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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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Countdown to Coolest


Hey Coolest Backers,

Summer is here and I’m excited to give you an update on your Coolest Cooler! I know it’s getting hot out there and you want to know how to stay cool, so PLEASE read this rather long update. Many of you have missed previous updates so I’m giving you the full Summer rundown.

If you’ve been following our weekly production updates at Coolest/Countdown, then you know we’ve been working like mad to complete the pre-manufacturing phase exactly as we laid out last November.

We are on track, and we will begin our phased rollout of Coolest Coolers next month in July.

Even better, this means every Coolest Cooler we ship will include ALL the upgrades we’ve made for free. This means you’ll be getting a fully decked out $485 Coolest Cooler. Yep, they’ll be retailing for $485, but as a Kickstarter backer you got one heckuva deal!

PLEASE read below to understand our phased rollout and when you can expect to get your own Coolest.

As we’ve mentioned in the last couple of updates, the factories can't possibly make 60,000+ units in a month so not every backer will get a Coolest Cooler this summer (See below for full details). That’s why I’d like to THANK you all again for being part of Kickstarter and this campaign.

Kickstarter allows ordinary people to be supported by a community like you all who understand you’re backing an IDEA that then has to become a REALITY.

Every one of you played a part bringing the Coolest Cooler to life–we’ve listened to your feedback, stayed committed to delivering ultimate quality, then designed, engineered, sourced, tooled, scaled... then built the team and partnerships to get them delivered around the world–all based on the success of our Kickstarter campaign. Obviously, we had a lot of success (26,000% to plan) so we’ve had a lot of work to do!

Honestly, it’s been a long road but I can say that it has been YOUR cheering, support, and great ideas that have kept it all so motivating and meaningful to us.

So once again, thanks for supporting this idea and helping make it into a reality. It means the world to me and I can’t wait to see your photos with family and friends enjoying the Coolest Cooler of them all!

Please read below. Wishing you a cool fun-filled summer,


Manufacturing Phase Update:

One of my favorite things about Kickstarter projects is that everyday people can choose to fund never-before-seen amazing projects. As a backer getting to see them come together really is part of the magic.

We’ve done our best to share the view from underneath the hood with you at Coolest/Countdown with our weekly production updates.

We’ve just completed the Engineering Pilot stage where we first put all the parts together and make final adjustments to the tooling. Right this week a dozen+ Coolest Coolers are undergoing abuse, endurance, certification and live testing to make sure they can live up the adventures you have in store for them, and so far, so good!

You can see Friday's Coolest/Countdown page for a peak at the three Engineering Pilot units that just arrived at Coolest HQ in Portland, along with the first pics of the rubberized extra-wide Coolest wheels. This thing is a beast and very shortly we’ll have video of the Coolest in action to share with you.

Delivery Phase UpdateNow that we’re approaching the final stages Coolest development, it’s almost time to start rolling them off the line.

These are BIG products to create, especially considering all the assembly. They’re also BIG products to ship (only around 360 Coolests will fit in a 40’ shipping container!). That’s why we wanted to make sure everyone understands the phased rollout.

Tens of thousands of Coolest Coolers will be made and shipped this summer. But as previously communicated clearly, not everyone will get one immediately because we have 60,000+ to make and ship and any factory can only create so many per month with the tools, machinery and workers available. Based on a 3-4 week shipping time–remember the Coolest is a BIG product to ship–that means many people won’t receive theirs until Fall or late Fall depending on when they ordered, what colors arrive that week, how many we can roll off the line that month, along with some location algorithms thrown in by our logistics and shipping folks.

Unfortunately, this means we can’t give you personally an exact delivery date for your individual Coolest. However, we WILL send you an email when yours is being shipped with tracking info, and I’m confident we’ll get tens of thousands out this summer and everyone will have theirs by end of Fall. The other week we asked if you wanted an advanced shipping option–to sort of ‘cut in line’ to get one air express delivered from across the sea–but the majority said that wouldn’t be fair to everyone, and it turned out the air-shipping was way too much anyway (over $160). So, hang in there and we'll get these delivered as fast and as fairly as we can.

Preorder UpdateMost of you backed this project at around $200, but in fact, with all these upgrades the market analysis has shown that the Coolest will retail at $485 when it goes on pre-order sale to the public shortly. That’s the magic of backing a Kickstarter campaign! I hope you feel REALLY good about that! We’ll basically be taking pre-orders, meaning people will pay $485, but they’ll understand there will be a delay in getting their Coolest as we fulfill Backer orders as a priority.

