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$102,188 pledged of $125,000 goal
$102,188 pledged of $125,000 goal

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    1. Renee on

      I'm so glad it's orange to match my car! :D

    2. Ryan Grepper 2-time creator on

      Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh! Check out the website to see what the new Coolest looks like:

      We're re-launching on Kickstarter end of June!

    3. Brian Spiegel on

      Any plans to relaunch?

    4. Joel Gonzalez on

      I place my pledge and I don't want anything in return. You have given me enough with the great stuff on your blog in just the past few months. I'm nervous as I see that the pledges seem to have slowed down and I'm wondering if it was a smart move to do this so close to the Holidays. I notice also that other projects seem to have more days to reach their goals. Is that the case? If so why? Go Ryan, Go!

    5. Renee on

      You said on the kickstarter page that the battery will last all day, but it is inside the cooler right there with all the ice isn't it?? How are you preventing the battery from getting too cold to function? I am interested in pledging for a cooler, but I would like to know these things first. Thank you

    6. Nick

      What an awesome idea. Close to funding, really hope you make it.

      Question. Is it possible to get the grill and the standard cooler, I really have no want or need of the color changing aspect. Maybe just adding the cost onto my pledge or something?


    7. Jason Alan Miller on

      Awesome proof that this is a rockstar product, sir. First 2 days you've already got 114 backers and 50% of your goal? DANG! It's cool for me to be a part of a product I expect to see on every Cabellas store racks. I'll spread the word -- this product needs to get made!

    8. Loretta Fontaine Castagna on

      We love the COOLEST! We want the COOLEST! Heading towards 50% funded on the first day? AWESOME!

    9. Missing avatar

      Tim Anderson on

      I've wanted a blender on a cooler F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Brilliant man. Congratulations.

    10. John Nouguier on

      Very exciting to watch the pledges throughout the day. I'm expecting you to meet your goal today!!! I've passed it along via Facebook and email. Good job!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jesse Brunner on

      This is a perfect Kickstarter project! It's a fun idea, a person ready to go for it, and a clear need for the upfront capital. Go for it, Ryan! Can't wait to make blender drinks at the lake!