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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

Coolest production update

Posted by Ryan Grepper (Creator)

Hey Coolest Backers,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones enjoying this amazing time of year!

The entire Coolest team is sending you and your family joyous wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We also wanted to provide you an update on new features we’ve added for you, our new production schedule and when you should get your Coolest Cooler.

I think you’re going to love all the new features. I’ve spent months working on them to make your Coolest EVEN cooler. But as you know, adding any new features can slow manufacturing and delivery time, so please read this entire message for full details.

I apologize in advance for the long update, but I wanted to let you know about all our efforts and get you as much detail as we have before you head into the holidays.

Thanks again for your support. I’m forever grateful for the entire Kickstarter community’s support of my project. You guys are on my mind 24/7, especially during this time of year.

Talk soon,

- Ryan


I’ve added upgrades and features to the Coolest — at no additional cost to you — that will absolutely make it a better product.

Many of these features were added at this community’s request, so I hope you love them as much as I do.

The challenge, of course, is that by adding features we also added more time to the design and manufacturing process. In the end, I chose to give you a better quality product even if it delayed some manufacturing and shipping times. I hope you’ll agree that was the smart choice, because here’s what you’re going to get (again, at no extra cost):

- Upgraded 20V Rechargable Lithium Battery. You asked for a more powerful battery, and we delivered. Our engineering team has upgraded our original NiMH battery to a rechargeable lithium polymer battery (LiPO) so it lasts longer, charges faster and works better with all our amazing features.

- Upgraded Custom Bluetooth Speaker. We’ve upgraded to our very own custom-made Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker with dual drivers, 5-watts, and a resonator plate for as much bass, volume and clarity as physics allow. Plus, our Bluetooth 4.0 Party Pairing® feature let’s you stream music from one phone to two speakers up to 30 feet apart!

- Upgraded Blender. The Coolest’s built-in, 20 volt ice-crushing blender will power through more than 6 gallons of blended goodness on a single charge.

- Upgraded Accessory Deck. Our original front panel left your phone and speaker exposed… Not any more! Now your speaker, phone, keys and wallet are safely secured and hidden from view in the Accessory Deck compartment.

- Upgraded Materials. We decided to upgrade most of the materials on the Coolest to be even more high quality for you, from upgraded tires, stronger stainless steel hinges, a new magnetic bottle cap catcher, and more.

- Upgraded Performance. We’ve run thousands of blend cycles optimizing the battery/motor/blender combination so it will work year after year and kick butt doing it. We’ve increased insulation and reduced rolling resistance. There isn’t a square inch of the Coolest that hasn’t been analyzed and engineered for performance.

Please understand upgrading all these things makes our product costs skyrocket, but you won’t be charged a single dime extra as one of our original backers.

In fact, The Coolest now has an estimated retail price of at least $399, but all of our Kickstarter backers get these upgrades at no extra cost.

Also, please understand doing all this is going to change our manufacturing and shipping timelines. It just takes time to do all this right for you, so all I can do is ask for your patience.


Since we’ve chosen to upgrade your Coolest as described above, again at no cost to you, it will change our original delivery estimations. Any way you slice it, producing this many Coolests at this level of upgrade and quality takes time. Especially because all of our suppliers were chosen not simply on cost, but on their proven capability of making quality products at high volume.

I had originally forecast a February shipping date based on a smaller production run (you might remember my original goal worked out to only 250 coolers, and we ended up at 62,642!). And of course that date was before we closed the Kickstarter and then decided to do all these new free upgrades for you.

We’ve spent months with all our suppliers - I think I’ve logged a kerbillion airline miles - and now that we have committed timelines from our manufacturing partners, we have a better picture of what’s possible at this volume and quality. We now believe we will start shipping Coolests in early summer 2015, probably July. There is still the possibility of shortening this timeline, and we may be able to ship some units earlier, but I wanted to give you our best estimate as of now.

Below is a high-level map of our work efforts until then. In January, we’ll post a more detailed page on our website for you, with regular updates on the nitty-gritty production process for those interested at that level.

What Else Should I Know?

We’re working with our manufacturing and fulfillment partners to determine the order of how/when the Coolests will ship to you. This Spring, you’ll receive your own color-coded group with expected delivery date. You’ll get color-coded updates specific to YOUR Coolest, and will even be able to track it in real time as it crosses the ocean to your doorstep. Again, with all the upgrades we’ve provided and the additional manufacturing time for those upgrades, we’re anticipating beginning Coolest shipping in Summer 2015.

