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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brandon Bledsoe about 5 hours ago

      #31,548. Got mine in July 2015, almost 3 full years now. This is definitely NOT a scam.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chloe Laccetti about 20 hours ago

      I moved! How do I update my address??

    3. Missing avatar

      Damon austin 1 day ago

      I'm pledge # 14507, almost 4 years. Is there a law suit floating around that I can sign. this is a big scam. How is kickstart still supporting this guy.

    4. Michael L Keller 1 day ago

      #42,034 - backed with $400 for two... Going on a rafting trip this memorial weekend - sad I don't have my cooler yet still =(

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Young 1 day ago


      And still nothing. Still wondering how that works when 40,000 have been delivered. 😞

    6. Jayson Potter 1 day ago


      The cooler is a POS and so is Ryan. I’d like to plant my boot up his cooler.

      Refund everyone’s money you scum sucking con artist.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lisa Parker 2 days ago

      I’m # 25,756. Pledged $240 almost 4 years ago. Please ship me my cooler soon!

    8. Missing avatar

      Eric Spilman 4 days ago

      Backer 13,831 , still waiting,,,WHAT A JOKE!!!!

    9. Arne Landeweerd 4 days ago

      My address changed. Where can I give?

    10. Missing avatar

      Sean Hogan 5 days ago

      You should really give weekly or bi weekly updates instead of leaving us in the dark for months it’s been 4 years get your act together you crook

    11. Erik
      7 days ago

      still not heard anything.. any update?

    12. Missing avatar

      Judith Levine-Maizels on May 16

      Backer number 45,370 pledged $240! Will I ever see this??

    13. Jan Schrage on May 16

      #110622 4 years later and still no cooler. Out $185.00!!!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Dayne Bulloch on May 16

      @RickPerez did you get any shipping information before it arrived? In New Zealand here checking if you knew it was on its way or it just turn up?

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick Perez on May 16

      Just received my Coolest! It’s everything and more! I live in Australia.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fargione on May 14

      Backer #8,465 Still waiting four years later... I stopped using kickstater because of this empty promise of a product

    17. Missing avatar

      Manuel Avino on May 14

      I was backer number 29,568 back in August 29, 2014. I pledged $325.00, The estimated delivery time back then was Feb. 2015. How long do you expect your backers to be.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ben Sims on May 13

      When the hell am I getting the coolest?! You're jetting around the world claiming you don't have the money. Fucking video chat you schmuck and send me my product. God...4 years? I'm an original backer you fuck.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Flower on May 12

      I'd like to know when are you getting batteries? Mine died last year just after 1 yr of use. Can't use it at all without a Battery that only you make. I'M on your waiting list for over a year now.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alysoun Wells on May 11

      Another thing..... I no longer back projects where the funding phenomenally surpasses the goal. It seems to overwhelm the project designers, and is often the one where the backers get dropped, or receive the inferior items. They save the better quality, developed products for the ‘paying’ customer.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alysoun Wells on May 11

      It has been almost 4 years since I backed you! Nothing. WTF kind of backer loyalty is this. Reported the project to Kickstarter a year ago, and nothing from them either....and a person is not allowed to report a second time. Projects such as this, where the item is apparently being manufactured and sold, and the backers are abandoned, make me furious! Shame on you!

    22. Isobel Cassidy on May 8

      Just give me my money back ffs

    23. Missing avatar

      Milad Soufastai on May 8

      If anyone is located in the Boston area, I'm selling my Blue Coolest: Never used with all the pieces still boxed up. Message me at and include just Coolest in the subject line.

    24. Gary E Zito on May 8

      My wife asks me once a year, around this time, if we ever heard back about "that" cooler. I tell her that it's always excuses. Maybe year four will be different, but I'm not holding my breath.

    25. Katie Stuller on May 5

      Backer #16,128.... at this point, I just want a refund. At one point that was an option. I was told I would be emailed two weeks prior to my cooler being shipped asking me if I still wanted a refund at that point. Over a year later with no response, I contacted customer service and due to whatever settlement they just made, there will be no refunds. This is getting ridiculous....

    26. Missing avatar

      Rob Commins on May 4

      Backer since July 26, 2014 - I'm starting to think that by the time I do receive my coolest, it will be obsolete and end of life. Can I request a refund instead? I'm nervous that your company will go out of business before the rest of us see ours. #refundplease

    27. Missing avatar

      Matt deierling on May 3

      Backer 12,737. For all of you that haven't received your paid for product, I feel sorry for your $ loss. For everyone thinking of buying. DONT. I wish I could push a picture of my cooler out for trash pick up. This thing was awesome until second time out. Let's just say don't use your blender if you are planning on spilling around it. Making blended drinks and a cup feel over/spilled with unknowingly some of the liquid making it dorm into the motor area (even with blender in place). At next press of the handle comes the smell.. Opened the cooler top find the battery overheating and beginning to melt. It became so hot it began to smoke. Crap batteries and motor.Low bid for sure. Now no motor and only one battery that won't charge. Super dangerous product. It will only be a matter of time till it burns someone's property to the ground. Be careful y'all, good luck and hopefully the BBB will someday investigate this crap , take make the 13 million this donkey made off of good people.

