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€35,308 pledged of €85,000 goal
€35,308 pledged of €85,000 goal

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    1. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @V Yes right. Choose the I'm Back Pro Normal Kit. The universal cover is adaptable to 90% of reflex cameras and rangefinders. Support this idea! Thank you!

    2. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @V Yes, sure! Choice the I'm Back kit. Support this idea! Thanks!!!

    3. V

      Will this work with the Minolta X-700?

    4. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @Ricky Duong OK!!! Soon you will have your I'm Back®!
      Thank you for your support!

    5. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @Diane S Thanks for the support! I'm sure I'm continuing and taking the opportunity to apply suggestions and requests that I received to improve the I'm Back. Keep following me .... soon will have news! Best regards!

    6. Missing avatar

      Diane S on

      Too bad the funding goal was not met this time. Please continue your work - I would love to have the unit.

    7. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on Hello! I'm not happy, but I see it as a time to improve the product, and as for its suggestion, I already have it in time, since I started my project. there is a way, but I will have to make several covers, one for each brand and models, and this can make my production more expensive, because they are more molds, but it is possible. I'll seriously consider this possibility, okay? Thank you for your support and participation in the project and I would like to say if anyone else has suggestions (low cost practices) send me a message signature, okay? hug!

    8. Missing avatar on

      I am very sad but I hope you will go on.
      Is it possible to adapt the system directly on a back of a Nikon F without the foam?

    9. Missing avatar

      KEVIN BROWN on

      I am very sorry your project did not get funded. I hope you continue with this project and let me know if a product is created. I love this idea and would love it even more if it were smaller and higher resolution. I would be willing to pay many times more for a high quality version. Maybe full frame? Thanks you very much for pursuing this endeavor!

    10. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @CtrlAltDelicious Thank you! Stay in touch that certainly the thing does not stop here .... I am already working on the 16 mpx version and I will be showing you a definitive, smaller and very nice version! I thank you in heart for your support and the other 211 friends who are part of my campaign. Hug me and stay connected ... ;-)

    11. CtrlAltDelicious

      Too bad... I very much wanted to see this campaign get fully funded.

      However, @ Samuel: keep us updated when you start a new campaign and/or if you find another channel through which we can buy your awesome "I'm Back" ! ;-)
      I still want one :-)

    12. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @Blake C. Warlop Thank you for your support, and for the others 206, who nevertheless continue with me! ;-)

    13. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @Blake C. Warlop Exact! But do not worry ... I do not give up .... ahahah .... I'm still waiting on the confirmation of some great investors in the photographic area, but if you can not, let's go to plan B; I will review the calculations, check how to make a lower initial amount and reopen a campaign with a smaller target ... however I am finalizing my final prototype already with the electronics of 16 mpx ... ;-)

    14. Blake C. Warlop on

      Hopeing that we get a crazy amount of backers today and this is item can come to life.

    15. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      As for the backer list, of course, as soon as I have good news I will use it and I will communicate it to all present! Thank you!!! ;-)

    16. spunj13

      IF this shouldn’t reach its funding goal... it sounds like you are still trying to make a go of it.

      If it does come to that, could you let those of us who did pledge here know that it will be available by an email out to the backers list? (it does stay active and would be an effective way to let us all know how to get one... should it come to that)

    17. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @Ricky Duong Hello! I hope it strikes! Follow me, because I'm in negotiations with some companies and I hope to have their support ... if it happens, the product will be born quietly! Keep an eye! The importante now is not to give up, because, as they say in my country of origin (Brazil) ... the game is not over! ;-)

    18. Ricky Duong on

      Hello again! I really hope this project will reach the goal! I have one more question, can I buy this amazing thing even if it doesn't reach its goal? I really need this!

    19. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @Ricky Duong Hello! Yes, it works with Nikon FM. As for taking your back, I think you can, but if you want, you can always just keep it open! Thank you for your support !!!

    20. Ricky Duong on

      I have a Nikon but i dont know if I'm back is going to work with it. I think it's a FM 3355635. I don't even know if I can take off the back.

