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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

Final day update

Posted by Ryan Grepper (Creator)

Hey Coolest Backers,

Today is the LAST DAY of the Coolest Kickstarter campaign! To those of you who were here from day one, and those of you who just signed up moments ago, I have something to say: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I’m so in awe and appreciative of all your support and sharing of this project.

Each one of you helped make history with this campaign, and I can never thank you enough.

But that won’t stop me from trying...

All the upgrades, improvements, long nights, and red eye flights all over the country have had one goal: to make YOUR Coolest Cooler the best it can be so that you can start making your own Coolest memories.

At its core, that's what the Coolest is all about. Getting outside with friends and loved ones, having a blast, and making the day as memorable as possible.

So whether you're excited for blended margaritas on the beach, jamming your tunes at the park, or enjoying any of the other innovative features of the Coolest... as long as your excited, I'm ecstatic!

A lot of people are asking me, "What happens next?"

About a month after the campaign ends, we'll be sending you a survey so that you can tell us what color you want, where you want your Coolest shipped, and any and all other important Coolest details.

Speaking of shipping, PLEASE watch this video that shows you how to ensure that shipping was added to your order. As you’ve probably heard, Kickstarter doesn't add shipping automatically. Watch this 45 second video and do this 15 second quick fix to your account so that we can get your Coolest shipped as easily as possible. Please watch:

Also, if you want to add anything else to your Coolest order, an extra battery, some more swag, or another Coolest? Well you can add all that to your account today, too. Here's a graph that that shows your options:

Again, you can just click “Manage Your Pledge” on our main Kickstarter page and adjust your pledge to add your shipping or extra battery, etc. 

Finally, don’t worry… I'll keep you updated throughout the development process. I’ll have many more details to share with you after the final manufacturing design files are locked down and our amazing industrial design and engineering teams all sign off. So, look for an email from me in the next two weeks or so.

As this is my last update before the campaign closes, I’d just like to THANK YOU all again for supporting this project. You’ve made my dreams come true and you can trust that I’m working day and night for you. I can never thank you enough, and I just can’t wait to get your Coolest to you.

I’m grateful for you and the entire Kickstarter community and it's been such an honor to have my idea seen and supported by so many people who love innovation and outdoor fun as much as I do.

To all: YOU have been the Coolest to me, and I’ll never forget it.

Thanks again for everything and talk to you soon,



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    1. Brandon Pifer on

      Ryan and the Coolest team;

      Keep moving forward, remaining stalwart in everything. Must earth not be moved to find gold? OF COURSE! Know that negativity is like dust raised from sojourning in trenches. The debris is not ignored but reduced and filtered only as feasible.

      Thank you Ryan and thank you Coolest team for the sacrifice, suffering and solidarity.

      Brandon Pifer

    2. Missing avatar

      Sharon Holley on

      When are we going to get our Coolest????

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Jalbert on

      I took your survey and when I finished and pushed the done button the server won't connect? I tried three time and still no.
      Obviously it's your server because I'm able to connect to others.
      Help please.

    4. Missing avatar

      Levi Bowen on

      I am trying to add the shipping but there isn't a "manage your thingy" button which is shown in the video. I can't for the life of me figure it out and think I have clicked on everything possible thing you can!

    5. Missing avatar


      @Chad Hall It comes with one battery. You could add additional batteries for $40 each if you wanted.
      @mary sue best; @Kathy Fletcher In Update #12 this was addressed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kathy Fletcher on

      Having trouble adding shipping, can't even find the right page, please help!!

    7. mary sue best on

      I cannot add my shipping charge or add another battery . Please help me to take care of this issue. I have already had the 185. taken from amazon Thank you for your help

    8. Chad Hall on

      Sorry, It does come with one charger and battery, correct?

    9. Chad Hall on

      I does come with one battery and charger? Correct?

    10. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Bourguet on

      Ryan posted this three hour ago under the Comment tab:

      "Hey everyone!

      Thanks so much for the outpouring of support and excitement for the Coolest. YOU made the Coolest the #1 Kickstarter campaign of all time!

      I know there are a LOT of questions about adjusting your pledges. Now that the Kickstarter campaign has ended, we'll have to do any adjustments for shipping, batteries, etc. via our own external platform.

      It takes approximately two weeks for Kickstarter and Amazon to process all the payments and share the customer information with us, and then we'll need a bit of time to sort it on our end.

      Expect to receive a backer survey from us in about a month. This is when you’ll confirm your order details, shipping address and color choice, and that’s also when we’ll request your shipping payment if you weren’t able to add it already.

      Look out for your survey, and in the meantime we'll keep sharing progress updates with all our backers throughout the entire production process.

      If you have any questions, just click on the "Contact Me" link on the right-hand side and my team is standing by to help out out.

      I hope this helps and thanks again for all your support!
      - Ryan"

    11. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Bourguet on

      I, too, do not have access to manage my pledge.

    12. Missing avatar

      Susan Dodson on

      I'm having the same issue as others....There is not a "manage my pledge" tab to click on so that I can add shipping, as well as an additional battery. Thanks:)

    13. Missing avatar

      Darcy Meyer on

      Manage pledge button not on my page. Need to add shipping and order another cooler.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christine on

      Manage my Pledge button needs to go back up

    15. Tabitha Taylor Das on

      I also changed my pledge a few days ago to include the shipping charges but Amazon only charged $185.

