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In this up-cycled eco-performance, a band of trashy Plastic Shaman tackles plastic waste in a seriously ridiculous magical ritual.

Sacred Waste is an interactive, interdisciplinary theatrical show that makes a mockery of contemporary consumer habits, namely, the (ab)use of single-use plastics.  The show cultivates a generative tension between a whimsical movement-based ritual and the harmful consumer practices from which its basic units are derived.

We seek funds for promotional materials, lighting elements not provided by our venue, materials for creating the base of our plastic tree and the time of a sculptor helping us with its creation, transportation, and lodging during the festival.

Audience participation is central to this show.  Audience members are invited to wear costumes, dance, chant, and make a huge mess every night, a performance choice which underscores the interconnectedness of ecosystems and implicates audiences even as it delights.

One of our Plastic Shamans worked with hundreds of public high school and middle school students in Louisiana to collect the plastic and to create the 150 masks we use in the show.  We hope to develop the community outreach element of Sacred Waste as we move toward our performance at the Fringe Fest and beyond!

We can't wait to take our hilariously hard-hitting environmental message to the Fringe for a four-night run, plus a tech rehearsal, but thirteen of the sixteen cast members live in Baton Rouge!  To do this show, many of us have to take time off of our jobs as waiters, photographers, musicians, teachers, and students.  We need money for gas, promotional materials, and most of all for two nights in a hotel in New Orleans during the show.  This will allow us to store our mad pile of plastic materials and costumes during the festival, and to have a place to lay our wild-dancing bodies and hard-working heads.

Thank you for your support!

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We have a big cast, a whole lot of stuff to tote around, and a huge mess to clean up at the end of every show. But we are a tried and true company, as we've pulled this show off once before! We had an incredible packed-house 5-day run in the Hopkins Black Box at LSU last February. We can't wait to lug around plastic again!


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    A postcard featuring our gorgeous trash-dancing image with a poem from the show written lovingly on the back!

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    A DVD of the full-length performance in the HopKins Black Box at LSU. A great teaching tool for lessons on sustainability, recycling, or theater.

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    The Sacred Waste DVD, a hand-written thank-you note, your name mentioned on our program as a supporter, AND one of the wildly creative up-cycled Plastic Shaman masks used in the show. Part beautiful whimsy, part terrifying trash, all masks are made of clean, re-purposed sacred waste (plastic, that is). Masks can easily be displayed on a wall or stand, or better yet, worn on your face when you take out your garbage. Or when you put together your awesome Plastic Shaman Halloween costume next year. Very durable, great conversation piece.Thank you in advance!

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    All of the above, a free ticket, and a chance to come on stage and "worship" with the Plastic Shamans.

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