    21. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @CtrlAltDelicious Thanks!!! ;-)

    22. CtrlAltDelicious

      @ Samuel, Great! ;-)
      Don't forget (some of) these:

    23. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      Thank you for your interest in the success of the project. You're right in everything you said and I'm running to communicate to the public. I reinforcing my contacts to increase the visualization of a public.

      Thank you for your support.

    24. CtrlAltDelicious

      Even though I really really hope this project will be funded because I very much would like to get my hands on one of these "I'm Back"... even with 18 days to go... that € 85.000 still seems so far away....
      If I might ask; have you put enough effort in media attention? Twitter, Facebook, etc: posts on a daily basis in photo-related groups?
      Did you introduce your product to (online) magazines? Not only the photo-related ones, but alse the ones that go about design and leisure? Did you contact specialized photography websites? is (to me) the most important one with a HUGE userbase.
      I know you are still developping/tweaking/tuning the "I'm Back" but don't neglect your advertising and promoting. You would be amazed what results you might get by putting some time and effort into this. You cheered havind 200 backers. Actually... you 'only' have 200 backers, because with the gigantic scene of professional, semi-professional and amateur photographers out there... of which SOOO many have old camera's catching dust. The potential that you are not reaching here...
      Think big(ger!) !!! ;-)

    25. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      Hello! Thank you for your support!
      I tested the docking on Yashica GSN and it fits perfectly. I did not take a photo, but I know it worked because the principle is the same for all cameras. The only thing to keep in mind is the use of large openings to lessen the effect of dark edges. I'm checking the possibility of changes in the focus screen to decrease this effect and I hope the production phase can be done.

      Speed ​​B; The reason for the speed B is simply because the calculation of the shutter speed and aperture will be done by the small camera module placed inside the I'm Back, so it needs "time" to execute the photo in due speed that could be 30, 60 , 135, 500 etc, according to the need for exposure. You can test not using B but 3 or 4 as speed. The important thing is to allow time for the electronic system to do its work. I hope in the future, getting this project to make software changes of the type, the sensor is always on and the speed of exposure would be done by the camera. This is my wish, but at the moment after hundreds of tests I can say that my system works.

    26. Stephan Sonny on

      Hello. Does it support the usage in a Yashica GSN as well? Could you explain why I need to use Bulb? What if I still use the shutter speed I set? Would it not take any picture? I will upgrade my back when I feel it's okay. The option of only using Bulb is quite limiting for me. I hope you also design for TLR next time.

    27. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      Very beautiful! I Will try to do something for the medium format (6x6, 6.45) in future, but first I need all the support to complete this! Thanks for the suggestion!

    28. CtrlAltDelicious

      I have one of these in my collection:
      Do you think the back would work on this one?
      Definately worth trying! :-D

    29. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      Hi! I use in my Nikon S2, and I use the rangefinder focus. No problem. Its ok for view and take. This very important ; ligth lens, aperture f1.4, 1.8 or 2.0. Regards.

    30. Missing avatar

      金暻煥 on

      I have a nikon s3 rangefinder camera. But with this digital back , Is it POSSIBLE to view viewfinder and focus?

    31. Missing avatar

      PEI REN on

      Thank Samuel! Awesome!

    32. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      I still have this in mind, and I can say that it is possible. I will check the possibility of applying colors, if the cost allowed, certainly! As I have responded to several blogs, I'm Back was meant for fun and for all ages. I repeat, I will check the possibility of changing the color options, and if positive, I will put here options that at the end of the campaign you can choose. I hope to get it, because I'm already with the buget closed! Thanks for your suggestion!

    33. Missing avatar

      PEI REN on

      I really like your old I'm back version idea, Coz it got more details and colors. I can tell you put more design and work on its looking.It is a piece of art.I think you could make more open choice for us to choose the color of our own I'm back. Something like lomograhy or polaroid what they did for their cameras. I think this whole thing is about vintage photography and special. And your market trends to be younger people and people who are interesting in photography and not fully professional. In my opinion, everyone deserve their own special looking I'm back. Something personal creative. I understand that there are professional photographers here want more professional looking and design things. But there are creative young people too. Kinda talking too much���. just one suggestion:color options for now. In the fruture might have like lether, paint etc in the design.

