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A Fate Core roleplaying game about rebellious wuxia heroes in a fictional steampunk setting.
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Lots of Announcements and New Products

Posted by Ryan Danks (Creator)

It took us a month to catch up from the winter break, but gee are we catching up!

Jadetech: Blue Jade

This one should already be in your inbox. Jake broke the bank with this one. It has features that were loved in both the red and green Jadetech supplements, as well as healing rules for Jadepunk, which are not in the core rules. And the cool blue that Jesse used throughout the book makes it feel beautifully illustrated, even with only three actual illustrations in it's 17 pages.

Iconic Adventures Releases Today!

Jake wrote a Jadepunk story in our new Iconic Adventures line that releases today over at our Patreon page. It's the story of a Kaiyumi princess, trained since birth by a master of the martial arts, who is confronted by a threat to her people that leads her to some tough choices about loyalty and personal honor.

Check it out!

Jadepunk Schedule for 2015

This year we're being realistic. 2013 taught us a lot about what it takes to launch a project like this, and fortunately we didn't fumble (much) in that regard. 2014 taught us what steady, ongoing production is like, and our goals were ambitious, to say the least. This year, we're being realistic about it all.

We are expecting to release a Jadepunk supplement every six weeks while we have the back and forth between Jadepunk Tales, Jadetech, and Martial Expansions going. Once the Jadetech books are complete (Blue Jade marks the halfway point for that series), we will begin on the Guidebook of the Jadepunk world (what we formerly called the "World Book"). And while we hope to complete the Guidebook in 2015, we're being realistic about the fact that the final supplement might take us into the early months of 2016. But we hope to finish it very early in 2016, because we hope to make that year all about the Cortex Plus and 'World Engine editions of the setting.

And speaking of the things we learned about launching a new property...

Shadowcraft is our next big product line. You can learn more about it here, but the basic pitch line would be:

A fantasy espionage game in a setting where you play the descendents of people taken by the fae and transported to a dark, magical realm. It’s a mythological Mission Impossible.

Knowing that our time is limited with all of the Jadepunk work that still needs to be done, we put together a whole new team to tackle Shadowcraft, and they're as excited to get to work on it as we were (and remain still) to work on Jadepunk.

Look for Shadowcraft to arrive on Kickstarter within the next few weeks.

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      Thanks for the update, guys! It's awesome to hear how production is settling into a routine like that.

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      Rod Chanas on

      Re: Shadowcraft. Kindly insert a "Shut up and take my money" gif here.

    3. Albert Nakano on

      Awesome! Thanks so much. This is one of the very best RPG Kickstarter projects I backed.