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My FIEND FOLIO / KILLERS denim jacket painting is now a T-Shirt! Printed on very soft, very black American Apparel shirts. Still available! Click the red button.
My FIEND FOLIO / KILLERS denim jacket painting is now a T-Shirt! Printed on very soft, very black American Apparel shirts. Still available! Click the red button.
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My new boardgame is on Kickstarter!

Posted by Ryan Lesser (Creator)

Hello friends-

FINAL DAY alert!

I wanted to let you know, in case Kickstarter did not already alert you, or our email did not make it through to your inbox, that I have a new game up on Kickstarter and it is going really well! Here is the link:

You will notice that I made the jump finally and started an official Wild Power Games Kickstarter profile. It was hard to lose the multiple projects "badge", but it was time for the jump.

Next, let’s talk about the game! It is called STREETS OF STEEL, and it is a 1-4 player, cooperative, side-scrolling, beat’em up, boardgame inspired by 80s 4 player arcade games. It is chock full of pixel art and has a choice of plastic minis or 2d pixel sprites. The game costs just $40.00 on Kickstarter!

Please consider checking it out and backing it. It has received some great previews, and playtesters are PAX, etc really enjoyed it.

See you over there! 



Posted by Ryan Lesser (Creator)
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The shirts are in, please ensure that your address is correct in Backerkit

Posted by Ryan Lesser (Creator)

Not much more to say than what is in the title :)

Please, if you have moved locations since we started our project, please log in to Backerkit and adjust your address. I am locking it down tonight so that I can begin shipping.

Thank you!


Posted by Ryan Lesser (Creator)

OK PEOPLE! As of this morning, the status from my vendor is that these babies SHIPPPPPPED! Tracking numbers claim 70 pounds of shirts will be at my office by Wednesday night. Eeep... good thing I have been working out!

If they do in fact arrive on Wednesday, I will start shipping on Thursday.

Yours In Metal,


Production Update

Posted by Ryan Lesser (Creator)

Hi there!

Here is a quick status update, as we wait for the shirts to arrive in their full glory.

Sizes S - 2XL

These are the original, all-over print shirts that kicked-off this project. As of today, they are still in production. Since the prototype came so quickly, I did not expect a wait this long for the full order. It is possible that the large order is taking the vendor more time than thought. I reached out to them recently and the shirts are in fact in production. I hope to see these shirts any day, and anxiously visit my mailroom every day with fingers crossed.

Sizes 3XL-5XL

These are the shirts that were added late-stage, at the request of some hopeful backers who were looking for larger sizes. This is a total of 7 shirts. As you may recall, I was not able to use the same vendor or printing technique for these shirts. There was also no time to order prototypes and still make shirts available for the campaign. I decided to use another vendor that I have had success with in the past, and grilled them extensively (in chat) about what I could expect. These shirts are now in my hands.

There are two concerns that I have with these 7 shirts.

1) The printed area is smaller than it was in the vendor's template. It may be fine for the backers that ordered these sizes and I will be reaching out to you directly about this to see if you are OK with this print size. I will include pictures.

2) Most of the shirts have subtle printing errors. I am in a constant back and forth with this vendor. Currently, they have agreed to take these back and re-print. I need to document each shirt separately in order to get them re-printed.

I wish that this was the "They Are Here and Shipping Tomorrow" Update, but for now we are still in a waiting period.

More news as soon as I have it!