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Update #8

Long Time No See, Right?


Hey guys!

I just wanted to stop in and tell you guys that we haven't forgotten y'all.  We are still very appreciative of each and everyone of you.  

I've been planning future tours and getting all of our ducks in a row—which is now a full time position!   (I LOVE my job!)

I also wanted to address those of you who gave at our $50 and $100 levels. We are working HARD on your CDs and DVDs.  George has been in NYC with a few editors for weeks now.  We're in talks with Shovels and Rope about scoring the film and we're hoping to submit to Sundance.  Who knew it would take this long to make a movie?!  Certainly none of us.   But, in the mean time I'd like to share this promotional video we've put together.  We're so proud of it.  

We're taking North and South Carolina by storm in September.  Towns and dates will be released very soon.  Keep up with us on Facebook:

Thank you all for your continued support and patience.



Update #7

The Water Bottles Have Arrived!!!


They'll be going out ASAP!

If you didn't get one, come see us on tour!  I'll have plenty!



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Update #6

Picking up the Bird!

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Meet JR the Mechanic and the amazing (& very patient) Jose Ray, our bus driver!

Thank you guys, again!  We'll be shipping out those incentives soon!  


The Unchained Gang!

p.s.  You can see the tour dates and get your tickets here!

Update #5



Greetings from San Francisco! (Visiting my Granny) We've met our goal and more is still trickling in! It's a Christmas miracle! ;) Thank you guys so much for all your help! I can't wait to call J.R., our mechanic, and tell him he can finally stop looking at that bus! Next stop--my yard. (My neighbors are going to love that!) Happy holidays, folks! And THANK YOU very, very much!

Update #4

The Ashantilly Press - Darien, Georgia


Yesterday my good friend, Nicholas Silberg, and I took a 45 minute drive down to The Ashantilly Center in Darien, Georgia.  

"The Ashantilly Center, known as “Old Tabby,” was the mainland home of Thomas Spalding, early Georgia planter, legislator, and McIntosh County landowner. The original home, circa 1820, burned in 1937, and the current house was an ongoing project of the Haynes family. Today, the Ashantilly Center is a non-profit educational and cultural historic site, organized and founded by William G. Haynes, Jr. Mr. Haynes was an artist, small letterpress printer (The Ashantilly Press), and environmentalist. His legacy, the Ashantilly Center, hosts cultural and historic events and workshops."

Ashantilly is no stranger to Unchained—that photo you've all seen with all of our heads poking out the bus window was taken there last year!  (Photo by:  VG Photography)

Nicholas has been repairing and restoring William Haynes' press and getting the shop in order for a while now.  His specialty:  Letterpress repair.  He is the (if not only) person in this region that still does this.  Unchained is very lucky to have him as a friend.

Photo by Brian Brown

Nicholas is designing and printing our tour posters.  How fancy, huh?!  The press you see above is a Chandler & Price, New Style flatten jobber dated pre WWI.  It's a stunning piece of machinery.  (And not to mention heavy!  I helped him move a couple of these this summer; it was no joke!)

Our objective yesterday was to set the galley—I think that's what he said...?  Printmakers speak a language that I've yet to grasp.  However, there are quite a few phrases in the English language that have derived from printmakers.  "Mind your p's and  q's", for example.  (I love etymology!)  As you see below, the letters are reversed to print—mixing up those p's and q's are quite easy!  


The last photo is one of the four runs that will compose our February tour posters and they'll be available at the shows!  Tickets will be on sale soon, but first WE NEED TO GET THAT BUS FIXED!  

We're now at 81% with only FOUR days to go!  Please tell your friends!  

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