Preorder sales will provide a HUGE help in purchasing more tooling for even more manufacturing capacity so we can deliver even MORE Coolest Coolers to everyone FASTER. The more people who pre-order, the more revenue we have to build faster fulfillment and that’s a huge goal. I’ll keep you updated because you guys have all asked how your friends and family could order one too.

I really do hope you’ve been enjoying the behind-the-scenes look at how we’ve gone from an idea to a real product ready to ship around the world in less than a year.

Your support, and the entire Kickstarter community, has proven that passionate people can come together to support the right idea at the right time, and bring something new into the world. It’s truly been an honor.

Hang tight everyone… Coolests will soon be rolling off the line and into parks, beaches and tailgates near you... THANK you once more.

– Ryan

EP1 and a question...


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Late hour battery change, but still on track



Late last year we were really excited to share the news when we upgraded the Coolest Cooler Battery from a built–in NiMH battery to a removable/rechargeable Lithium pack. Over the last seven months we’ve gone through Costco cases of booze, plus build a Mechanical Margarita test-rig to nail down which battery could best deliver the needed power to our monster blender motor. In the end we were completely confident we had found the right battery combination from the best cell manufacturer to do the job.

That is until now. We still believe the battery we chose can do the job, however we discovered an issue. The blender is so powerful and great at quickly crushing ice that for a few microseconds it draws more current than the battery is officially rated to deliver.

We had two choices. A, give you a battery pack with the cells we’ve tested and possibly risk a future problem if we missed something…

Or B, continue our Coolest tradition of when in doubt, make it better. We chose option B.

The new cells that are going in the Coolest battery packs still utilize the same Lithium chemistry, they’re just slightly bigger. These are 22mm diameter rather than the 18mm earlier cells, but luckily they still fit in our battery housing.

We’ve tested these cell types before and found they work great, but because they are used less often and have significantly higher current capacity they are more expensive. We didn’t move forward with them originally because the other cells worked great as well.

We’re making this late change of plans to make sure the Coolest Cooler will exceed your (and our) expectation for the long haul. 

And, hey, if everyone ends up getting an extra pitcher or two of blended Vodkaritas per charge, that’s not such a bad side effect, is it?

Big Picture: Production still on schedule

Most of you understand that the incredible demand for the Coolest Cooler far exceeded our wildest dreams. Thank you all again for that!! We’re still on track and on schedule to make that dream a Coolest reality this year, with production and shipping commencing in July.

Once we have all your surveys completed TONIGHT we’ll begin working with our logistics and fulfillment team, a slide ruler, and a Magic 8 Ball to narrow down the actual shipping order. Because we can’t ship the Very First Coolest to everyone, we really appreciate your excitement and patience as we work through the process.


One last thing: we still have a few people who still have not completed the backer survey – TODAY IS THE DEADLINE! If you haven’t completed it, don’t worry, you will still get your Coolest Cooler, but shipping will be sorted out in the second scheduling.

Every backer needs to complete the survey we sent out, otherwise we won’t know what color you want and where to ship your cooler.  If you somehow missed the last half dozen updates, just take a moment to fill it out TODAY. Click here to complete:



Backer Survey Deadline April 15th


Hey Coolest Backers,

We know there have been a lot of questions lately about our Backer Survey - what it is, why it's needed, and how to get it done. So here's an entire update dedicated to that topic alone.

What is the Backer Survey and why do you keep bugging me about it?
Bottom line, without a completed survey we can’t get you your Coolest.  When you backed the Coolest on Kickstarter last year only limited information, like name, email and pledge type, was collected and shared with us. The Backer Survey completes the process and allows you to give us critical information, like what color Coolest you’d like, and where the heck we should send it. 

It also lets you add shipping if you forgot it, or add an extra battery or Coolest Bluetooth speaker to your order.

Choose your color and any add-ons
Choose your color and any add-ons

 How do I get a Backer Survey?

We partnered with the amazing PledgeManager team to send out over 60,000 surveys. Those surveys were emailed to everyone back in December to the email address on your Kickstarter account. You can search your inbox for “Coolest Cooler Backer Survey”, or just request a fresh one by entering your email here:

 NOTE! Don’t forget to take a look in your spam/promotions folders! The email will come from and not from Kickstarter directly.

