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We are raising funds to print our first self published kids book. Every little bit helps get us closer to our goal and inspiring children to read.

My family and I are here to raise funds for my first self published Childrens book, "Yin the Master of YO". It's been 6-7 years in the making between animation jobs and other illustration projects that I've finally been able to finish my book. With the constant vote of confidence and push from close friends and family I've been able to complete all of the artwork to tell my story. That being said, all that's left to do is take our book to print. This is where you can become part of the process. With your generous donation, we'll be able to print this wonderfully colored 40 page book in hardcover.

About the book:
Yin is a Yo Yo master who practices hard to be the best. He's the center of all attention until the day people lose interest. Yin sets out to find the ULTIMATE trick to reclaim his fame.
With this story we hope to inspire kids everywhere to read and possibly pick up a cool hobby.

This 9x7 vibrantly colored book has 40 FUN filled illustrated pages that kids of all ages will enjoy. It will be a hardcover book with fancy gloss lamination over the cover art. In other words, this thing will look SUUHHHWWEEET!!!
Oh, BTW, did I mention that the books forward is written by none other than U.S. National Yo Yo master Steve Brown? (He's truly amazing)

This is a great book to have even if your just a fan of my work. The beautiful artwork inside is definitely a testimate to what I can do. Get a copy for yourself or as a gift. OR BOTH!

you can see interior samples and early sketches of a few pages HERE...

If you take a look at the column to your right, you'll see that your generous contributions will be rewarded by gifts from the artist based on your level of donation. $20 alone even gets you an advanced copy of the book. $1 gets you access to updates including clips of me illustrating. Like I said, all of the funds raised go into the printing and shipping of the book.

This projects success will help us in other projects to come. "Yin the Master of Yo" is the first of 5 book titles to come. Be the first to get your hands on a copy and help us keep making good books in the future to inspire artists and young readers.

My Previous work:
If your not familiar with my work, check out my links below...


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    Access to updates and news on the project. Keep tabs on how the project is going, I may put up clips of me illustrating as well.

  • Pledge $5 or more
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    Pixel Pirate bookmarks with really cool artwork on them so you can never lose your place in a good story. Each will have a hand written "Thank you" for your contribution.

  • Pledge $15 or more
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    Limited edition 6x11 print from a spread in the book. Signed by yours truly.

  • Pledge $20 or more
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    An advance copy of the hardcover book. I'll even throw in one of those cool Pixel Pirate bookmarks.

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    An advanced autographed copy of the book with a special inscription inside expressing my appreciation. Maybe even a little sketch.

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    An advanced autographed copy of the book and a Limited edition 6x11 print.

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    An advanced autographed copy of the book, a Limited edition 6x11 print and I'll gladly throw in an original full color one of a kind illustration.

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    Dueces!! 2 advanced autographed copies of the book, 2 Limited edition 6x11 prints and 2 original full color one of a kind illustrations. This way you can give one as a gift to a special reader and keep one for yourself. Also If I ever see you in person, you get not one, but 2 big hugs expressing my gratitude.

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    For this act of generosity you get everything in the $100 package (including the hugs) plus your name as a special acknowledgment printed in the book.

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    The Big Bonanza!!!! Everything in the $200 package and I'll include a very rare 7.5 inch vinyl toy I designed with a special customized sketch on it. You'll also be considered by me as one of the most AWESOMEST people on the planet.

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