I hope you’ll agree with my decision to upgrade our features and quality for our backers at no extra cost, and that the extra delivery time is well worth it in the end.

I also hope you know how much I appreciate your patience and support in this process. You guys made this campaign the #1 in Kickstarter history, so I just wanted to pour our success right back into building a better product for you.

Sorry, again, for the longer update here, but I wanted to provide full details for you.

If this new timeline frustrates anyone, believe me I know how you feel. I wanted to break another record and get this project made and delivered faster than anyone. I’ve learned a tremendous amount in the last several months, but the hardest lesson has been that highest-quality and record-breaking speed don’t go together. If you are frustrated or if you have specific questions, you can always reach us at For unfiltered discussion, debate, or just to share your thoughts with your fellow backers, you can always use our Kickstarter comments area right here.

That’s all for now.

Again, I’ll post more updates and details on our website in January.

Wishing you and your loved ones a cool, joyous and loving holiday season,


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    1. Brandon Pifer on

      Ryan and the Coolest team;

      Keep moving forward, remaining stalwart in everything. Must earth not be moved to find gold? OF COURSE! Know that negativity is like dust raised from sojourning in trenches. The debris is not ignored but reduced and filtered only as feasible.

      Thank you Ryan and thank you Coolest team for the sacrifice, suffering and solidarity.

      Brandon Pifer

    2. Missing avatar

      Jaime on

      Please refund my money

    3. vicki on

      They could have mail the coolest cooler to us rather then spenting all the money to upgraded . We didn't ask for it. Did we? It's another excuses to not send a cooler to us. So the one that's not upgraded and been sent to I'm sorry you guys are downgraded with a suck cooler. That was nice of Ryan to make you guys pay 97 for shipping and end of getting a crap cooler

    4. vicki on

      They could have mail the coolest cooler to us rather then spenting all the money to upgraded . We didn't ask for it. Did we? It's another excuses to not send a cooler to us. So the one that's not upgraded and been sent to I'm sorry you guys are downgraded with a suck cooler. That was nice of Ryan to make you guys pay 97 for shipping and end of getting a crap cooler

    5. Allison Hatcher on

      I never got one !!

    6. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Flower on

      I got both my coolest coolers today and they are AMAZING! So worth the wait! Be patient everyone, you'll be glad you backed it! I'll post again once I get it fully charged and tested!

    7. Kristin DeLeo Chalmers on

      I filled out my survey with mailing address, but it looks like we may be moving. Where can I update my new address when I know what it is?

    8. Israel Hernandez on

      please send me my survey

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Petit on

      I get everyone who has left negative comments out of frustration. You want your Coolest Cooler and you want it now, but take a breath and read others comments who have either funded kickstarter projects before or have a background in OEM supply chains (myself included) and please realize that ideas take much longer to become a reality than one anticipates.

      Ryan and the Coolest Team:

      I have not inquired about the status of my order because your project updates have been sufficient and informative. It would be helpful to have the option to revisit the color choice and receive a direct correspondence from your company rather than a generic kickstarter update in the near future.

      Keep up the good work!


    10. Natalie Cordeau on

      Keep up the good work !!! Very happy and proud to be a backer, Natalie :-)

    11. Aleisha Wickersham on

      I need my survey re-sent to me please. I was in the middle of filling it out and I got kicked out and then it would not let me resign in. I tried to do the link and have not heard back from the worker gnomes.

    12. Misty Dingel-Elrod on

      Good lawd negative folks!!! Take it easy on Ryan. This was a great idea to make, he put it together and only expected to make a couple hundred NOT 62,000+. Like Matt said, the logistics to figure out this huge of a project are crazy. They are crazy enough without having crazy post all over here peaved at the guy.

      I was jazzed to have it in the spring to make everyone jealous at the river during our tubing trips. Imagine the faces of everyone on the river checking this beast out, then at the lake and beach. Man can't wait. I use a cooler all year long to go to events and outings. We are all bummed out that it won't be in our hands when initially expected. We are all waiting for this awesomeness to reach us. I'd rather have it later and quality made and tested than have it get to me and break in a few weeks. Everyone relax out there. It will get to you.

