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Create maps for pen&paper, role-playing, D&D and miniature games. Dungeon, mining, terrain tiles +online planning tool! 'Dwarven Paper'
Create maps for pen&paper, role-playing, D&D and miniature games. Dungeon, mining, terrain tiles +online planning tool! 'Dwarven Paper'
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Production Update - Tiles and Boxes Arrived!

Posted by Saga (Creator)

Boxes and edge protectors arrived

We were testing the best boxes to keep all Saga tiles safe while shipping - and later when you transport them. Now we have chosen the boxes and the edge protectors we want to use. See attached pictures. See how cool the box looks and how strong the edge protectors are! This will keep your Saga tiles safe in all situations.

Box and Edge Protector.
Box and Edge Protector.

Also all tiles from our manufacturer arrived to our warehouse

Yes. We have them. 

Now we only need the following steps...

Now the next steps are: 

  • Receiving all stickers from our manufacturer to our warehouse
  • Receiving the final boxes
  • Then: finishing, packaging, shipping…

Next Weeks Update: 

News for RPG Rule set

(Yes we know that we wanted to post the RPG Rule Set update first - but we have decided to  share the box update with you this week and update you on the RPG Rule Set next week). 

So... We have great news regarding an alternative RPG ruleset for Saga tiles. Prepare yourself for the RPG ruleset news next week!

Additional notes:

  • You can see more high resolution photos here. 
  • You can change your address here. 
  • You can contact us here. 

Thank you for your great support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Rukeon just now

      First thanks for this update, even minor updates like this keep the hope alive.

      That being said any update, even one saying w have nothing to show off yet is better then radio silence for 2+ weeks.
      Again promising weekly updates and then failing (again) are not great way to show your support to a large number of people who have kept up their support for you despite all the issues and delays.

    2. CoolWhipKid

      The pictures look great. Looking forward to using these tiles.

    3. Bobby Brimmer

      Thanks for the update. I'm so glad you didn't let the delays stop you. I'm still really, really excited to get my tiles.

    4. Missing avatar

      PracticalM on

      Thank you for the update. Is there a timeline for each of the remaining items? You can add a few weeks so it looks better when you come in ahead.

    5. Matt King on

      Woot! They look great. Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work!

    6. Marijn Bierhof on

      Great update, love what I'm seeing. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update guys

    8. Jared Mattfolk on

      Thank you for the update! Looking forward to receiving everything!

    9. Missing avatar

      Percy Van Hoorebeke on

      Looking forward to it!

    10. Veronica Andersson on

      Thank you for an awesome update!

    11. Will Lebug on

      as a hater, i say thx for the update.

    12. Wouter Lievens on

      Yes! We want to see a giant pile of tiles!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Nimrod Yanai on

      Excellent work!
      I’m so glad the haters didn’t get to you! You’re doing great!

    14. Missing avatar

      Job on

      Will there be one box for all the tiles, or seperate boxes for different tile sizes?
      I like the protectors.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cary Heritage on

      Great update. Thanks for sharing this news, even though it is out of order.

    16. devilman9050

      Excellent news folks, do you have a picture of a massive pile of tiles? :D