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An all new 16-Bit run'n'gun shoot-em-up based on and licensed from the original 1986 animated space western series!
An all new 16-Bit run'n'gun shoot-em-up based on and licensed from the original 1986 animated space western series!
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Saber Rider playable Demo Version available for the general public

Posted by Team Saber Rider (Creator)

Howdy Pardners!

Yesterday we released a playable demo version of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs to our backers. Today we want to share the demo with everybody else. You can try out the demo on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Dreamcast. Unfortunately a demo for Nintendo 3DS is not possible.

This demo represents the first mission of the game and let you try the Hero Mode. The mission in this demo got some changes, so that the game story won't be spoiled. The first mission in general is based upon the two Saber Rider series episodes "Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away" and "Little Pardner". In the final version, this level will have a few more story driven events and a different end boss. The current boss in the demo will later be a mini boss.

You can find the demo here:





There is a readme in each zip file. Please check this readme to get more information like how the controls work or how to handle the Dreamcast version.

Last but not least here is a small blooper from the development.

And now have fun with the demo.
We are looking forward to read your feedback.

Thank you very much

Team Saber Rider


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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob100 on

      If you need any further testing or specifications of my system do not hesitate to contact me (preferable in German)

    2. Team Saber Rider Creator on

      We will look into this but for that I need a way to testing on a 4k Monitor and stuff. Could be a bit tricky.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rob100 on

      Unfortunately I have exactly the same problem with the screen. I am using the Windows Version on Windows 10 V1703 and I have a Full HD monitor. My graphics card is a nvidia geforce GTX 970 with the newest display driver 381.65

    4. Ashton Humphrey on

      One I started the windows version it started up in 4k mode. So you could only see the bottom corner of the game screen. Luckily I could see the edge of Options on the main screen and then Screen. It was a couple pushes to the right till I finally got an option that was full screen and I could see what I was doing

    5. Aaron Nanto on

      I was one of the reports that the Windows demo only shows a fraction of the screen on my 4K monitor (I've not tried resolutions under 4K though). I still need to try on my laptop/Surface devices to see if I get the same issue.

    6. Team Saber Rider Creator on

      What version do you use? Windows?
      What are your system specs and whats your screen resolution.
      We got already a few reports that 4K screens are a possible problem.

    7. Alexander Schlaumayr on

      Awesome :) But I have the problem, that I only see a fraction of the whole screen, no matter how I set my screen resolution. any ideas, what the reason could be? also the options menu with the screen options take no effect.