When is it due?? 
APRIL 15 is the deadline to submit quantities and colors of Coolest for our first production run. This lets our manufacturing partners plan and purchase long-lead items, and helps our fulfillment partners figure out the final locations for our distribution centers. 

How can I update my order or shipping information? You can access your backer survey using the email address associated with your pledge here: If you didn't set a password the first time, simply request a password reset email and follow the instructions in the message you receive.

How can I confirm my survey is complete?

Enter your email and you'll see one of these two images:

Your next deadline will be June 6th; that’s the last day to order extra accessories (speaker, batteries) or change your shipping address. The nice thing about PledgeManger is that you can <SURPRISE> manage your pledge anytime! You can log in anytime before the deadlines and change anything that hasn’t been locked down.

Why can’t I can’t log in to my survey? 
It’s likely that the email address you’ve entered is not the one associated with your Kickstarter pledge. If you’ve changed your email address since the end of our campaign, just send your new email to our team at They’ll update your backer survey record and help you access your survey.

It’s after April 15th and I didn’t complete my survey! Now what?? 
Deep breath… We’ll still get you your Coolest, but it’ll get manufactured and shipped a little later this year. Log in, follow the instructions and we’ll get your Coolest to you as quickly as we can.

Remember - your taxes and your Backer Survey are both due on April 15!



PS. Want to see a video of molten plastic getting turned into the outer shell of the Coolest from a giant blow molding machine?? Click to check out this week's production update at Coolest/Countdown

YOUR Coolest Speaker!


This is YOUR Coolest Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker!

We've been sharing how focused we are on making the VERY BEST Coolest Cooler we possibly can, and today I’M SO EXCITED we finally get to show off what that means for Coolest sound!

From day one we’ve been committed to not just giving you some ol’ clunker speaker, but making sure the music coming out of your Coolest sounded as amazing as the laws of physics could deliver. That’s why when we realized that we couldn’t find an amazing existing speaker that fit in our Accessory Deck we went looking for the very best speaker manufacturer around.

You see, we tested over 25 existing portable Bluetooth speakers and learned something interesting. While several sounded very good indoors (surrounded with sound-bouncing walls), they all lost the sound battle when taken into the wide-open great outdoors.

Unless you tailgate in a phone booth this was not going to cut it.

The secret we discovered to make a speaker sound great outdoors was not cheap, or easy, but we did it. Without sharing all the ingredients in our secret sauce I can tell you that speakers alone won’t get the job done. The Coolest Outdo Bluetooth Speaker also has a GIANT sound radiator with directional channeling to send those low and loud sounds shooting right out the front of your Coolest.

And the music sounds even bigger and better when you put the speaker in the Coolest!

If this was a infomercial, here’s where they’d say, “But wait, there’s more…’

We decided early on that if we were going to put ‘Coolest’ on our own speaker it needed to also do something no other speaker does.

Your Coolest speaker also comes with a feature we call Party Pairing®.

This is a push-button simple way to connect your Coolest speaker with a second Coolest speaker to double the sound. How does it work?

Let’s say you bring your Coolest to a BBQ and see your buddy, who also has a Coolest, (or just a second Coolest speaker). You push one fist-bump on your speaker and they push the opposite fist-bump on their speaker. That’s it... connected.

Now when you play music from your phone the sound comes out BOTH speakers, and they can be up to 30 feet apart!

This lets you not only double the sound, but you can also share the DJ duties. If you don’t like the song they’re playing, just hit play on your phone and start something better. That automatically pauses their crummy music and starts playing that kick-butt song you chose.

Single button Party Pairing®… you saw it here first!

Comparably-sized Bluetooth speakers that sound waaay less amazing retail for around $180- $299.

The Coolest Speaker, when it eventually hits retail, will have an MSRP of around $160, but if you like to host big tailgates or BBQs or just want to spread your sound around with a second speaker of your own, our loyal Kickstarter and pre-order backers can add an extra one to your pledge for $79 bucks.

Just log in here and modify your pledge: 

Haven’t completed your pledge yet?? Better get on it!! We’ll be locking the surveys down for first round deliveries here later next month and without a completed survey we won't be able to send you your Coolest, and you’ll cry.

There are zero delicious blended drinks made with tears, so log in and get er' done!

Once you have that knocked out, let us know what you think of your Coolest Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker right here!