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Want to power your smart phone, tablet, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino project with green solar energy? This kit includes everything you need!
Want to power your smart phone, tablet, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino project with green solar energy? This kit includes everything you need!
251 backers pledged $31,941 to help bring this project to life.

Pricing for the Backing Board

Since many of you asked, here's a quick update on pricing for the Solar Panel Backing Board introduced in the previous update. 

In the final retail version of the kit, the board will probably be included, but the whole kit will cost $125* (a "Lite" edition without the board will likely be offered at around $110*). If you are a current backer, please add $15 for a board (so, if you pledged at $90, you get the kit plus board for $105, savings of $20 over retail). If you pledged at $140, you can get one board (recommended) for an additional $15, but you can get two for $25 if you must have a board for each of your panels. Two boards will be included for the $250 and $500 levels each.

But, to save money and resources, please ask yourself first: Do I need the backing board? For many of you, the answer is no. The solar panel is quite durable as it is, and unless you plan on using the kit in the rugged outdoors or need the additional mounting options, you probably don't need it. Though, they do look oh so shiny...

* - Final retail prices are still subject to change.

Edit: Note about the "Lite" edition added.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nils-Patrik Eklund on

      Do we leave comments here when we upped our pledge for boards or will you confirm before sending out packages?

    2. Pieco on

      bumped my pledge up! Thanks, Ryo.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nohurtme on

      Just bumped my pledge up to $165 too. They look great for outdoors use and I'm sure my hippie/gadget geek sister is going to be quite envious, which is well worth the extra $25 :).

    4. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      Gotchya. thanks for the details, and looking forward to your future designs =)

    5. Ryo Chijiiwa Creator on

      Mario - The $15 doesn't include Lexan, but the panel can easily be made weatherproof without the Lexan cover. The solar panel can be made completely waterproof with a couple of dabs of epoxy to cover a couple of electrical contacts, and the bamboo used will also be highly water resistant. I haven't fully priced out Lexan, but it's a much more expensive material than bamboo, and is also harder to cut (the laser-cutter I have access to won't cut it, so I'll have to go through a proper manufacturer).

    6. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      You mentioned Lexan cover and weatherproofing in update #14. Is this included into the backing board design, or is this 15 just for the bamboo ply board?

    7. Mark Hogben on

      Ditto thrice. Modified my pledge to 180$: 140, 25 for the two boards (very useful on canoe trip), and then 15 for the international shipping to Canada.

    8. Craig Dunn

      Ditto. Same as Arnold...updated to $165. I really like the additional sturdiness and mounting/angling options provided.

    9. Arnold F Williams on

      OK, pledge changed from 140 to 165 (same pledge reward, plus two boards to go with the two panels). Math checks, I think. Thanks for the update, and the work on finding a backing board.