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SEVENTH CIRCLE is an urban fantasy visual novel for PC and Mac from Rock Candy Games, created by Anne Camlin and Becca Farrow.
SEVENTH CIRCLE is an urban fantasy visual novel for PC and Mac from Rock Candy Games, created by Anne Camlin and Becca Farrow.
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October & November Update: Release Date Announcement, Patreon Pause, and More!

Posted by Rock Candy Games (Creator)

Hi everyone! Happy fall. We have some pretty big announcements regarding the game’s release date, physical reward fulfillment, and so on.

1. We are setting Seventh Circle’s official release date for April 2019. We anticipated having the game done by December, but here’s the thing: it ended up longer than we thought! We’re talking several extra hours of content—the total script for this thing is going to be between 180,000 and 200,000 words, which is about the same length as The Goblet of Fire. We originally anticipated between 125,000 and 150,000 words. More words take more time to write, obviously. But, by delaying the release date a few months we can give you significantly more story and a better game overall. We want our game to be the best it can be. Since we’re essentially a two-person team and this is our first project of this exact nature, we want to avoid running ourselves into the ground to create Seventh Circle, without sacrificing quality — we believe in keeping creators happy and healthy so they can make their best work, and we can’t except ourselves from that rule. So that means we need a little more time. We appreciate the support and love you all have heaped on us (HEAPED!) and we think you’re going to love this expanded final product. 

2. Physical rewards will now ship in January. The game itself is the only thing being pushed to April. You will have until January 15th, 2019 to update your shipping addresses in BackerKit, via this URL:

3. Our Patreon is paused for the time being! We’ve decided to hold off on producing extra canon content until the game is 100% finished and released. Patrons are likely already aware of this change, but in case you missed that announcement, here’s a heads up.

Those are the three big things. We also want to give a shout-out to anyone we saw at a convention—FlameCon, Keystone, or NYCC! It was amazing to meet backers in person, and hear how excited you are for the game.

Finally, we want you all to know that we’re open to any and all questions from our backers. Please feel free to open a line of communication with us if you have questions, comments, concerns, etc. We know that a delayed release date is nobody’s favorite thing in the world, and we are happy to chat with you all more about the game and the new, very beefy and delicious story content we’re adding.

Thank you, sincerely. And keep being awesome.

Anne & Becca


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    1. Laney Whitlow on

      I can’t wait to stream this! 💖

    2. Mattias Berntson on

      Looking forward to seeing the fruit of your labor. Hopefully I'll be less busy in April than I am nowadays, so I can jump into the story immediately on release.

    3. Missing avatar

      Valens Wungkana on

      Sounds like a lot of content! Looking forward to the release.

    4. Rio Burton on

      I’m glad you’re taking your time on this. No point in burning out or rushing a great project. Looking forward to April <3

    5. Brittany on

      Thanks for the update! I'm sure it will be worth the wait <3