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Hand-made screenprints & t-shirts about the best things life has to offer: zombies, unicorns, 8-bit creatures and knife fights.
Hand-made screenprints & t-shirts about the best things life has to offer: zombies, unicorns, 8-bit creatures and knife fights.
678 backers pledged $32,000 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Safwat Saleem 4-time creator on

      Tom, glad you finally got your stuff. Thank for supporting the project!

    2. Safwat Saleem 4-time creator on

      Thomas, thanks for your note! So the reason you didn't receive your shirt is because you hadn't filled out the questionnaire where I asked for mailing addresses and shirt preferences. Please check your messages and we can figure this out pretty quick. Thank you so much for supporting the project!

    3. thomas chang on

      Hi. I never received my package. Please help

    4. Tom Tuke-Hastings on

      Hi There, My stuff has still not turned up yet. Any ideas?

    5. Safwat Saleem 4-time creator on

      Bagel, Andrea, Baseer, Kat and Elizabeth, thank you so much for the kind words! So glad you like the shirts and prints. Enjoy!

    6. Safwat Saleem 4-time creator on

      Hi Seth. I am sorry you don't like the t-shirt. This is good feedback though and if I do a reprint of the shirts. I'll keep this in mind. Thank you for supporting the project!

    7. Seth Rosenblatt on

      Honestly, I wasn't thrilled with the shirt. There are white dots all over the area near the design, which look from a distance like bleach splatter but are clearly white paint up close. It's a shame, because I really like the red-on-black design.

    8. Elizabeth Spano on

      These packages were PERFECT. Additionally, I already have friends who have commented on the prints and the t-shirt and think they're brilliant.

    9. Baseer Ahmed on

      got package yippie ! nice cool shirt and prints !

    10. Kat Lim

      I received my reward in the mail yesterday, and the presentation was fabulous! I can definitely see why it would have taken longer than expected to ship everything, but the attention to detail was appreciated. Unfortunately, all of the prints and the tee are Christmas gifts for other people, so no photos of those forthcoming... But I may just have to slap on one of the tattoos over the weekend. :)

    11. Andrea Blythe on

      I love my t-shirt. Zombies! Yay!

    12. Geeks With Scissors on

      I left a picture of my NEW SHIRT!!!! on your FB page. :) It's seriously already one of the most comfortable t-shirts I own, and it didn't even need broken in! My friends are going to be soooo jealous!

    13. Safwat Saleem 4-time creator on

      Terri, the wallpapers were shared through a Backers-only Kickstarter update in March. If you scroll down on this page, it's the one titled "Update #6: Even More Wallpapers." If it doesn't show up for you, please let me know and I'll email you the link to the wallpapers. As for the shirts, I have very few left and they are not available in all sizes. I will share info about how you can get them very soon.

    14. Terri Nakamura on

      Any chance of ordering an extra t shirt? Also...I don't think I received the email with links to the wallpapers. Cheers/Thanks/Terri

    15. Andrea Croak on

      I bought the Zombie Print for my boyfriend and am seriously kicking myself I didn't get one for myself. I'll be stalking on FB and Twitter for when you give out the extras.