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Embrace the dream of '90s tabletop roleplaying through the darkness-fueled madness of immortals, werebeasts, car wizards, and more!
Embrace the dream of '90s tabletop roleplaying through the darkness-fueled madness of immortals, werebeasts, car wizards, and more!
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My Ethos as a Creator, and Hardcover Editions!


Metagame Update

Current points: 304! That means we've got the variant tarot rules, Lore Immortel, the Buffet, and the funky Fate version unlocked! Next up is an expanded writeup on Darkest Vancouver. Once we hit that, I'll unveil the next set of five unlocks.

My Ethos as a Creator

In update #5, I talked about "The Darkest Legion": my term for all the writers and artists and everyone working on Katanas & Trenchcoats. I've said there are around 100 writers all contribution parts—some large and many small—to the project so as to create a beautiful cacophony. That's only part of the story.

Our world is filled so many wonderful people—many ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, different sexual orientations, and the full spectrum of genders. So I need a creative crew that isn't homogenous. More to the point, I want that crew of writers and artists to be a part of this vision.

It's important to me that lots of different people could see themselves in the characters Katanas & Trenchcoats portrays, in the writing and in the art. In Year One, the angel was a Laotian woman. The iconic technomage shown in the project video is an Indian badass. The iconic vampire is from what today is Ethiopia.* I have other art notes about making sure Darkest Vancouver's supernatural scene reflects the entire world, so anyone could see themselves as fitting into the larger story.

I want my friends and people like them to want to play this game and find themselves already represented in it. Katanas & Trenchcoats should say "you folks are awesome" and give them a welcome mat to the Darkest Cosmos. If I can make it welcoming to my friends, I can make it welcoming to a much larger group of people.

The thing is, I know that as much as I have this ideal, I'm gonna mess it up if I try to do it on my own. I have plenty of blind spots, and I'm going to be pulled in many directions throughout the project so my attention to any one will be limited. That's why I have Josh Roby with me—he has the same ideal, and he does meticulous research. That's why I have this legion of writers, to be the voices for those characters and concepts. That's why I'm bringing on Anna Kreider to help me with art direction, so I have someone to tell me when I'm too enamored with a piece of good art or too overwhelmed with my producer duties to make the best choices for the book.

(Which is also me announcing that Anna is an important part of K&T. I love working with Anna. She helped me with Mythender's cover.)

This game should celebrate all the fans of this meta-genre. I should celebrate all the fans of this meta-genre, because they've collectively contributed to my personal love of it. I strove to do that in Year One with the stock art I was able to find that worked. Since I'm getting actual artists for the full edition, I have the full freedom to make that happen.

The fact that I can do this, and that people are eager to help me with this, makes me really happy as a publisher and as a person who loves games.

*An aside: handling inclusivity with ancient characters in a strong, supportive way is a place where I definitely don't feel like I'll hit the mark square on if I were to do it solo. But that's where having amazing, knowledgeable collaborators is such a boon.

Want a Hardcover Book? Done!

I have a new reward tier available: Hardcover! A bunch of people have asked me for this option, and I've listened and explored that option. :)

At $45 you can get the limited edition hardcover edition in place of softcover. All the the reward tiers above that will automatically include being hardcover, so you don't have to pledge more.

Oh, and having the hardcover will also grant your characters 1 bonus Grandeur point at creation. Since I did that for the Premium Edition of Year One, I suppose it's tradition that I offer such a thing here. :)



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    1. Ryan Macklin 2-time creator

      @Arthur All higher tiers are already upgraded to hardcover without further cost. That's in this post and on the project page, so you get to hold me to that! :)

    2. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      If I already pledged for a tier that included a book, what can I add to upgrade to the hardcover?

    3. Ryan Macklin 2-time creator

      Ack, I didn't link to the 8-point fanfic! My apologies, @emacgregor. :)
      (From the general comments section.)

    4. Simon Brunning

      I love this.