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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dax about 4 hours ago

      Sent the damaged wrong color cooler back yesterday and received new tracking number on replacement last night. Obviously won't have the use of it by the 4th thou.

    2. William about 5 hours ago

      Fix the system so I can order the $97 option! Ryan told me Puerto Rico was included before the update! I have tried several times and it is not!

    3. Iwin about 8 hours ago

      Catie they did send 500 for free, becorse of sales

    4. Blaine Kawamata about 9 hours ago

      Got my Orange Coolest today. Oahu Hawaii

    5. john w thames about 13 hours ago

      I just got mine..took forever..paid the $97...and didnt care! It is everything Ryan and his staff said it would be. Hope the support is just as good as I want to order another battery...Thanks again for your no compromise attitude and I look forward to using it.

    6. Catie Butler about 14 hours ago

      Someone explain to me how a backer who did not pay the $97 got his cooler before me (and I paid!) This has to be a joke...I want my $97 back.

    7. Clint Derrick about 16 hours ago

      According to my UPS tracking number I will receive mine on the 5th. Which isn't before the 4th. Do we receive a refund for the $97? And whose infinite wisdom decided that the shipping hub for New Mexico should be Oregon? Last time I checked, Dallas, LA, Chicago, and even Atlanta were all 400 miles closer than Oregon!

    8. Blake Foster about 17 hours ago

      Just got mine sucks it took so long but it's awesome! Orange/az

    9. Nick D. Benson about 17 hours ago

      **I will continue to ignore the haters on here.**

      Mine arrived today. Extra $97 was worth it.

      My initial thoughts...

      It's everything that was described, at the quality level and fit and finish Ryan described (and wanted to accomplish.)

      (Some of the speaker and main battery charging instructions don't exactly jive with what the LEDs do but that's minor. Instruction booklets need to be edited.)
      My main battery charged pretty quickly from two white lights to four and then the green charging light went off.
      Speaker red LED went out so I'm assuming that's also charged.

      It's much larger than the photos show.

      The Bluetooth speaker is a pretty amazing piece of technology in itself. Surprisingly loud when you need it.

    10. Raymond Pierce about 17 hours ago

      Wow, I have my cooler, but received a shotty battery. Coolest support has been an utter joke. They do not consistently reply, and give anything other than a cryptic scripted response that gives no details what so ever. I have even offered to pay for overnight shipping myself just so I can use everything this weekend.

    11. Ashley Balitaan about 17 hours ago

      UPS confirmed I will not receive package by July 4. Unacceptable!

    12. Charles R Jones II about 18 hours ago

      Got my Coolest today. I am very impressed and pleased by the fit and finish of everything. Even the packaging was impressive! I'm jamming out to the bluetooth speaker (which is also amazing and has a surprising amount of bass) as I type this. I am VERY pleased, this is one of the best Kickstarter finished products I have experienced. Thank you for designing and producing an awesome cooler that actually lives up to the expectations!

    13. Missing avatar

      Janet C. Davis about 20 hours ago

      Got my cooler today. Charging the battery now to see if it works. The tires look like it was driven around the warehouse - anyone else have that? Also a VERY TINY ding in the bottom of it- I'm not going to worry about that unless other parts don't function. Hopefully I'll know more once I get to actually play with it.

    14. Lori Fridle Sanchez about 20 hours ago

      Join us to rant, share a review, gather information and unite with other backers that want answers and action.

    15. L. Joelle Rankins Goodwin about 21 hours ago

      Why would I refer a friend to buy a product that I can't even vouch for,that I have been waiting on for over a year! Not gonna happen.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matt Suddock about 21 hours ago

      Delivery date is the 5th. Do I get my $97 back?

    17. Missing avatar

      Terje Pedersen about 21 hours ago

      Why should I refer a friend to a product they're won't ship to my country!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nathan Rogowski about 22 hours ago

      I received the notification from UPS the day that it arrived, which was yesterday in Wisconsin!! Going to be awesome this weekend at the 4th party we are going to! Blended drinks all day, with pairing speakers bumping some tunes! Thanks Coolest! The extra $97 was worth it! Great product and worth the wait after all!

    19. Tanya Claborn about 22 hours ago

      Blah, Blah Blah. That lying piece of crap is not getting another dime from me! He is telling lie after lie. So if you refer a friend the friend gets their cooler before you. What a rip off!!!!! If anyone wants to wait till I get mine (if ever) there will be one available for sale the next day for $250.00 which is exactly what I have in it. I won't even unpack the box. I'm so aggravated at this point I wouldn't be seen using one. Ryan's last name should be Madoff. I'll never do anything thru Kickstarter again. This whole thing has been one big ponsi scheme by an idiot that couldn't even run a lemonade stand. I bet he's laughing all the way to the bank......I'm not laughing!

