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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
Created by

Ryan Grepper

62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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YOUR Coolest Speaker!


This is YOUR Coolest Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker!

We've been sharing how focused we are on making the VERY BEST Coolest Cooler we possibly can, and today I’M SO EXCITED we finally get to show off what that means for Coolest sound!

From day one we’ve been committed to not just giving you some ol’ clunker speaker, but making sure the music coming out of your Coolest sounded as amazing as the laws of physics could deliver. That’s why when we realized that we couldn’t find an amazing existing speaker that fit in our Accessory Deck we went looking for the very best speaker manufacturer around.

You see, we tested over 25 existing portable Bluetooth speakers and learned something interesting. While several sounded very good indoors (surrounded with sound-bouncing walls), they all lost the sound battle when taken into the wide-open great outdoors.

Unless you tailgate in a phone booth this was not going to cut it.

The secret we discovered to make a speaker sound great outdoors was not cheap, or easy, but we did it. Without sharing all the ingredients in our secret sauce I can tell you that speakers alone won’t get the job done. The Coolest Outdo Bluetooth Speaker also has a GIANT sound radiator with directional channeling to send those low and loud sounds shooting right out the front of your Coolest.

And the music sounds even bigger and better when you put the speaker in the Coolest!

If this was a infomercial, here’s where they’d say, “But wait, there’s more…’

We decided early on that if we were going to put ‘Coolest’ on our own speaker it needed to also do something no other speaker does.

Your Coolest speaker also comes with a feature we call Party Pairing®.

This is a push-button simple way to connect your Coolest speaker with a second Coolest speaker to double the sound. How does it work?

Let’s say you bring your Coolest to a BBQ and see your buddy, who also has a Coolest, (or just a second Coolest speaker). You push one fist-bump on your speaker and they push the opposite fist-bump on their speaker. That’s it... connected.

Now when you play music from your phone the sound comes out BOTH speakers, and they can be up to 30 feet apart!

This lets you not only double the sound, but you can also share the DJ duties. If you don’t like the song they’re playing, just hit play on your phone and start something better. That automatically pauses their crummy music and starts playing that kick-butt song you chose.

Single button Party Pairing®… you saw it here first!

Comparably-sized Bluetooth speakers that sound waaay less amazing retail for around $180- $299.

The Coolest Speaker, when it eventually hits retail, will have an MSRP of around $160, but if you like to host big tailgates or BBQs or just want to spread your sound around with a second speaker of your own, our loyal Kickstarter and pre-order backers can add an extra one to your pledge for $79 bucks.

Just log in here and modify your pledge: 

Haven’t completed your pledge yet?? Better get on it!! We’ll be locking the surveys down for first round deliveries here later next month and without a completed survey we won't be able to send you your Coolest, and you’ll cry.

There are zero delicious blended drinks made with tears, so log in and get er' done!

Once you have that knocked out, let us know what you think of your Coolest Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker right here!



Blend ON


Here’s a little sneak peek at something no one has seen before… This is what your Coolest Pitcher looks like!

When we started designing this pitcher, all our focus was on ice crushing and bad-ass blendability. Mission accomplished.

But what else?

How about making sure that a perfectly smooth margarita or smoothie could be whipped up at the beach in less than 15 seconds??


How about making sure our Pitcher looks like it belongs on the Coolest? Lets make it simple and sexy to whip up the best-of-the-best blended drink recipes from our upcoming Coolest Drink Guide — with built-in recipe markers for cocktails, easy markers for everything else, and a removable cap perfectly measuring ½ cup.


How about making sure our materials are of the highest quality? Let’s produce the Pitcher from a virtually unbreakable Tritan plastic, and then include an elastomeric (rubbery) lid-top like those found on other high-end household blenders. And let’s not forget to include precision-sharpened stainless steel blades.

Check and mate.

It makes me thirsty just writing about it, but there you have it.

This is YOUR Coolest Blender Pitcher, and we’re pushing forward at top speed to start shipping in July!

Leave a comment here and let us know what you think!



TAKE YOUR SURVEY so we can get you your Coolest: 

...just click request a new invite.

>>> PS If you’re at SXSW on Monday, stop by and say hi!

Intrigued or confused by Crowdfunding? You’re not alone. Join Zack Brown (the Potato Salad Guy), Ryan Grepper (Coolest Cooler), Gary Wolfheil (Crowdrise) and Allyson Burns (Case Foundation/Revolution) for a lively discussion about the future of crowdfunding at SXSW. Together, we’ll dissect the future of crowdfunding for nonprofits, for-profits and individuals and what the evolution of crowdfunding means for your next project.

