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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Phil Gardner on November 5, 2014

      If you just do an image search, it can be difficult to ascertain whether the cup is disposable or reusable. That's why i suggested including "reusable" in your search. it's a few extra keystrokes, but it's worth it in terms of accuracy

      I'm not loyal to ryan, i'm loyal to my cooler and he's my means to that end. I'm fascinated by the process, i've been involved since i became a backer, i've followed links and searched down trademarks and compared them to what's being offered here. I contemplated for weeks before i even became a backer, weighed the processes in my mind, determined that this product was more innovative than inventive, and is essentially bringing together already out there inventions and putting them together in a cooler. It's less inventing a wheel, and moreso painting the wheel a different color

      So i decided to back the cooler, in hopes that i actually get one. If ryan takes the money and runs, and i'm out more than $300, which is a hefty sum, but not so much that i'll go into arrears and be hounded by creditors, but still more than 300X your $1. I feel i've purchased my right to be patient, to use my own opinions weighing each update and waiting for a quality product rather than a rushed one.

      I fully expect my cooler to be late. I'm not going to solicit a lawyer and demand an explination for why he was able to post his guideline, i'm just going to wait until my cooler arrives. Perhaps it's the canadian in me, but i'm patient and willing to absorb the risks... it's kickstarter, it's not amazon dot com

      For a $1 backer, you sure seem out to nitpick and attack any possible aspect of this project. The link you posted to a comment made an hour ago was handy, but i really don't recall you being here during the pledge period. Your comments might have been useful then, but agan... we're in the stage of "wait and see" and "is it worth waiting for my cooler, or demanding my money back" and i personally believe it's far too early for the latter.

      I'm posting using my real name, i'm from calgary Alberta canada, and you can feel free to look me up on facebook. My current photo on there is my name on the back of a Yankees T shirt. Or, you can hide behind your "kickstarter sucks" blog and continue to call me out with personal attacks about my integrity and insinuate i'm anything more than a backer who is excited for a cooler.

      It's a damn cooler. It's $300. You aren't saving the world, and people wouldn't even know about your blog if you weren't shoving your advice down our throats

    2. Six on November 5, 2014

      @Phil Gardner Perhaps you can educate me since you are Ryan Grepper's advocate and spokesman. Can you show my the difference between this image provided on this projects home page and the images the search returns?…

      For a first time backer with no affiliation to Grepper, you display a remarkable sense of loyalty to him, your quick defense of him is comendable. I did urge backers to be proactive and everything I stated here is still and accurate.…

    3. Phil Gardner on November 5, 2014

      those are mostly disposable cups. You should have included "reusable" in your google search to narrow down the results.

      Perhaps you should have urged backers to be proactive during the pledge period rather than the "wait and see what happens period". Instead we had Al Calvici citing concerns about Kickstart suing over a domain name, and Concious consumer citing carbon footprints and the effect plastic has on the environment.

      And anybody willing to "wait and see" even if it comes in late is called out by you for being a shill

    4. Six on November 5, 2014

      @Phil Gardner

      Google Search: Custom Solo Cup = About 221,000 results (0.68 seconds)
      Google Search: Custom Tshirt = About 122,000,000 results (0.40 seconds)

      As I am advocating for backers to be proactive, I guess I am shilling for backers?

    5. Phil Gardner on November 5, 2014

      @Six, " Since there is no international manufacturing required for cups, tshirts and a drink guide, there is no reason for delay."

      you seem to have deep inside knowledge of the marketing and manufacturing processes for this project. What's the going rate on a corporate shill these days?

    6. Six on November 5, 2014

      @Daniel Per Update 14 re backer survey:

      "I decided that rather than feeling held hostage to paying $133,000 simply to get usable data from you and to our factory and fulfillment partners, we’d fund someone's dream project and do our part to provide better options for other creators. A little competition will be good for the marketplace. :)"

      What part of this is not clear?

      A timely fashion would be in enough time to comply with the delivery timelines, as by law, there must be a reasonable basis for stating a product can be shipped within a certain timeframe. Since there is no international manufacturing required for cups, tshirts and a drink guide, there is no reason for delay.

