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Journey to an alien ocean and experience the odyssey of life there as told through an epic soundtrack and 3D animation!

Journey to an alien ocean and experience the odyssey of life there as told through an epic soundtrack and 3D animation! Read More
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About this project

Imagine you were walking along the shore and happened upon an alien carcass...  Where did it come from, and how would the world react? 

This is the premise of Eternity Rising: a science-fiction adventure tale, told in the fashion of a fictional nature documentary film.

It is a combination of Symphonic Music Album and 3D Animation Video!

Atmospheric Science Fiction  -  Feel the mystery and intrigue unfold

Lush Symphonic Epic  -  Evoke a Hollywood adventure film score

This is an album of feeling.  The power of a vast orchestral soundtrack interwoven with ethereal tones creates a unique and dramatic audio world to inspire the imagination.  From dark places to grand adventure, the music covers a wide spectrum of emotion.

Cinematic 3D Animation moves Eternity Rising beyond just a music album, but also an artistic adventure.  Rendered imagery enhances the experience for every track.  As a grand finale, a full-length music video will take you to an amazing aquatic world.

My name is Sam Dillard - I am a composer, 3D artist, and game designer.  

Most people know me for my work on the popular "Harmony" collaborative fan albums such as the upcoming Super Smash Bros tribute Harmony Of Heroes, and Metroid series Harmony Of A Hunter, for which I did a number of orchestrated pieces, and also some bonus 3D cinematic videos like Beyond The Glass:

Earlier this year I composed a unique grand-scale suite of interwoven themes from the various Star Trek series from old to new...

I've also scored games and commercials, including an original score for the trailer for the Xbox 360 game, Harry Potter for Kinect.

 A couple years ago I composed a song called Eternity Rising, my first original piece in a long time after a string of game remixes.  Inspired by nature, I had envisioned a scene of something born at the bottom of the ocean and its journey to the surface.

A lot of people enjoyed the piece, and to this day I still get emails about it.  And that has inspired me to expand on those themes and start this project.

I've had many, many ideas for these sorts of projects over the years... but being a lone guy working out of his bedroom with basically no budget all this time, it's difficult to find the means to actually develop these concepts when it is hard enough just to survive.  These artistic passion projects that take months to complete are just not feasible without support, and that is why I decided to come here with Eternity Rising.

I have never sold any albums for money- all of my music has always been released freely online, including entire soundtracks to some big projects.  I always believed that creativity should be shared, not bought.  And as a result, I am pretty much the definition of a starving artist, heh.  For now though, it would be great to finally produce my first personal album project :)

**Backer Rewards

  • All backers of this project may gladly have their name mentioned in the credits of the video as thanks (you will be asked).  Most of the backer rewards are also cumulative- you will generally get everything in the previous tiers unless otherwise stated :)
  • At $10 and up, you will receive the full digital-download Eternity Rising music album with exclusive promo wallpaper
  • $25 and up will grant an early release of the digital album- sometime in Spring 2014.  The music videos will release once completed a few months later.
  • $40 and up: As a special EXCLUSIVE promotion, you will also get an EARLY sneak preview release of my symphony remix of the Dark World theme from The Legend Of Zelda, part of the upcoming Harmony Of Heroes massive fan album! :)  Also included at this point on is the complete Eternity Rising DVD Edition, and a full-size professionally printed art poster!
  • $60 and up gives you priority timing- you will receive each track from the Eternity Rising music album as they are completed, so you can experience the soundtrack very soon and don't have to wait for the complete album!
  • $80 and up opens a special opportunity- to have one of five starships featured in the music videos to be named after you! These will be seen throughout the cinematics so your contribution will be immortalized on the screen! :)
  •  $100 and up and you are on my VIP list!  Which means you'll forever be gifted ALL albums, games, or videos I produce, get a signed Eternity Rising DVD, and early preview of the videos!  And as a SPECIAL BONUS, you will be gifted a signed Limited Edition CD Album of my soundtrack to Golden Age: Season One- an episodic fantasy audio series produced by Cascade Studios in London!  AND it will include exclusive excerpts from upcoming SEASON TWO! :)
  • $200 and up ULTIMATE SUPPORTER:  I will compose a CUSTOM song just for you- game remix, original fantasy cue, you ask and I will arrange it!  You will receive TWO SIGNED Eternity Rising DVDs and very special thanks on all Eternity Rising DVD liners, art posters, and at the beginning of the music video!  PLUS the EARLY access to the music, videos, Harmony Of Heroes piece, and Golden Age CD album!!  Thank you :)

Costs Involved

The optimal intended medium for this project is DVD, which can be distributed through Amazon and other online retailers.  Digital video downloads will also be available, as well as of course the music album itself published on iTunes and music sites.  There are fees and setup costs associated with each naturally, kickstarter fees included.  I will also be producing a limited amount of publicity items such as posters for the backers here which will be professionally printed.

All of my work done thus far has literally been produced using only a PC and an old music keyboard.  That is the extent of my home studio at the moment.  Never had any fancy gear, or big budget to invest in more.  I do not have a room full of mixing boards or sound proof walls.  Just a single room apartment.  Despite that, I've managed to produce some decent quality works over the years, and with some better tools to work with I can not only take this album to the next level, but in a reasonable amount of time.

Of the $6000 in funds asked for, approximately 10% will immediately be used up by fees from Kickstarter and Amazon, and 40% will be immediately allocated to fulfilling the backer rewards and initial distribution costs.  The next 30% will go toward the hardware needed to get production started, leaving the last 20% for advertising.  It is literally the minimum amount possible for Eternity Rising to exist.

