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We are raising funds to print our first self published kids book. Every little bit helps get us closer to our goal and inspiring children to read.
We are raising funds to print our first self published kids book. Every little bit helps get us closer to our goal and inspiring children to read.
80 backers pledged $3,915 to help bring this project to life.

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New Kickstarter project from Pixel Pirate Studio!

Greetings YMY backers. I just wanted to notify the community about our new animated series venture here on Kickstarter called Dawg Dayz. Check out the link below. We appreciate all of your efforts in our previous book campaign and we've come a long way since then. I would't have made it this far today without the boost you've given me on the YMY Kickstarter. This project proved to me that anything is possible as long as you believe and stay true to your dreams. Please feel free to share the link to our latest project Dawg Dayz and help us achieve another independent success.

Saxton Moore- Pixel Pirate Studio Founder

 BTW, if you haven't already downloaded it, the (FREE) Yin the Master of Yo app is still available in app store.

NEW Yin Game UPDATE on the way. YAY!!!!!!!!

Promoting the Book, App and Yes YoYo's

Hello all

So much has been happening with the "Yin the Master of YO!" book. I had to share all of the good news with those who've supported my concept here on Kickstarter.  Without your help and positive feedback I couldn't imagine where all this could go. Since successfully raising funds on Kickstarter, we've launched an app in the apple store based on the book and collaborated with YoYofactory to produce a limited edition Yin "Sureshot" yoyo. We also Launched our official Pixel Pirate Studio Website. Swing on over and see what has evolved from what originally was just a book concept. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for believing in my dreams and helping me spark the fuse.

Yours Truly

Saxton Moore

If you don't have an iPod/ iPhone or iPad, you can try out the "Yin the Master of YO!" game app on our NEW SITE.


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Yin the Master of YO! Game teaser

Hi all

   I know it's been a while, but I just wanted to keep my Kickstarter peeps in the loop. Thanks to your previous support, we were able to successfully print the YMY book, which was only the beginning. I'm not asking for any funding on this next project, only your feedback and support. I've just posted a teaser clip of our "Yin the Master of Yo" game app which will be making it's debut this holiday season. The video below still doesn't have all of the bells and whistles, but just enough to give you an inside peek. Take a look, leave some comments and spread the word. Once released, the app will be FREE (yep that's right FREE) to download to your iphone/ ipod touch and android. Enjoy!

Yin update (books to games)

Hello fellow contributors. It's been quite a long time and I'm hoping that you all are enjoying your books and goodies. I want to thank you all again for your support in our book project. We've managed to get the books into a few local bookstores and a few books out to a store in London. We've also gotten great reviews from the Yo-Yo community...  YoYoExpert shop Carries the books  and soon so will Throw-yoyo UK . Feel free to pick up future copies from there or the Pixel Pirate Studio Blog HERE!    Also in BIG news we excited to announce that we are working on the Yin the Master of YO game app for your mobile phone.  Check out these links as we develop the game...    and the Walking the Plank Blog . We are also making actual YoYo's with the help of YoYo Factory.  So a lot of good movement here at Pixel Pirate Studio. It all starts with awesome supporters like you who give us that spark. 

-Saxton Moore founder of Pixel Pirate Studio

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