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A thin iPad case that can also hold an Apple Wireless Keyboard. Patent-pending design. Fits iPad 1, 2 & 3.
A thin iPad case that can also hold an Apple Wireless Keyboard. Patent-pending design. Fits iPad 1, 2 & 3.
A thin iPad case that can also hold an Apple Wireless Keyboard. Patent-pending design. Fits iPad 1, 2 & 3.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Serge Perez on

      I still have not used the jewel, I'm still waiting for the release of Scrivener for iPad, my TouchType is always new. :-( , like my iPad!

    2. Missing avatar

      Yvon Sevigny on

      Hi Sajid, I just received my case yesterday. I am very pleased with it. Thank you for this great product.

    3. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Yvon — You're correct. All black leather cases are now in route now. The last of the international cases were sent last week.

    4. Missing avatar

      Yvon Sevigny on

      Hi Sajid, I was wondering yesterday if my black leather has been shipped but looking at you last comment I suppose mine is "en route". Am I right to say that ?

    5. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Jag — The international shipments should be on their way. I'll look to see where yours is at and send you a message with an update. Thanks for your patience!

    6. Jag Sri Raja Kakarlapudi on

      Hi Sajid, wondering if my black leather case is shipped to Melbourne, Australia. I haven't received it yet.


    7. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Kim & @Travis — So glad to hear that you guys love your cases. I know it was a bit of a wait, but I hope you agree that the final product was worth it. Thanks again for all your backing and support!

    8. Kim Billingsley on

      Received my Wednesday as well. I love it!! Thanks!

    9. Travis Scott Collier on

      Just wanted to let you know I got my Touchtype case on Wednesday. And it's amazing! It works like a charm. It fits really well, looks professional, and makes it so much easier to carry both my iPad and keyboard around.

      Thank you so much for your art. Wish you the best on the Kickstarter rollout.

    10. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Kim - Yep! I have the black leather cases in my possession now. I actually sent out a small batch last week before falling ill. I've just started feeling better today so I'm going to resume sending them out. Thanks for checking in!

    11. Kim Billingsley on

      Hi Salman,
      I was just wondering what the status is on the Black leather case. I know you said late October to early November. I did get the address request, so I'm guessing they are in?? :)

    12. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Jeff — Hmmm... would there be a way you send photos of what you're seeing to me? Just use the contact email address on my website. I'm thinking that if the puffiness is bothering you to this degree, then maybe you got one that exhibited this issue to a larger extent than others. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    13. Jeff Lansberry on

      Hi Salman. I mentioned this to you once before and you said it had to do with the adhesive used between the leather and the backing but; I have to say I'm disappointed with that one side. I understand this isn't you personally but the 'puffy' leather isn't the way I really envisioned the case being. I understand this is a project but were this a retail item, I'd have returned it as defective and asked for another one that didn't have the problem or a refund. Other than that I like the case but I'm curious if anything can be done to address the issue. Right now the case sits unused which is a shame, the leather color and quality is great with that one exception. Let me know what you think and sorry for the rambling.

    14. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Harold — No more updates on the black cases other than what's below. Still look at late October or early November.

    15. Missing avatar

      Harold Mindlin on

      You can send me your response

    16. Missing avatar

      Harold Mindlin on

      Hey Salman

      When do I get my touch type case?

    17. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Yvon — I hear you. I'm looking forward to getting these black cases out more than anyone else!

      I checked in with the factory recently and so far they're saying that they will have the cases ready for transport on October 16. Add some more time for shipping the cases to the US and then fulfillment and it looks like it may be closer to November (assuming there aren't any issues). I still may be able to get them out *sometime* in October (as per my last update) but that is looking less and less likely.

      That said, I'll send out another update to the black Touchtype backers once I have a concrete milestone to report. Thanks for your continued patience. :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Yvon Sevigny on

      Hi Sajid,
      any news about the black leather case ? Is shipping on early october still on your agenda ?
      The wait is begining to be a bit too long to my liking but I guess this the price I have to pay for a flawless product I will enjoy using for many years to come !

    19. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Michael — Sorry to hear that. Any recommendations for me how I can make the case smaller? In addition to notifying people here, you may want to try posting it on eBay. You may even get a premium for it given that the Espresso version is not for general sale yet. Hope things work out for you and thanks for letting me know.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Werk on

      I must be one of the few that really do not care for the case, sorry. I feel it's too big. Unfortunately mine sits on a shelf unused. Anyone want to purchase a brown leather?