      Everything stated here:… is still accurate.

      Regarding when the survey's will be sent, the site was created June of 2012, Adam of KickTraq is talented and does great work but there are always unexpected issues to work out which cause delays which are relevant to his project - and unnecessary for this one.

    7. Missing avatar

      on November 5, 2014

      Those 483 backers may or may not read these comments.
      @Six "advised us that he chose not to send out the backer surveys in a timely fashion so that he could invest the proceeds from this campaign for himself"
      Where did you read this? What do you consider a timely fashion? The closer to shipping the surveys come the more likely people will NOT have moved. 10% is close to 6000 people.

    8. Missing avatar

      yotam peterfreund on November 5, 2014

      There is somebody who know when they will send the surveys?

    9. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on November 4, 2014

      And if they haven't, oh well, that is kickstarter. That's why it says ESTIMATED ship date and not GUARANTEED ship date. And a quick read up on the kickstarter rules and regulations will show you that delays should be expected...

    10. Six on November 4, 2014

      To further clarify @David Landes' question; Has anyone on this message board that is not affiliated with Ryan Grepper received a cup or a t-shirt from Ryan? Has anyone received an email asking what size shirt they need? Has anyone had Ryan host a party for them? Has anyone Skype'd or met with Ryan to discuss their project?

    11. Six on November 4, 2014

      @David Landes +1

      @Daniel They could, but since I read the updates where Grepper advised us that he chose not to send out the backer surveys in a timely fashion so that he could invest the proceeds from this campaign for himself I know that's not the case.

    12. Grepper on November 4, 2014

      Simple way to test Daniels theory: Has anyone on this message board received a cup or a t-shirt from Ryan? Has anyone received an email asking what size shirt they need? Has anyone had Ryan host a party for them? Has anyone Skype'd or met with Ryan to discuss their project?

    13. Missing avatar

      on November 4, 2014

      @Six The 39 backers estimated to receive rewards in Sept. all receive communications with Ryan and as such may have been contacted separately by email or other methods. He has already proven that each pledge level of backer can be emailed individually. The same could also be true of the 444 backers who pledged for non-cooler rewards and since you are not one of any of those levels, they can all be fulfilled without your knowledge.

    14. Gabe Arevalo on November 2, 2014

      Will there be or can there be a plug to where if the battery runs out we can plug into the wall?

    15. Phil Gardner on November 1, 2014

      @Enrique at sometime in the future - hopefully soon, a survey will be sent out to compile data from backers such as what color they want, what their backer reward level is, whether they want to purchase upgrades, their shipping address, etc. Originally an email was going to be sent out sometime in september (as per updates and the FAQ) but as per the latest update (14) apparently they're using some other sort of compiler that gives them more flexibility and perhaps a lower cost.

      That's what we know

    16. Enrique Gonzalez on November 1, 2014

      how can I change my address. I recently moved and want to make sure I get my cooler (:

    17. Grepper on November 1, 2014

      Need to figure out the level of sarcasm (or naivety) in the post below before posting a snide comment. Please help.

    18. Steven McMahon on October 31, 2014

      How is everyone doing? Happy Halloween? Looking forward to getting my cooler for the beach! I'm figuring we should hopefully start getting our coolers by Christmastime or at least some of us will. As the earliest backers start to see theirs come we will all get excited. Anyway enjoy your evening!

    19. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 31, 2014

      Oh yea, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody. Have a fun safe day/night

    20. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 31, 2014

      The only other thing that would constitute a refund imo is when the creator of a project changes it so much that it becomes something different than what was originally promised. Delays, to me, are expected, as long as there is communication.

