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A roleplaying game Powered by the Apocalypse designed to tell compelling, challenging cyberpunk stories in a sandbox setting.
A roleplaying game Powered by the Apocalypse designed to tell compelling, challenging cyberpunk stories in a sandbox setting.
A roleplaying game Powered by the Apocalypse designed to tell compelling, challenging cyberpunk stories in a sandbox setting.
665 backers pledged CA$ 21,073 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      28 minutes ago

      As per the update, if you want to request a replacement book then do so via kickstarter messages please. I can't have a conversation, or keep track of it, if it's just posts on the wall.

      @Jennifer - Have you not received your digital copy? Everything you need to play is there, including the playbooks.

      @Gonzalo - Most likely not at this point, I'll notify the warehouse.

    2. Gonzalo Dafonte Garcia about 1 hour ago

      Hi. My copy is still missing. I'm not in a hurry but I'm beginnig to think that there's little chances it will arrive to Spain.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Hay about 21 hours ago

      Book just arrived (New Zealand). It's in perfect condition and looks beautiful.
      I was just wondering how we access the playbooks as the versions in the book is tiny and unable to be copied?

    4. Christopher D Meid
      2 days ago

      Fraser, I still haven't received my copy of the book... I think by now it must be lost in mailspace...

    5. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      2 days ago

      @Hugo - I think the warehouse estimates are pretty conservative already, so probably not much hope there. I've notified the warehouse to send you a replacement.

    6. Missing avatar

      Hugo G M 2 days ago

      Mine hasn't arrived yet (writing form Spain).
      I'm in no hurry and wouldn't mind waiting longer - Do you think there's still a chance?

    7. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Not received mine in Germany either. Any German out there? Thx.

    8. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on March 16

      @Joly - No, I'll have the warehouse send out another copy to you.

    9. Missing avatar

      JOLY on March 16

      Hi ! I'm still waiting for my book and the delay for France just expires today as the last mail says. Do I still wait or consider to reclaim a new copy ?

    10. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on March 16

      @Oscar - thanks for being so understanding, Oscar. I've got deadlines up in the new update now so if yours doesn't show up soon make sure to let us know and we'll have another sent out to you. That goes for everyone, of course.

      Thanks for being so patient guys, I know it must drive you bananas to see other people getting theirs and having to wait a bit. Rest assured we'll take care of you.

    11. Oscar Iglesias on March 16

      A bit afraid that I've not received mine yet in Spain, but seems that a lot of ppl is still waiting so... no time to be nervous yet ^_^, just wait a bit more :)

    12. Pietro de Martino
      on March 8

      Dear Samjoko Publishing.
      Arrived today in Italy. Perfect conditions.
      The 1st look is really positive. Heavy small book. Great layout and art
      Thank You!!!!

    13. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on March 6

      @Phillip & Douglas - Sorry guys, it seems that almost everyone in the UK hasn't gotten theirs yet. We're looking into it with the warehouse in Korea. Rest assured we'll get a copy our to you soon, even if we have to send replacements out to everyone.

    14. Phillip Winters on March 6

      Not received mine in the UK either :(

    15. Justin Smith on March 4

      Great looking book. The pages have a great gloss to them and feel pretty high quality. Good luck on future projects guys.

    16. Douglas Jessup
      on March 4

      Not got my book yet

    17. Garsha Zanjani on March 3

      Any one in the UK receive their book yet?

    18. Missing avatar

      Heather Rasmussen
      on February 28

      Just received mine in WI. Looking good!

    19. Manny Antonio Payan on February 27

      Just received mine in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It's gorgeous!! Thanks!

    20. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on February 23

      @Douglas &. Gert-Jan van der Krogt - Thanks for being understanding guys, I appreciate your enthusiasm, patience, and understanding.

    21. Missing avatar

      Gert-Jan van der Krogt
      on February 23

      @Samjoko Publishing: Good to know, thanks for the reply. And to be honest, even if it takes a while for some of the books to arrive, the estimated term of delivery hasn't even lapsed yet and many backers already enjoy their copies - not a small feat.

    22. Erik Ingersen
      on February 23

      Got mine in Denmark today :D Beautiful and heavy book.

    23. Helder Lavigne
      on February 23

      I just received the book in Brazil. It's a beautiful thing! I can't wait to dive in it.

