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A Fate Core roleplaying game about rebellious wuxia heroes in a fictional steampunk setting.
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Status Update and Big News

Posted by Ryan Danks (Creator)

It's been awhile since we've posted an update, so I thought I'd drop a line to let you know how things are going, and some big news that we're rolling out.

Status Update

Benjamin Feehan finished VC3 some time ago and we're putting it through the editing process. Meanwhile, Jake has been working on the final Jadetech supplement: Multicolored Jadetech, and I'm getting started back on the martial supplements -- but those will be going through some changes in how they get rolled out due to funding issues.

The martial supplements are going to be rolled into one rather largish book (about half the size of the core Jadepunk book), instead of multiple smaller supplements. While it's simpler to roll this supplement out in one book, there's a more important reason for combining them: that's sort of how martial arts work. A style may have been discovered in one region, but it was influenced by, and often originated in, another. Take karate, for instance: the style is the combination of indigenous Okinawan fighting methods that were heavily influenced by Chinese kung-fu, and then went on to influence Tae Kwon Do in Korea. This interconnectedness suggests that we would be better served to put out a supplement that detailed the martial arts and described where they came from instead of a supplement that detailed the warfare of a particular nation and then described their fighting methods. We're not writing realism, but that would make it more realistic.

The new martial supplement will focus on the tournament mentioned in the current supplement. Each fighter in the tournament will represent a particular fighting style, and some of them will have certain experiences that will allow us to organically move into naval and mass warfare concepts.

So what about the Naramel supplement? Think of that as a teaser for the world book, I suppose.

And Aristocrat-level backers: we have something special for you. The adventure we promised is coming. It's not going to be in the same format as the VC adventure is, but it will be the unique adventure we promised you. I can't say when it will come, yet, but it's in the works!

The Big News

Apocalypse World 2 is going to be a thing. At the time that we launched...we didn't know that (and we honestly expected to have that out by now -- this was our first Kickstarter and mistakes were made). We don't want the AW edition of the game to be "old" when it's released, so we're going to wait until AW2 releases before writing that edition.

Cortex Plus will likely be released before the AW2 version, because that system is already out. We've been making steady progress on it, and it may even get published before some of the supplement books.

This leads us to the really big news: we're going to launch a 5e version of the game. In hindsight, Fate, C+, and AW share most of the same audiences. What we should have done, and are now rectifying, is branching out to other systems that maybe have different audiences, and there's no bigger audience than the one for Dungeons and Dragons.

Why do we feel this is necessary? Because making these supplements is expensive (remember when I said mistakes were made, well one of those was over-promising far beyond what the Kickstarter funds could pay for). Making a new version of the core book is not as expensive, however, because we already have all the art, and half the writing, for it. We're hoping that expanding the audience of the setting will bring in some much needed funding to keep things rolling long enough to get all of our stretch goals fulfilled.

Here are some of the ideas we've got for the 5e of the game:

  • A three-class system (each focused on one of: Exploration, Combat, and Interaction) with paths in each to specialize in ways similar to the Jadepunk professions.
  • Combining the magic item and spellcasting rules to create a robust Jadetech invention system.
  • Revamping backgrounds to account for a character's nation of origin and stat bonuses (because no races).
  • Adopting 13th Age's Icons system, combined with some work that Paul Mitchener and I have been doing for the Perpetual Motion Engine, to create Jianghu societies and drive political intrigue as a backdrop for any Jadepunk game.

In Summary...

  • Jadetech and VC supplements are in various stages of production for their final installments.
  • The martial supplement is being reworked, and will feel like a combination of martial arts compendium, thematic NPC collection, and adventure supplement.
  • Aristocrat tier backers are going to get their adventure reward.
  • The AW edition is waiting for AW2 to be published.
  • The Cortex Plus edition is still being written.
  • We're going to be making a 5e version of Jadepunk.

Thanks for sticking it out through this long update. We're eternally grateful for your support and look forward to continuing to build the world of Jadepunk with you.


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    1. David Siskin

      Go with 5e and drop AW and C+. Get the most bang for your buck I say.

    2. Ryan Danks 4-time creator on

      I'm excited to see what they do with AW2. I didn't go in for the KS because I was tapped for the month, but I'm still interested. I'm sure it will be fun to design with when it arrives.

      UPDATE: I'm almost finished with the system-less setting document for the core book. With that in place, the Cortex Plus version would only be a few weeks away, and everything will be primed for the AW2 version. After I finish with C+, I'll move into the martial supplement.

      After VC3 gets through editing, I'll post the text so those of you playing through the adventure can finish it.

    3. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update! I forgot there was going to be an Apocalypse World version of Jadepunk, which is great since a group of friends are pretty smitten with it (and I've heard good things from them about how AW2 is shaping up). And many of the others are pretty enamored with 5e, so this announcement is fantastic!

    4. Missing avatar

      Steven Warble

      I will definitely want to buy the 5E version. And the AW2. Cortex+ is a bit iffy since I know no one who plays it, though I wish I did since I love several of the Cortex games.

    5. Ryan Danks 4-time creator on

      Yeah, I'm disappointed, too. I was hoping that we'd have the rewards done by now.

      Funding has limited how much we can do at one time (I've had the privilege of sitting down with some knowledgeable people about how to budget a Kickstarter properly, but it happened long after this one fulfilled). Profits were paying for it all, but then they started to dry up (we used to bring in enough every month to make one supplement, now we bring in that much in a six-month period). I had hoped launching Shadowcraft would do it, but that only funded by $20, and hasn't taken off the way Jadepunk did.

      Growing pains and learning curves of the industry, I guess.

      I'm going to finish what we promised, no matter what, and I've already dipped quite a bit into personal debt to do so; it's just going to take a little longer than anticipated.

    6. Ron Frazier

      While I'm dissapointed some of the other KS rewards are not done, I am excited about what a 5e OGL version of this game would look like. Colord me intriguied.