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Pit the ancient Norse, Greek and Egyptian deities and demigods against each other in grid-based battle. A tactical card and board game.
Pit the ancient Norse, Greek and Egyptian deities and demigods against each other in grid-based battle. A tactical card and board game.
Pit the ancient Norse, Greek and Egyptian deities and demigods against each other in grid-based battle. A tactical card and board game.
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Thanks on Thanksgiving



Having just spent the whole day celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US, I could not help but think about you, High Heavens backers. I have said thank you many times over the past two years but I would like to say it again...


This month has been intense. We are shipping into the wee hours and trying to tend to all of the other aspects of game publishing when we can. If you have been reaching out to us but have not heard back yet, please be patient as we are focusing on shipping almost every spare minute of the day. We have a small number of orders to fulfill in Backerkit, and the last 100 are "snowflake backers" (backers with super unique orders) so they take like 20 times as long to pack up and ship.

As a backer, you believed in the initial product and helped make it a success in it's first phase of life. Now, it is time for the next phase. Today marks the beginning of a crucial sales period; the days between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. In an effort to have Wild Power Games and High Heavens truly succeed, we have launched our full-fledged online store. We had reservations about this, knowing that we still have a small number of packages left to ship to backers. However, this period of time is so important that we hoped the original true-believers would want us to do everything that we could to succeed beyond just the Kickstarter project.

Please spread the word and send friends and family to our webstore. Maybe they missed out on the Kickstarter? Perhaps you or someone you know would think that High Heavens would make for a great holiday gift? Our store is located at for anyone wanting to buy games and resin miniatures.

Please share this discount code that is active this weekend only! SMALLBIZ

We are mostly offline this holiday weekend but will commence the last bits of shipping and communications on Monday. Speak to you all again soon.


Over Halfway There



A quick update for those that are finding themselves without packages while others are tweeting and posting about their shiny new toys! Please do not worry if you have not received your package or tracking info. We are able to complete about 40 orders in a given night (which seems like 1000 when you are working on them after a long day at work). So far we have shipped 466 cartons filled with games, expansions, and sometimes, posters. We have less than 300+ to go, so we are making good progress.

There was a question about the digital rewards and the poster so I would like to clarify here for you:


In the first campaign, the poster was listed as a silkscreen poster. The plan was to make a 2 color print like my rock show posters. As time progressed, and all of the game art was complete, I decided to shift to a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph of one of the paintings that I had made of Scylla and Charybdis. The fully painted art was too exciting to be reduced down to a 2-color print. We have shipped over a hundred of these to backers so far.


IOS app – the rules companion is very far along and is just awaiting some final art, and a few of the final stats. I admit that I put this below the physical rewards in priority in order to get the games out as fast as I could. The app will be distributed soon, but after the physical products. Luckily, it is filled with a subset of the very same info that is found in the rulebook and on the cards, as it was meant to be a way to peruse your opponent’s cards while playing a game.

Desktop wallpaper – I have 2 of these complete for you, and will be making one or two more before distributing through Backerkit.

PDF of High Heavens art book – The art book, which grew into a nice little mythology book, is complete. This will be distributed soon through Backerkit.

Name in the credits on the website – on its way now that we have a website.

Thanks to all of you who are posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please use #HighHeavens. It has really warmed my heart seeing photos of people playing the game with their friends and families. I hope to see 1000 more!

Keep your eyes peeled for shipping notices over the next week or two for your copies of the games.

I will leave you with this great little post by Instagram cartoonist boggytown_USA

Shipping has begun!


Hello everyone-

The boxes are in, High Heavens Headquarters (HHHQ) is filled to the brim with games, and this week I have shipped 115 packages to backers. Huge thanks to the crew of pals that helped me unload the shipping container in just over 2 hours!


The first shipment was small and deliberate (7 packages) and sent to some New England states as a test. I needed to be sure that my weights and measurements were accurate, and that my packaging was properly protected. Those games arrived safe and sound, so I shipped a few more waves with confidence. This week I hit a snag. Jennifer, my wife, High Heavens artist and packing/shipping coordinator has been stranded out of state due to some travel woes on her way to Illuxcon.

view from the breakdown lane in New Jersey
view from the breakdown lane in New Jersey

This has slowed us down a tad but any day we should be at full speed and I hope to ship a couple hundred boxes per week, if not more.

The physical art books (now a full fledged mythology book) are in a weird state. I received 25 of them from the printer, in an exploded box. The remainder has not arrived yet and the printer claims that they will be here by Wednesday. A few books were damaged, but the printer has replaced those. Somehow, they arrived faster than the remainder books.

Backers are starting to post images to social media and have been giving us great feedback about the game. Some of you have even asked how to buy more as holiday gifts… which is awesome! Thanks!

As you get your games, please note:

Check our site ( for a how to play video recorded by Dice Tower reviewer Sam Healey. The game is simple to learn, and the video makes it even simpler. Please do not share this video/review yet. It is a great review and I think it will help drive some sales, but I want to fulfill all backer rewards before that happens.

Since you helped create High Heavens, we hope that you will spread the love by telling your friends about the game and posting on social media. We have a Facebook page at ( and use #highheavens on all social channels.

Last, we strive to reuse/recycle packaging materials. 99 percent of you should receive recyclable shipping boxes filled with biodegradable packing peanuts (melts in water). If you are one of the few that received plastic air bags, bubble wrap or non-biodegradable peanuts, it is because we are reusing materials that were shipped to us and are trying to extend their use before they become landfill.

I will get you your shipments ASAP-

Enjoy the game! -Ryan

Dates and Packing


Hi everyone

A quick, pre-weekend update.

As far as we now know, the games are due into a NY port on October 6th, and have a departure date of October 9th. My guess is that if it is leaving NY on the 9th, it should arrive in RI on Friday the 9th as well.

I have lined up some friends, family and worker bees to help load the thousands of boxes into Wild Power HQ and then start shipping on Saturday the 10th. We have no idea how many boxes we can hit per day, but we have been told to expect anywhere from 80-300 per packing team, depending on the team (and who I asked). In total, I have about 1000 packages to send out. I will update you once we get packin'.

Otherwise, we are just prepping for the packing. I purchased a nice, used gummed-tape dispenser and we are measuring the goods this weekend and buying cardboard boxes for the different tiers.

Not many pretty pictures for this update... but here is one just for good measure... I love this little (big) tape machine:

NPS Tay-Per 52 - bought used on eBay
NPS Tay-Per 52 - bought used on eBay

We are getting so close!