    24. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on February 22

      @Douglas - I know the feeling! Hope it comes soon.
      @Gert-Jan van der Krogt - Shipping was a pretty erratic affair (mainly due to Chinese New Year, but also some confusion at the post office) so I'm not sure when each country was sent out. I'll get more detailed information from The Dice Latte so we can set some deadlines for each country, but I don't think there's cause for concern yet. I've fulfilled three kickstarters via Korea Post and have only had a handful of packages go missing. This is the first time I'm not packaging and sending everything out myself, however, so it's been a learning process.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gert-Jan van der Krogt
      on February 22

      Thus far, the book hasn't found its way here to the Netherlands, either. I was considering contacting you once March had taken pride of place from February, but am I to understand that it's best for anyone who hasn't received the book by the beginning of next week to shoot you a message and enquire after a replacement?

    26. Douglas Jessup
      on February 22

      no problem at all thanks for the reply Guess i'm just too excited and impatient to see the book and read it many thanks

    27. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on February 21

      @Douglas - Sorry for the wait, I know there are a few backers in the UK that are still waiting on their copy. Hopefully nothing has gone wrong there, but if we hit the 3 week deadline and there's still no sign I'll have the Dice Latte send out replacement copies. Again, sorry for the wait. I'm hoping the rest of the UK gets theirs within the window given to us by the Korean post.

    28. Douglas Jessup
      on February 21

      Ok still no sign of my book any ideas in the uk here

    29. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on February 10

      @Johnathan - The books haven't arrived at IPR (who is doing the distribution in the states) so it'll still be a couple weeks before they go out I'm guessing. I'm still waiting on an update from the shipper there.

    30. Missing avatar

      johnathan turner on February 9

      I haven't received mine in the U.S. where can we get a tracking number?

    31. Douglas Jessup
      on February 8

      no problem at all just wanted to check and thanks for the speedy reply i await my book with baited breath

    32. Jonathan Sharp on February 8

      Mine arrived ( UK ) this morning, all the way from South Korea ;)

    33. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on February 6

      @Douglas - Chinese New Year meant a lot of the books went out in various waves. Please allow another 2-3 weeks to receive your book if you are an international backer.

    34. Douglas Jessup
      on February 6

      Hi All I'm in the UK should i have got my book by now ?

    35. Uanuiil on February 5

      The Veil
      Someone is hacking true love on earth!

      Everyone loves love at first sight! That is until someone hacks the Veil and spreads the 'True Love Virus' spreading chaos and danger.

      Our trouble shooters need to investigate the Eros Corporation and put an end to this spreading virus that is paralyzing Megatroplis

      System: The Veil RPG (Apocalypse World system)

      I'll be blogging the notes and podcasting the game for Valentine's Day!

      Keep an eye out at

    36. Garry Nicholls on February 1

      Melbourne, Australia book received. :-)

    37. Graham Spearing on January 28

      I am super excited to get this beautiful book over here in the increasingly dystopian UK. That is all!

    38. Matthew Koelling
      on January 25

      @Samjoko Publishing - Thank you for the info.

    39. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on January 21

      @Matthew - Last update I got from the shipping company for America-bound books is that the container arrived in Oakland and is being inspected. It should soon be on its way to Indie Press Revolution for fulfillment.

    40. Matthew Koelling
      on January 21

      Is there a way to see how long till you get your copy?

    41. Missing avatar

      Tobias on January 13

      @Runeslinger: Thanks for the video. Now I'm waiting for my copy to arrive after its long journey.

    42. Runeslinger on January 13

      The unboxing video can be seen here, for those who are still waiting:

    43. Runeslinger on January 12

      My print copy arrived safely here in Korea today: lovely print job! I will post an unboxing video in a day or so~

    44. Uanuiil on December 31

      so over the month I've been flipping through my copy and loving it! how about the rest of you guys? once the holidays are over and I'm back from my family trip I an so going to podcast a Veil one shot (usually 4-6 hour long episodes). I'm really looking forward to playing this and letting my players peek through the veil :D!
      You guys did a great job and I so dig the ART!!!!!

    45. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on December 28

      @Daniel - Do you mean it's not opening for you? I tried re-downloading it from DrivethruRPG and it seems to work fine for me. Maybe try downloading it again?

    46. Daniel Longoria on December 26

      Got my download codes but the link for the "The_Veil_highres_FINAL.pdf" won't work. Got the other items but this one is not cooperating. What I've read so far does look great. Thanks for your time.

    47. Samjoko Publishing Creator
      on December 7

      @Dorian - Thanks! We'll be sending the files to the printer shortly.
      @David - Check out the google plus community here:

    48. Missing avatar

      David Crane on December 6

      Is there a forum? Im ramping up for game one and Im curious how others have approach their campaign Big Question?

    49. Etienne Olieu on December 3

      Hello. Attempted to redeem my code for the pdf, but got a message saying that the discount had been used the maximum number of times.

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