    34. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      Hello! You can cancel the support you made and redo by enjoying the early bird I created with:

      Pledge €217 or more

      1 assembled, 1 plastic kit + Holder Cell

      Thank you for your support!

    35. Missing avatar

      PEI REN on

      Hi Samuel! Can I pledge 235€ for one plastic parts kit early birds and one fully assembled? And how can I do it?

    36. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      Okay, I understand.
      To facilitate the understanding of the system I am using is one of a Quality Action Cam, therefore with a menu that contains the main functions, type of exposure, EV, photo and video, size of the photo, among others. I will be able to request eventual software changes to the producer only when I go into production. I repeat, if I can, I'll ask you to add the possibility to select the ISO that you want manually, okay? Hugs and thanks for your support!

    37. Missing avatar

      Bin Hao Wong on

      Dear Samuel,

      Pinhole would be just one of the examples (abit extreme case i would say), so let's stick to normal let's say Nikon with a f2.0, for indoor would be 2 possible cases:
      a) the iso is high so that the speed is considerably fast (less than or equal to 1/30) so that you wont see shaky images.
      b) Speed is slow because of low iso to reduce noise and a slow speed something maybe 1/10 sec etc which will have shaky image
      I think the setting of ISO and speed is to have a "sweet spot" with acceptable iso at a comfortable shutter speed :) anyways, just a opinion.
      shared to facebook! all the best man

    38. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      Hi! Forgive me if I just answer you now. The speed is on B because the exposure is electronic and makes the room module. In fact, it takes only 2 to 3 seconds to "give time" to those who take the measurement and the photo. The speeds are variable, as it usually does with a normal camera (30, 60, 125, 500 etc.). My wish is in the future to be able to do the assignment manually, but I have to start with this project.

      I hope I still have your support.



    39. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      Great! I hope everyone collaborate disseminating, for only then can we realize this project! Thank you and for everybody!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      Summer on

      I have told all my friend. I am waiting to see my Leica M3 using this product.

    41. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      OK! Thank you very much. I hope to have your collaboration and a future project! But spread it if you can get this idea on your social network! Hug! ;-)

    42. Missing avatar

      Summer on

      I support future development for 120 format. I have a Hasselblad 500 getting ready. :)

    43. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      As in the description of the campaign, rather than to use good light optics. I am honest to say that I did not test with a pinhole, because my initial idea was to use common optics, but nothing prevents you from trying to use a pinhole, even if the edges come dark. The camera has 3 positions of automatic reading of the light:
      2- Multi
      3- Spot
      Another coise that is available is a possible change in the EV to + or to -
      In the case of Pinhole you must prove the three readings and see how your photo will be. The reading is automatic, therefore, I believe, but I can not affirm while it is not in production, if the speed will be the one you want. But, as you know, just experimenting to see the result. hug

    44. Missing avatar

      Bin Hao Wong on

      Hi Samuel, please help to check the iso thing as if pinhole n i am not sure wat is the max iso or max shutter speed on the settings, if shutter speed they tend to go not slower than 1/30 then it will be very high iso for low lights especially pinhole. or, or maybe we can limit the iso to something acceptable if not controlling.

    45. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @金暻煥: hi! This model no, now its for 35mm. In the future yes, I redesign for medium format ! Support this idea!!!

    46. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @Bin Hao Wong: Hello! In the current menu, it is not possible to control ISO which is automatic. In production phase I will check and possibility with the producer to increase such choice. it is possible to intervene in EV + or -. It is possible to use a pinhole but the edges have become dark. support this idea!

    47. Missing avatar

      Bin Hao Wong on

      can we somehow control the iso or the speed, as sometimes we might want a fast speed shot, or able to tolerate abit of speed to reduce noise due to high iso, or planning to do pin hole shots maybe?

    48. Missing avatar

      金暻煥 on

      Can I use this digitalback with my baby rolleiflex 4X4?
      Can you modify it?

    49. Samuel Mello Medeiros 5-time creator on

      @Chris Li: Hello! to diminish it is important to use light optics (f 1.2, 1.4, 1.8), but in production phase I will check the possibility of inserting an opaque filter on the focusing screen and in this way to correct this problem. In the tests I did, I was able to use dark optics without dark board problems. I will do my best to correct this problem. hug!


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