    21. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Dan — Thanks for the update! I'm glad to hear that the case is loosening up a bit for you. I'd be curious to hear how it's doing at the 6-month mark. I'm about to put the remaining Kickstarter stock for sale again during the early part of September. I'll be sending out an alert through the mailing list on the website –

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan Karlinski on

      Salman, just a quick update

      The keyboard is still tight, although much looser than before. Still very great. I too see issues with plugging the cable in, but it's doable with a bit of extra effort. My cases holding up good. I have a few blemishes on the button of the strap but that is from all of the use. I use it at work and school, and get nothing but compliments. It has completely replaced my laptop at this point!

      Thanks again!

      PS, any time idea on when will be able to purchase these?

    23. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Andre — Glad to hear you're enjoying the case but I'm concerned about the tear. We had inspected each one before sending them out so I'm sad to hear one slipped through. Let me know if the tear proceeds to get bigger with time. Thanks for your support again.

    24. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Claudia — Thanks for the constructive feedback! I intentionally made the keyboard pocket a little tight because I wasn't sure how much the material would loosen up with time. Keep me posted on how that goes.

      The stylus idea is a good one and something that many others have suggested. What type of stylus do you use?
      I haven't been able to think of any ways to make the plugging in the charger any easier. Apple places the port on the angle and the Touchtype is wider than the iPad itself (to accommodate the keyboard). I'll think on it some more and see if I have any ideas.

      Anyways, glad you really like it and hope it serves you well.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andre on

      I received my case in July and I have been using it. I find that I enjoy it a lot and it is very functional. I find that I got a tear along the spine. It is small now but it may grow and eventually make the case unusable.

    26. Missing avatar

      Claudia Kaiser on

      I received my gray case in late July. I REALLY like it; however, the keyboard is VERY hard to get out of the case. It's very snug, which is good in one sense, but not very slick when I'm trying to show it off to someone and have a hard time getting the keyboard out of the case. Hopefully, it will 'stretch out" just a bit soon so I can show it off to my boss, a huge iPad fan... For future upgrades:

      * Adding a spot for a stylus would be a great asset
      * Making it easier to get to the plug in for the charger

      The thank you card added a nice personal touch. And thanks for a job well done. Congrats.

    27. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Raphael — That's great news! I was wondering how long it would take to reach South America. I hope it serves as a worthy companion throughout your studies. Best of luck!

    28. Missing avatar

      Raphael Silva de Santana on

      I got mine too on August 17!
      He came all right here in Brazil.
      The case is very good indeed and I'm using in college classes and my work.
      My congratulations!

    29. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Douglas — Glad you love it! I haven't tried other keyboards with the case but let's see if the others have some recommendations.

    30. Missing avatar

      douglas rady on

      Got the Touchtype (espresso) and love it!

      My main issue is having to jailbreak the iPad in order to get decent functionality out of the Apple Bluetooth (BT) keyboard.

      Does anyone know of another BT keyboard with better out of the box functionality that is same dimensions or smaller than the Apple BT keyboard?

    31. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Pablo — I look into it and message you with the status. Thanks for your patience.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pablo Furman on

      Hi Salman,
      I ordered an Espresso Touchtype, sent in my survey on June 22nd, and haven't received it yet. I'm in Toronto, Canada. I would greatly appreciate if you could look into it. I'm eagerly awaiting it!
      Thank you!

    33. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Rafael — No problem. I'll look up your shipment info and get back to you.

    34. Rafael Contreras on

      Hi Salman,

      Could you please give me an update on my shipment to New Zealand?

      Thank you.

    35. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Cailean — Thanks for your compliments and valuable feedback! I considered something similar to the triangle-shaped hooks, but that would have required me to use something other than elastic... which would have resulted in the case not being able to fit all the iPads.

      Design is fundamentally a balancing act and, in this instance, I opted to lean towards versatility more than anything else. But fear not, I have some ideas on how to re-work the straps that will make the switches more accessible.

    36. Missing avatar

      Cailean Babcock on

      PS: an optional sleeve pocket to put my Bamboo sketch pen in would be nice.