    21. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 31, 2014

      "backers must understand that when they back a project, they’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There may be changes or delays, and there’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised"
      This is what we as backers completely understand when backing a project. Kickstarter is a risk. For some reason you think differently. If next summer comes around and we haven't heard one single word from Ryan, then at that point I would look at options to pursue a refund knowing full well that I probably won't be getting one. Which is the risk I and everybody took in backing the coolest

    22. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 31, 2014

      That's all fine and good, and it seems like you spend two years researching common sense. But you fail to answer my question. Which was can you show me where Ryan said guaranteed delivery of those items in September and October. All of your "research" and yet you don't know what the word estimated means? You can study and research all you want to. But you will never know how a business is really ran unless if you have done it. Which I have. And do. You don't need to be here trying to act like the kickstarter police. That's what I don't seem to understand I guess. What is your purpose of being here? As I said, you don't seem to understand the difference between estimated ship date and a guaranteed one. your entire rant completely contradicts what kickstarter is about. Sure the things you said make sense to you, but that is just not how kickstarter was designed to work. Maybe with all of your "research" you forgot to read up on the kickstarter rules and regulations. I suggest brushing up on those things before posting anything again. Things that state that this is not a retail store. That backers are helping to create something new so it is not uncommon to expect delays. You saying things like "by law" and then saying a "reasonable" basis. Those two words don't belong in the same sentence in this instance since your definition or reasonable and my definition of reasonable are two different things. So the "law" you speak of cannot be true. As I said, all you are doing is posting your opinion on how YOU believe this project and kickstarter should be ran. It's just not the reality of things. Do you plan on purchasing this cooler? If not, then why are you here? Kickstarter states that when backing a project, essentially what backers are doing is putting our faith and trust into the creator of the project. If we get screwed it's on us. That is the risk of kickstarter. We don't need wannabe police to tell us what's what. We are all adults who understand what and why when we choose to back a project here on kickstarter. It's strange to me how the dollar backer is more stressed out and worried than the legit backers that actually purchased this cooler. I backed this project because I think it's a great idea. I trust that it will be delivered eventually. But what is the point of worrying so much about IF this or IF that. Just pointless. Like I asked consumer, what is your purpose here? What point are you trying to make? You won't and can't change anybody's mind about anything. It just doesn't make any sense. Are you expecting people to say "thanks six, you really opened my eyes, now I don't trust Ryan". Haha. seriously? Is that all you are after? If so, I ask why. If not, then i still ask why. Why are you here?

    23. Six on October 31, 2014

      @Frank Cruz You are absolutely correct, Kickstarter is not a retail store; it is also not the wild west where anything goes. Your use of the "no true Scotsman" and ad hominem attacks @Conscious Consumer are logical fallacies which demonstrate the depth of your ignorance in matters of business, especially when it's something of this magnitude.

      The fact is while we can all debate the philosophies of the meaning of Kickstarter, the recent amendments to the Mail or Telephone Order Rule which is enforced by the FTC will ensure that @Ryan Grepper will either comply with Federal regulations or face the consequences.

      Despite the misinformation that abounds, Grepper's decision to sell on the internet makes him solely liable for fulfilling his obligations and ensuring compliance with governing rules.

      By law, there must be a reasonable basis for stating a product can be shipped within a certain time. It does not matter how the merchandise is advertised, how the customer pays or who initiates the contact.

      If Grepper is unable to ship by the dates stated (September 2014 / October 2014 / February 2015) he must notify the customer of the delay and provide a revised shipment date AND explain the right to cancel and get a full refund. For definite delays of up to 30 days, silence is golden. Indefinite or longer delays require written, electronic or verbal consent.

      If any customer does not consent, their funds must be refunded in full without being asked. Grepper has graciously offered video testimony via national television of his delivery promises in addition to his written assertions. Currently there are 39 unfulfilled orders that were expected in September and 144 in October.

      @Conscious Consumer is absolutely correct in his assessment that I am leaving a trail of bread crumbs here as I am well aware of the power and opportunity a platform such as Kickstarter presents to legitimate entrepreneurs and American small business; I am also aware of the risk that savvy marketers manipulating the system in an effort to bait venture capitalists pose to this opportunity.

      I have spent the better part of 2 years researching a significant number of projects across multiple platforms, academic papers on the psychology of crowdfunding and backer behaviour as well as the statutes and rules governing creator responsibility in order to understand how the machine works on an aggregate level and the recourse available when things go awry for the wrong reasons.

