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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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Shipping timeline


Hey Coolest Backers,

Julie, Farrah and Blake are our Coolest team members responsible for answering support emails and messages, and lately this is what many look like:

“When the hell am I going to get my damn Coolest?! You’ve been sitting on all our money for over a year and all you keep saying is it’s coming. I’m getting REAL impatient and if I don’t have it in time for (X) I’m going to post a video on Facebook and YouTube warning everyone the truth about this SCAM!

Ahhhh… we hear you. Waiting for your Coolest sucks, especially with these hot weekends, planned family trips, and summer slipping away. We’d all love to take our Coolest out this weekend and enjoy it with our friends and families, but right now no one even knows when they can hope to get it.

I promise we are not off yachting it up somewhere, rather we are still laser focused on getting your Coolest to you as fast and as perfect as possible. Part of what makes backing something on Kickstarter different than just buying it somewhere is experiencing the journey from idea to real life product. It’s been an AMAZING journey, but hey - at the end of a long journey, everyone still wants to know, “Are we there yet?!.”

Some of our earliest Coolest backers get to pick up their Coolest TODAY at a celebration we’re hosting in Portland, while the last backer units may not show up until November. This update will give you an idea of where you might fall in that range and why we aren't promising a precise date.


The Coolest does not fit in an envelope. Forever stamps won't work, and still no damn transporters…this is how Coolest Coolers are getting made and getting to you:

Colors: We are making 2000 of each color Coolest first so we can make sure there are no issues matching the knifes, plates and corkscrews with the Coolest body. Then we'll be making one color every week or so (orange/green/blue) as it takes over twelve hours to shut down, clean and switch from one color to another in the blow molding machine.

Ocean Transit: 410 Coolests can fit in a 40' container and it takes 18 days to ship containers to the port of Tacoma, then another 2-3 days to offload and get to our warehouse in Portland. Typhoons, peak season traffic, or another labor disputes could add delays but so far, so good.

U.S. shipping: In Portland we add the speaker and any extra items, then put on a UPS label. Next we load 500 Coolest into a semi truck or train to head to one of six UPS distribution centers. Loading time is 1-2 days and transit time is 2-6 days depending on geography.

Last mile: Once your Coolest arrives at the UPS distribution center, our friends in brown will send you an email alert with tracking number and zip it off to your home at last (2-4 days).

IMPORTANT: Each week as each new color comes in, our Logistic/Fulfillment partners get to decide which truckfull of which Coolest go to which zone in what order based on our overall instructions to ship as many as possible to those who ordered earliest.

Manufacturing start-up: Even a Ferrari takes some time to go from zero to 100, but we're apparently more like a luxury motorhome. When we shipped our first batch of Coolests, we were told by our factory that we’d be making 800/day within 3 weeks. Then one day no units were made because the chromed logos didn't show up and they need to be attached before the foaming process. After that, one of the molds got damaged and had to be repaired so zero were made for eight days. I dropped everything and flew back overseas and after a huge team effort I’m happy to say we will finally be at 800 Coolests per day this Monday, with room still for more ramp-up.

Manufacturing next: Over 3,000 Coolests have left the factory so far. We expect 3,000+ more next week alone, then close to 5,000 or more each week to come. As we mentioned in the last update, at this rate we’re pushing to get the final Kickstarter Coolest shipped from our factory by the end of October. But with 25+ days of travel that likely puts us into November for the last of you. We are also still looking at investing in more tooling that could more than double our numbers, but the timing is still a big unknown.

Ballpark: The easiest way to estimate your expected delivery day is to assume that the first 10k backers should see their Coolest between today and the end of September, backers 10,001 - 40,000 in October, then 40,001- 62,000 in November, BUT it’s not so easy. There are more Blue Moon orders than Margarita for example, so how many of which color comes in each week, combined with which UPS zones get shipped to each week, will also factor in the equation.

Being polite to Julie, Farrah and Blake couldn’t hurt either. ;)

We love hearing everyone’s enthusiasm for the Coolest, and we remember every day that it was your support that made this all possible in the first place. We’re really SO CLOSE everyone – just a little longer and you’ll have your very own Coolest to enjoy soon!


- Ryan



Behold, the FIRST SHIPMENT OF COOLEST COOLERS leaving the factory today!!!!

It's been a pretty emotional day here at Coolest HQ as words can't express how amazing it feels to hit this milestone...  We are all so proud of what's been accomplished going full circle from a concept to a real, live product on it's way to our earliest backers.  Thank you all!

Keep an eye out next week for a walkthrough video showing off the nitty-gritty details and answering all your questions about your soon-to-be-arriving Coolest.  :) 

Blend ON!


Big Green Button


Hey Coolest Backers,

Earlier this month we made the FIRST Vodkarita on the first Coolest Cooler fresh off the Final Engineering build and it was awesome!

HOWEVER not as awesome as what came next...  The Coolest Cooler blends better, rocks out louder, and just IS better than even I imagined!

Most of the FEP Coolests get beat-up and dissected to make sure yours will be super reliable, but we snuck a few back to Portland just in time for the 4th and recorded all the fun:

Here's the news you've been waiting for:

Production of Coolest Coolers starts next week with the first shipment getting dropped off at the port on Friday July 24th!  Every week we'll keep making more and more, and shipping them to you as fast as possible - just like we've laid out in the last few updates.

About 1 week before your Coolest shows up at your door, our fulfillment team will reach out one last time to confirm we still have the right shipping address. But if you've moved in the last year or have a move coming up, check your PledgeManager account or email us at with your latest information.

