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Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft - Cthulhu Mythos Bronze Metal Great Old Ones Idols and miniatures for RPG and Collecting
Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft - Cthulhu Mythos Bronze Metal Great Old Ones Idols and miniatures for RPG and Collecting
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    1. Rykar Jove 4-time creator on

      @ Mattew Mueller many thanks my friend your comment makes me very very happy :) ...will be back ;)

    2. Matthew Mueller on

      Hey Just wanted to let you know these are very nice items, I love having them on my shelves.

    3. Daniel on

      I still don't have my idols. I've sent him two emails recently and no response. GIVE ME A FULL REFUND! I have been patient for months.

    4. Stryker Wang on

      Everybody got your idols but me????? it's Jul 14 now,but I got nothing.....I thought they still not shipping,but after I read comments I realized they didn't mail me anything.....

    5. Jamie B. on


      He sent me fake solid bronze idols see details below; all arrived damaged, two broken. I told him I wanted a refund, he agreed, made me return the items at my own expense, received them (I have a tracking number), asked for a paypal address, which I immediately provided, then demanded my banking information instead. I instructed him to simply use paypal as he had offered in the first place and have never heard from him again ; it's been weeks and he no longer answers communication either via email or through KS.

      Last Tuesday I told him to pay up within 48 hours; I instead gave him five days to do the right thing and now feel I have no choice but to warn others that this guy is not to be trusted. Ricardo, when I receive my full refund I will post here saying that I have. I will send Chase after you next. I don't care at all what issues are keeping you from fullfilling your obligations. Pay up or you'll wish you had.

    6. Daniel on

      Good evening, I still haven't received mine and I might be moving from my current country. Can I still change my address? Thank you!

    7. Barbaric Splendor on

      Received mine - awesome stuff! Already getting some exciting ideas for painting them!

    8. Michael Downs

      I received my resin idols. Everything is perfect except a few of Yog-Sothoth teeth had broken off. They were still in the bag and I can glue them back on with no problem. I'm very happy with all the models I've received from this campaign.

    9. Rolando Duarte on

      Just got my figurines today love them looks so cool

    10. Jouni Pohjola on

      Received my resin idol (Shub-Niggurath) as well. Very nice work! For a minor fly in the ointment, my request for a replacement "extra miniature" wasn't heeded as I understood it would be but it's pretty immaterial anyway as I didn't even know there was going to be one when I pledged. All the same, if anyone wants an extra "horny goatman" for peanuts, contact me at thirdage at mailhaven dot com (caveat: shipping from Finland may be a bit more expensive than peanuts).

    11. J Michael Lanaghan

      Got mine and they look great. Thank you.

    12. Mark Newman

      The figures arrived in Australia, they look great, thanks

    13. Rolando Duarte on

      Did the Resin idols when all shipped out

    14. Queenie (aka Marcia K)

      I have just received my idols in great condition and beautiful, thanks heaps.

      Can I suggest that in the future that you are very clear as to how these idols will be made and even more clear in regards to the materials they are made off. It might also be an idea to hold on to the molds until the recipients have all received there idols intact. This hopefully will waylay any issues in the future.

      I am very happy with my idols, they are beautiful. I hope to see more of your work in the future.

    15. Jamie B. on

      @Charles @Michael Feels good not to receive what you've paid for, doesn't it?

    16. Jamie B. on

      You will be receiving returned idols. There is no ambiguity in the English language but that "solid bronze metal" and "solid metal bronze" mean that the idols will be cast in bronze.

      People who are scammed feel scammed whether you are sorry for having been caught scamming them or not. You're a truly amazing artist. Your sculpts are great. The molds are gorgeous. Sadly, you offered castings in solid bronze and decided to cut costs thinking nobody would notice. Now everyone who looks at this Kickstarter's comments will know that the items you sold were not what you said they were. I'd say, based on cursory examination of the commodities trading markets around the time of the KS that for each metal figure you sold having told the buyer it was bronze that you shipped in tin thinly clad with brass (bronze is 90% copper/10% tin, the figures are about 99% tin), that all of the buyers who selected "bronze" castings were defrauded by between $25 and $30 per figure, conservatively (i.e. the actual amount will be higher).

    17. Missing avatar

      Charles Perniciaro III on

      This was a great kickstarter! I'm so happy with my bronze figures.

    18. Michael Downs

      I love my idols. They arrived in perfect condition. They look awesome.

    19. Rykar Jove 4-time creator on

      @ Richard Miller ,I regret that you feel scammed ,I am willing to return your money if you send me figure ,It is not my intention to defraud anyone
      you must know there is little profit margin for me with every idol bronze ,Pewter is an expensive metal ,and bronze coverage plus of treatment to give effect antique makes every idol has a high cost for my you can be sure I've done the best for you (For this reason I have made limited edition so that in the future every idol in your hands are more valued)

    20. Richard Miller on

      Got my Cthuhlu. Looks good but polished parts do look more like brass than bronze although I am not a metal expert. Also very disappointed to find it is a pewter statue which has been plated. The Kickstarter stated bronze metal and that for me was part of the attraction.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jee-Host on

      Got bronze idols. Unfortunately Shub-Niggurath's Young arrived kinda damaged: 1 hoof and 2 ankles broken off (and they weren't in the package so I guess you simply didn't notice when you packed it). I'm not an expert, but it seems that these features were lost before the figurine was finished at the forge (likely dropped on the floor or something like that and parts broke off). Very sad, but I understand that thre is no way to hold said forge accountable for carelessness, and it won't matter anyway since molds are gone. At least Yog and Cthulhu seem to be fine, thank the old ones... Thanks for your efforts, Rykar, regardless of other people's incompetence.