      I am very passionate about crowd funding and the protection of it from predatory marketers who leverage the confusion and lack of knowledge in order to benefit themselves.

      So please, feel free to continue with your Ministry of Misinformation propaganda, it is irrelevant.

    24. Conscious Consumer on October 30, 2014

      @Frank @Phil

      Your both 100% right. I'll stop posting about the cooler, and work on being more positive in my other posts on kickstarted. I'm sorry in all capacities for bringing anything bad your guys way. I will be pulling for this project to finish on time, and that the cooler is everything backers had imagine bed and more! Much love.

    25. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 30, 2014

      What is even more sad is that every single campaign that you have backed, there is negative comments from you, as well as negative comments from normal people directed at you. So it appears to be that this is your weird fix in life? To find random campaigns, pay the minimum amount in order to be able to post, and then continue on to post negative comments about that particular campaign and the people who backed it. Haha. Smh. Wow. What a life to live. Sorry man, these are some serious issues for you. Start a campaign on indiegogo to send you to get some help and I will back you. Ok? Seriously.

    26. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 30, 2014

      If you don't want any part of this cooler, then what in the hell are you doing here? Wow what a complete tool. GET A LIFE. also you are worried about the footprint? A big tub of plastic? What ice chest, made in China or USA is not a a big tub of plastic? Btw, what are you using right now to type and view things on kickstarter? A computer, a phone? Where was that made again? What? A huge factory? Some people are so stupidly hypocritical that they can't even see truth anymore. I didn't realize you can use a computer or a phone while living off the grid in the forest somewhere. Wait, you live in your parents house and drive a car too? So why all the BS comments about you being concerned about a footprint. You said you have no interest in this product? Get out of here and leave the comments to those with a real interest in this ice chest. What kind of person does what you are doing? You payed a buck to try to put people down about a product you know nothing about. Talking about leaving a footprint and yet half the stuff in your parents basement (which I'm assuming is where you sleep) probably leaves or has left a much larger footprint than this cooler ever will. Why do you care so much about how other people spend their money? How does it affect you? Is it a jealously thing? Is it that you are just that sad of a human being? Dude, get some help. Seriously.

    27. Conscious Consumer on October 30, 2014


      Your comments aren't even worthy of responses anymore so I'm writing you off.


      I didn't back away behind the moniker, I simply didn't have find there to be much integrity coming from Ryan. He seemed money motivated and detached from the project. Also I didn't want to support a Cooler not made in the USA. And third I think these coolers are a hazard to our environment. The footprint for these bad boys is large. Just a big tub of plastic with like seven different pieces that could break after just one tip over.


      How can you say your not applying blind faith? You seem to act as if your a paid PR person for this project the way you have written over a 100 full pages worth of defensive comments in the name of this project. If your not blindly following Ryan and his cooler, give me some solid grounds as to why at this point other than some regurgitated updates or speculation.

    28. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 30, 2014

      Six, this is kickstarter. Not a retail store. Any real backer more than likely expects delays. Especially when it's something of this magnitude. What's funny is that all the legit backers aren't saying a word. It's the dollar backers like you and consumer who are so stressed out about a t shirt not being delivered during the month of October. Also read your own comment. "estimated". Do you know what that word means? Can you send me the info that says guaranteed shipping in October? I will wait for you to find that...

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrew Stevens on October 30, 2014

      At least it's not this project:

      15 months past ship date, and no end in sight.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevar on October 30, 2014


      That would be zero as the survey hasn't come out yet, so no addresses.
      But, you already knew that.

    31. Six on October 30, 2014

      How many of the 311 plastic cups/drink guides estimated for delivery October 2014 were delivered?

      How many of the 133 plastic cups/drink guides/t-shirts estimated for delivery October 2014 were delivered?

    32. Kyle Barnes on October 30, 2014

      Yeah I misspelled Kool-Aid.

