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SEVENTH CIRCLE is an urban fantasy visual novel for PC and Mac from Rock Candy Games, created by Anne Camlin and Becca Farrow.
SEVENTH CIRCLE is an urban fantasy visual novel for PC and Mac from Rock Candy Games, created by Anne Camlin and Becca Farrow.
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Backer Surveys, Slacker Backers, & Patreon

Posted by Rock Candy Games (Creator)

Happy Sunday, y'all!

We have some important updates for all you good, good backer friends.

- Backer surveys will go out on the 27th of April. I believe in our last update we said they'd go out this coming week, but we decided to wait an extra week to let folks whose pledges didn't go through update their payment info. In that survey, you'll be asked your preference for items that have variations (i.e. which enamel pin design, which character postcard, etc), and for folks who backer tiers with commissions, you have an opportunity to give Becca your commission prompt!

- Also available with your surveys will be ADD-ONS. One of the most common questions we've gotten is whether you can purchase additional items, and the answer is: you totally can! All reward items will be available as add-ons, with a few exceptions like comissions and your-name-in-the-credits. Right now merch is limited to Kickstarter reward items, but you can expect that to change as we get closer to release ;)

- We will also be opening a pre-order/late backer store on April 27th! Since you're all backers, this might not be relevant to you, but if you've got friends who missed the deadline, let them know they can still get in on the goodness. Late backers will have the same reward tiers available, though they will have to pay for shipping. The late backer store will accept Paypal.

- And last but for sure not least, the Rock Candy Games patreon will launch by May 1st!!!! Yesssss. We wanted to keep things relaxed since you've all supported us so much already, so there will be tiers at $1, $3 and $5. The $1 tier is a tip jar, the $3 tier gets you access to a weekly WIP from Seventh Circle's development, and the $5 tier unlocks a monthly illustrated short story or comic featuring the Seventh Circle gang! Plus, at all tiers you get access to a monthly Q&A stream with Anne & Becca. It's gonna be fun as heck and we hope some of you will join us!

Once again, we want to extend our thanks for the incredible support and rallying from y'all over the last few weeks. It is humbling and heartening to witness the enthusiasm for Seventh Circle

Keep being awesome,

Anne & Becca

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      Georgios Tasopoulos on

      Guess I was too quick for you; just saw the new update that answers the below. Thanks :)

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      Georgios Tasopoulos on

      Hi, regarding the backer survey: Would it be possible to have a list of characters and their names, since it asks about them? I played the demo but I'm not good with names and it would be nice to have a way to tell who is named what.
      Also, is there an expiration date for the survey?

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      If I want the game on Windows AND Linux...I need to pay more?
      Or you get a copy multi-OS?