    22. Rykar Jove 4-time creator on

      @Jamie B. I guess the core of the idols should be Pewter ( is best to copy the details ) yet the metal is expensive and has covered bronze, no one should feel cheated I responded, I can make you a refund if you send me my idols, you can claim in Kickstarter of course , This is better to be sure that the return will be made by both sides correctly

    23. Jamie B. on

      Actual bronze is not silver inside when broken. I'll be sending photos of the items to the Kickstarter Fraud Prevention team. I have no way of knowing if this was your fault or the company you had forge them, but they're NOT BRONZE.

    24. Rykar Jove 4-time creator on

      @ Jamie B. Ouch!! sorry ,I regret the accident, I've really tried to be very careful with packing and tried to idols must be protect in the shipping
      well about the bronze idols ,I do not know exactly the process. I have been produced in a forge where they work trophies and similar pieces .
      are bronze true (not painted), but I do not know the price of bronze ,the idols weigh between 500g to 700gr I assume that this must be a bathroom o cover (as is done also with gold pieces) ,they has applied in light polished ceramic and oxide treatment to have look old piece (like real idol) ,the costs of each idol for me are very expensive (like shipping costs) ,I have only produced just only for this campaign (total 220 idols : 100 Cthulhu ,60 Shub and 60 Yog ) ,the molds now are broken and I have no more copies available but if you are not satisfied, you can send idols I will return your money ,please not worry I want the best for you

    25. Jamie B. on

      It's not bronze. Anyone who likes can verify this with a hobby knife. It's tin, or zinc, or pewter, thinly electroplated with what appears to be brass.

    26. Queenie (aka Marcia K)

      lol just looked up at the pick of the statues and what is stated "Great Old Ones Idols in solid metal bronze" :(

    27. Queenie (aka Marcia K)

      mmm electorplated finish does not a bronze statue make. Is it that hard to make a bronze casting of a statue? Im asking because I dont know but also because thats what I thought I was paying for. I haven't received my copy's yet, and I am sure they will be beautiful as most of the comments here have said so. But it should have been stated in the campaign very clearly how these bronze statues would be created so as to have no confusion later. Realistically, I doubt I would have been able to afford the whole set if it was pure bronze castings and if they are as weighty as it has been stated just electroplated, then I can only imagine they would have been even heavier if they were pure bronze. I hope when mine turn up that they are In good nick and I will enjoy them any how. Im so sorry yours are Broken Jamie B and hope they are replaced quickly for you.

    28. Jamie B. on

      Mine all arrived damaged, one actually broken. The metal IS NOT BRONZE, unless bronze suddenly becomes the colour of cast tin or zinc when it breaks or has its electroplated finish scraped off.

      Email sent.

    29. Missing avatar

      Aki Koyama

      Got my bronze idols in Los Angeles today. Beautiful!!!! Thanks Rykar!

    30. Michael Downs

      Just picked up my bronze idols and pewter minis. All I can say is "wow". Wow. Uh. . .wow.

    31. Rolando Duarte on

      Did anybody in us got there Resin idols

    32. Jamie B. on

      I live in Middle-earth, so I'll wait another few days before I panic. : )

    33. Michael Downs

      @ Matthew - Cool, thanks for letting me know. Just the bronze pieces i guess?

    34. Matthew Mueller on

      Michael Downs - I received mine last night.

    35. Michael Downs

      Has anyone in the US received there idols yet?

    36. Joshua Cauldron Born Slater on

      Got my bronze sculpts. Great work!! Even better in hand. I knew they would be heavier than other metals, but these are hefty. Very happy. Peace out.

    37. Achab on

      The bronze Cthulhu safely landed at my door today (in France). Excellent sculpt and casting.

    38. Missing avatar

      John J Ostrosky Jr

      I received my bronze idols today. They are phenomenal!! Well done my friend!!

    39. Don E Ward

      No haven't heard hide nor hare. Be nice to have a tracking #.

    40. Jamie B. on

      Has anyone gotten theirs yet?

    41. Rolando Duarte on

      Just wondering are we supposed to receive tracking numbers for items

    42. Dan Frederick on

      I received the HP Miniature here in California. Awesome. Thank you.

    43. Rykar Jove 4-time creator on

      @ Kevin many thanks my friend ,I'll keep you informed about this
      I have good news ,They have told me at the forge, and this afternoon I pick up the missing pieces, if this is so I will be able to finally make all shipments (Monday and Tuesday all sent ;)

    44. Barbaric Splendor on

      Did someone say Robert E. Howard? :) Count me in!

    45. Rykar Jove 4-time creator on

      @ Simon many tthanks my friend :)
      your comment are very grateful to me ,
      I think it's a good idea sculpt more writers (I would like next tribute for Robert E Howard :)
      thanks again

    46. Missing avatar

      Simon Flöther on

      I received my little HP. It looks great. Thank you.
      Have you thougth about a series of writers (Shakespeare, Dickens, Goethe ...)? That would be very cool.

    47. Christian Schreinemachers on

      I also received my HP miniature and am impressed of your work!

      Thanks a lot and cheers from germany!

    48. Jonathan Flood on

      Any more news on when these items will be shipped out? O

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