    16. Lynda Reynolds on

      Missed the shipping costs and wanted to add another cooler...couldn't find the manage!

    17. Missing avatar

      Stacy Tolbert on

      I can't find the "manage my pledge" button.....please advise.

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Triplett Sr. on

      i also saw email about shipping too late. I tried to add shipping and couldn't.
      Perhaps I can add it later

    19. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gorsky on

      I had successfully changed my pledge to $200 the other day but was only charged the original pledge of $185?

    20. Missing avatar

      Bas van Mullem on

      I updated the the pledge to get an extra battery and like the others, the amount collected by Amazon is the initial amount that I pledged. Hopefully there is a way to update or that they sort it out as I would love to have that extra battery!

    21. Anthony Scorsone on

      Same as the others cant add shipping i dont want to miss something..please re-advise..

    22. Missing avatar

      kimberley cook on

      Me too- can't find the "manage my pledge" botton to add shipping and extra battery. Hope we get an email or something about this. Can't wait to get this next year!! Brilliant!

    23. Vincentius Robby on

      I read my email late too. Will you be opening up backerkit or something along those lines for adjustments?

    24. Missing avatar

      Tristan Tang on

      Same problem as below; increased pledge to $240 (shipping and extra battery), but Amazon took only the $185. No worries, as I know this will get sorted. In all other ways my family is super stoked to be a part of this and look forward to much Coolest-ness next Summer.

    25. Steve Lorenzen on

      Excellent Ryan!!!
      I am so happy to be a part of this. I've been using you as an example of Capitalism & Entrepreneurship for our troubled times. You mentioned you would be writing this up as an example to teach others. I would like to get a copy. Please let me know how/where

    26. Missing avatar

      Jason Bennett on

      how do i add the shipping cost?

    27. Graham on

      Hi Ryan, I'm only guessing but imagine a lot of your backers will want at least one extra rechargeable battery. Please consider in cooler design a housing for the spare battery. You don't want to carry a loose battery around with you, fit it in the cooler body somewhere.

    28. Missing avatar

      Desiree on

      I am not seeing the adjust my pledge button

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Standley on

      I added $15 for shipping, but was only charged $185 on my card tonight. Will I be billed $15 when the cooler actually ships? How can I check to be sure that the shipping cost was added?

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian Schweitzer on

      Can't choose my color or add the shipping cost to be billed either...let us know how to take care of this...I really need my cooler thanks:) can't wait!

    31. Graham on

      Well done Ryan. Now comes the hard part, delivery of those coolest cooler bad-boys. Waiting now for Feb 2015. PS you need to get to grips quickly with this problem many backers have with the adding shipping charge / extra battery charge.

    32. Missing avatar

      Cindy Nesbitt on

      I missed the shipping cost and adding an extra battery!! What can I do now?!?

    33. Angela White on

      I missed the shipping do I correct this?!?!?!!!!!

    34. Missing avatar

      jennifer henley on

      same thing! just got home and realized I have not added my shipping cost. Anyone know what we should do??

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris Levitre on

      how do I add shipping ???

    36. Kay Cole on

      I also do not see the "manage my pledge" option. Is there a way to add it in amazon?

    37. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Ruzicka on

      Also, do we get to choose which color Coolest we get once they are produced and sent to us?

    38. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Ruzicka on

      Hey! I added the shipping cost and $40 for the battery but I was only charged the $185 tonight. Did I do something wrong or does that get charged when it ships?

    39. Missing avatar

      Donna Miller on

      I can't find the manage my pledge link!!! Hellpppp!

    40. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Wendt on

      Need shipping link please

    41. Missing avatar

      Leoj Onuz Nugahas on

      Ryan OMFG!! i forgot to add the $15 to the pledge for shipping. Was a long day at work and I didn't see the email until too late!. What´s supposed to i need to do now??? sorry man !! T_T

    42. Missing avatar

      jeremy b on

      Ryan you might want to use PayPal to get shipping/batteries/etc.

    43. Missing avatar

      jeremy b on

      Manage pledge is over. You had to do that before it was over.

    44. Missing avatar

      Derrick on

      I'm not seeing where I can "manage my pledge". Help please

    45. Laura Swiderski Ebeling on

      I did not see about 15.00 shipping charge either, I don't see how to add in now.

    46. Shannon Adamson on

      Oh man, I hope I'm not the only idiot that forgot to add the $15 to the pledge for shipping :/ Was a long day at work and I didn't see the email until too late!

    47. Missing avatar

      Martin Hannigan on

      You can do better than the Jawbone Jambox Speaker.....
      The Skull Candy BlueTooth Speaker is way better...and less expensive...and looks way cooler for your application....Please make change

    48. kathy przekopp on

      Ryan, I see that you've made the battery rechargeable and removable. Good! Is a battery charger specific to the battery included in the package?
      Also, I'm SURE it has already come to your attention that the COOLEST thing would be to have a solar powered battery! Best wishes in figuring THAT out. Until then, what about the charger?


    49. Aaron DelBono on

      Looking forward to being the envy of all my friends on the river next year with my Coolest!!

    50. Missing avatar

      jeremy b on

      Survey will ask what your address is and what color coolest you want.

      Grats on the KS.