      Not in time for a bday, wedding or other event? Get something else. When it does come in then what better to give than a random awesome gift. Those are more appreciated anyways. It doesn't have to be a "certain" date. But you can indeed tell them it was supposed to be in on time for that date and tell a whole story about how many awesome upgrades it ended up having so it was worth the wait. Anyone would be stoked about that right? I would.

      Keep up the great work Ryan and keep the updates coming :)

      -Ready in Texas

    13. Tony Rogowski on

      Losing credibility. July will turn into August and 2015 will soon be gone. Hype is getting old.

    14. Tony Rogowski on

      Losing credibility. July will turn into August and 2015 will soon be gone. Hype is getting old.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gordon E. Bishoff on

      Send me mine last....I can wait for bestest cooler ever. I know what Kickstarter is about...and on time is not part of it.

      Keep up with the updates...smaller and more often. Send videos of each part being made, etc. that is the least you can do with all the delays, not just verbal gerbil updates. Let us smell that plastic being molded.

      Not to sure about that pledge manager that not what Kickstarter is for? is complicated enough without adding another entity into it.

      See ya soon enough.

    16. Missing avatar

      Courtney on

      As much as I appreciate your updates to make this the best it can be, I am extremely disappointed about the delayed arrival. I purchased this solely as a wedding gift for my fiance since were getting married at the beach in May. Not sure I would have bought it if I knew it wouldn't be in my hands till the next summer. Was really looking forward to having this for our wedding.

    17. Matt Tolman on

      I rarely chime in on these, but just wanted to add my voice after reading some of the comments about the delays. I have funded several Kickstarter campaigns. In the Kickstarter community for those of us who had helped with several campaigns we know, understand, and even expect these delays. At the time we fund these it is still in the idea phase. We are helping that idea come to fruition, but the logistics have to be worked out, and in the case of this project the successful scale of the project requires massive amounts of logistics which can take time to implement. I think that Ryan has done a great job of communicating the progress, and I for one am very happy with some of the upgrades and improvements done to the project. I am a patient person, and am not at all bothered by the delays and am just glad to be part of this great project where real thought is being put in to make a quality project.

    18. Missing avatar

      Julie Gambrill on

      Can I change my color choice? Hope to have it before the first of August. It was purchased for a birthday gift.

    19. Allison Hatcher on

      Hope everything is going well , I look forward to receiving it. I rent at the mailing address I gave I hope I am still there when it finally gets to us ! I am excited to get it that's for sure

    20. Christina Mallon Guidi on

      While I understand delays happen, put me in the camp of those who would have preferred to have the original design at (or close to) the original time line. I really wanted to use it at the beach in July and August. Honestly, if I'm not going to get it by August 1st, just keep it for another 9 months and give me more free upgrades because I won't need it September through April.

    21. Davik on


      Congrats Josh for receiving projects on time. They must have been simple. I have backed 21 and only 1 on time. Calm down. Kickstarter isn't an online store. You're investing in an idea. Also, I'm glad about the upgrades. How about you receive the original and I'll take the upgrade for the same price?

    22. Missing avatar

      Patricia Piggott on

      Shipping in July sort of takes the fun out of having this cooler for the first BBQ of the summer.

    23. Kathy Anderson on

      I didn't get my survey either, so I emailed support and they got one to me right away. And although I'm really sad I won't have my coolest in time to show it off on my annual Father's Day camping trip (everyone was going to be SO JEALOUS!), I'm still really excited about it. This is going to be The Best Cooler Ever and if it just keeps getting better, I can wait. I guess... ;)

    24. Hatman on

      Sorry to say but a little disappointed...
      1) was like some people looking forward to have it for the summer... some time in July is when summer starts winding down
      2 ) unlike most have had much success with kickstarter ( Backed 10 things, so far 7 have come on time)
      3 ) upgrades are nice, but would have been more happy with something that showed up close to on time
      4 ) was not trying to support a $400 + cooler for me $200 seamed like a lot and a good stretch for something special for me and my family. Would not have been interested if i thought for a second I was supporting a cooler others would be spending almost $400 to get.

    25. Missing avatar

      bert bouman on

      Wow.... I ordered my cooler as one of the first with delivery in Feb 2015 ...
      My wife birthday on Feb 25... but I guess I have to buy something else....hiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

      Bert Bouman
      The Netherlands

    26. Mark Howard on

      Lol We seem to have a few newbies here..
      Will people THINK before they type.
      Put it into perspective, he has to find a way to make 62'000 coolers. Just run them numbers through your head a couple of times.
      Any timelines or schedules of the original campaign are gone. Just not feasible.
      Even a July timeframe is bloody optimistic.
      This project will deliver, and it will be hopefully better than we started. UNLESS the hand is forced to rush it through because of impatience. Then I doubt many will be happy.
      There is no point sending out surveys till they are 100% ready to go ahead with production.

