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Help Sarah Bloom (sadandbeautiful) put on a solo exhibition of her self-portraits taken in abandoned buildings for Sept. 2011!
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Sarah R. Bloom

157 backers pledged $6,275 to help bring this project to life.

Slow Responders...

Hello Friends!

I've been trying to hunt a few stragglers down and am getting responses, but there are a few who must have used an email to set up their pledge that they just never, ever check. Where possible, I've contacted people other ways, but there are still two people for whom I have no mailing address but are due at least a postcard, in one case a poster as well.

I am almost done writing the postcards and will have posters signed by this weekend. I'm going to save myself some postage and package postcards together with other rewards where possible.

So this weekend or Monday at the latest, I should be able to get all the $25 and under rewards out in the mail.

I still have seven people who have not picked their print rewards at the $50 & over level! 

I need your choice(s) by the end of this week so I can get them ordered! Remember, I need to have them delivered to me first so I can sign and number them before getting them out to you! :-)

If I don't hear from you by Friday, I will choose for you. 

The choices for prints are in the previous update #7.

Thank you so much to everyone for the support. I hope I'm not sounding ungrateful here, I am just trying very hard to stay on top of this so everyone gets their rewards.



P.S! If you did not receive another email from me after responding then I HAVE YOUR INFORMATION. I see already I am about to get an onslaught of emails asking if I have your info...but no emails from the people who have yet to respond. LOL


    1. Creator Sarah R. Bloom on June 8, 2011

      And Erick Parks

    2. Creator Sarah R. Bloom on June 8, 2011

      OK, perhaps I should have listed names?

      Ned B.
      Adolfo del Cueto
      Talia & Eliot Dunsky
      Jean Farrell
      Don Fougere
      Chris Hardy
      AJ Kirkwood
      Denise Mihalik
      Fareed Rashad