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An inverse black and white illustration of beloved classic cars, in print form. Signed, sealed, and delivered by Sabrina Chun.
An inverse black and white illustration of beloved classic cars, in print form. Signed, sealed, and delivered by Sabrina Chun.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Takis van der Wijngaard

      Still haven't got the prints. I can only assume that they are lost in the mail. Please contact me.

    2. Reed Gibson on

      Still haven't got my prints, I can only a assume they were lost. Please contact me so I can get these wonderfully cool pieces of artwork!

    3. Vincent Clements on

      Why did you choose make your prints not the standard poster size? I went to buy some basic frames so I can give them as gifts and now I have to have frames made. You might want to adapt a more standard size for your future projects.

    4. Missing avatar

      Santiago Hossni on

      Sabrina, I still haven't received my prints, please get in contact with me as soon as you can. I haven't heard from you since I last contacted you, and would like to know the status of my order. Thank you

    5. Ryan Hoyle on

      Hi, I never got my prints. Let me know what needs to happen now please!

    6. Missing avatar

      Takis van der Wijngaard

      Hello, I haven't recieved my prints yet. Please send me an update on the shipping date

    7. Missing avatar

      Santiago Hossni on

      Hello! I haven't received my prints yet, just wanted to let you know. Send me a message if you need my mailing address again. Thanks!!

    8. Sabrina Chun Creator on

      Hi everyone!

      I have just caught up with everyone's messages and emails; it's just a bit crazy right now as there's so many of you and only one of me. :P Here's a quick breakdown of frequently asked questions and comments:

      - DAMAGED PRINTS: if your prints arrived damaged, then I'm so sorry! I did try to pack them as best I could to avoid this sort of thing. However, just tell me if your's were indeed damaged (this includes them being bent, crinkled. or otherwise unsightly to your eyes) and I will send you replacements free of charge. You don't even need to send photos!

      - MY PRINTS AREN'T HERE YET: if your prints have not arrived by now, then I'm afraid that unfortunately, they are probably lost in the mail. However, not to worry! Likewise, just tell me and I'll be sending you replacements.

      - T-SHIRTS: for the t-shirts, I am using a third party company, Tee Launch. I'm not quite sure what is going on, but I will be emailing them to ensure that you guys get your shirt.

      - FRAMING: when it comes to putting up your prints, I find that it's completely up to you and your personal taste! People have framing them via IKEA, mounting them with wood or foam, laminating them with plastic, or even putting them up as it is! It's really up to you. :)

      And again, I apologize for not getting back to you all sooner! Hope you're all well!

      Sabrina xo

    9. Hyun Jin O on

      I received my replacement prints! They look great! Anyone have any pics of them mounted?

    10. Missing avatar

      Tyler F on

      When are these shipping? It's mid september and we haven't had an update in a while.

    11. Alex Clark on

      I also am waiting on my prints nothing has been sent

    12. Missing avatar

      Blake Markovits on

      What is the status of our shirts, I've sent you several emails....

    13. Missing avatar

      Bryan Platt on

      Have sent 3 messages trying to track down my large prints (got the small ones 3 weeks ago). How do I get help recieving the most important part of the project reward?

    14. Martin Andersson on

      I just sent you a private message about the loss of mine :(

    15. Sabrina Chun Creator on

      Hi guys!

      If you have missing or damaged posters, please message me here and I'll be more than happy to send out replacements! Sorry about that! :(

    16. Hyun Jin O on

      Just received my jumbo prints today. Unfortunately, the tube is completely flattened and there are definite wrinkles in the prints. Anyone know of a claim process?

    17. Matthew Kelly on

      Just received all jumbo 8 prints- they look nice- several ends are bent most likely due to shipping.

    18. Martin Andersson on

      I got a note last week that it has arrived and now the Norwegian post office lost it... Great. Let's hope it shows up :(

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      Thanks Sab! Love the work! Keep it up!

    20. Sabrina Chun Creator on

      Hi guys!

      @Nicolas and @Hiro: Yes, the jumbos, minis, and t-shirts will be shipped separately. :) So keep a close eye out for your local mail person!

      Thank you so much everyone! x

    21. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      Are the small and large prints shipped separately?
      I received the 8 small ones but not the large ones yet.
      I love the designs and can't wait to have the large ones to put on my walls!

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hartmann on

      Got my Blackprints today! They look awesome Thank You!

    23. Missing avatar

      Hiro on

      Are shirts shipping separately? I got my prints but not shirts...

    24. Kartik Gupta on

      Got my 4 mini prints today ! Look great !
      This was definitely a Kickstarter with the shipping all sorted !
      Cheers !
      Kartik - all across from India

    25. Missing avatar

      Nope on

      Got mine today. Awesome prints, thanks!

    26. Sterling on

      Got My prints today. Wonderfully done. Unfortunately my GT40 was damaged. Sent an Email to Hoping to get a response back in the next few days, as i am gifting the Prints to my Dad.

