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Tired of buying jeans that just don't fit? We're making jeans custom tailored to your body right here in the USA.
Tired of buying jeans that just don't fit? We're looking to make jeans custom tailored to your body right here in the USA.
Tired of buying jeans that just don't fit? We're looking to make jeans custom tailored to your body right here in the USA.
404 backers pledged $47,124 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Michael Faerber on

      Hello everyone - I am trying since a couple of weeks to get a hold of the guys behind this project. The code mentioned in their message on this platform doesn't work unfortunately .. now what? Anyone has a clue / idea / lead how to get a hold of them?

    2. Theonlygolux on

      Hello - I find myself in the same boat as other backers who have left it rather late in the day. I have checked sites, twitter etc, but to no avail. Is it too late?

    3. Desirée Autumn Ikeler on

      Is this project still exist? I just found my email about redeeming my pair of pants but the sites aren't working.

    4. Cathy Leonard on

      Can I still use my coupon? I forgot about it for quite a while, but it says it's valid until Nov 2017!

    5. Sam H on

      Hi, is there still a way to use my coupon and order a pair of jeans? I have been checking your website periodically but it has been down. Thanks!

    6. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Hello, thanks for checking in, we have sent you an update on your coupon status.

    7. Missing avatar

      Iain & Sharon Young on

      Just sent out an email. My husband received his jeans, but I opted to wait because you said there would be other option in the future for the women's jeans. I was hesitant to hold off. Now I fear it is too late. both your FB and Website are down. I hope this isn't the end. It seems like such a long journey to see it end just as you were launching. I never received a code/coupon for mine. Any updates for me?

    8. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Hi all, just sent you a message with the latest status.

    9. Matthew Sanchez on

      Have been wanting to use my backer coupon but site seems to have been down for several months? What is the current status of the project and getting the jean coupon fulfilled?

    10. Missing avatar

      Claire Rice on

      How do I reach out to you? I haven't received anything from you since 2015 announcing the website. Help? Hoping all is going well and somehow I missed the communication.

    11. Micah Johnson on

      Is the website still there?

    12. Erik Ahrsjö on

      web site still down ?

    13. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Hi Douglas,

      Thanks for letting us know, we just sent you a message with next steps.


    14. Douglas Chang on

      Hi one of my jeans the bottom seam/Thread is coming off Ive only worn this pair a few times =( what do i do?

    15. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Hi there,

      The issue has been fixed, however we are working to streamline the process so it's a bit easier to follow. If you'd like you can complete the checkout process when you're ready.


    16. sadiegravy on

      has the checkout issue been fixed?

    17. Missing avatar

      Beat Wolf on

      Got both my pairs (one for me and one for my GF).
      I have to say i did not believe i would ever recieve them. Or that they would actually be good and fit.

      BUT, they are great and we both love them. So congratulations on having finished the project, i guess it was much harder than you initially thought :) Keep up the great work

    18. Sam & Leona Creator on

      @A SUPERSTAR - That's great to hear! We're happy your wife likes her first pair of jeans! We just sent you a private message on the next steps for the rest of your order.

      Sam & Leona

    19. ASUPERSTAR on

      Howdy. Wife got 1st pair and loves them. How do we get the 2nd pair?

    20. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Hi riantokoosman,

      We just sent you a message regarding the status of your jeans. Let us know if you have any other questions.


    21. Missing avatar

      riantokoosman on

      Hi Same & Leona,
      i completed my survey much later than i received it but im in the dark of the status of my jeans. Can you shed some light on it? kind regards

    22. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Hi matthew,

      It looks like we haven't received your fit survey yet. I have just resent the e-mail with your login information as a message to your Kickstarter account. Let me know if you have any other questions.


    23. matthew on

      Hi Sam & Leona!

      Any further news on the next phases? I haven't heard anything for my pledge.

      Cheers Matthew

    24. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Hi Susan,

      Will do! We'll post one this week with the latest updates.

      Sam & Leona

    25. Susan Parker on

      Sam and Leona, it's good to hear the comments coming in on jeans that have shipped. You both have come a long way. I imagine you learned a lot along the way.

      Can you give a quick update for those of us who are in the upcoming rounds?

    26. Tim Ruszel on

      Echoing the sentiments of a number of folks here. This was, by far, the longest Kickstarter reward I've waited for. Received my jeans today and, holy crap, they're fantastic. Not only is the styling and the fit just right, but the handmade touches really made me feel part of the whole experience. Even though it's been a long road from funding to here, this was BY FAR the most rewarding Kickstarter I've experienced to date. Kudos to you, Sam and Leona, and thanks so much to you and your crew for the wonderful and hard work you've put into the planning and creation of these jeans. Again, as with others here, I very much look forward to ordering more jeans from you in the future. Cheers!

    27. Missing avatar

      Andre Lazar on

      Got my jeans! This is the first time I've felt proud to wear a pair of pants- I feel cool and accomplished. They are a great fit and a great look! It's making me want to upgrade the rest of my wardrobe to match. I'm looking forward to buying more jeans from you in the future!

    28. Dan Gardiner on

      I wanted to echo the sentiments of a couple other recent comments. This project was the first one I backed on Kickstarter, so it holds a special place in my heart. It also has been the longest between when I backed it and when the result was delivered. Your communication wasn't constant, but it was frequent enough to keep me interested and assured that the project was still progressing. The updates were well thought out and contained some really interesting information, pictures, and video - clearly from people who were following something they were passionate about, and it did make me feel as I was a participant in the project.