    28. Stephanie Lamouroux on May 1

      Backer #19,093 I was wondering if you were offering another option to pay more to receive your cooler sooner? I know you offered this before and I hope you know that there is interest should you decide to offer this again. I realize now that even if I lose money on this deal I would still be able to enjoy my purchase now instead of later. I also feel for the struggles you have endured with having an overly successful campaign here on kickstarter- while it was great to have so much support it made it even harder to meet the demand. The backers that turned on you have really turned on the whole group because that distraction has kept the rest of us from fulfillment. So keep up the great work and do what is necessary! -Stephanie

    29. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Trotta on May 1

      Backer #20,309 here. I backed this project on July 13, 2014 for $200 and still have not received my reward (I live in the US). Please let us know when we are getting our rewards or when we are getting a refund.

    30. Aussie Jess
      on April 29

      Backer #32,051 in Australia. Still nothing.

      Has anyone received one lately?

    31. Isobel Cassidy on April 28

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter tends of use of use/oct2012'project creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful campaigns or refund as b Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill' I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    32. Sterling B Ely on April 27

      Kickstarter backer #47,194. The project closed on August 29, 2014.
      I (and many others) have been waiting almost 4 damn years. Come on now, this is frikking rediculous!

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Mountain on April 27

      As a Backer is there still an option to pay the extra shipping to get cooler? If possible pls email me @

    34. Missing avatar

      Erika on April 27

      Backed this project 8/29/14 and still have not received it!

    35. Missing avatar

      Zach Perry on April 26

      Backer number 10,523 and have not received anything. Looks like everyone hates this cooler anyway. Good to hear because I have a case of tannerite to dump into it if I ever receive my "Coolest" cooler.

    36. Missing avatar

      Clint Butler on April 25

      Backer number 2,861 Still waiting!

    37. Beau Wurster on April 22

      It’s been almost 4 years and I haven’t received a thing. 4....years...

    38. Chris YU on April 21

      HK backer 35862 ! Nothing response + news + hope ! Almost 5 years , the coolest let me know America equal to bandit

    39. Missing avatar

      Tim Strom on April 20

      Backer #29,673. Bought two, one for my mom’s birthday.... 3 years ago, and myself. Unlucky that I am not one of the 40,000 delivered, and because I am in Canada, I would suspect probably never at this point. Unfortunately this has scared me away from backing any other campaigns.

    40. Justin Garrison on April 17

      I hereby invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

    41. Natalee Press on April 15

      By the time I get my coolest cooler, the so-called "cool" functions will be obsolete. I backed this campaign with $185 in Aug 2014. Then spent additional money to order an extra battery, $240 in total. You can't deliver the remaining coolers but you can continue to sell them online. What happened to integrity?

    42. Elene Kyranakos
      on April 11

      I still don’t have mine. I’m in Australia.

    43. Missing avatar

      Sharon Holley on April 8

      Why do you have even have this comment page when you never respond.

      Thanks for stealing my hard earned money!

    44. Apit C L on March 29


    45. Missing avatar

      Charles W Clarke II on March 27

      Wish I could bring this bad boy to Coachella. Would be perfect for the desert. Hopefully next year!

    46. Kevin Huff on March 26

      Mark - I can imaging it's a drag not having batteries. And if they did, maybe people like me could actually get a COOLEST. Coming up on 4 years of waiting and while I appreciate all that Ryan/team have done since their Kickstarter campaign, I'm painfully aware they missed too many things when setting up their campaign. Still waiting for a cooler.

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark Flower on March 21

      Please Tell us when you are going to get Batteries. I got my cooler in the beginning and after a year and a half the battery went dead. I have been on your list for a new battery since the summer 2017. Well the summer 2018 is right around the Corner. I still cant use my cooler for what it was designed for. I see lost of folks in the same boat as me. When are you going to get Batteries? I think waiting a year is more than enough time. Your company is on the verge of collapsing not offering a battery to run a product you so proudly promote. PLEASE UPDATE US AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR BATTERIES.

    48. Missing avatar

      Dan Brown on March 21

      @Justin Luter 2 days ago

      "I PROBABLY WOULD HAVE HAD MY COOLEST BY NOW IF THE COMPANY DIDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BEING SUED. so a special thanks to the people who are making this process even slower (if it was even possible)."

      You're welcome Justin. Being proactive got me my cooler, which is a POS.

    49. Missing avatar

      TJ Healey on March 21

      When you finally, if ever get your cooler, you will be even more disappointed. It is heavy and bulky when empty. The handle is cheesy and the wheels are too small to go through sand. I'm retrofitting my wheels with rolleeze oversized tires so it can be pulled through the sand. It is better suited for tailgating or other semi stationary uses. I have no use for the plates. Anybody want them? You can fill them with whipped cream and push them in Greppers face!

    50. Missing avatar

      spring on March 20

      This is a joke! They take your money and you don't get the product... It's been 4 years!!! :S
      (Can't blame the suers. It's outrageous.)

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