>>> PPS Here's a short video of the Outer Shell tooling being made.  More details like this every week at Coolest/Countdown

's video poster

New Production update


Hey Coolest backers,

Super quick update to let you all know that a new Coolest/Countdown production post is up on our /Countdown page.

Big picture: Production is still on track

If you want a deeper dive into the weekly production progress you can check Coolest/Countdown every Thursday (occasionally Friday) for many more details.

This week's post starts like this...

I think it’s important in these updates to share more details, both positive and negative, and hopefully it will give other folks interested in creating something new some sort of idea of what you can expect.

Lesson #1: Nothing ever goes exactly as planned

...and finishes on Coolest/Countdown.





Hey Coolest Backers,

Have you ever had someone try to explain how they fixed their computer? It usually goes something like… 

“Well, first I reviewed the /var/log/messages file and it showed a bunch of kernel exception errors, and I knew it wasn't automounter causing my NFS mounts to wedge and I while I realized that was still probably another red-herring though... eventually I discovered that I needed to...........

This is where I usually glaze over, but I remember it goes on much longer.

Unfortunately this is also what often happens with many Kickstarter campaigns when they get into serious production related updates. Sometimes I want to read every word, but other times it’s tough to wade through page after page of highly detailed content when I just want an overview.

So - in what’s becoming a Coolest norm - if something is inefficient, we dream up ways to make it better...

Then we build it.

And on that note, today I’m excited to share with you our brand-new page, Coolest/Countdown!

This page on our site will be your dedicated weekly source of both high-level snapshots and more detailed specifics on the actual manufacturing process of your Coolest Cooler. Want a quick overview on our progress? You’ve got it! Want even more detail to fulfill your inner Gantt chart geek? Well, you’ve get that too.

It starts with this big-picture image showing an overview of we’ve accomplished and what still has to be completed:

What’s cool is that you can simply roll-over each task to understand a little more about what’s on our plate and what’s been checked off our list.

Below that will be each week’s production blog post. This is where we’ll be diving headfirst into the nitty gritty of our manufacturing process to share specifics of what happened this week, what we learned, and how it’s all moving forward. We’ll also occasionally be taking flashbacks to share other lessons learned and behind-the-scenes details, so let us know if there’s something you’d like to know more about.

This week’s post is a mash-up of what we’ve been doing over the last six weeks or so, including photos of the latest prototype build our manufacturing partners put together, vendor selection and screening discoveries, our engineering team’s visit to China and the lessons we’ve taken away from that trip.

Some of your eyes just glazed over reading that paragraph, while others are anxiously wondering what adventures befell those brave, brave engineers.

Coolest/Countdown will let you deep-dive or just dip a toe, giving you as many details or as little info as you want. We’ll still be reaching out with Kickstarter updates of course, but I'm really excited to have this new way to share more of the Coolest journey with you all. Hope you like it too!

REMINDER: Complete your Coolest Survey

Everyone has been sent a link to complete your PledgeManager survey, but so far only around 58% have got ‘er done. Complete your survey today right here: and just click request a new invite. If you backed for a level that includes any Coolest Swag make sure to complete your survey by Feb 13th, otherwise you’ll have to wait until July for our final t-shirt production run.

I hope your 2015 is off to a great start!



Coolest production update


Hey Coolest Backers,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones enjoying this amazing time of year!

The entire Coolest team is sending you and your family joyous wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We also wanted to provide you an update on new features we’ve added for you, our new production schedule and when you should get your Coolest Cooler.

I think you’re going to love all the new features. I’ve spent months working on them to make your Coolest EVEN cooler. But as you know, adding any new features can slow manufacturing and delivery time, so please read this entire message for full details.

I apologize in advance for the long update, but I wanted to let you know about all our efforts and get you as much detail as we have before you head into the holidays.

Thanks again for your support. I’m forever grateful for the entire Kickstarter community’s support of my project. You guys are on my mind 24/7, especially during this time of year.

Talk soon,

- Ryan


I’ve added upgrades and features to the Coolest — at no additional cost to you — that will absolutely make it a better product.

Many of these features were added at this community’s request, so I hope you love them as much as I do.