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Jones about 22 hours ago

      I finally received my cooler after paying the $97 expedited shipping fee...just to open it and see a crack by the lid! Disappointed

    21. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria about 23 hours ago

      " When did you get your UPS info?"
      I received a "Label has been printed" email from MyUPS on 6/23, with a tracking number. I received a "shipped" e-mail from MyUPS on 6/28, stating that delivery would occur on 6/29. And on 6/29, the coolers were delivered.
      Of course, some folks are seeing their coolers delivered with no e-mails whatsoever, so you never know.
      Are you signed up for the MyUPS notification service? If not, that could be why you've not seen an email.

    22. Tom Buck 1 day ago

      Got mine! Received my UPS notification the same day as it was delivered. We already made Pina Colada's with the blender and ran the speaker for 6 hours while the neighbors drooled over it. It was a good investment in an great idea (despite all the noise and complaining). Thanks coolest!

    23. Theresa Brunner 1 day ago

      I received my Margarita Green Coolest on Tuesday! All the extras were there! It is the COOLEST! The speakers sound great! I am planning on trying out the blender this weekend!

    24. Missing avatar

      James Vandiver 1 day ago

      It's here! It's Blue! It's in Indiana! Paid the $97! No notice until it said out for delivery! Everything is functioning. All my extras we included! Speakers sound great! Can't wait to be pontooning this weekend with it. My boat radio is dead so the party pairing will be perfect! Having friends and family over so the motor will get a workout!

      This was a long process. Glad it is over but still happy with the outcome! Risk the $97 you wont be disappointed!

    25. Rita Seelig Ayers 1 day ago

      @Nick D. Benson I agree with you completely. Kickstarter projects are not guaranteed. If you can't risk losing the money, then you should not participate. Everyone needs to be prepared to write off the amount of any Kickstarter project they support. I've backed a lot of projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Often the delivery is not as projected but so far I have always received a product. Not all have been wonderful but they have all come so far. Be patient and write to support directly. They usually respond.

    26. Rita Seelig Ayers 1 day ago

      @John Assaro both my batteries and speakers charged without a hitch.

    27. Michele Schian 1 day ago

      Got mine yesterday!! So very exited to put it to use!

    28. Rita Seelig Ayers 1 day ago

      Received mine yesterday. Everything seems to work as described. I ordered two speakers and the party pairing is amazing and tested outside - really nice! And worth the wait. Still over a $100 off retail even with the extra $97. Seems worth it! Party on....

    29. Missing avatar

      John Assaro 1 day ago

      anyone having problems with the battery only charging to 2 "lights" (50%)?

    30. Missing avatar

      BRETT COLEMAN 1 day ago

      I received UPS info the same day my cooler showed up

    31. Missing avatar

      Susan Cunningham 1 day ago

      This part is purely a function of UPS, not Coolest.

    32. Missing avatar

      Susan Cunningham 1 day ago

      I received UPS notification on 6-28-2016 and mine was delivered on 6-29-2016 despite what the UPS delivery notice indicated as a delivery date of 7-12-2016.

    33. Ryan Nansen 1 day ago

      Orange coolest out for delivery today in Denver, CO. Might have to leave work early so I can start drinking margaritas!

    34. Missing avatar

      Trappe136 1 day ago

      @Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria,

      Citizen of Valoria - thanks for catching my date mistake, guess I was just wishing for the weekend to come sooner. In any case, it's hard to believe that I will get the cooler by Saturday when I haven't received the UPS info yet. When did you get your UPS info? I'm curious how long it was from when you rec'd your UPS info to when you got your coolers yesterday.

    35. John Bellando 1 day ago

      I received my cooler yesterday. It looks very solid but I haven't had a chance yet to go through it all.

    36. Missing avatar

      Cameron Farley 1 day ago

      What has been peoples' experiences with Party Pairing? Considering purchasing a second speaker now that I received my cooler.

    37. Missing avatar

      Cameron Farley 1 day ago

      Kentucky w/ $97 option. I GOT MY COOLER. IT'S REAL AND IT'S GREAT! Build quality is everything I could've wanted and it came just in time for my 4th of July pool party on Saturday! My wife was soooo convinced that it would never come but she was proven wrong yesterday.

