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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
Created by

Ryan Grepper

62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Ed about 15 hours ago

      @tom when summer is over.

    2. Creator Tom about 15 hours ago

      When am I gonna recieve my cooler ?

    3. Creator Martin Norbury about 17 hours ago

      I think you should just honour the order people pledged or suddenly your early pledgers, who backed you on faith, could be pushed way out. It is already very late and last update I got was June. So instead of changing the rules every time, please just ship the product when it is ready.

    4. Creator Shayna Martinovich about 18 hours ago

      So. I'm a bit confused. I know it was delayed to am estimated "july" delivery. Was that pushed back further?

    5. Creator Kevin Rhine 2 days ago

      In the newest pictures it looks like there is only one slot for the divider/cutting board as opposed to earlier pictures that shows two. Please keep the second slot, I like options and flexibility.

    6. Creator Andrew "Shotgun" Smith 2 days ago

      Jeff - The most recent items of note are the delay and the potential for a "quick ship" option for an undetermined amount of cash. Best bet is the coolest site. at

    7. Creator Stephany 2 days ago

      Are we going to be getting our coolest soon? The production and distribution dates keep changing.

    8. Creator Jeff Petrilla 2 days ago

      Haven't looked in here in weeks. I see the comments are basically worthless bickering. Anything recently happening with this project that is useful to post??

    9. Creator Jennifer Francis 2 days ago

      Paul, there is nothing helpful about calling people "stupid" or "moron," which is something that one backer has been doing for months now. It is possible to be helpful without attacking people; for example, Phil regularly manages to be helpful while also being civil.

      Quite obviously, the homophobic remarks aren't helpful either, but that was one person, so you've cast your net a bit wide.

    10. Creator Robert 2 days ago

      Daniel, paste this on your forehead, backwards, so your mirror will tell you all.
      Without Frank's insanity.

    11. Creator Paul Remington 2 days ago

      Daniel, the person who could help you the most is Frank. He seems to know the most about kickstarted and the procedures. However, some people have decided to band together and bully him with homophobic comments Andrade even asked him not to reply to anymore comments.
      I thought this was a coments section that was designed to answer people's questions and NOT to bully.
      All Frank has done is try to inform the kickstarter uneducated.
      Btw, this is my first kickstarter campaign. I was uneducated at first, and like so many of you, thought I was buying a product that was (mostly) made and eagerly waiting the Feb delivery. In December, I was upset when I found out about the delay, until I read up about kickstarter and realized delays frequently occur. It was MY mistake not to read up about kickstarter before investing. Since then, I have own my mistake and the anger/frustration has disappeared.
      Don't get me wrong, I want my Coolest as soon as possible, however, I do not want Ryan to comparmise quality. In any case the Coolest will be far superior to any of the quick knock off that have and will spring up.
      As far as shipping, this is a business and unfortunately money talks. I joined in August and will be paying for air shipping. Even if I was one of the first backers, I would still pay for air shipping, I almost have to as I don't live on the mainland of America.
      That's my two cents.

    12. Creator Daniel Baez 2 days ago

      The pledge manager doesn't recognize my address.....Help??

    13. Creator Andrew "Shotgun" Smith 3 days ago

      Frank, please remember, my point was it is a business established with someone else's money. There was no established infrastructure, and there may not be when this is complete depending on the outcome. What everyone should be considering is my ignored question, how long is too long? How many delays make something less than useful. As Jennifer pointed out (I will not go back but I think it was her) at some point the Coolest will be available as the Smoothest, or the HotCool or something else and this novelty will be gone.

      I have seen this with a few others I backed, the Noke was a cool idea, but it was delayed and now you can buy a similar product at Lowes. LightFreq was fun, but now they are a dime a dozen at Best Buy.

      So how long is too long to wait for the coolest? It was mentioned about the production ramp up. If they can only do 5000 units per month, a lot of us have a long time to wait. Makes paying more to get it direct shipped pretty attractive.

      Or, if we consider an ERP standpoint the distribution would be more efficient if logistics was transferred to his location as well. Given each person touching or handling adds cost, shipping to the US to ship again to individuals makes no sense when shipping with a 2 week delivery from China directly for this type of item is usually relatively inexpensive. No matter.

    14. Creator Kit Warren 3 days ago

      @Daniel Baez, login to your PledgeManager account and change the address there.

    15. Creator Daniel Baez 3 days ago

      how do i change the address the coolest is going to? im currently moving to another location

    16. Creator Phil Gardner 3 days ago

      I’ve changed my mind. How do I cancel my pledge?

      Please make sure your survey is complete and then reach out to our team at to get a prompt refund.

    17. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Crazy. Somehow I knew it would be too much to ask.

    18. Creator Daniel 3 days ago

      I think everyone should stop attacking Frank. While I believe that he could have worded some of his comments better, he has been trying to be helpful and answer questions even when they have already been answered previously, in the FAQs or on the website. You complain that he has posted over 300 comments, but with this project approaching 6800 comments not including comments on updates, that is only about 5%. If you want to read useless comments look for the ones posted by Al Calavicci, Six and Conscious Comsumer, all who hide under pseudonyms

    19. Creator David McKenna 3 days ago

      It appears we have finally made Frank see reason as he has stopped responding.

