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An all new 16-Bit run'n'gun shoot-em-up based on and licensed from the original 1986 animated space western series!
An all new 16-Bit run'n'gun shoot-em-up based on and licensed from the original 1986 animated space western series!
1,072 backers pledged $96,591 to help bring this project to life.

General Status Update

Posted by Team Saber Rider (Creator)

Howdy Partners!

Today we want to give you a general status update regarding the development of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs – The Video Game.

A lot of stuff has been happening since the Kickstarter. First I want to start with a summary and some numbers for you.

Amount of supporters per platform:

1. Sega Dreamcast: 415
2. PC/Steam: 297
3. Nintendo 3DS: 196
4. NEC PC Engine: 170

The most money was spent for:

1. Dreamcast
2. Steam/PC Win/Mac/Linux
3. PC Engine
4. Nintendo 3DS

Saber Rider for Sega Dreamcast was by far the most wanted version during our campaign. This was a big surprise for us all but we are very happy with it.

Unfortunately, Kickstarter was not able to collect 12.300 USD from the final 96.591 USD in the end. So in theory the 95k stretch goal was not reached. This 12k USD are greatly missed but we will try our best to include Colt’s Caravan mode nevertheless.

Because the Dreamcast version was doing so well during our campaign, we made several changes on our original plan in order to support it from day one. The original plan was to first develop the 3DS and PC/Steam version and after that the DC and PC Engine version.
The engine we have started the project with was only meant for Nintendo 3DS and the PC version was supposed to be made with Unity. Sega Dreamcast would have required a third standalone version and this was just not effective!
In order to support the Sega Dreamcast from day one the engine and several parts of the Development Team were changed.

We are working now with a completely new engine called “Dreamer” which is developed by our partners 2Dream. Dreamer offers us many great possibilities, is very flexible, powerful and supports already a lot of different platforms. For now, we licensed support for Sega Dreamcast, PC Win, Mac, Linux and 3DS in order to fulfil our Kickstarter goals. This should be great news for the Sega Dreamcast community. There is no longer waiting time anymore for the DC version.

Once the game is ready and if there is enough interest we could also support WiiU, Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita. This however requires an additional contract and we won’t look into this before the Kickstarter goals are finished.

Despite some rumors we do not plan a Nintendo NX version at this point. We still do not know what NX will be and we are not certified for NX development so far. Once Nintendo makes any announcements, we will look into it but our focus right now is PC, DC, 3DS and then PC Engine.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs is now written entirely in C++ and it was necessary to write our own game / level editor in order to build the levels and events for our game. The editor is almost done and we can start designing levels in about two weeks.

Our Art Department is doing a great job too and we are very happy with the material we got so far.

We still get a lot of enquiries on how to support our project and how to get a DC or PC Engine Limited Edition. This is something we are still working on. Please be patient on this.

Our next big update will include the first in-game material. Until then, thank you all for your support. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you very much.

Until next time…

The Saber Rider Development Team

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    1. segagamer on

      Glad to have the Dreamcast version come out first. I look forward to also playing this on Xbox One when the time comes!

    2. VentNord on

      Thank you very much for the information.

    3. Team Saber Rider Creator on

      The PC Engine Version takes longer, that is nothing we can do with the Dreamer Engine. PC Engine will be written also in Assembler.

    4. Nekketsu Chile on

      I find it incredible effort they are giving in the older versions, I'm longing in my hands for the PC Engine CD. :D

    5. Balmung on

      Oh, PS Vita would be great, much underrated platform and it would be a perfect match for this game. :)

      Nice update, thanks.

    6. Jérémy Le Morvan on

      Hi ! Very good news , i hope we will can see some levels designs in 2 weeks ;)