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A Fate Core roleplaying game about rebellious wuxia heroes in a fictional steampunk setting.
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New Assets System in the Works and...Shadowcraft is live!

Posted by Ryan Danks (Creator)


New Assets System

We have been working on an internal update to Jadepunk's assets system, which we will be sending out to all of you for play testing. When we designed Jadepunk, it was with the intention of making the game as quick and easy for character creation, and play, as possible. We accomplished that goal with the story process for aspect creation, dueling, faces, scene fractals, and many other things, but the assets system bogged down character and villain creation quite a bit. The new system takes steps to resolve this, removing flaws as a balancing act that the table has to maintain, and making the tables more robust so that choosing the right features are faster and more intuitive. Also, we have made jade special, mechanically, by adding a new rule that differentiates Jadetech from mundane equipment. It's no longer just a narrative permission to create devices that do cool things, but actually gives you a benefit (and drawback) beyond the standard device rules. I think you're going to like it!

Keep an eye out for that update in the next few weeks.

The Shadowcraft Kickstarter is Live!

If you enjoyed what we did with Jadepunk, and like fantasy or spy genres in your games, check out our newest Fate Core Kickstarter: Shadowcraft: The Glamour War. It's Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Ethan Hunt meets Assassin's Creed in a fantasy setting ruled over by the fae.

We're less than a day in, and we're already doing very well. Come by and check us out!

Thanks for your support,


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    1. Ryan Danks 4-time creator on

      We appreciate the support, Sleet!

      A brand new team was put together for Shadowcraft. They're all very capable and well-known in their specific circles. We have the opportunity to put new folks to work, which they do appreciate, as well as continue to support Jadepunk with our original team.

    2. Missing avatar


      How can I say no to a tagline like that? All the best things combined into an even more awesome game? Have some money!