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Create maps for pen&paper, role-playing, D&D and miniature games. Dungeon, mining, terrain tiles +online planning tool! 'Dwarven Paper'
Create maps for pen&paper, role-playing, D&D and miniature games. Dungeon, mining, terrain tiles +online planning tool! 'Dwarven Paper'
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Welcome to the Village - 100K!

Posted by Saga (Creator)

The warrior, the mage and Sheepy emerged from the dungeon, loaded with treasure and victorious in battle! They headed to the nearest Village for a beer...

Woohoo! YES! €100K and 1319 world builders have joined the adventure. Thank you so much for your support, IDEAS and patience. We have unlocked the VILLAGE tiles, free for every backer. Next stretch goal: THE CASTLE

Once we unlock the Castle, we can finally reveal our roadmap to the finale—our ultimate stretch goals (yes, there are more!). In the meantime, we're happy to announce that starting tomorrow we'll reveal *daily bonuses* (think of these as mini-stretch goals as a thank you to everyone, regardless of amount).

So, what did Sheepy & our adventurers find in the Dungeon? Please let us know by filling out our first STICKER SURVEY. What Dungeon tile dressing, items or treasure stickers would you like to see?


As you can imagine, by smashing these stretch goals so quickly, our team has been working around the clock to keep up. We'll have detailed answers by the weekend (A/B sides? Chart of exact tile counts? Add-ons?).

Our mage has been compiling a detailed list of all of your feedback, wish requests and questions—none will be missed. We have numerous shipping calculations, design considerations and negotiations with our printers to double-check—we want to give you the best bonuses we can possible afford! ;)

Warrior Stats - About the Saga Team

Saga designer Alex: His passion for gaming dates back to the glorious Amiga days – as a student he was already involved in developing numerous computer games. As founder and managing director of various game companies, he has been working since 1999 as a professional in the games industry—working at/with Atari, Vivendi, Sony, Paramount pictures, Nickelodeon, Bigpoint and other publishers and institutions.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leif Stensson

      Another question about stickers: is it possible to print stickers in another colour than just black? I don't meant full-colour printing on a single sticker, because that would most likely be more expensive, just single-colour, but different colours for different sticker sheets?

      If it is, it might be nice to have a green sheet with trees, hedges, shrubs etc, a blue sheet with ponds and streaming water, and maybe a brown sheet for furnitures, barrels, etc. Maybe also a red sheet for fire effects, lava streams, etc.

    2. GypsyBreath on

      Yes! im with @Jason and reckon a couple of floorboards tiles and interiors! could then have stickers for furniture, beds chairs tables, bars! etc

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Very nice. Will there be plans to include building interiors (without the roof) as well?