    33. Kyle Barnes on October 30, 2014

      I'm drinking the koo-laid, and it's delicious. I have faith in this project. Cheers.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrew on October 30, 2014

      Can everyone please stop feeding the trolls...

    35. Phil Gardner on October 30, 2014

      @six where in :Kickstarter terms it is the backers responsibility to vet the creator:" does it cover accusing backers of being a corporate shill? You called me out on a personal level, and that is insulting. At no time did i imply i was part of the project as more than a backer. I posted the FAQ information, information from updates, and provided nothing more than speculation as to timelines and procedures - just as whatever you're saying is also nothing more than speculation. I'm not a corporate shill

      @Consumer it is not blind faith, and i've posted on here with my concerns and expectations for the project,. Even with a week or two i commented on how i expect the shipping will occur in waves, the first of which possibly satisfying the ship date of february and with the expectation it will probably be months after until i get my cooler. I've also discussed my worries and why im tempering them in terms of "it's a cooler, it's not groundbreaking in technology or creating something unforseen, it's attaching gadgetry to a cooler." As long as i receive a cooler in genrally good working order, and even accounting that my blender won't be on par with blend tech, i'll be satisfied. None of that is blind faith, and it was weeks of contemplation before i went from discovery to actually pledging. I weighed pros and cons in my mind and determined i was willing to risk it.

      But unlike you, i was willing to pledge for a cooler and not just hide behind a moniker for the sake of $1 to offer my unsolicited guidance. I'm insulted that you think so little of backers that "we'd be lost without your advice" I actually find it condescending that you think backers are so misinformed that we aren't aware of or discussing risks. But when you (specifically you) take the trolling approach of taking the conversation away from actual concerns and basing it on discussions around ocean pollution and carbon footprints in general, you come across to me as nothing more than somebody willing to pay $1 for the privelege of trolling

      I've discussed this, i've given my opinions on he discussions, i've weighed for and against expectations and timelines, and i've done it all as Phil Gardner of Calgary Canada and not a paid for alias. Stop the accusations, stop calling us out, stop hiding behind anti kickstarter nicknames, and let's do something actually productive.

      It's 4 months before even the most optimistic timeline would have people receiving their cooler. There's literally screw all any of us know about the process further than "it might be late" or "it might hit it's target" or "he might take the money and run". The updates have been informative enough i'm less worried about the latter, and as far as hitting it's target or late i'm planning on it being late when i receive my coolest, and have never said otherwise.

    36. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 29, 2014

      Let's look at the facts here. You and consumer went out of your way to pay a buck for the sole purpose of being able to post negative comments about the creator of this project as well as everybody who legitimately backed it. What does that say about you, seriously, as human beings. How sad and unhappy does ones life have to be to actually have to pay money in order to have a opportunity to put people down over something that they purchased and are excited about. Haha. Crazy. Smh

    37. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 29, 2014

      Also the last little copy and paste project you did, the inferior parts I spoke of had nothing to do with China, once again out of context, which is what ignorant people tend to do, but the inferior parts I spoke of was the creator deciding to use PU instead of the promised genuine leather. Again, had nothing to do with China. Get a life kid

    38. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 29, 2014

      @six, you copy and paste to try to prove a point. Let me begin to explain how you are completely ignorant. That project, which is a toy horse, that the creators implied that this would be a toy to "last generations" and that it would be of heirloom quality. So yes, for a toy that should last generations, I wish it would have been made in the USA. Since China specifically for toys has The horrible reputation in which we are all aware of. For this project, a large solid piece of molded plastic, being made in China is not such a big deal. Sure USA would have been better, as I already said here in the forum, but for this project specifically, China will do. For that other project specifically, imo, China won't do. If all you are going to do is copy and paste comments out of context then by all means, continue to prove your stupidity. I will wait...

    39. Conscious Consumer on October 29, 2014




      Still crying I see... Your freak out comments are so entertaining that I am happy to spend my Friday night commenting on them. I have a dry hankercheif ready for you."

      I still have that dry handkerchief bud.

