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Hand-made screenprints & t-shirts about the best things life has to offer: zombies, unicorns, 8-bit creatures and knife fights.
Hand-made screenprints & t-shirts about the best things life has to offer: zombies, unicorns, 8-bit creatures and knife fights.
Hand-made screenprints & t-shirts about the best things life has to offer: zombies, unicorns, 8-bit creatures and knife fights.
678 backers pledged $32,000 to help bring this project to life.

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A new screen-printed poster project

A still from the "Art for Dark Times" video
A still from the "Art for Dark Times" video


Has it really been five years since the “Oh, Expletive!” Kickstarter project? In internet years, that probably equals a few decades. Five internet years ago, we didn’t have even have Snapchat or Stranger Things – what kind of existence was that?! We were so primitive! 

[cue real smooth transition]

You know what else we didn’t have five years ago? My brand new and shiny Kickstarter project

And it’s just not any ordinary project. It’s called Art for Dark Times and consists of a series of glow-in-the-dark screen printed posters, enamel pins and stickers. And what better way to spend two minutes and 32 seconds of your life than watching a Kickstarter video featuring a hand-puppet trying to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. Have a look.

A glow-in-the-dark poster from the "Art for Dark Times" series
A glow-in-the-dark poster from the "Art for Dark Times" series


A new Kickstarter video you might enjoy

Hi, all!

Just a quick note to share a fun, new Kickstarter video I made for a friend. It's for a project called Dapper+Dash: Adaptive Reuse Bow Ties and Neckties. The video features talking bow ties, clowns and the French -- what could be better? Watch the video here.

The project has 5 days left and is at about 50% of its goal right now. If you like the video and/or the project, please consider sharing it with your friends. We need all of the help we can get.

Thank you so much!

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Inappropriate New Projects and Such

Dear Everyone,

By now, each and every one of you has your prints, t-shirts and/or wallpapers. James and I can only hope that these material possessions bring you the kind of joy that only material possessions can (i.e., the best kind).

[real smooth segue] 

Speaking of joyous material possessions, I want to (briefly) tell you about two things.

1. I have a new Kickstarter project called Greetings from Nowhere. It is all about beautifully letterpressed greeting cards that are inappropriate but awesome (see cards at the bottom of this note). This time the video features only a cameo by James because ever since the last video, he's turned into a prima donna and refuses any roles that don't allow him to channel his inner Pacino.

2. Just in time for the holidays, there are VERY limited Oh Expletive handmade prints, t-shirts and tattoos left, and they are now available for purchase on my website. The only thing I have in a larger quantity is an alternate version of the "8-bit Attack!" t-shirt, and that one is available at a super discounted rate.

love, hugs and inappropriate letterpressed greeting cards,
Safwat (& James)

P.S. Here are the cards from Greetings from Nowhere


Dear Kickstarter-ers,

Two things.

1. Everything has been shipped.
When I say everything, I mean EVERY. THING. It took way longer than I ever thought it would because sometimes my ambition and capacity don’t see eye to eye. When you receive your packages you will see why it took us so long to send everything out. Below is an image of James when we went to mail the last batch of packages.

2. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.
Why? Because I often give away free prints and share new stuff that I am working on. I’ve also received several emails asking about any extra prints and shirts that may be available. There are VERY FEW prints and even fewer shirts left, and I will share info about how you can get your hands on them via Facebook and Twitter. If there is anything left after that, I may post that info on Kickstarter.

Find me on:
- Facebook
- Twitter

love, hugs, and thanks for the support and patience,
Safwat (& James)

P.S. We would love to know how you like the stuff you received. Let us know in the comments here or send us an email. Heck, even send us photos of you wearing your t-shirts and tattoos.

P.P.S. James is working on some stats about the project. Things like which design was most popular, how many hours everything took, how many trips to the post office we made, etc. But he is terrible at math so it may be awhile before that’s ready. We’ll share it with you when it is.

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Dear people of Kickstarter,

Everything you see in the picture below was mailed today (except for James; he was not mailed). James can be seen doing a great job fiercely protecting your packages. He takes all of this very seriously (as he really should).

If you like, you may go stand by your mailbox waiting for the package to arrive starting now. That would be perfectly normal.

A word of caution though: while it may look like 50 trillion packages were mailed today (camera adds about 49.9999999 trillion packages), we are a little over 1/3rd of the way there. BUT the good news is that James is resting (see picture 2 for evidence of this) so that he can start afresh tomorrow and mail even more packages.

love, hugs and mailboxes,
Safwat (& James)

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