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"The Oggboard is going to change everything, change the way people used to play board games."

"The Oggboard is going to change everything, change the way people used to play board games." Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on October 8, 2011.

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About this project

Thanks for all of those who have supported this project! Even though we probably won't reach our goal, this has definitely been a success because of all of the buzz and interest we have seen in the OggBoard.

We have decided that this Kickstarter project wasn't more successful for a few reasons:

-The concept was difficult to understand or unclear without a working prototype
-Non iPhone users were hesitant to support a project that they may never use
-One game wasn’t enough to justify a $30 pledge

The good news, though, is that we have several individuals interested in the full investment, development and manufacture of not just the OggBoard but the OggBoard System (multiple games for multiple platforms). We are confident that when people see the real OggBoard in action with some amazing games, it will become a quick selling product and begin the board game revolution we have talked about all along.

If you feel that your talents or resources could benefit the further development of this concept, please feel welcome to contact me- or find me on twitter @samuelllytle.

-Sam Lytle

"it could change the way we play board games using the device, flipping the current status quo on its head" -Kotaku

"This has the potential to ramp up the excitement level of games like chess." -CNET

"The Oggboard is going to change everything, change the way people used to play board games" -Why The Tech

The Next Generation in Board Gaming

New games come out every day.

New platforms that attempt to revolutionize an industry aren’t quite as common.

That is exactly what the OggBoard is- a platform that combines augmented reality (AR) and mobile gaming in a way that could change board and card gaming forever. Instead of touch or button based input, this new method allows users to move tiles and pieces like classic board games while still enjoying the interactivity and graphics of CPU gaming.

The patent pending OggBoard has stands at either end where you place your iPhones or iPod touches (first, and hopefully Android in the near future) with a playing space between them. The devices are angled at the board so that you can see the entirety of it through the camera. Tiles with special patterns will come with the OggBoard (and possibly playing cards) and characters will be placed on them using AR. Because of the unique and simple design of this board, players will be able to watch this interactive action through the screen of the device while both hands are freed to move the pieces around the board. (This video by Unity3D gives a good example of interactive AR characters

When more fully developing this concept, we realized that there are numerous games and genres that would very much benefit from this new system of gaming. Battle chess, tower defense and turn-based strategy games, battle ship and educational puzzles are all possibilities for the OggBoard, among others. (This video of Battle vs Chess by Topware demonstrates how battle chess could look on the OggBoard except using AR

The OggBoard Project

And while we wish we could get all of these games developed and more, we need to start somewhere. This Kickstarter project will fund the development of a turn-based strategy game (similar to Mage Knight) and a basic chess game (no interactive pieces), both for iOS (Apple iPhone). With the success of these games, we want to quickly move to other operating systems, including tablets (OggBoard HD baby!)  We want to get this funded outright so that we can ensure these games will be free for OggBoard users forever.

Also needing funding is the actual manufacturing of the OggBoard itself. We have constructed our first prototype and have done so in a way that producing them would be as cheap as possible, but it will still take tens of thousands of dollars to get the first order put out and production set in motion. For a $30 pledge you will get one of those first production OggBoards along with the gaming tiles and possibly cards.

We hope that you can catch our vision. We know that much of the general public is still new to augmented reality and will only be convinced of the potential of the OggBoard when they see working units in stores. That is why we need you who believe in this project and technology to help us make it happen. Please pledge and take part in this distinctive opportunity to change board gaming as we know it. And after you pledge we hope you will also tell your friends, family, Facebook friends and twitter followers so that this project can spread quickly from trustworthy sources.


Thank you so much for your time and pledges. The OggBoard Project on Kickstarter is hopefully just the beginning of something much bigger.

If you would like more information, please email

Twitter @samuelllytle

(Feel free to share this video or any of these pictures on your blog or website if you like this project!)


  • Augmented reality is a powerful force in the future of mobile applications. Graphical overlays, product demonstrations and even virtual shopping have been proven to be effective mediums of AR. As more and more consumers carry a smartphone in their pocket, the possibilities of the technology continue to unfold.

    But when it comes to AR gaming, few developers have been able to successfully translate the power of graphical overlay into popular titles. Perhaps it is because consumers don’t fully understand it? Possibly it is because the hardware necessary has traditionally been prohibitively expensive? Maybe it is because no one wants to hold their phone up, pointing it at pieces of paper for an extended period of time?

    The OggBoard attempts to solve all of these. It isn’t holographics, but it is the stepping stone to holographic gaming.

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  • If you saw an OggBoard game taking place from the side, it might look a little funny- two people, looking into screens and moving tiles with special patterns around the board, excited as if something is actually going on when clearly it isn’t. But if you saw what was happening through the screens of your devices, you would understand. Overlain on top of each tile would be a different character, rendered in beautiful 3D graphics. When one of the players takes a turn, they flip the tile over to activate it. They then move the piece and direct it to attack, defend or use any number of special or magical abilities. Other characters beyond the initial set will be available in the future (probably via in-app purchase) so that each player can build up their army to take on their friends.