    40. Six on October 29, 2014

      @Frank Cruz You sure do talk out of both sides of your mouth a lot

      "what's wrong with our country and would rather support china. I on the other hand would much rather support my country, the USA. Products that are made in china have a horrible reputation for a reason."…

      "To say that a kickstarter campaign has nothing to do with the finished product is one of dumbest things I have ever read on here."…

      "I am confused as to why this kickstarter campaign started off like what you advertise on the website, and then turned into a product that is made in china using inferior parts."…

    41. Missing avatar

      Frank Cruz on October 29, 2014

      @consciouscomsumer, dude you should seriously relax and try to find another outlet. Maybe try golf, or fishing. But paying a buck to troll through kickstarter campaigns to call people sheep? Seriously? This is a 200$ ice chest man! If Ryan is a crook, oh well. I know I know it's sounds crazy but it's a risk that we who chose to purchase the coolest, and back kickstarter projects are willing to take. Enough with the drama. It's a ice chest. This is what kickstarter is about. Liking a idea, backing it, and then watching the progress and waiting for the finished product. If it takes longer so be it. If we never hear from Ryan again and he's living on a island with 13 million, so be it. 200$ is not life or death. Maybe it is to the 1$ backers like yourself who only want to put the rest of us optimists down or call us "sheep". At the end of the day what is your purpose being here? What is the main point you are trying to make? Is it really that important to you to see this project fail? If so, why? How does that benefit you? This should be a forum for those of us who actually purchased a coolest, and who are excited about it. I know paying your dollar you have the right to post whatever is on your mind. I guess all I'm trying to figure out is why. Same with six... It just seems as though for some reason you both are hoping for Ryan to be a crook for the sole purpose of being able to say I told you so. Is that really what you need in your life?Things like this that only prove to yourself that you are possibly smarter than all the "sheep"? Whatever man, if that's the case then i am sorry for you. Obviously anything people say won't matter, you will keep posting the negativity because you just have to be right I guess. I just wish I didn't have to see it every time I check for legit comments about the progress of this cooler.

    42. Six on October 29, 2014

      @Conscious Consumer +1

      Interesting how there are 0 reports of any backers receiving their plastic cups, drink guide and/or t-shirt which were set to be delivered in October. That would have been 444 strong indicators of success.

      Considering there is no manufacturing involved and you can get shirts printed in less than a week these days there is no valid reason for these items not to have been delivered already.

      For those new to Kickstarter, here is a snippet of a great article that is highly relevant to this project when you look at where the funds collected for the delivery of this project are being allocated - specifically the investment in the new Kicktraq project per Update 14.
      " It's implicit when you back a product-based project that they will turn into a profitable company, if their idea and execution are solid. If Oculus turned into a billion-dollar company on their own by selling hardware, publishing software, and forging strategic alliances with other companies, I don't think I would have given my Kickstarter money a second thought.

      But that's not what happened to Oculus. Instead, the money given by me and my fellow Kickstarter backers served as bait for venture capitalists, who invested three rounds of $29 million and $85 million apiece, leading to an eventual sale to Facebook for $2 billion. It's safe to presume that the VC involvement accelerated a sale to Facebook; surely Oculus could have gotten a product to market for $100 million, but no sane VC is going to turn down a 20x return on their investment."

      Update 14 10/12/14
      "To work around this problem other folks created "backer survey" software to improve the process, but the most well known program operates on a parasitic model that demands 1% of the creator's Kickstarter revenue just to use it. I decided that rather than feeling held hostage to paying $133,000 simply to get usable data from you and to our factory and fulfillment partners, we’d fund someone's dream project and do our part to provide better options for other creators. A little competition will be good for the marketplace. :)"

      "Adam had some great ideas for what a survey solution could be, and already had a functional beta version when I approached him back in early August. One meeting and a handshake later Adam quit his day job, hired on additional resources and now he and his wife Mel are about to unleash PledgeManager to the world, the best backer survey solution ever known!"

      "I’m very proud that Coolest could help kick-start Adam and Mel’s vision for a better system, and I know that the crowdfunding world (and us!) will be well served by their efforts."

