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-- "With You Now" -- the Music Video's video poster

A music video that tells us all to stop worrying about the past and future and start living in the moment. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 28, 2012.

A music video that tells us all to stop worrying about the past and future and start living in the moment.

About this project

First off congratulations because just by being here you get FREE DOWNLOADS: a demo of “With You Now” and a special bonus song "Whiskey".

Click here to go to the page!

 Currently "With You Now" is in the process of being recorded and mixed in the studio and it is that version that we will be using for our video.

"With You Now" - what is it?

With this Kickstarter campaign, we are hoping to raise enough funds to create a music video for Daniel Eldridge’s beautiful song “With You Now”.

When I first heard this song I was absolutely blown away by the amount of emotion packed into it. I was instantly able to relate to the desire to look beyond the mistakes of the past and the uncertainty of the future, and to instead simply enjoy the moments you have with someone. Whether it be a relationship, career, or any other ambition, we sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy what we have. In relationships especially, it is easy to fear the possibility of being hurt, or to be hesitant with opening yourself up as a result of a painful memory in the past. This song invites the listener to put aside that worry and not miss what's right in front of us.


This project is unique because we want to make more than just a music video, we want to tell a story. The song is sung from the perspective of a man in love who is attempting to convince his love to leave her worries of the past and future and instead live with him right now.

To reflect this, the video will be shown more or less subjectively through the girl’s perspective. We will follow their relationship and the many different paths that it could have taken. In one perspective they stayed together, in another she left to travel the world, in yet another they had a horrible breakup that left both of them in shambles. Daniel will visit these different possibilities and memories, similar to the way they visit memories in A Christmas Carol, but in each one he will attempt to bring her out of that path and back to him through his song.

If we were to compare what we are trying to do to another music video already out there, we are trying to do something similar to Michael Posner’s “Please Don’t Go”. While this video is still very different from what we are planning, it should give you an idea of the style we are aiming to accomplish.

I want to make a video that not only does justice to this amazing song by creating something beautiful, but also something that challenges the viewer to think of things in a different way than they might normally. Daniel is singing to his love, but in many ways he is singing to each of us. This video will aim to play on those emotions.

Who are we?

Behind this project we have Ryan Turner as Director, Daniel Eldridge as the singer/songwriter, and Earl Bolden Jr. and his production company Solo Journey Productions as the producer.

Ryan Turner is a young and driven award-winning Director who is working to make a name for himself in a very competitive industry. He has not yet made a music video, and once he heard this song he knew this would be the project for him. He is incredibly excited to bring some great ideas and his vision in collaboration with Daniel who has been his life-long friend since they grew up together in the same church. For a full list of his work and more please check out his biography on the bottom right of this page or his website.

Daniel Eldridge recently moved to San Diego from the Bay Area to pursue a music career while completing his B.A. in Psychology. A firm believer that music is both personal and collective, he has sought to create work that is both personally meaningful and easily relatable. This is the first-fruits of the project "Good measure", a recent music endeavor to share his music with friends, fellow musicians, and people who love music.

Producer, Earl Bolden Jr., has a talent for logistical planning and production management.  After founding Solo Journey Productions, LLC in May of 2010, and focusing primarily on films, Earl is now expanding his reach into the realm of music videos. He plans to continue the tradition of quality filmmaking following his most recent project, GOD and VODKA, which has garnered 20 film festival acceptances nationwide as well as 21 awards.

What is our goal?

This project is about much more than just a music video; it is about a collaboration that will be helping each of us advance our chosen careers, as well as help us grow as artists. We are committed to sharing excellent work for the enjoyment of both the creators and the audience, and we are aiming to reach a new set of eyes as we share Daniel’s song and Ryan’s filmmaking with the world. We want to make something really unique and beautiful with this and hope to build both of our audiences dramatically with the end product.

Why we need YOU.

While there are many ways we could go about making this possible we felt that in order to make the most amazing project we would reach out to those of you who will, in the end, be able to enjoy it. Films of any sort are a collaboration of much more than just three people. We will need a full crew, actors, equipment, props, a camera, lighting, permits, locations, editing, color correction, VFX, and all of the other things that go into a professional production. While we will be pulling a lot of favors to get the best product possible from our limited resources, we still need help from all of you to make this film happen.