      Good job everyone!

    20. Creator David McKenna 3 days ago

      Sorry forgot. Hoo-Yah!

    21. Creator David McKenna 3 days ago

      I vote for Freak to stop posting. Sorry, I meant to write frank.

      Also, I will chip in $1 towards the cost of Franks pledge being reimbursed.

      Anyone else wanting to contribute?

    22. Creator David McKenna 3 days ago

      Wow! Once again Frank is making my day. ;-) I wonder if he has a job as he seems to spend most of his time ranting and raving here on KS. I am still convinced that if we report him to Homeland Security that they will send him to Cuba as an agitator. Earlier I suggest he might be an illegal alien but I am now of the opinion that he is just an alien in general.

    23. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      I'm open to hearing "Hoo-Yahs" from anyone else.

    24. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      I think ceasing your comments altogether is a better option.

    25. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Look, simple solution to the four of you. just keep my name out of your comments. I'll do the same.

    26. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      My point is that you're a whacko.

      You're carrying this thing way beyond sanity.

    27. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      Very simply, my point is that you're a whacko.

      You are carrying this thing WAY beyond sanity.

    28. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      Wait a minute.... gotta get some more popcorn....

    29. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Jennifer you comparing two entirely different projects and my comments in both of those projects is just pure ignorance. You seemed smarter than that, I guess I was wrong in assuming. Project A is going against the guidelines of Kickstarter. A refunded should be given based off the guidelines. Project B has done nothing wrong and people are requesting a refund based off of nothing. How much more simple can I make it for you. Here is the question again since you seem to be avoiding it. When did I ever complain about the Coolest being delayed? When did I ask for a refund from the Coolest. You said I did both. You have your little posse here defending your comments that make no sense. Andrew who was arguing the coolest is not a business, only to turn around and agree with me after I pointed him in the right direction to research on how it is a business. David M who was making gay jokes now making jokes about race. And Robert, who knows what his deal is. Just a group of winners all around. You don't seem to know how to differentiate things. I explained legitimate "reasons" that seemed to have gone over your head apparently. And somehow it's my fault. What is the overall point that you are trying so hard to make?

    30. Creator Phil Gardner 3 days ago

      the infighting and bickering in here accomplishes nothing. Why not recenter on the project itself rather than attacking each other

    31. Creator Andrew "Shotgun" Smith 3 days ago

      This is better than any soap opera. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting adventure in Coolest Conundrums. Thanks Jennifer for being a source of reason.

    32. Creator Jennifer Francis 3 days ago

      OK. I get it.
      You asking for a refund is fine, because reasons. Anyone else who does is stupid.
      You worrying about delays is fine, because reasons. Anyone else who does is stupid.
      You objecting to manufacturing in China is fine, because reasons. Anyone else who does is stupid.
      You attacking other commenters is fine, because reasons. Anyone responding is stupid.

      I'll sign off for awhile and let you hyperventilate at and insult everyone else for a few days.


    33. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Of course Robert, personal attacks, and I'm the bad one here. Ok. Smh

    34. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Jennifer, that other project was promised to be something other than what it was. The creators changed the material of one of the main parts of the toy. It would be like backing a pair of leather shoes and then the creators telling you that they are using plastic instead. That is something that would warrant a refund under the guidelines of Kickstarter. Fortunately we haven't had that issue for the Coolest. Changing things to make a product better should never be a issue. But changing them for the worst just because they want to profit more is entirely different.

    35. Creator Jennifer Francis 3 days ago

      "So before they announced they will give refunds it was pointless asking."

      Then why did you ask on the other product, which hadn't announced that they would give refunds?

    36. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      I see a tin-foil hat, a clown suit, and a propensity to throw feces.....

      See someone, Frank ..... if not for you, then for society as a whole.

    37. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Oh I see why you did. You thought that comment you copied and pasted from for this project? Lol. Good job. It wasn't btw. Different project. Funny

    38. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Refunds were not going to be given. Until recently. So before they announced they will give refunds it was pointless asking. After they said they will, then it was no longer pointless. U see how simple that is? I love how you change your tune once you realize you can request a refund and be done and all of a sudden you become happy waiting. Lol. Ok. I was never unhappy with delays like you claim I was. I never asked for a refund like you say I did. Just more random bs for God knows what reason.

    39. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      When did I want a refund from the coolest? When was I unhappy with the delays?

    40. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      Frank, what is with you???
      Why are you carrying on this never-ending rant toward anyone who casts doubt upon or even questions the way things are going?
      Do yourself a mental-health favor, smoke a good one, and go for a long walk.

      Matter of fact, do it for us.

      (Once again, sorry Jennifer)

    41. Creator Jennifer Francis 3 days ago

      Frank, I'm happily waiting for the Coolest, just like you. A while back, I objected to the delays - just like you. You want me to demand a refund, just like you? Why? I've already said that I'm happily waiting.