    38. Missing avatar

      Janet C. Davis 1 day ago

      On the truck for delivery today! Who-hoo! Danville, VA

    39. William 1 day ago

      A day before the last update :

      "Hi William,

      We will be offering the $97 option again, and you will be able to participate with your Puerto Rico address this time around."

      Reality: I can't take the $97 option as the system indicates my country is not included in this round. What a joke! Did Ryan reply my email without confirming? I don't doubt it. Have sent several emails and no response. I had lost faith in this team but things like this shows they are never going to make things right.

    40. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria 1 day ago

      @Chritopher Blaine,
      "Here it is Froday morning, July 1st."
      That's odd. Here in Ohio, it's Thursday, June 30th. Is PA on the other side of the international date line? :)

    41. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria 1 day ago

      Received two coolers (1 orange, 1 blue) with extras in CIncinnati yesterday (6/29). Paid the extra $97 x 2.

    42. Missing avatar

      Trappe136 1 day ago

      Here it is Froday morning, July 1st. I paid the extra $97 for "guaranteed" July 4th delivery and no UPS email. In order for it to get here by the 4th it would have to be delivered by tomorrow (Saturday). This is never gonna make it by the 4th. This is a sickening scam. So far nothing I have been told has happened and yet I paid more $ in hopes to recoup what I think most of us thought was a total loss. Shame on me. Lesson learned - never supporting crowd funding again.

    43. Ivan Davidiuk 1 day ago

      I got mine on Monday. So far everything is perfect. The speaker, the batteries, the plates, knife, wine opener, etc.... There is only one issue. When my phone is being charged by the coolest USB and I turn the blender on it stops charging my phone. It's not a big issue, but it makes me wonder why it does that. It could be the phone, the cable or the USB plug itself. I haven't tried to figure out the cause, but that's the only issue.

      So far it's great...

    44. Jarem Atkinson 1 day ago

      Got mine today in SLC, Utah! Prepaid and going to enjoy it for the 4th! Even though it's been a very long wait, it is absolute top-quality design. Very happy with my Coolest!

    45. Jannette Sanchez-Jackson 1 day ago

      Finally got mine today! Orange, Southern California with the extra speaker and battery I pre-paid. And, yes I paid the $97 ransom. Good luck everyone! I'm glad to be done with this nightmare.

    46. Nick D. Benson 1 day ago

      I took two chances.
      1 - Backing & funding the Coolest Cooler.
      2 - Paying an extra $97 for an expedited delivery.

      I'm an optimist and a realist and let's face it, at the end of the day this is just a giant piece of plastic but a lot of emotional vitriol has been pushed at Ryan's team for just trying to make a situation work that landed in front of them after the crazy response it got. Pioneering such a detailed item is not easy, and Ryan could've walked away a while ago invoking KS rules but they are sticking with it.

      I'm sorry that some of you continuously feel the need to spew some pretty vile and hateful language at the Coolest team. Is that who you really are over just $300? I was prepared to write it off if I had to but I didn't. I paid an extra $97 and mine arrives tomorrow.

      Well done Ryan for finding a workable solution that 10,000 of us found reasonable.

    47. Puna Bell 2 days ago

      I'm feeling very disappointed. I backed you on day one #407 out of 63K plus backers but because I refuse to null and void our original contract and do order additional battery, I'm assuming I will be the last for delivery. Thank you Ryan! I believed in you and don't use the excuses that it cost more than you expected. You became a millionaire over night but are making excuses to postpone your initial backers. Giving me offers to pay more or refer..... I referred so many from day one. I can only say that from someone who backed and promoted you from DAY ONE, I'm disappointed.

    48. Missing avatar

      Susan Cunningham 2 days ago

      IT'S HERE! Orange in Northern California. My initial UPS delivery notice said I would receive it by July 12th, so for those of you waiting, don't be upset by what you think will be a longer delay as it may not be that at all. Haven't even unpacked it yet, but I'm both thrilled and relieved that it has arrived. I was backer # 63,000 and something and paid the extra $97.00. PHEW!

    49. Dax 2 days ago

      Hi Dax,

      Our apologies for the trouble! Attached is a prepaid UPS return label to send your orange cooler back to us. Please let us know once you have dropped it off with UPS and we will ship out a margarita Coolest for you.

      Blake Anderson

    50. Melanie Thomas Cavanaugh 2 days ago

      Received an email today and several hours later, it's mine!! I love the Coolest! I tested everything and it's the quality promised. Thank you Ryan for an awesome product!!

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