In other words,this project can truly use all the support you are willing to give.  When it comes to "stretch goals" I don't really want to set explicit numbers as I have no idea what kind of turn out to expect, and will make the best possible use of all support great and small this project receives.  However, there is a lot more room to grow if the resources were made available...

Extra benefits if funding exceeds minimum goal:

  • Recruiting live performers, such as a vocalist for some nice ambient choral passages, possibly some narration for the story segments.  Expanding upon existing instruments to allow for even better musical variety.
  • Additional video sequences- a fully animated music video for the penultimate track of the album is the current goal, however depending on the rate of progress cuts may have to be made.  I do not want to keep people waiting.  But if the resources become available, they will be used to fill in the static digital art shots with more animation.  In a perfect world, the entire production would essentially be one long movie- we are talking about ~45 min or so of music, and therefore, potential video.
  • FREE EXPANSION tracks- special cues released after launch expanding upon some of the FAVORITE themes of the listeners, as well as completely different cues to enhance the musical palette.

The following improvements to the overall production speed and post work:

  • Hiring one or two outside modelers to help with the 3D workload, so I can get a head start on the animation and rendering process.
  • Improved computer infrastructure such as additional render units and software which will greatly increase the production speed on the video.  High-end hardware and software is very expensive.
  • For the final video output, possible outsourcing to dedicated render farms in order to improve efficiency and allow me to multi-task.  I can only do one thing at a time, when waiting for days for a scene to render, it is a big loss of productivity.
  • More extensive advertising services, since it doesn't do much good to have a video-album that nobody knows about.  And the ongoing expense of selling DVD's needs to pay for itself.

Risks and challenges

Big projects are nothing new to me, whether it be game soundtracks, scoring episodic fantasy productions for radio, or massive pro bono tribute albums with 3D animation. The primary issue here is TIME.

Being one person doing everything, it takes a while to get things done. I would love to get this project completed as soon as possible- which means working on it day in and day out. And that requires some help from y'all kind folks out there who like my stuff and are interested in seeing and hearing this project come to light.

My goal is to have it finished by next summer. The bigger the support, the more resources I can invest and the faster it will go. It's possible that it might get completed sooner than expected, I'm just being conservative in my release estimation. I will work as hard as I can to get it done as soon as possible, as I always do.

But quality is paramount: in both the audio and the video elements. It won't be released until it is a polished piece of art that will not disappoint.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your consideration and support! :)

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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    Your support is greatly appreciated at every level! You will be gifted a track from the album
    AND have your name in the credits :)

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Get the FULL digital album on release
    AND you will also receive a digital Eternity Rising promo poster/wallpaper thanking you for your support, only available to backers
    AND name listed in credits

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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    Full digital album on release, digital Eternity Rising wallpaper, name listed in credits...

    BUT more importantly, my cat, Cali, is pleased that you are kind enough to donate and will send you an EPIC personal thank you video! BUT HURRY: she is quite lazy and will only stay awake for a short while to accommodate! ^_^

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    Limited 4 backers
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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    You will receive the full digital album EARLY IN ADVANCE! (We are talking possibly 2-3 MONTHS early!)

    AND all 3D Music Videos digital download upon release AND digital wallpaper, name listed in credits

    Estimated delivery
    10 backers
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    Pledge $40 or more About $40 USD

    EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Early pre-release of my Legend Of Zelda song from the upcoming Super Smash Bros. tribute album, HARMONY OF HEROES! :)

    AND Special Edition DVD version of Eternity Rising on release! AND a PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED custom art poster only available here!

    Plus receive the digital album early, 3D music video digital downloads, an Eternity Rising digital wallpaper, and your name listed in the credits

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 4 backers
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    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD

    Not only will you get the Eternity Rising DVD, AND early track release from Harmony Of Heroes...

    You will RECEIVE EVERY TRACK from this album IMMEDIATELY after they are finished- beginning a few weeks FROM NOW! No waiting for the entire package, start listening one by one as it unfolds!

    Plus all 3D music video digital downloads, printed artwork poster, Eternity Rising digital wallpaper, and your name listed in the credits

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 2 backers
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    Pledge $80 or more About $80 USD

    SPECIAL: Five starships will be featured in the rendered cinematic videos, and they will need names... how would you like YOUR name emblazoned on the side of a giant spacecraft in the video? :) PLUS EVERYTHING FROM THE PREVIOUS PACKAGE OF COURSE!!

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    You are TRULY awesome! At this point, your name will be added to a VIP list where you will receive EVERY future album, game, or video ever released by myself! In addition to everything listed previously, you will also get a SIGNED Eternity Rising DVD, a sneak preview of the music videos before released, and a SIGNED Limited Edition CD album of my epic fantasy score for GOLDEN AGE- a radio fantasy produced in London. Thank you! :)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 2 backers
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    Pledge $200 or more About $200 USD

    As thanks for your wonderful generosity, I will compose a short CUSTOM PIECE OF MUSIC for YOU: be it a game remix or an epic battle track for some table-top RPG sessions. You are free to use the track in any way you wish- personal enjoyment, commercial project, it's 100% yours!

    PLUS as the ultimate supporter, you will receive TWO Eternity Rising DVD's and your name will be given very special thanks on the DVD liner, art posters, and at the BEGINNING of the opening cinematic video!

    And of course, EVERYTHING listed previously! :)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 6 backers

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