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SEVENTH CIRCLE is an urban fantasy visual novel for PC and Mac from Rock Candy Games, created by Anne Camlin and Becca Farrow.
SEVENTH CIRCLE is an urban fantasy visual novel for PC and Mac from Rock Candy Games, created by Anne Camlin and Becca Farrow.
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Official Release Date, Art Book Update, ECCC, and Seventh Circle for Switch (?!)

Posted by Rock Candy Games (Creator)

All right, folks, this is a BIG ONE, so buckle up. Here comes a bunch of very important updates.

  • First of all, we're ready to announce an official release date for Seventh Circle: the game will drop on June 4th, 2019. Yes, that represents a bit more of a delay from our target of April 2019, the reason being that the programming plan changed slightly (a boring story) and I (Anne) had to do a massive overhaul of the 100,000+ word script, which ended in a carpal tunnel attack (seriously). Obviously we wish we could've made April, but stuff happens, and we're HYPE about June.
  • Both Steam license keys and a direct download of the game will be available to backers. Steam keys and other digital downloads (Artbook PDFs, phone BGs, etc.) will launch on May 1st. The only thing that might come a little later is the minicomic, but we're working on it.
  •  Art books are finally in the late stages of production! We hope to have 'em in hand by the third week of March, and in your hands by the end of the month. We will let you know when they've arrived. As a reminder, if your rewards haven't shipped yet, they're probably waiting on an art book. 
  • The backer-exclusive print included with some rewards is now an exclusive variant of the phone background Becca did. We really wanted to work with our friend Yoshi Yoshitani on that one, but scheduling didn't work out, so we hope you'll see some Seventh Circle art from Yoshi in the future instead. In the meantime, Becca's print looks EXCELLENT; see it at the bottom of this update. I personally can't wait to have a framed one.
  •  It's! Time! For! PRE-ORDERS! This might not be especially relevant for backers, but if you have friends who are slow on the uptake, you can let them know that preorders reopen Tuesday the 12th. There will also be a new trailer for the game in conjuction with the pre-orders.
  •  Becca and I will be at Emerald City Comic Con from March 14th-18th, Artist Alley Table Q8. We'll be selling preorders, giving out free prints to Seventh Circle fans (because we love you), and generally wigging about how close we are to being done. 
  • And finally,we wanted to take y'alls temperature on something: we're curious about interest in seeing Seventh Circle come to the Switch. We both love that dang console, and it's the only one we think would really fit a game like 7C. Would you play Seventh Circle on the Switch? What if you had to repurchase it? Tell us how you feel in the comments, or shoot us a DM or email.

Okay, I think that's it. Is that enough info dumping for you? IS IT?

We hope to see you at ECCC, or just around. 

Keep being awesome,

Anne & Becca

Backer-exclusive letter-sized print!
Backer-exclusive letter-sized print!
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    1. jasmine

      Would absolutely love to see it on the Switch, but repurchasing would depend on what the price point ends up being...

    2. Bailey Menge on

      I would love to see this switch!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ellen McCammon

      Would love it on switch! But it takes a LOT for me to repurchase a game lol

    4. Missing avatar

      Monica Sucic on

      I would be so down to have it on the switch !!
      if there was a discounted price for backers, I wouldn't mind repurchasing it. I could definitely get more of my friends interested in buying at full price if it was on the switch as well

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Bor on

      Would love to see this on the Switch! However, whether I would repurchase it specifically for the Switch would be based solely on how much I end up enjoying the game/replay value/price.

    6. Denisa on

      Switch would be AWESOME! Need more visual novels on the system for sure!

    7. Mattias Berntson on

      I'd definitely be up for some visual novel action on the Switch.

    8. Tokenette on

      I wouldn't mind repurchasing it for the Switch. I just got one so that works perfectly, lol!
      Plus, I can play the Steam version with my friends and then I can do my own thing on the Switch version.

    9. Missing avatar

      Georgios Tasopoulos on

      Regarding Switch:
      It's my platform of choice, when I have a choice. If it were an option for backers, I'd choose it, but otherwise: I'd have to really, really, really, really, really, really love the game to repurchase it (which, you understand, is quite rare).

    10. Erin on

      I would LOVE to have it on the Switch!! To be honest, I am more likely to play it there than my laptop. If I had to repurchase, I would understand. But it would be neat if there was a bonus for it for Kickstarter backers! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jojo Miller on

      I would love to have it on the switch if I could get it without repurchasing.

    12. Penny L on

      I’m super excited for release! Thank you for all your amazing hard work so far ❤️


    13. Missing avatar

      Austin Wentworth on

      I would absolutely love to have this on my switch, especially if I can get my backer copy there so I don't have to dust off my PC ;3; if I would have to repurchase I'm not sure I could justify it but I would be ecstatic to share it with friends who have a switch