    43. Conscious Consumer on October 29, 2014

      I part of me hopes Ryan gets this project done so there is a happy ending to this story, and another part of me wants to see this project implode, which stimulates inner growth/inventory to those who chose to take this path, even though there was plenty of warnings. This might wake people up, so that they have more self awareness, and a better lens to not only possible scammers (not saying Ryan is one YET), but all of the shepherds out there that herding innocent people off of mountain peaks like lost sheep.

    44. Conscious Consumer on October 29, 2014

      Phil Gardner,

      Once again I thank you for continuing to sip the Ryan Grepper Kool Aid, your blind faith in Ryan is inspiring in a really odd sort of way. You fill the boards with defensive posts to protect your pride, and it jades your judgement. @Six has no emotional ties to this project, he is simply an observer you are correct, that is leaving a trail of bread crumbs to archive this epic project, just as someone covers a sporting event, or war overseas. Your narrow mindset, and a heavy case of cognitive dissonance has left pages of gems that will be used for years to come by the academia world, to build new constructs when it comes to group think, consumerist psychology, as well as the crowd funding as a whole.

    45. Six on October 29, 2014

      @Phil Gardner What I am saying is that per Kickstarter terms it is the backers responsibility to vet the creator:

      "If you’re not sure about something, you can look elsewhere on the web. Does the creator have an online presence, or past work you can look at? Do people say good things about them? If you’re curious about the thing they’re creating, you can look into that, too. Has it been tried before? What happened then?"

      For someone with no experience on Kickstarter you continue to give advice and basically say sit and wait, which is exactly the opposite of what Kickstarter advises; which begs the question - For the sake of what?

      If you look at my comment history, you can see in no uncertain terms that my concerns lie directly in understanding creator intent and transparency, not in timeline. Here is an example of my defense of a creator whose project is a year behind schedule…

    46. Phil Gardner on October 29, 2014

      @Six so you're saying we might get ripped off? Thanks, that thought neverrrrrr occurred to me... Perhaps anybody that hasn't figured that out shouldn't have figured Kickstarter to be a retail store, and should have done even marginal research before hand. I reply to you with answers from the FAQ and the updates, and you reply with wonderment at my "inside knowledge".

      I appreciate that you had a bad experience in the past, ut prior experiences - both good and bad - have no bearing on the liklihood of any given project to succeed or fail. You might have had 100 solid experiences in a row, and this one still could fail. Or, you might have had 100 in a row where you got ripped off only to wake up February 1 and see a UPS box with a cooler sitting on your porch. But it's a little late in the game for your words of warning towards teachers, students, and non-profits as the backing period has ended, we've pledged our money, as as per the kickstarter agreement it's now up to us - more or less - to sit back and hope he delivers.

      Most of us are aware of the risk of losing our $200 (even more for me as a canadian paying higher shipping and exchange rate). But as a full backer, quite frankly i find it insulting you come here with your $1 pledge and accuse me - a full backer - of being a shill for the company. I'm using my real name and photo which is not something anybody can say of you.

      Continue to evaluate the project all you want to. You've paid your $1 admission fee to do so. But before you accuse me of being a shill again, ball up and stop hiding behind fake accounts.

    47. Six on October 29, 2014

      Interesting how there are 0 reports of any backers receiving their plastic cups, drink guide and/or t-shirt which were set to be delivered in October. That would have been 444 strong indicators of success.

      Considering there is no manufacturing involved and you can get shirts printed in less than a week these days there is no valid reason for these items not to have been delivered already.

      @Phil Gardner This blogger only became a blogger because of a situation similar to this; and sadly I was right about everything I said. Had more people paid attention and acted sooner the damage could have been contained to only 982 people instead of the over 16k people scammed out of their money today, most of them students, teachers and non-profits.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevar on October 29, 2014

      I have no idea, but I'm not going to make an assumption, either.

    49. Phil Gardner on October 29, 2014

      @Frank. careful. Comments where you acknowledge timeline risk while remaining hopeful like that might have bloggers calling you a corporate shill.

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