On another front we're hoping to be able to double down on more tooling for even more capacity depending on Pre-Orders, which just now opened up at

If you have friends or family that want to get their Coolest this year, or you just want to tailgate in stereo, tell them to get their clicking fingers ready as the demand has been CRAZY!

Thanks again everyone for making this all possible!!!

Blend ON!


Countdown to Coolest


Hey Coolest Backers,

Summer is here and I’m excited to give you an update on your Coolest Cooler! I know it’s getting hot out there and you want to know how to stay cool, so PLEASE read this rather long update. Many of you have missed previous updates so I’m giving you the full Summer rundown.

If you’ve been following our weekly production updates at Coolest/Countdown, then you know we’ve been working like mad to complete the pre-manufacturing phase exactly as we laid out last November.

We are on track, and we will begin our phased rollout of Coolest Coolers next month in July.

Even better, this means every Coolest Cooler we ship will include ALL the upgrades we’ve made for free. This means you’ll be getting a fully decked out $485 Coolest Cooler. Yep, they’ll be retailing for $485, but as a Kickstarter backer you got one heckuva deal!

PLEASE read below to understand our phased rollout and when you can expect to get your own Coolest.

As we’ve mentioned in the last couple of updates, the factories can't possibly make 60,000+ units in a month so not every backer will get a Coolest Cooler this summer (See below for full details). That’s why I’d like to THANK you all again for being part of Kickstarter and this campaign.

Kickstarter allows ordinary people to be supported by a community like you all who understand you’re backing an IDEA that then has to become a REALITY.

Every one of you played a part bringing the Coolest Cooler to life–we’ve listened to your feedback, stayed committed to delivering ultimate quality, then designed, engineered, sourced, tooled, scaled... then built the team and partnerships to get them delivered around the world–all based on the success of our Kickstarter campaign. Obviously, we had a lot of success (26,000% to plan) so we’ve had a lot of work to do!

Honestly, it’s been a long road but I can say that it has been YOUR cheering, support, and great ideas that have kept it all so motivating and meaningful to us.

So once again, thanks for supporting this idea and helping make it into a reality. It means the world to me and I can’t wait to see your photos with family and friends enjoying the Coolest Cooler of them all!

Please read below. Wishing you a cool fun-filled summer,


Manufacturing Phase Update:

One of my favorite things about Kickstarter projects is that everyday people can choose to fund never-before-seen amazing projects. As a backer getting to see them come together really is part of the magic.

We’ve done our best to share the view from underneath the hood with you at Coolest/Countdown with our weekly production updates.

We’ve just completed the Engineering Pilot stage where we first put all the parts together and make final adjustments to the tooling. Right this week a dozen+ Coolest Coolers are undergoing abuse, endurance, certification and live testing to make sure they can live up the adventures you have in store for them, and so far, so good!

You can see Friday's Coolest/Countdown page for a peak at the three Engineering Pilot units that just arrived at Coolest HQ in Portland, along with the first pics of the rubberized extra-wide Coolest wheels. This thing is a beast and very shortly we’ll have video of the Coolest in action to share with you.

Delivery Phase UpdateNow that we’re approaching the final stages Coolest development, it’s almost time to start rolling them off the line.

These are BIG products to create, especially considering all the assembly. They’re also BIG products to ship (only around 360 Coolests will fit in a 40’ shipping container!). That’s why we wanted to make sure everyone understands the phased rollout.

Tens of thousands of Coolest Coolers will be made and shipped this summer. But as previously communicated clearly, not everyone will get one immediately because we have 60,000+ to make and ship and any factory can only create so many per month with the tools, machinery and workers available. Based on a 3-4 week shipping time–remember the Coolest is a BIG product to ship–that means many people won’t receive theirs until Fall or late Fall depending on when they ordered, what colors arrive that week, how many we can roll off the line that month, along with some location algorithms thrown in by our logistics and shipping folks.

Unfortunately, this means we can’t give you personally an exact delivery date for your individual Coolest. However, we WILL send you an email when yours is being shipped with tracking info, and I’m confident we’ll get tens of thousands out this summer and everyone will have theirs by end of Fall. The other week we asked if you wanted an advanced shipping option–to sort of ‘cut in line’ to get one air express delivered from across the sea–but the majority said that wouldn’t be fair to everyone, and it turned out the air-shipping was way too much anyway (over $160). So, hang in there and we'll get these delivered as fast and as fairly as we can.

Preorder UpdateMost of you backed this project at around $200, but in fact, with all these upgrades the market analysis has shown that the Coolest will retail at $485 when it goes on pre-order sale to the public shortly. That’s the magic of backing a Kickstarter campaign! I hope you feel REALLY good about that! We’ll basically be taking pre-orders, meaning people will pay $485, but they’ll understand there will be a delay in getting their Coolest as we fulfill Backer orders as a priority.

Preorder sales will provide a HUGE help in purchasing more tooling for even more manufacturing capacity so we can deliver even MORE Coolest Coolers to everyone FASTER. The more people who pre-order, the more revenue we have to build faster fulfillment and that’s a huge goal. I’ll keep you updated because you guys have all asked how your friends and family could order one too.

I really do hope you’ve been enjoying the behind-the-scenes look at how we’ve gone from an idea to a real product ready to ship around the world in less than a year.

Your support, and the entire Kickstarter community, has proven that passionate people can come together to support the right idea at the right time, and bring something new into the world. It’s truly been an honor.

Hang tight everyone… Coolests will soon be rolling off the line and into parks, beaches and tailgates near you... THANK you once more.

– Ryan

EP1 and a question...


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