      After the long wait, I received my jeans today - and they easily surpassed my expectations and were well worth the time. The color is precisely what I was hoping for, the fit is absolutely perfect at every point, the material is an excellent weight that will soften nicely, and the personalized details are incredibly thoughtful (and unexpected - but they make the jeans that much more special). This is a pair of pants from people who wanted to do it right, and put in the time to do so. I'm glad you did.

      Make sure to keep us in the loop when your storefront is online - you've got customers eager for more.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ed D. on

      Just got the jeans and they fit my wife like a glove. Great material, style, and fit! Once your website is up and running, be sure to let your backers know. My wife has been showing the jeans off to her friends and their all eager to order some. Congrats on a great product!

    30. Sam & Leona Creator on

      @Beverly - That's great to hear! We're so happy you like your jeans! We are in the midst of building a website which we're hoping will be ready by this summer. Once that gets going you’ll be able to order additional jeans then :).

      @Susan – Thank you so much for your kind feedback! It has been a very fulfilling experience; we've certainly learned a lot about the entire process from pattern manipulation to overcoming manufacturing challenges. It never ceases to amaze us what goes into a pair of jeans. Thanks again for your support on our project!

    31. Missing avatar

      beverly on

      Got my jeans TODAY!!! They are perfect. Love the style, the fit and the color. You listened and paid attention to detail and delivered a terrific product. Thank you for all your hard work it is truly appreciated by this thankful customer. So how do I order another pair?

    32. Susan Parker on

      I knew going into this project that you both would grow immensely from having a vision and bringing it to full production. No small feat.

      As you were learning darned near everything about manufacturing clothing that is custom measured, I knew that the timeline would be elongated. Even in manufacturing where the bottlenecks are defined, delays happen.

      Regarding the fit/measure piece. This seemed to me to be a huge challenge as getting the right measurements of the right spots isn't so simple. I've redesigned patterns and sewn clothing, that was one of the biggest challenges as poor measures will yield poor fit.

      It's wonderful to see your project moving beautifully.

    33. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the feedback, we'll make sure to do this on future builds. We are currently in the middle of production and have already filled a bunch of orders. Will advise here in the next week with an update!

    34. Mark Hanley on

      I completed the measurement survey, but I didn't get any sort of confirmation email. Might be a good idea to implement a confirmation email, just so people have a warm fuzzy that their submission was accepted successfully. Any estimate on when completed jeans might begin shipping?

    35. Missing avatar

      DCPAus on

      This project may have been a long time coming BUT I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, the communication was excellent and I applaud your commitment to seeing it through. I cannot wait to get my jeans

    36. Douglas Chang on

      opps nevermind, i just realized you gotta click the text box to show the diagram

    37. Douglas Chang on

      Um to fill out the measurements do you have a diagram to explain what, front rise, base rise, and inseam, waistband is?

    38. Scott Lunt on

      Anybody get a pair of jeans yet?

    39. Tim Jones on


      a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

      Maybe some of the folks commenting here are entrepreneurs and have walked down this same path. But if you hold a W-2 job and have never taken on the additional risks, effort, then maybe take a pause, a deep breath. This country does not run on Fortune 500 companies, it is driven by small business. Think of the light bulb: Thomas Edison, one of the world's most prolific entrepreneurs said of his creation: "I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work." (but he found ONE that did).
      If you really take time to read this, great. This is from a different perspective. From someone who has known Sam for more than 20 years. He is creative, hard working and a man of his word. If you are a backer and he has promised you jeans as part of your support, then I trust you will get your jeans. But throwing darts and jabs won't help. What intrigued you about this project? Why did you support it? Ask Sam and Leona how you can further help and support them so they CAN deliver on their promise. Wouldn't that be a better solution than piling out into the streets and waving your protest signs?
      Sam and Leona - you're in the home stretch. Ignore those detractors and press on to deliver the quality product of your vision....

    40. Missing avatar

      Dan G. on

      How those jeans fitting? ROFL.

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      It's not about the jeans, it's about the total lack of communication with, and respect for, the backers. You continue to make and post promises that updates will be "shortly," "next week," and "today" yet nothing is ever forthcoming. Whatever difficulties you are having, you should still be honest and realistic with the people who backed you. If you really want to run a business, you need to take the responsibility seriously.

    42. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Absolutely, we'll be posting one here shortly.

    43. Deborah Mebius on

      Any updates on this project?

    44. Sam & Leona Creator on

      Yep, thanks for the reminder, we'll get one posted today!

    45. Missing avatar

      Leon Hazen on

      Any more updates? It's almost 2 months since your last!

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan G. on

      It's always fun to check up on this project and see that they still aren't even close to shipping.

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael Beresford on

      Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?...

    48. Liam M. Getreu on

      Everyone, you didn't pre-order jeans. You knew this stuff isn't guaranteed. We're helping Sam and Leona on their adventure, and in exchange they're rewarding us; this isn't a swap of money for jeans. Has it taken a while? Sure - but I'm sure they're much more frustrated than we are. Unless you literally have no other pants, you should take a breather and trust in Sam and Leona's assurances they're working as hard as they can.

    49. Micah Johnson on

      Let's not give up on them yet. The Kickstarter project formerly known as Custom Fit Jeans/Civali seems to be rebranding themselves as Red Malt Denim. They've changed their branding, hopefully they'll change their attitude towards their backers as well.

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