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One of a kind sand-cast pieces, hand crafted in Kuwait.
One of a kind sand-cast pieces, hand crafted in Kuwait.
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617 backers pledged £101,422 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Margaret Lawlor on

      Just unpacked my glorious copper + zinc bowl; I could not be happier! Many thanks to the entire team for sharing your art with the world ... I'm honored to have one of your bowls in my home and will treasure it always.

    2. Missing avatar

      Regina Müller on

      what a beautiful piece! and it has a wonderful sound, too ;-)
      congratulations, Saffar, for a successful and smooth kickstarter campaign. hope to hear and see more from you. all the best!

    3. Missing avatar

      Iain Grimes on

      Quick update following my previous comment, following which the Saffar team contacted me with the required DHL reference. I was able to pay the £20 customs fee and the bowl was delivered today. Very pleased, it is beautiful and very high quality. Excellent customer service. Thank you.

    4. Saffar Creator on

      Hi all! Just to keep everyone informed. These comments are being answered through the KS messaging system, so please don't hesitate to ask, if you have any questions.


    5. Missing avatar

      Nadiaals on

      Hi, I live in Kuwait and I still have not received my order. How can I contact you?

    6. Missing avatar

      Iain Grimes on

      #Iain Bonehill - Hi, I have also had a partial message on answerphone from DHL also telling me I need to pay £20 import charges, however there is no reference or waybill to allow me to do so. Does anyone have any information on where you can get the DHL waybill number from? I also did update my address and email, yet I have not received any email with the DHL tracking number?

    7. Missing avatar

      Denise Savoy

      Received my bowl today. Very happy with it.

    8. Iain Bonehill on

      Hi. Any UK backers been told they have to pay 'importation charges' of £20? Don't mind paying it, I just want to confirm it isn't a scam as I can't find any information on the DHL website.

    9. Cajie on

      Received mine. Very happy with my investment. This piece of art is going to be a center-piece in the living room.

    10. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Hello ...I am waiting to receive my bowl in Japan but have heard nothing so far. How do i check to see if you have my phone number etc. I am sure i gave it to you. Would love an update. thanks you.

    11. Elisa on

      Dear Saffar,
      I have just received my bowl and it is AMAZING! 😍

    12. Saffar Creator on

      To everyone,

      sorry for the delay in response we are working as hard as possible to send out the bowls, and have almost one shipment left. However please note if you have not sent your phone number or address, we cannot send your pieces till these are received. Once your bowl is sent out you will receive DHL tracking to your registered email.

      All the best,

    13. Missing avatar

      A on

      Dear Sir or Madam
      Until now I received no bowl or and tracking number. Can you send me informations about my pledge?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason Lambert on

      Received the bowl and the book, absolutely gorgeous. Curious if you would have bowes available later for purchase? Would love to get another one for myself and maybe as a gift. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Lambert on

      Received the bowel and the book, absolutely gorgeous. Curious if you would have bowels available later for purchase? Would love to get another one for myself and maybe as a gift. Thanks!

    16. Amy C on

      hello! both my bowl and my gifted bowl have not been received yet. any updates would be greatly appreciated now that it is january!

    17. Missing avatar

      John Parkinson on

      I would love to get an update on where my bowl is since I’m in the USA and haven’t received any type of shipping notification. It seems like people here are starting to get their bowls.

    18. Jonathan Higgins on

      Can you give an update for those of us still waiting to receive our bowls? I had expected to receive mine by now.
      -Jonathan Higgins

    19. Missing avatar

      Steven Craig on

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Saffar... and the Dual Bowls team... and all the backers out there who made these works of art a reality! I'm super excited to get mine, and hope all the lucky folks who already received them are enjoying theirs!

    20. Missing avatar

      Bruce Leban on

      Just got my bowl. It is lovely.

    21. Saffar Creator on

      @A @David L Joyce as previously mentioned we are working through all the orders and are planning to send them all out by the end of December. However it's a priority that they arrive safely and to the correct individuals. We have already had a dhl mix up in the us. Its important to manage this correctly. Considering there are over 600 personalized custom orders it's not a small task. If anyone needs their pieces urgently, or is traveling please do send us a message and let us know. But keep in mind working through the shipments in order gets them to everyone faster.


    22. Missing avatar

      David L Joyce on

      I would also like a status on delivery please
      thank you

    23. Missing avatar

      Sabine Gerste on

      Dear Saffar Team, I received my bowl yesterday and I am so very much happy with it. It is such a beautiful piece of and handcraft and it will always have a special place in my home. Thank you so very much! Love Sabine
      As I am not able to send you my photo here please look at:…
      I hope the link works :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Rachel Radway on

      Received my bowl two days ago and it's really beautiful. Wonderful packaging, too—I'm really pleased with it. Many thanks, and best of luck with the project!

    25. Missing avatar

      A on

      Dear Sir or Madam

      When will you send all the bowls? Will you send the tracking number to the Customer?

      Yours sincerely

    26. Missing avatar

      Joe Sherman on

      I mentioned in prior comment the bump on the bottom of my small bowl whech makes it impoosible for the bowl to sit flat. Also just noticed there is a small hole that appears to have been drilled into the bowl near the upper lip of the bowl.
      I am looking now for a way to grind the bump off of the bottom.
      Comment or advice please from Saffar.
      Did I just get a problem one?

