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In 2087, the Sun will go supernova. Build the fastest spaceship carrying the most survivors and save humanity from solar extinction.
In 2087, the Sun will go supernova. Build the fastest spaceship carrying the most survivors and save humanity from solar extinction.
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Earth667c: The Breakdown

Posted by Sagan Medvec (Creator)

Attention All Outer Spacers!

Game Assembly Update:
We have collated and packed over 50% of the games. And we've shipped over a third of the games at this moment. Another batch goes out tomorrow morning. All shipping notices will be coming from the United States Postal Service so keep an eye out for that.

Shipping Status Update:
While shipping to backers from the Unites States has been going swimmingly, I have hit a budget snag on shipping to our overseas backers. The international USPS Priority Mail shipping costs are astronomical, and not in the good space-based way. In the "there's not enough budget" way. The pricing varies greatly, with shipping a single game to the Australia, for example, coming in at $66. I simply didn't expect that cost. I'm researching alternatives, and most likely I'll need to switch all international shipments to USPS First Class. They will take longer to get to you. I sincerely apologize for this. I had not expected the Priority Mail flat rate international to be so unreasonable. All research in FedEx, UPS, and DHL has not yielded better pricing. 

Speed of Shipping Update:
On a shipping speed basis, I'm sending the games as quickly as possible. My office is still overloaded with non-collated games that are being assembled daily. I'm aiming to ship daily as well. 

Shipping Notices Update:
If you have not received a shipping notice from the USPS, then your game has not shipped. Only shipped games are sending notices to backers. I realize the time table for delivery is off. This is partial due to the shipping issues for international, and with budget shortfalls, which are outlined below.

Budget Breakdown:
As you can imagine, stuff costs more than it use to, and I'm managing that burden as best as possible. Overall, the funds from the Kickstarter campaign has been used, and there's still approximately $2,000-3,000 shortfall. Here's the full breakdown of where the project sits financially.

Mostly, the budget shortfall impacts shipping. And with shipping costing more than expected, it's quite problematic. I'm doing all I can to get the games out as quickly as possible. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Game Notes:
The game board is in two pieces, and unfortunately, that's causing some sliding issues during game play. Some suggestions have been to tape the board together, and that seems to help. Paper clipping both sides of the seam should work as well. If there are future editions of the game, that will get corrected.

Also, to cut down on printing costs, the Ship Components board, which was acting as a cheat sheet for the list of required and optional ship components, is now inside the Instructions booklet. You can either cut it out of there, or leave it it. If there's a future edition of the game, I'll adjust that as well.

That's a lot of updating. I'll try to post more often, but I've been so busy collating and packing games that time is short. Please keep your eyes pealed for your shipping notice from USPS.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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    1. Randall Hand on

      I just got my copy! Can't wait to play it tonight!

    2. Missing avatar


      Hi Sagan
      I would not expect you to pay an astronomic price. Very to wait and get it at a much cheaper rate


    3. Missing avatar

      itsdan on

      While I'm a US backer so the shipping change doesn't affect me, this has been one of the smoothest board game projects I've backed in regards to how fast it all came together.

    4. Michael Leicester on

      Many thanks Sagan for keeping us all in the loop, hope you're able to sort it all out.
      Shipping to Australia is almost always astronomical, let us know what you work out in the end. If it comes to it I would be happy to pay some of the difference.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      While many will likely find that disappointing and/or take it as ammo to criticize, I respect your decision and willingness to share what is essentially an after-action report.

      Always preferable to zero communication on reason for delays.