      Why do you get so upset when other people do the same things you do? Why are you so worried about what other people think?

      I would never presume to tell you what you should and shouldn't say in this comment thread (but you tell everyone what they should be doing and saying quite regularly).

      It's amusing that you're now telling people that they should ask for a refund, after you spent months calling anyone who asked for a refund "stupid."


    42. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Also Jennifer you seem to be completely lost. you mis read and you failed to understand this project and now you are trying to place blame and point fingers because you thought it would be made it the U.S? A true piece of work. Once again somebody looking to point the finger everywhere else but at themselves. Great quality in a person btw. Smh. why not just request a refund instead of sticking around and whining about everything? Why would you not request a refund if you are unhappy with the Coolest? Do you seriously just like to complain so much that you want to stay here instead of getting your money back?

    43. Creator Jennifer Francis 3 days ago

      Frank, I've commented here 12 times, without calling anybody and everybody who asks for a refund or complains about delays or objects to the manufacturing situs "stupid" or "crying." You HAVE asked for a refund, complained of delays and objected to manufacturing in
      China (I know, I know, it's DIFFERENT when you do it because reasons) have nevertheless insulted everyone else for doing the same thing you do over the course of well over 300 comments here. The sick obsession is yours.

      I'll let you hyperventilate some more now.

    44. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      @Jennifer, again, taken out of context. That specific item wasn't supposed to be made in China. It was a toy that was advertised to be of heirloom quality that can be passed down through the generations. China has a bad reputation for toys does it not? A ice chest being made in China is not the same thing to me. Plus for that specific project the creators decided to change the material of a couple of the pieces, which cheapened it and made it less durable. They did this to save money instead of caring about the integrity of the product. I assumed that because they showed they only seem to care about money, I figured the toy manufacturer they chose in China wasn't going to be the best. And i was right as many backers complained about quality once they received their item. For those reasons, I requested a refund. I'm not saying that every manufacture in China is bad. There seem to be some good ones. For that specific project tho, it wasn't good. What is your problem? Seriously? You seem to have a sick obsession with me. Why? Are you really going to spend your days reading all 350+ of my comments to try to prove some crazy point that only you care about? Very very sad. And pathetic. Keep coping and pasting things out of context. Again, nice try. But you just keep failing.

    45. Creator Jennifer Francis 3 days ago

      I think you mean the manufacturing production, Mark, rather than merely being "made." I was mistaken. I had remembered the statement that the statement that the design, engineering and fulfillment would all take place in the United States.

      I suspect David Landes is correct about the cost defrayment.

    46. Creator R.Schmidt 3 days ago

      @Jennifer...I think a Ming Vase can be passed down to generations. But it does not say "Made in China" on it.

    47. Creator Mark Nevar 3 days ago

      @jennifer, Please answer my question. Where did you read that the coolest was being made in America?

    48. Creator David Landes 3 days ago

      I imagine that Grepper is way underfunded for the shipping costs. At the beginning of the campaign when he threw out that random number of $15 to ship anywhere in the continental US, he didn't have any idea of which part of Asia he was going to have the coolers built or the actual number he was going to have to deliver. Now he has commitments for 60,000+ units and it is highly unlikely that he can ship from China to the East Coast for $15 based on the size and weight of each box plus the packing materials and handling by his fulfillment team.

      This new "option" of air freight may be a way to help alleviate the shipping cost under budgeting.

    49. Creator Jennifer Francis 3 days ago

      Hey Frank, do you remember when you got angry on Kickstarter and demanded your money back because a product was being made in China?

      The hypocrisy is as humorous as the hyperventilating. Before we get to your quote, though, here's a little statistic: Frank has invested in 28 Kickstarter products, has commented on the Coolest 305 times, but averaged only 2 comments on all other products.

      Quoting Frank, on 9/1/14:

      "Is there any way to cancel my order? When I pledged (and I have pledged many kickstarter products) I was excited to get the type of quality toy that would last generations, just like you implied. Now come to find out it is being made in china and replacing leather with polyurethane? Sorry but can you please explain to me what kind of "safety" test was done that says leather can't be used but poly can? Some of the people that commented are so far lost. Like the person who said something about being racist about not wanting a product that was made in china? Seriously? Racist? What a compete moron. That guy is exactly the over sensitive , dramatic type that is what's wrong with our country and would rather support china. I on the other hand would much rather support my country, the USA. Products that are made in china have a horrible reputation for a reason. Just as products made in the US have a great reputation. Not saying every single thing that is made in china is junk. But like I said, they have a bad reputation for a reason. Period. Some people are fine with a china made product and using poly instead of leather. I am not one of them. The original campaign seemed completely different than what the finished product will be. And IMO, it's a shame. The nostalgia you talked about comes from quality made products made in the USA, or even some other parts of the world. But definitely not in china. How many of us have products passed down to us that have that "made in china" sticker on it? My guess would be not many, if any."

      Hyperventilating comment about how THAT was DIFFERENT in 3... 2... 1....

    50. Creator David McKenna 3 days ago

      Frank. You are so easy to manipulate that it takes the fun out of it. So, is your green card valid or not?

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