    27. Michelle Coomber on

      Got my prints today and very pleased! Off to ikea tomorrow to hunt down some black frames to finish them off :)

    28. Missing avatar

      DSD on

      mine were waiting for me at my door tonight, the look really nice. Can't wait to get them mounted and hanging on the wall in my office.

    29. Dan Bryant on

      Got my prints yesterday, They look AMAZING! I love the BMW E30 and the GT40 SO WORTH IT!

    30. Ben Obecny on

      Got my prints today! They look awesome! Thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Can't wait to get my prints! I have a few blank spots on my walls that have really been bothering me recently.

    32. Missing avatar

      andy on

      Any update on progress?

    33. Alex Clark on

      Checked and there is nothing there for black prints...

    34. Chris-Andre Fotland on

      Alex, check your kickstarter inbox, top right.

    35. Alex Clark on

      I'm not seeing the survey in my inbox or anywhere for that matter? Can you help me out?

    36. Joshua Clark on

      Hi Sabrina, congratulations on the successful campaign!
      I accidentally selected shipping within the US for my pledge, but I am actually in Australia. Is there any way I can send you the $15 extra for international shipping, and have this corrected? I have noted this in the additional comments section of the rewards survey, but I thought I'd write it here too.
      Sorry for the inconvenience!

    37. Ray Chun on

      Hey kiddo, congrats on the extreme success on the kickstarter. If you need anything, I'm just a text away.

    38. Chris-Andre Fotland on

      Congratulations on a successful kickstarter project!

    39. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Congratulations on your success!

    40. Chris-Andre Fotland on

      I second Hiro's question about high res images for download available to backers. It would be awesome to also be able to have these pictures as wallpapers.

    41. Joshua Bliss on

      Welp, was just passing through, and i saw Porsche 911, and DeLorian, and had to pledge. Beautiful prints, can't wait too put these in my new apartment...

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Eguina on

      @sabrina Thanks! It seems like you don't see those options on a phone (or at least mine). Found it easily on the computer!

    43. Sabrina Chun Creator on

      Thank you everyone for all of your support! @Michael, simply click the blue "Manage My Pledge" button on the right-hand side of the page. Increase your pledge by $25, but keep your reward selection as is. At the end of the campaign, you'll receive a survey in which you'll be able to tell us exactly what you've ordered and what size t-shirt(s) you'd like!

    44. Missing avatar

      Shawn Leask on

      I am excited to see the actual prints when they arrive! All of them look fantastic and the ones I want will look great hanging on the wall! Well done, Sabrina.

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Eguina on

      I was curious hoe I would add the 25 for a shirt? Maybe its because I am trying from my phone, but I don't see an option anywhere.

    46. Missing avatar

      Hiro on

      Just wondering will backers of higher levels (over $5) get access to the high definition jpegs? It'd be a great bonus to pass on to the Kickstarter supporters!

    47. Missing avatar

      Vennda1 on

      I just want the model T back. I don't know why a classic like that was replaced.

    48. Missing avatar

      William Polson on

      Can't seem to break that 70K mark. I for one am excited to receive my blackprints!

    49. Missing avatar

      spudman88 on

      are you still planning on a september delivery date?

    50. Sabrina Chun Creator on

      Hi Santiago! And Todd!

      Yes, all these photographs have been taken by myself. I know that there's been a bit of controversy regarding my previous #95 Shelby Cobra. That was completely my mistake and I acknowledge that I was very much in wrong for originally mistaking a free downloadable wallpaper via Autoblog as free intellectual property under the Creative Commons Act. Although it was originally meant to be a tribute to that famous car, I had felt terribly about it when it came to my attention that it was, in fact, another person's photograph and I had immediately took it down (refer to Updates #1, #2, and #3 in which I talk about it more in depth).

      My Blackprints are stylized inverse black and white prints and are meant for you to focus on the shape of the car itself. As my cars are side view, I can definitely understand how easy it is to think that the photos that my prints are based on aren't mine at all, simply because of how prevalent side view car photographs are!

      Oh, and regarding that A Photo Editor article--I had politely emailed him my side of the story, and when asked to send over photographic proof for a potential redaction, I received no reply after I had done so. However, PetaPixel posted an edit under their article based on A Photo Editor's, and the editor overall was very kind and apologetic, which I appreciated beyond words. Again, I understand; for some it must be a bit embarrassing to post a simple edit or redaction after posting such a sensationalist piece made purposely to rile people up. Additionally, I respect the fact that everyone has their own opinion and their right to voice it however they choose to (although I was quite startled at the sheer amount of abusive and rage-filled vitriol I had received, as well as a wish for me to go to that fiery place down under for a mistake that I had already acknowledged a while back, but I digress); ah, the beauty of the Internet!

      I hope that answered any misgivings, misunderstandings, questions, or concerns. Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

      - Sabrina

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