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Life in a dysfunctional NGO!'s video poster

A comedy series, The Samaritans revolves around the Kenyan field office of an NGO that does a whole lot of nothing! Read more

Nairobi, Kenya Webseries
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A comedy series, The Samaritans revolves around the Kenyan field office of an NGO that does a whole lot of nothing!

Nairobi, Kenya Webseries
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UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom and check out a Deleted Scene! 

What happens when Scott calls for his first meeting at Aid for Aid and who is Phillipa?

The Samaritans is a comedy series centered around the absurdities of one dysfunctional NGO. The setting for The Samaritans is the Aid for Aid Kenya field office. The main characters are the staff who have to deal with the odd demands and decisions of the head UK Aid for Aid office and hopelessly inept local bureaucrats, while trying to write as many useless reports as possible, all under the guise of ‘saving’ Africa. 

Through watching The Samaritans you will laugh at every sad and frustrating aspect of this dysfunctional NGO!

Our website is currently undergoing transition, since our new Director ordered us to tear it down, but you can check it out at:

Aid for Aid is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) whose mandate it is to do...well, no one knows exactly. But by demonstrating a knack for using all the right buzzwords and NGO jargon, they can get away with doing a whole lot of nothing.

The agency is currently dealing with the largest grant they have ever submitted, but with everyone in over their heads, will they succeed this crucial test? 

It does not help that other back-stabbing NGOs are trying to steal their work, that they are busy planning yet another team building retreat, or even that they keep loosing at the annual NGO-NGO awards but now they have to deal with the biggest scandal ever to hit their agency - the former Director hunted a Rhino. How will they cope?

Martha - Deputy Director

A Kenyan woman in her early 40’s, who for a while was the interim Director at Aid for Aid’s field office in Nairobi. With her wealth of experience she portrays herself as a sharp-tongued, formidable, no-nonsense, get your hands dirty kind of leader. Her eventual downfall occurs when her promotion is given to someone almost half her age.

Scott - Director

The newly appointed Director from the US, all of 28 years old. A recent graduate from an Ivy-League university. His only ‘Africa-experience’ was a loose six week internship in Casablanca five years prior. With no other international work experience, Scott finds himself in the deep end. He thinks his saving grace is his ability to speak volumes of text book NGO jargon and of course his looks.

Malik - Finance Director

Oversees all things accounting and finance. And in the hairy world of grants and funding Malik is thought to be the best. But never having completed an accounting qualification it is anyone’s guess how he does it, and dodgy books show obvious signs of dyslexia. Having relatives working close by certainly help.

Other Aid for Aid Employees

An office would not be complete without a cross-section of characters and Aid for Aid has no shortage of these. 

The list continues as we grow the story through the seasons and add more staff members at Aid for Aid. After all who doesn't want a tax-free stint in Africa, especially in this economy! We are talking high-salary, low input, big mansions, 24 hour maid service all for a few couldn't be sweeter for an aid worker in Africa.

Last year at the DISCOP TV Conference, we had the opportunity to pitch the show to a panel of expert judges, and we won! This led to a presentation at the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland. What followed was a series of events that led to the promo above, all the people involved in making it a reality believed in the project and volunteered their time!

So it all started when we read a statistic that Kenya has over 4000 registered NGO's and its capital Nairobi is the hub of the development world in sub-saharan Africa. Over the years I have heard numerous stories from friends and acquaintances, who come from all parts of the world to work in these NGO's. I thought to myself, well it might just be a good idea to collect these crazy stories and make a show from an outsiders point of view, from a local point of view. And The Samaritans was born.

We have all heard the issues this Continent faces with heavy hearts, but it got me thinking that surely there is more to Africa then negativity.  What would happen if we spin things around and take a look at aid organizations, see what really goes on behind closed doors and what came through was the ever-present madness that sometimes surrounds development work.

Now the challenge was to put a satirical spin on NGO's without offending the sensitivities that Africa faces, the solution was two-fold - make the show about nothing and in so doing naturally focus on aid workers, who for all good intentions often get caught up in the mammoth world of development. 

Some might scorn most will hopefully laugh,  but the truth is, The Samaritans is based on true stories!

With you on board we can get a ton of stuff done, such as hiring staff, complete writing the first two seasons and getting equipment hired and of course feeding our cast and crew (or else all hell breaks loose - we don't want to get Martha crankier!). 

The promo above was completed with zero funds and a lot of volunteer work.  Your participation will significantly improve production values as we want to tell the story in the best possible way all for your enjoyment... we enjoy it too!

The amount we raise here will go toward the cost of a wholly Kenyan production, it means we can pay the amazingly talented people like:

  • Writers
  • Script Editor
  • Art Director
  • Director
  • Director of Photography. 

And there are other ways you can get us noticed too, by spreading the word about this project:

  • Follow us on Twitter or post this project on your social media pages, pretty please!
  • Share the Vimeo link with your friends and family and network.
  • Or simply send us good wishes.

You can really gets hands on if you want to too, much like our aid-workers and production crew - got a real-life NGO story that is hilarious or down right ridic? Then tell us all about it and our writers can consider it as part of an episodes secondary storyline. (You can get a credit or remain anonymous if you so wish!)

If we raise more then the amount requested then it all goes toward future episode production and we want to keep going and going!


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