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This was the successful  kickstarter to print «Dream Life | a late coming of age», my solo graphic novel, & sponsor a book tour! It was the first book launch of Spilt Ink publishing too!
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Salgood Sam

205 backers pledged $7,619 to help bring this project to life.

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The last list?!


Hi all, so, FINALLY! I just got back from Lounak, having dropped off what I hope, is the last of the Kickstarter rewards being shipped from Montreal! 

 I checked with Gautier and he says their next run is in two weeks, from there it takes typically three weeks or less for destinations inside north america, as little as one in the US. And a month or more for international shipments. I’ll send out another update when he confirms they are in the US postal system pipeline.

So far that I’m aware of, we've not lost any packages. So fingers crossed, ballpark a month and the people on the list i’m posting here will have their copies of Dream Life! Also the rest of the art is being shipped too, i've already written those backers about that. 

Those of you getting the full set of Spilt Ink books including three issues of Revolver, a few in the past have received them as a set with with Dream Life, but most will be getting them shipped direct from Create space separately. On this list, assuming I missed none, the names with a “*” next to them are getting Revolver, and a “√” indicates i've already ordered it and it's on it’s way, if in some cases not already delivered. The rest will be sent out in batches due to my financial limits at the moment over the next month. 

So, read these next two lines carefully:

if you’re name is on this list, you should NOT have gotten Dream Life just yet, but you will be soon. 

 If you are NOT on the list, at this stage you should have and/or downloaded your book[s] by now! 

Ed Wilson,
Marco Piva,
Daniel Elkin,
Richard Smith, 
Bridget Toner,
Darren Hair,
Hans Rickheit,
Mark Cook,
Matt Nixon,
Simon Hugosson,
Martijn Goossens,
Félix Lapierre,
Nicolas Vovau,
Troy Little,
Jeffrey Tundis,
Elizabeth Holloway,
Bill Kraut,
Justin Collins,
Daniel Quantz,
Amanda Paquin,
Mario Cau,
April Greeley,
Myles Reichel,
Pam Recek,
Daniel Chlud,
Will McDowell,
Aditya Bidikar,
Ben Sears,
Tomas Chlud,
Liz Zylstra,
Carlos Carvajal Gómez,
Vince Bayless,*
Linda Gustafsson,*
Guy Thomas,*
Rose Thiessen,*
Allan Silburt,*
John Muth,*√
Stephen Struharik,*
Simon Ottervald,*
Kurtis Scott Whittington,*
Eric Palicki,*√
Eric Lamiot,*
Charlie La Greca,√
Dara Naraghi,√
Fred Casia,*
Fatima Iqbal,*
Adriano Antonini,*
Christopher Day,*√
Fion Lau, *√
Ben Hawkes, *
Steve Wallace,
Ryan French,
David R Clarke,
Bill Boehmer,
Matthew Benter,
Emil Underbjerg,
Anthony Boonstra,
& Jeff McComsey!

Check, and if you don’t have your book, are expecting one, and you’re not listed here, let me know asap!

I’ll check to confirm if it was sent out in the first place, we can look into tracking it, but its always possible a couple got missed in all my data base juggling the last year. If we can catch it now, I can have it packed up and included in the batch of books right now Lounack now before Gautier takes them to the post office.


I hope you enjoy the book, thanks for all being so amazing and patient as I worked out the kinks in this here.

I feel very good about it overall but it definitely didn't go 100% as planned :) I’m thinking in a bit, i’m going to sit down and do an after action report on what worked, what threw me for a loop and what I might do differently next time I try this.

Right off, i'm hoping the Patreon page I've set up reaches its goals, if it does that kind of baseline funding would have made a lot of the kinks in this project much less of an issue. The idea there is to finance the ongoing work I'm doing that I publish in Revolver and also just give me a baseline income of some kind. Rather than raise a big lump sum to do a single project.

It’s already in a small way starting to help fund work on my memoir, Dracula Son of the Dragon, and soon the rest of Dream Life too! I plan to get back to that after I get the last 35 pages of Dracula drawn.  

I've been having fun getting it slowly going, started a podcast for it, and now that this kickstarter is just about wrapped, i plan to start promoting it a lot more aggressively in general.

If you haven't seen it, check it out here. And for sure please do share anything you find there and you’re thoughts about Dream Life once you've read it, with all your friends!

I don't have a big ad budget as you probably know, or the time to do nearly as much PR work as i'd like, so any grassroots support and recommendations you all can give the work is invaluable! Dream Life in particular, could use reviews, stars on Amazon, goodreads, all and any thumbs that can be spared to help it be visible in the deluge of great new comics out there.

Ok, be well, let me know re the list and your having/not having status, and thank you all again.  

yours, max.

Checking in


Hi all, I was holding out updating since last months [1/16/2015] because I wanted it to be the one where I say, they are all out the door! Very close to that, but a few have been asking so, just to say, the last few rewards are almost ready to go.

Was trying to get a handful of stragglers to confirm address so I can make sure they go out with the rest. But mostly the issues have been time/budget shortfalls, packing supplies running out, more time due to crazy schedule i've been keeping before i could get them and get back at it, then more scheduling issues with teaching and work, it's amazing how fast the 5 weeks since my last update zipped by.

