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Create maps for pen&paper, role-playing, D&D and miniature games. Dungeon, mining, terrain tiles +online planning tool! 'Dwarven Paper'
Create maps for pen&paper, role-playing, D&D and miniature games. Dungeon, mining, terrain tiles +online planning tool! 'Dwarven Paper'
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First tiles arrived from our manufacturer!

Posted by Saga (Creator)

Hurray! Here they are! 

See how good they look! See the high quality they have! And how modular they stick together :-) This is a great start for this year and we are looking forward to receiving all tiles as well as the additional stuff like the stickers, the boxes, etc. soon!

And here is our first dungeon! 

We had a lot of fun building our first dungeon!
We had a lot of fun building our first dungeon!
Clickthrough for higher resolution photos.
Clickthrough for higher resolution photos.

Two smaller issues

The tiles look and feel great! Even though we have two smaller issues. Please see the photos below. Issues marked in red. 

  • The cutting line of one transition tile (A to/B side) has to be corrected / has to be flipped (left). 
  • This issue will be addressed by our production company. It is a correction of the cutting tool.
  • A white field at one bottom connector of the stairs tile (that makes the wall look like interrupted). 
Two smaller issues.
Two smaller issues.

Next Update: Stickers!

We will post the next update at the end of next week with a summary of the next production steps, more information about the timing, app and rule set. AND THE STICKERS!

Additional notes:

  • You can change your address here. 
  • You can contact us here. 

Thank you again for your great support and patience!

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    1. Andre Streefland on

      @JcTemplar: usually with projects like this you can't print the boxes until you have everything that's supposed to go inside those boxes ready. Nothing is as frustrating as finding out that your box is half an inch too small to fit everything so you have to start over.
      And the stickers probably aren't printed yet because printed stickers eat space and are collecting dust for all the time they wait until the tiles are done. And space you can't use can get really expansive really quickly for a company. (Especially if you don't have a storage area yourself...) It's usually better/cheaper to try to plan everything to arrive at roughly the same time. (Which always fails since even the best laid out plans never survive first contact with reality...)

    2. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Hornegard on

      Are the tiles bright white? I would very much prefer them in an off white color.

    3. Missing avatar

      JcTemplar on

      This is great news, but what I don't get is : why are the stickers and boxes not already printed ??? You are 1 year and a half late, why did you not make everything else than tiles during all this time ???

    4. Saga Creator on

      Thank you very much for your great feedback and warm support.
      We really appreciate.

      Regarding the ETA: We will post the next update at the end of this week with a summary of the next production steps, more information about the timing, the app rule set and the stickers.

      @ Jeff. That's a great design point! After playing with the final tiles we also realized that overlay parts -for example for the cave edges- would be great. Otherwise, they sometimes look incomplete. I fully understand what you mean. Being able to mix the tiles gives more design freedom while building caves and dungeons. But at the same time mixing up tiles also makes the corridors and transitions sometimes look incomplete. Same applies to the dungeon. We also want some overlay parts to be able to do better transitions from corridor to open dungeon rooms (these transitions also look incomplete sometimes). As stickers will be produced this month we are adding these dungeon and cave edge parts as a last minute addition to the system right now (we'll show them in our the next update, too).

      In update 60 we showed the first printed sheets at our manufacturer. Only printed. Not laminated. And not cut. Now the tiles are finalized. And after correcting the one transition tile where one side still needs to be flipped we are proceeding to the final cut. The manufacturer has already been informed on Saturday. That was the reason our update came one day later - on Sunday. While I am writing the producer is correcting the cutting tool and is finally cutting all tiles this and next week.

      You can see higher resolution photos here:

    5. Missing avatar

      PracticalM on

      This looks like great progress and I'm looking forward to the schedule update.
      Glad you kept at it and are on the way to delivering a quality product. The lateness isn't as important as the quality.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jean-Sébastien Rioux on

      Thank you for this update! Looking forward to your next one, please keep us informed. The tiles looks great, can’t wait to show them to my playgroup!

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      they look so sexy, well done!!! can't wait to get my set.

    8. Justin Goedegebuur on

      Thanks for the update, hoop things progress Quickly now, but keep us in the loop so the backers know what you are doing.

    9. Jeff N

      Question: do the cave- and dungeon-themed tiles have opposite/incompatible tabs because one is on the reverse side of the other?

      If so, that would explain the transition tiles having a mirrored tab layout to adapt to the opposite tab arrangement when flipped over.

      One other thing I noticed is that it might be super-useful to have a page of small cave wall stickers or overlays. I really like that cave maze-like area that you built. But, it does show that some of the walls don't have a thick outline -- they are just the "incomplete" back side of filled stone area on some of the tiles. If we had a few stickers/overlays that served as 1 and 2 block cave walls and inside/outside corners, we could finish off those areas pretty easily to have the same appearance as the proper wall edges. Not sure if my description is clear...

    10. Missing avatar

      Samick on

      Thanks for the update and clarification on the aspects that haven’t worked out quite as planned. Good that you’re keeping us informed

    11. Missing avatar

      Leif Stensson

      @Andrew Emery: shipping the stickers separately would probably increase the shipping costs, and especially make it more complex if it's supposed to be customs-friendly outside of the area it's shipped from.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Emery on

      My input: send the tiles when they’re ready if the stickers have issues. I’m much more interested in having the tiles sooner, especially since we haven’t heard anything about the stickers in awhile.
      I’d hate to wait even longer over stickers which are not why I backed this item. Just send the stickers separately when they’re ready at a later date.
      Of course, hoping it all comes together at the same time :)

    13. Hugh Manatee on

      *everything - not editing

    14. Hugh Manatee on

      @Scott - they HAVE printed editing. At least that was what they told us in update #60.

    15. Veronica Andersson on

      The tiles look good! Thank you for the update, looking forward to receive the tiles.

    16. Scott Bradley

      Max I'd imagine that stuff Is a sample. Otherwise the mistakes lined out in this update would require printing the whole lot out AGAIN

    17. Max van Hooren on

      Is the stuff you have hear a sample? Or is this all the stuff?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sarah Petereit on

      And I'm glad you're focusing on quality control that much. If it takes such a long time to get the product, it should be (almost) perfect at the very least.
      But remember: Communication is key to keep your backers happy. It takes time out of your working day to respond to us, but don't forget to build up a positive reputation among your customer base along the way of finishing the product! We, the backers, are the ones who will recommend your product to other potential roleplaying customers.
      So far I see this coming: "The product is great, but the support sucks."

    19. Jan Fnord

      Good update, thanks for the effort :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz on

      Hi guys, for over a month I try to reach to you so you can help me resolve my issue with Kickstarter and backer kit - can you please contact me? It's really, really not professional.

    21. Capt D

      Good to see it coming along and the end is getting nearer.

    22. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      Thanks for the update. It's looking very good I think. Fingers crossed for completion soon.

    23. Missing avatar

      Nimrod Yanai on

      There are always issue, but it looks great! I’m glad we can see the tiles in action!
      Can’t wait to get them and use them :D