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A thin iPad case that can also hold an Apple Wireless Keyboard. Patent-pending design. Fits iPad 1, 2 & 3.
A thin iPad case that can also hold an Apple Wireless Keyboard. Patent-pending design. Fits iPad 1, 2 & 3.
671 backers pledged $45,749 to help bring this project to life.

The First Hands-on Reviews

Posted by Salman Sajid (Creator)

Hey there, Backers,

I've got some news for you that I'm sure you all are going to want to see… some real hands-on reviews!

The Glowing Reviews

You know how I told you guys I was sending out review units to various sites? Well, they're starting to trickle in and I'm sure you'll be pleased. Here's a few blurbs as well as their respective links:

MacNN Review: “Overall, the Touchtype case is one of the nicest available, and the MacNN staff have seen a lot of them since the release of the original iPad.”

The Industry Review: “It has been designed incredibly well — even though it has a ton of features and uses, it’s gorgeous and impossibly thin…You can probably tell I’m in love with this accessory.”

SurfBits Review: “For anyone that has an Apple Wireless Keyboard or plans on getting one, the Touchtype is the perfect case for it and your iPad.”

If nothing else, I hope these positive articles reassure you about the quality of this Kickstarter project. Even though I'm totally new at this, I'm really trying my best to ensure that all of you get something worthwhile and of lasting value.

Wild Espresso

Some of you have asked me about the "wild espresso" leather version of the case and what it looks like in person. 

First, let me say that no two wild espresso cases look alike. My wife and I have gone through 150 of them so far and each one has its own distinctive look.

What makes each one look unique?

Well, the first reason are the grains you see running through the leather. In some cases, the pattern looks like a flowing web of lines while in other cases the lines are much more subtle. Sometimes the same case will exhibit lines of varying intensities. (hence the term "wild")

The second reason is the color. It wouldn't be fair to call these cases brown but neither are they pure black. The color is really like a cup of coffee — black with brown undertones of varying intensity. Even more interesting is that these undertones look more brown in incandescent lighting whereas they appear more black in fluorescent lighting.

Leave aside the unique functionality of the Touchtype case, these wild espresso cases could stand out for their beautiful leather alone.

The Touchtype Theme Song

Believe it or not, the Touchtype case has it's own "Singtone"! All courtesy of the smooth vocals belonging to Ensemble 101. Have a listen:

Ensemble 101 happens to be running their own Kickstarter project where they will sing a customized "Singtone" with your name. The audio file can then be used as a custom ringtone on your phone. You can find out more about their project via this link.

Lastly, I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to all you backers. Beyond just submitting pledges, I've seen a number of you promote this project on Twitter and in various forums. Thank you.

That's it for now, everyone. Take care and we'll be in touch again real soon. :-)

~ Salman

ps: Again, I've embedded as well as attached the image in case some of you have trouble viewing it in your email.

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      Walt Breuninger on

      great to hear! this makes me even more excited...can't wait until it ships!