      Be patient. It will be worth it!

    27. Missing avatar

      Cynthia on

      We should get a stack of business style cards to hand out for folks who want to get a cooler like ours...once we get it...

    28. Kayleigh Dillin on

      This is feeing a bit like a scam at this point

    29. Missing avatar

      Susan McGirt on

      So really - no way by end of May? Please don't do any more design changes - just get cooler out.
      Maybe you should send swag to all of us who are waiting patiently!

    30. Tracy Marie Volpe on

      Still no survey yet. No access to pledge manager. Nor any emails back from Coolest.

    31. John White on

      Hey Ryan,
      Like many others I too have not received my survey or swag, etc...although I had an issue with my email address and it may likely have been sent to a hacked gmail account. The frustration for me has been..even after sending multiple emails to the "coolest support" I have still not been able to login into pledge manager successfully, extremely frustrating...

    32. Missing avatar

      Harvey on

      I was expecting the delay but was only thinking it would be about 3 months. It looks like it's going to be closer to 6 and that's if nothing changes.

    33. Ryan Barker on

      While I appreciate that we are getting upgrades, a time frame that doesn't get this shipped to my doorstep by Memorial Day weekend, is ridiculous. I didn't buy a cooler to use it 2 seasons later. I also have received no survey, and it looks like most others haven't either. Nor did I get the "free gift" ornament o was supposed to receive. There seems to be no recourse or method of contact. As it stands, the entire process is turning me off of kickstarter in general.

    34. Missing avatar

      Fraser Dyer on

      If this is some people's first time using Kickstarter, don't be so shocked about delays. This is expected. I would hazard a guess that upward of 80% of products offered through Kickstarter are late in delivery. To put it in perspective - I am still waiting on something that was supposed to be delivered in January 2014! Similarly, of the 13 products I have backed, I've only received one of seven on time so far (still waiting for the others, but I expect delays with them also).
      So before everyone starts ranting and raving about a delay, which the Coolest Team has at least been honest enough to admit.
      Take a deep breath, relax and realize that life is way too short to be worried about receiving a cooler on time or not... Patience is a virtue after all.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jamie Burbank on

      I have not received my survey for choosing the color I want. When are those being sent out.

    36. Missing avatar

      Matthew High on

      I have not received my survey!!:(

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Smith on

      still pumped to get this one of a kind product however I would prefer to have it early summer rather than later. The main reason for the purchase was to enjoy the summer months on the water with this unit.

      Hope we see some major time frame improvements as well as the quality.

    38. Missing avatar

      Willard Roles on

      It would be nice to at least have the Coolest Cooler by Memorial Day so I can use it to celebrate the start of summer as opposed to July and possibly when summer is half over. I appreciate the updates but they don't benefit me if I don't have the cooler.

    39. Heidi Cain on

      Has anyone received their "swag" yet? My email said mine shipped 2 day air. I still have not received it.

    40. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    41. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria on

      @Dana Salsbury Mitchell ,

      Send an e-mail to

    42. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Fiske on

      Ryan, I want you to know that your transparency and commitment to your customers means much more to me than any timeline. It is refreshing to be treated like an adult ... that I can understand what is going on and why. Your updates are so inclusive that I sometimes feel like "part of the team", and as a Coolest Cooler backer, I know that I am in some ways.

      Thanks, as ever, and my your Holidays be kind to you,

    43. Dana Salsbury Mitchell on

      still haven't received my survey

    44. Missing avatar

      James Stone on

      I am OK with waiting to get the best Coolest cooler that Ryan can provide because with a proposed retail price of nearly $400, I don't think he will sell many when/if they hit the open market. I am needing to get the best that can be provided in case they aren't around for very long......Just my opinion.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ashley T on

      I have not received my survey yet.

    46. jamonitmack on

      I'm very appreciative that you are taking the time to make this a real legit product that we can be proud of and not just a first series that you hurry out the door. This means a lot. I'd rather wait longer and get a quality unit than get the "tester" shipments and see another run come out that is better than what I got.

      Ignore the whiners.