Boy, do I look forward to having it all done! Probably as much [i hope] as the last backers to get books and art are!

Been a lot of hangups: time budget shortfalls, money budget shortfalls, you name it. :P

All mostly due to mucking up my initial schedule when I made some changes to the files before printing just before a holiday last year, that resulted in three of the four weeks I had scheduled to ship before the tour, getting blown due to the holliday and printing delay. And then the tail end of the tour imploding a bit, with the NY leg being a bust for sales and putting me in the red unexpectedly.

All in all I still consider it a success, with the bulk of the rewards getting sent out last year fairly promptly despite all that. And even a significant number of inperson handoffs that gave the whole things a really nice personal touch too. AND some great feedback about the book itself!

But also a strong object lesson in the work publishers do to help get your work out there.

It's been a serious learning experience, this first full fledge self publishing venture. I would not say no to having someone else handle the print side of things next time! So much stuff to keep track of, with shipping, PR, touring, and distribution...gah

I hope to have one more update by early next week, letting you all know the books are at Lounak, and an idea of when they will ship out from there. Art will be shipping from CanPar, and i'll send recipients tracking info right away for that.

The books are trackable, but I don't get those # unless I ask for them from Studio Lounak, so I'll be letting you know when they are sent and if something goes wrong we can follow up with them and find out what's up. So far though, by the way: as far as I know, knock on wood, we've had a perfect run in that dept, with not one package so far reported missing.

Sorry for all the delays, and thanks very much for your patronage and patience! 


Shipping update!

Hello backers and friends!  

OK, a few people have been asking about them so I figure I'm due for an update to let you all know what's up. I have most of the books packed to go, there's a few left though, just about an hours work packaging them up and then they go off to the shipper. I just need to pick up a few things for that last handful.  

I was gunning to get it all out before the end of the year, but things got too hectic and then it was getting close to the holidays, so I decided not to chance it and wait a until after the holiday postal madness and rushes, so nothing would risk being lost in that.

So far nothing has been lost in shipping and I worried about pushing my luck.  

That was all good, did the holidays. Then when I sat down to pack the last few up last week, I ran out of one of the postcards! Dope. 

Not a huge problem, i can have 20 or so printed up very affordably and will do that this weekend. Would have already but to be honest, it's been deadly cold and I've had deadlines, between the two been hiding in my studio mostly. But once I have those, finally, they can all get shipped out!  

Most of the art will go out then too, and I'll post here and via the email list, word when exactly things have been delivered to Studio Lounak, and when they expect them ship out from there.  

FYI So far it's taken things about two weeks in the US, and three for Canadian deliveries.  

Boy, next time I do this, will be streamlining the process a whole lot more!  

Happy new year!

Most of the books left to be shipped to backers, waiting for a few postcards so the last can join them.
Most of the books left to be shipped to backers, waiting for a few postcards so the last can join them.

And now for your entertainment purposes, my latest youtube clip! It has cats!

The final 49!

Hi all, i've gotten a few [very polite] inquiries about the remaining books to be mailed out and we're due for an update so here's the lowdown.

The books and things left to be shipped, are mostly for people getting the bundles-Dream Life and Revolver 1-3, or original art and a copy of the book.

About half the art is packaged up, and ready to go, i have to spend some time building the custom boxes for the other half. I take a lot of care with those so that's partly why that's been so slow. Making sure it gets there intact, while also including a fairly hefty paperback in the same package as original art takes some custom cardboard engineering. 

For the bundles, I'd wanted to have that all sent out about a month back-well a lot sooner really but that was my last target. But it's been a lean couple months, most of my income going to basic bills and the like, and sales at shows not really being that outstanding when i've done them, often just covering the cost of being there. Incidentally retail sales have been pretty good all in all, we're up to 32 shops? With a few restocking once or twice. If only online sales were brisker, it would help grease the wheels of all this some.

For the copies Dream Life the final 49 are getting, I think i've managed to get the funds together this month finally. And given I can pay Lounak after the fact i'm going to risk it and run with it-start packing up those not already packed, get the whole lot out the door in about a week!

The sets of Revolver vol one to three will then get ordered and sent out as fast as I can pay for them. But it's likely they will show up after Dream Life for most of you. i'll try to make sure it's not a long further delay.

They come direct from the printer, Createspace, in most instances. With only a few cases where i used copies i had on hand in the past to include them in packages with Dream Life directly. That was nice as i was able to sign those, but generally the plan was to send them direct for budgetary reasons [not having to pay for shipping twice basically, once to me, across international borders so paying duty too, and then again to you]

Really sorry for the delays, and thanks to those of you who have gotten the books and posted pics and the like! 

Books overseas will take a bit longer, but north american recipients should get them about two to three weeks from them being shipped. I'll post here when I have confirmation from Lounak that they have been. 

So far, that i can tell, we've had 0 losses for those that have gone out, and only one person noted any damage to a print that was included, so all in all, delays aside, it's gone well. 

If you don't find your name in update 39 then you should have received your book by the way. Also those from that list, mentioned here, should have as well. If you have not yet let me know so i can contact Lounak and track them. If needed, replacements will be shipped after i've completed the initial list of books to go out. 

I'm about to start writing each of the final 49 one at a time, to confirm your addresses this week. Talk to you then.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

49 to go!

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