    27. Edward Potter on

      I just received my bowl today. It is absolutely beautiful. From a very satisfied backer.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joe Sherman on

      Received my bowl today. It is very nice and my family will enjoy it.
      But one possible problem. Was it supposed to sit flat on the table. mine has a large bump out on the bottom which makes the bowl lean to one side.

    29. Missing avatar

      Hugh kerr

      Received package today. Thank you, the bowl is beautiful and exceeds my expectations. Best Kickstarter I’ve backed, congratulations.

    30. Thomas Paris

      Got my package today and the bowl is everything I was hoping it would be. Such a beautiful piece. Thanks!

    31. Joel Markham on

      Incredible product! Thank you so much, also appreciate the communication for my delivery. Well done

    32. Missing avatar

      Lars Schneider on

      I just received the package (small duel bowl). It arrived with no damage (thx dhl). It's a beautiful and unique piece of art! Great job!

    33. Missing avatar

      Katherine on

      Saffar - Sorry to be this person, but I need to follow-up on my first comment: Upon closer inspection, the bowl I received is nickle & brass (instead of copper & brass). Hope orders just got mixed up! Thanks again

    34. Missing avatar

      Katherine on

      Hi Saffar, I received my bowl today. Firstly, the packaging is lovely and the bowl itself is so beautiful! Unfortunately, upon closer look there are two issues: 1) the bowl is powder coated (I requested none) and 2) the engraving is missing. Is it possible I accidentally received the wrong box? Anyone backer out there receive a small, poured, copper & brass, non-powder coated bowl with a numeric engraving? Hope this can be resolved! thank you

    35. Zelda on

      Hi Saffar,
      Got my bowl this morning - its GORGEOUS. Thank you so much. For those who are wondering I am in Australia - outside a major city, so they are starting to get out there!!!

    36. Saffar Collaborator on

      @matthew @jan thanks so much for asking. We started shipping the first 50 small dual bowls and will be shipping another 100 in the next week. It's important to make sure everything goes smoothly with Dhl so none of the packaging gets damaged in the process. They are bubble wrapping the boxes for extra protection and we are taking care to manage each size of package in the best way. Hence we are going according to size. So we plan to ship everything by the end of December. It may be a be a week later then Christmas but if anyone needs their pieces urgently will send it out as soon as possible. I hope that's ok.

      All the best,

    37. Matthew

      Hi Saffar, it's been a couple of months now since we have heard from you. Just wondering if we are still going to receive these in time for the holidays, as they would need to be shipped in the next week or so for that to happen now. Thanks :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Jan Schulze

      Dear Saffar Team,

      is there any update on the production and delivery schedule? Also would be delighted to get some pictures to pass the time until I can hold the wonderful Dual Bowls in my hands. :)

      Yours, Jan

    39. Missing avatar

      Rachel Radway on

      @Saffar Found it—thank you!

    40. Saffar Creator on

      @Rachel Radway you can change the address by accessing the survey tab. Let me know if you can't find it!

      All the best.

    41. Missing avatar

      Rachel Radway on

      Hi Saffar — I'm going to be moving countries soon, and honestly can't remember if addresses have already been collected for our beautiful bowls. But I definitely won't want it shipped to Portugal, which is what my order form says — will there be a new opportunity to provide our shipping address? Many thanks!

    42. Missing avatar


      Do you have any idea as to when these will be shipping?

    43. Saffar Creator on

      @James Stewart I'm sad I won't get to meet you both, but I hope I do get the opportunity in the future. Thats a shame. Look forward to getting them to you and hope they are worth the wait!

    44. Missing avatar

      James Stewart on

      Hey Saffar, hope you're all well & this wonderful idea of yours is progressing nicely.

      I haven't been in touch since filling in the survey and I'm really not worried as to when we receive the first bowl we've ordered as we appreciate quality takes time. That said, I am really excited about receiving it as I'm sure it will be beautiful and I hope you're ready for several future orders once my friends & family see it!

      I was hoping to tell you this in person at Design Junction next week as my wife & I are in North London & a short journey from Kings Cross, however we're out of the country at short notice for a few days, leaving on the 20th & returning on the 25th September which means we'll miss you by a day either side - terrible timing!

      Hope the event goes well & let us know when you're next showcasing your wares in London... we would love to meet you & your team and we're incredibly excited to receive our first bowl.

      All the best,


    45. Missing avatar

      Sam Hajjar on

      When will I receive my bowls?

    46. Wozzie on

      Thank you Good to know your still alive....

    47. Saffar Creator on

      @Wozzie @Matthew @Rich Harris hi all! We are so sorry for not being intouch. That energy has been going into managing production and pushing for high standards. Tomorrow is the last working day of the week and we were waiting on some aspects to be finalized to post one big update. We are excited at how well things are going and that we have managed to push production further then we had mentioned we would in the campaign. Big update will be up on Friday and we will let you know!

      All the best!

    48. Missing avatar

      Rich Harris on

      Any more updates?

    49. Matthew

      Just checking in, how's the project going?

      It's been a while since we've heard from Saffar team. Some mid production pics would be cool to see.

    50. Wozzie on

      Would love some feedback on how it's all going.
      I'm just excited about receiving such a beautiful handcrafted work of art....

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