    37. Missing avatar

      Cailean Babcock on

      Got my TouchType and I'm much happier now! I have some serious suggestions for making the next version better if you're interested. For one, it could use some sort of soft plastic sheet inserts inside the leather to help it hold its shape, as well as perhaps make it easier to access the charger port without necessarily opening the cover. Second, but more important, you could replace two of the "landscape mode" straps with triangle-shaped hooks (think blotter) on the top end of the iPad, which would make it easier to get out as well as create a design that doesn't cover the orientation lock switch and volume buttons.

      Overall, though, I'm happy to have helped out on a great project that resulted in a slick device that is light, well-designed, and good-looking. Keep up the good work!

    38. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Dana — Very pleased to hear it's already integrated into your routine. I'd love to see a photo of you setup if possible. Nothing is more motivating to me than to see the Touchtypes actually become a small part of people's lives.

    39. Dana H. on

      My case arrived and it's so snazzy and light. I'm already using it at events with my Square account! Makes setting up my little register portable and professional! Love it!

    40. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Leonard — Glad you received it and it's to your liking! I've found that any color that comes off can be easily cleaned away with nail polish remover. Also, the color should stop coming off after a certain point. Sorry for any inconvenience but I only learned of this recently myself. Thanks again for your kind words and it was great having you as a backer!

    41. Leonard on

      hi . I just got my touchtype. It's really great! Finishing is very good. But one thing is need to be concern, when I put my keyboard into the case, when I want to use it. I found that the keyboard got some "colour" - Black or very light grey. Its make it look dirty. btw, thanks your great work!

    42. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Chad — It's great seeing how an item that was once sitting in my garage are finding homes across the world. So happy to hear that it is more than you expected!

      @jr — I'm glad you noticed the leather smell. An important facet of the overall design that the case should appeal to all the senses (except maybe taste :-)

    43. Chad on

      Hi Salman,

      Got mine today in Canada (Alberta). Very nice, everything I was hoping for and more.

      For those curious backers that are also in Canada, and are still waiting for theirs to arrive, mine was postmarked on July 27th. So it took about 11 calendar days to arrive at my doorstep.

    44. Missing avatar

      jr on

      Hi Salman,
      the espresso case arrived end of last week here in Germany. I had to clear customs for it, but I was aware of that in the beginning, so no problem with that.
      It looks very nice and smells very good. Thanks a lot therefore, and good look in the future with your business. All the best!

    45. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Veen — Thanks for your kind words. I did spend a lot of time on all aspect of the design so it's nice to hear it didn't go unnoticed.

      I don't think the straps should break. This is a common method other cases have been using since the original iPad came out and I haven't read any complaints about it.

      Time will tell, of course. This is version 1.0 of this product (and version 1.0 of me as a product designer) so I can only make educated guesses as to how the case holds up long-term. The best I can do is listen to the early-adopters and make improvements to future revisions.

    46. Vincent Wong

      Just got mine! I'm really happy with how it looks and works. I can finally get my iPad case looking as handsome as my Filofaxes once did. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna feel great taking this to meetings; especially when I slide the keyboard out.

      I'm also stunned by your attention to detail - the box looks like something I could put a wedding photo album in. I'm definitely gonna put it to similar use.

      I do have one concern, though - the holding straps don't look particularly durable so what do we do if they break in a year or two?

    47. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Ivo — Glad you received it but sorry to hear about the exorbitant customs charges (ouch!). Longer term, I'll look to see if having a European warehouse will help ease some of those fees. Nevertheless, I'm pleased that the first impressions are good and I hope it will serve you well.
      @David — Love your enthusiasm! Yes, I did my best to design every aspect of the case... from its presentation and packaging to its form and function. The only thing that remains is to see how it holds up with long-term usage — the only thing I couldn't test properly. That said, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts over time. Thanks.

    48. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Helena — So happy to hear that the Touchtypes are making their way to Australia! And I'm even more pleased to learn of your approval and satisfaction. The Sajid household adheres to a similar maxim as yours which is "We're not rich enough to buy cheap things." Thanks again for your backing and support, Helena.

    49. Salman Sajid Creator on

      @Eric — All of the Canadian shipments have been sent. Let me look yours up and I'll get back to you.

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