - Dream Preview                                                            " time with Dream was impressive, what really sold it for me was the heart pounding section towards the end."
  • Strategy Informer - Dream Preview                                                         "The preview build on show at Eurogamer offers up that immediate, familiar freedom, for one, and oh does it look pretty."
  • CVG UK Blog - 5 Promising Projects                                              "...Dream's premise has staggering potential."

So that is Dream, thank you so much for looking at our project and we hope there is a pledge you are interested in. Check back soon for updates!

HyperSloth’s website can be found at
If you have any questions get in contact, our facebook is here.
Follow us at @HyperSlothGames

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

"Dream" is our first ever game so we have had a massive learning curve up to now that is likely to continue all the way to the end of development. So far we've overcome every challenge that we've been faced with by sheer effort and determination and we plan to maintain that burning desire to create a polished game all the way to its release.

If all else fails the movement behind the game has surrounded us in a cover of kindly mentors and peers we can turn to for assistance and guidance.


  • Once we reach the minimum amount for kickstarter we will add a PayPal donation section to the website for people who wish to donate that way. You will still be able to reserve a copy of the game and the game OST.

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  • We're afraid that since we are developing Dream using Unreals development kit we're pretty tied by what it does and doesn't support, and it doesn't support Linux. We really wish it did and if by chance they ever release a version with Linux support we would be 100% behind getting it running on Linux.

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