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Tired of buying jeans that just don't fit? We're making jeans custom tailored to your body right here in the USA.

The Concept:

Our project goal is to manufacture high quality custom fit jeans at the same price of a standard pair of jeans (around $60).

The Price of Jeans has Gotten Out of Control...

Two years ago I stood in my closet fuming about how none of my pants fit just right. At that time I realized that there was no easy solution to this problem. I could either buy an outrageously expensive pair of jeans that did fit, or buy a cheap pair and get it tailored. It was really hard to find a department store that carried a size that fit just right. 

What I eventually came to realize is that there is a fundamental problem with the way we buy jeans today. It's easy to find a style you like, but when it comes to finding the right size and fit at a reasonable price... well that's another story entirely.

In 2009, I teamed up with Leona who like me shared the same frustration with jeans. Together, we set out on a mission to come up with a way to affordably manufacture custom-fit jeans. Since neither of us had a lot of experience sewing, we first examined the possibility of outsourcing the production to China or India. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that most of the foreign manufacturers were unable to do mass-individualized orders. The few that could, had very long lead times. 

The Solution:

Ultimately we decided that in order to do this right, we had to do the manufacturing ourselves. So here we are two years later after countless sewing classes, trade shows, practice runs and a trip to China. From all of this experience, we have finally developed a production system that delivers our goal: A custom fit pair of jeans for around $60.

How Does it Work?

In order to custom tailor the jeans specifically for you, we first take a few of your measurements (inseam, waist, hip, etc.) and then utilize technology in a big way. Unlike the majority of jeans (which are cut in large quantities), each pair of our jeans needs to be cut, sized and sewn individually. Unfortunately, this can be extremely time consuming because there are usually 15 different pieces of fabric per pair of jeans. That's where our computerized cutting machine comes in (one of our most important... and expensive tools!).

Your measurements are put into a special Autocam program linked to the computerized cutting machine (above). The program will begin by modifying each section of the jeans digitally to your exact size. Once we finalize the design, the automatic cutter will then slice each piece to the specified dimensions. This machine essentially takes the time it would normally take to cut the individual pieces, and reduces it by 2 hours! Once this process is complete, it's just a matter of sewing the pieces together, distressing the jeans and applying a final wash.

Why Should I Invest?

Because in this day and age, we have the ability to clone cattle, smash atoms together and even create antimatter, but when it comes to finding an affordable pair of jeans that fit perfect... good luck!

We're doing this project because we want to deliver on a basic need that has been ignored for way too long. People want clothing that fits! And they don't want to pay a fortune for it. Your donations will help us to change this model and launch an affordable solution in the marketplace. Eventually we hope that one day, all clothing will be custom-made.


  • Send them back, we’ll fix it. We’d rather pay now for our mistake than pay for it later through lost business. Keep sending it back until it fits perfect. We’re consumers ourselves, so we know what it’s like to try and return something you bought online.

    For returns, WE PAY THE SHIPPING both ways no matter how many times you return the jeans. You’re already doing enough work just packing it up and taking the time to send it back. We want you to be satisfied with your pants. Period.

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  • We’re a new company with a focus on developing affordable clothes that fit perfectly. Our mission is to shift how the world buys clothing from its current model of mass production, to the concept of mass customization.

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  • We are able to meet most size requirements. Our automatic cutting machine gives us a great deal of flexibility.

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  • It's not in our plan, but it's something we could look at down the road. For now you’ll have around ten styles per gender to choose from. The idea of custom-fit jeans is still a new concept in the fashion world, so we don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too many options.

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  • All of our jeans are made right here in the USA. Our factory is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

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  • The bulk of your donations will go towards the purchase of our automatic cutting machine, a key component in our manufacturing process. However, any extra donations that we receive will go towards the purchase of additional machinery (sewing machines etc.).

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  • No, the shipping is already included. However for our international kickstarters, we ask that you donate an extra $15 to help cover the extra expense.

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  • Not yet. We're focusing only on jeans at this point in time. However, in the future our plan is to eventually move into dress pants and swimsuits.

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  • We plan to offer around ten styles per gender.

    Our worry is that when there are too many choices to choose from, it can get very overwhelming. Our goal is to offer a good variety, but keep it limited. We may change this number based on the feedback that we get.

    The purchasing process will be very similiar to that of a retail store: You'll have a selection of jeans to choose from. When you find something you like, you buy it.

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  • The two of us have traveled to numerous fashion trade shows across the country as well as couple of textile shows in China. During the spring we both flew to Shanghai, New York and Los Angeles to source denim fabric for our project. While in China we toured textile mills, jeans factories and sewing machine factories to learn everything we could about the manufacturing process and ensure that we were on the right track.

    Sam has been taking sewing classes for 2 years now and continues to focus on learning everything about the manufacturing aspect. Leona on the other hand, continues to focus on the design, aesthetics and presentation of our jeans.

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  • Not at all. Since we're cutting each pair individually, it's not a problem if you want to change the sizes of each pair of jeans.

    So for example, lets say you want to receive the ultimate package! You could have one pair made for yourself, and gift the other 3 to family and friends. Each pair is tailor made to your given measurements.

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  • We don't need the measurements right away, so don't worry about giving them to us when you donate. Once we complete our testing and finish our algorithms, we'll send you an e-mail requesting your measurements.

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  • Absolutely.

    A lot of our online competitors use thin denim material (7oz) which can make the jeans feel cheap. With Civali jeans, all of our styles will use the best: 12oz premium denim.

    Stitching is another big factor with our competitors. A lot of custom jeans out there are manufactured poorly (which is part of the reason we started this project!). You'll find that in a short time the stitching will unravel and the jeans will become unusable. We want to do everything to prevent that, that's why you'll find reinforcing stitches in all of the right places on our jeans.

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