    The ability to move these tiles while watching these interactive characters through the iPhone screen is what sets OggBoard games apart from any other console or mobile game. Instead of touch screen or button controls, most of the games will be played by moving these tiles, kind of like chess or checkers but with moving creatures on them.

    Games have never been played like this.

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  • The OggBoard Project consists of taking this idea from the concept stage through the manufacturing and distributions stage. But an OggBoard without any games wouldn’t do you much good, so the other half of the OggBoard Project is funding a flagship turn-based strategy game, designed specifically for the OggBoard (probably of the fantasy flavor). We believe that this TBS application should be free and through the funding received through Kickstarter we can ensure that it will be. Although the OggBoard will be best utilized between friends and family, this game will also support single player gaming. This includes not only playing against the 'computer' but we will also try to make sure multiplayer is supported so that you can play friends with OggBoards all over the world.

    We will also ensure that the OggBoard will be iPhone 5 compatible.

    We have decided to also have a basic chess game (static pieces, not battle chess) developed for the launch of the OggBoard so that we can insure single player enjoyment when friends aren't around.

    Our Kickstarter goal represents the minimum amount necessary, in addition to our own funds, to get the board manufactured and distributed and the game developed. The quality of the turn-based strategy game developed will depend on the amount we are able to spend on it and that is where any money above our Kickstarter goal will be spent.

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  • The board itself will be made of durable, light weight material and designed to fold into a flat, compact shape when not in use or for transport anywhere you go. Imagine a folding chessboard except a little bigger and much sturdier.

    This initial OggBoard Project is just the beginning. Depending on the success and interest we see, we hope to soon take the OggBoard above and beyond the iPhone. Obviously a tablet version (OggBoard HD, or whatever) would be the next step because of how much it would improve the gameplay. We would also hope to soon venture to Android and other operating systems as well. And as Kaspar, one of the first OggBoard pledgers suggested, we could possibly even make a four stand, four player OggBoard in the future as well.

    Eventually we hope to make an OggBoard Pro- a premium, battery powered board to charge your devices while playing and speakers to listen to music or in-game sounds.

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  • We have also constructed this project with developers in mind. Not only will the OggBoard provide an unprecedented gaming platform for gamers, it will also open up a host of possibilities (and hopefully a deep and devoted consumer base) for developers to take their games to the next level. Making applications for the OggBoard will be an open source, license free adventure for any developer, indie or mainstream. These could be original titles, developed from scratch for the OggBoard or they could be ports of already proven titles designed to work with the platform.

    Can you say Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars OggBoard games?

    Yeah, that is probably shooting a little high, but depending on the success of the OggBoard it is definitely possible and it sure would be awesome!

    Just like popular consoles, it is often the library of games available that makes them desirable. We hope to quickly build a unique library of OggBoard compatible games, both from our own funding and through developer partnerships. You may be saying- "But I don't want an OggBoard unless there are tons of games to play with it!"

    If this project is a success we will do everything we can to add unique and exciting titles to play. But we first need your help so that we can get started on this new adventure.

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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    Get a personal email thanking you for helping us make the OggBoard a reality. We really appreciate every single dollar!

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Your name will be listed in the credits of the flagship iPhone app developed for the OggBoard.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Android Package- Although our first goal is to get an iOS game developed, we want to make an Android supported OggBoard game as soon as possible. Pledge at this level and you will be listed at as an Android contributor and also get an invite to be a beta tester for the first Android OggBoard game.

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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    "Name The Game" Package- Not only will your name be listed in the credits, but you can also help us find a name for the fantasy turn-based strategy app that will be developed for the OggBoard. Submit your best name and, if chosen, you will receive your very own OggBoard. Winner will be listed in the credits of the game as the game namer.

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    Pledge $30 or more About $30 USD

    Gamer Package- Receive one OggBoard per $30 shipped to your doorstep. Please add $15 for international shipping.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Special Edition Package- Get one limited, special edition OggBoard signed by the creators and numbered.

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    Pledge $200 or more About $200 USD

    Developers Package- Get one limited, special edition and one regular OggBoard and also be listed at and on the iPhone app splash screen as a producer. These OggBoards will be the first ones shipped out.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 2 backers
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Trevor the Troll Package- Get one limited, special edition OggBoard and also have one of the characters of the game named after you! We will use either your first or last name (whichever fits best) and a fantasy character will forever bear it for you. We are also open to creative variations on your name (Samuel = Samson...).

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Elite Package- Get one limited, special edition OggBoard as well as two 32 GB 4th generation iPod touches along with your name or company’s name listed as a producer on both and the iPhone app splash screen.

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