The challenge, of course, is that by adding features we also added more time to the design and manufacturing process. In the end, I chose to give you a better quality product even if it delayed some manufacturing and shipping times. I hope you’ll agree that was the smart choice, because here’s what you’re going to get (again, at no extra cost):

- Upgraded 20V Rechargable Lithium Battery. You asked for a more powerful battery, and we delivered. Our engineering team has upgraded our original NiMH battery to a rechargeable lithium polymer battery (LiPO) so it lasts longer, charges faster and works better with all our amazing features.

- Upgraded Custom Bluetooth Speaker. We’ve upgraded to our very own custom-made Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker with dual drivers, 5-watts, and a resonator plate for as much bass, volume and clarity as physics allow. Plus, our Bluetooth 4.0 Party Pairing® feature let’s you stream music from one phone to two speakers up to 30 feet apart!

- Upgraded Blender. The Coolest’s built-in, 20 volt ice-crushing blender will power through more than 6 gallons of blended goodness on a single charge.

- Upgraded Accessory Deck. Our original front panel left your phone and speaker exposed… Not any more! Now your speaker, phone, keys and wallet are safely secured and hidden from view in the Accessory Deck compartment.

- Upgraded Materials. We decided to upgrade most of the materials on the Coolest to be even more high quality for you, from upgraded tires, stronger stainless steel hinges, a new magnetic bottle cap catcher, and more.

- Upgraded Performance. We’ve run thousands of blend cycles optimizing the battery/motor/blender combination so it will work year after year and kick butt doing it. We’ve increased insulation and reduced rolling resistance. There isn’t a square inch of the Coolest that hasn’t been analyzed and engineered for performance.

Please understand upgrading all these things makes our product costs skyrocket, but you won’t be charged a single dime extra as one of our original backers.

In fact, The Coolest now has an estimated retail price of at least $399, but all of our Kickstarter backers get these upgrades at no extra cost.

Also, please understand doing all this is going to change our manufacturing and shipping timelines. It just takes time to do all this right for you, so all I can do is ask for your patience.


Since we’ve chosen to upgrade your Coolest as described above, again at no cost to you, it will change our original delivery estimations. Any way you slice it, producing this many Coolests at this level of upgrade and quality takes time. Especially because all of our suppliers were chosen not simply on cost, but on their proven capability of making quality products at high volume.

I had originally forecast a February shipping date based on a smaller production run (you might remember my original goal worked out to only 250 coolers, and we ended up at 62,642!). And of course that date was before we closed the Kickstarter and then decided to do all these new free upgrades for you.

We’ve spent months with all our suppliers - I think I’ve logged a kerbillion airline miles - and now that we have committed timelines from our manufacturing partners, we have a better picture of what’s possible at this volume and quality. We now believe we will start shipping Coolests in early summer 2015, probably July. There is still the possibility of shortening this timeline, and we may be able to ship some units earlier, but I wanted to give you our best estimate as of now.

Below is a high-level map of our work efforts until then. In January, we’ll post a more detailed page on our website for you, with regular updates on the nitty-gritty production process for those interested at that level.

What Else Should I Know?

We’re working with our manufacturing and fulfillment partners to determine the order of how/when the Coolests will ship to you. This Spring, you’ll receive your own color-coded group with expected delivery date. You’ll get color-coded updates specific to YOUR Coolest, and will even be able to track it in real time as it crosses the ocean to your doorstep. Again, with all the upgrades we’ve provided and the additional manufacturing time for those upgrades, we’re anticipating beginning Coolest shipping in Summer 2015.

I hope you’ll agree with my decision to upgrade our features and quality for our backers at no extra cost, and that the extra delivery time is well worth it in the end.

I also hope you know how much I appreciate your patience and support in this process. You guys made this campaign the #1 in Kickstarter history, so I just wanted to pour our success right back into building a better product for you.

Sorry, again, for the longer update here, but I wanted to provide full details for you.

If this new timeline frustrates anyone, believe me I know how you feel. I wanted to break another record and get this project made and delivered faster than anyone. I’ve learned a tremendous amount in the last several months, but the hardest lesson has been that highest-quality and record-breaking speed don’t go together. If you are frustrated or if you have specific questions, you can always reach us at For unfiltered discussion, debate, or just to share your thoughts with your fellow backers, you can always use our Kickstarter comments area right here.

That’s all for now.

Again, I’ll post more updates and details on our website in January.

Wishing you and your loved ones a cool, joyous and loving holiday season,