While favors and free labor are amazing, if we want to make a product that can hold its own in this incredibly competitive world of music videos, we will need funds to pay those that help us. All of the funds we raise will be going straight into the project and most likely we will be putting in more money on top of it. 

To put things into perspective, the average industry music video is done with a $50,000 budget. We are trying to do the same quality for a tenth of the price.

Regardless of how much we raise, we will make the most of the funds and every single dollar will be put into directly making this project the best it can be.

What is Kickstarter and how does it work?

All donations and transactions are SECURE through Amazon’s ‘Flexible Payment Service’. Kickstarter is an “all-or-nothing” fundraising website, so your credit card is ONLY CHARGED IF WE MEET OUR GOAL, otherwise you are charged nothing. Upon the end of the campaign, donators will be directly contacted by the producers of “With You Now” to obtain any necessary information (shipping, addresses, coordination of rewards, etc.) and any additional information that may be needed. It is one of the largest fundraising platforms available to artists right now and definitely the most reputable.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the project or song, do NOT hesitate to ask.  Contact Ryan (, Daniel (, or Earl ( and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can with any answers you might need! Please help us out by spreading this project around to anyone you think might be able to help us reach our goal.

On behalf of Daniel, Solo Journey Productions, and myself we would just like to first off thank you for being here. We are aiming to do something amazing with this video and we greatly appreciate any and all support we are given. You are helping each of us pursue our dreams and goals and spread our talents with the world. Thank you. 



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    That's right, every dollar counts! You'll be getting a digital download of the studio recording of "With You Now"! Put it on your Zune!

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    Digital download of both the studio recording of "With You Now" and the completed video so they can always be "With You Now"! (this one will really impress the grandparents). Plus our eternal gratitude...seriously, it will be eternal.

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    You get a special DVD with behind the scenes footage of the entire video production, and digital downloads of more demos by Daniel's Project, "Good Measure". You also get a 'thank you' photo from the cast and crew signed by Ryan and Daniel!! Wow!! Pimp your office or bedroom with this awesome photo that will daily remind you of your awesomeness. (this includes the $10 reward).

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    Everything above, plus be invited to an exclusive House party in San Diego with live performance by Daniel. Be the first to see the completed music video while enjoying the provided drinks and snacks. (this is the only way to be invited) dance party to follow...bring some dancing shoes and deodorant.

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    Everything $25 and above, PLUS a special thank-you video delivered exclusively from Ryan and Daniel .

    Disclaimer: They may get emotional with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

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    Daniel will make a custom version of the song "With You Now" - your name in the lyrics, baby!!! Impress your friends. Plus one of the $35 rewards and the $25 reward.

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    YOUR FACE will be in the music video! Get your very own cameo! Be famous! Make mom and dad proud! Details to follow. Plus Plus one of the $35 rewards and the $25 reward..

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    You will get a one-hour Skype session with Ryan and Daniel. Enjoy a private online performance by Daniel and get to ask any of your burning question you may have about the video production. (Plus one of the $35 rewards and the $25 reward).

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    You choose! Daniel will write a short song just for YOU (you provide the inspiration) or Ryan will make a videolog just for YOU !!(to see samples of his past videologs visit here: Become a YouTube celebrity overnight!!! (Plus $25 reward)

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    Become an honorary parent for Ryan and Daniel!! What does that mean? Parents always go to their children's activities - soccer games, piano recitals, etc. You will receive entrance to any musical performances by Daniel or film festivals (and major motion pictures??!!) that Ryan's films are accepted at. Valid until 2015. (and we'll make you a custom version of the song and the $25 reward)

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    Daniel and Ryan will travel to wherever you are (if it happens to be in between San Francisco and San Diego) for a live concert and filming which will be edited into a video for your memory-books! (If not between SF and SD, travel expenses will need to be covered. (Petrol be pricey these dayz) This includes one of the $35 rewards and the $25 reward!

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    Congratulations! You will be getting executive producer credit on the music video.This includes the $50 reward, one of the $35 rewards, and the $25 reward

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    Daniel will ask for your hand in marriage.

    You reserve the right to have cold feet.

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