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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
Created by

Ryan Grepper

62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator romeojuliets about 17 hours ago


    2. Creator Lissa buzzelli 1 day ago

      When should I expect the "coolest" to be delivered?

    3. Creator Phil Gardner 2 days ago

      "I’ve changed my mind. How do I cancel my pledge?

      Please make sure your survey is complete and then reach out to our team at to get a prompt refund."

    4. Creator Jimmy Chan 2 days ago

      Nevermind, I got it

    5. Creator Jimmy Chan 2 days ago

      It took me a long while, but I just saw the message that I need to add $15 for shipping. How can I do that now?

    6. Creator Phil Gardner 2 days ago

      @Michael Manage Pledge hasn't been available since the campaign ended last August. You'll have to make changes here

      If you have trouble, email them directly

    7. Creator Michael Comley 2 days ago

      How do I add extra battery as mine doesn't say manage pledge?

    8. Creator Daniel 2 days ago

      @sejtam from the FAQs:
      All batteries with the Coolest are 100% reusable and rechargeable. The battery pops out and charges on its included charger dock from a wall socket or car adapter. You can also purchase an additional battery pack so that one can be charging while the other is partying!
      You'll be able to use your COOLEST anywhere in the world! We're making sure the battery can be re-charged from either a 110v or 220v outlet.

    9. Creator sejtam 2 days ago

      Is there an external charger for the battery pack (or info about one that is compatible)? It would be nice to charge two bettery packs at the same time, (onr through the cooler, one external). Also I hope that all power is 240V compatible?

    10. Creator Dax 2 days ago

      @Lisset... The ship date has been moved to July. Its normal and you should expect delays on KS.

    11. Creator Lisset Greene 2 days ago

      I pledged $185. Am I suppose to receive a cooler as that was my understanding.

    12. Creator Dennis Horton 2 days ago

      Ship dates are in July? Half way through grilling season.... meh...

    13. Creator Jacki 2 days ago

      I am moving to a new home the middle of next month so I will need to change address to where my cooler needs to be shipped to. Who do I contact to change my information?

    14. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      @Raymond, estimated shipping begins in July. It helps to stay informed

    15. Creator Raymond Blanchard 4 days ago

      SHIP the damn cooler!

    16. Creator Frank Cruz 5 days ago

      Hopefully people will start to read these comments. I highly recommend going to, click "countdown" and the signing up for weekly updates. You will get emails on the progress of the Coolest with videos and pictures along with explanations from ryan. They just sent another one out today that shows the tooling schedule and progress. Anybody who backed the Coolest should sign up. In case you have trouble doing that, here is a link to help you. This is the latest.

    17. Creator Phil Gardner 5 days ago

      update just dropped on with a detailed tooling schedule.

      it is of course just an estimate. Heaven forbid something should happen, a plan should have to change, and the schedule would need to be adjusted accordingly. That might be why they keep referring to it as an estimate and not a guarantee.

    18. Creator Frank Cruz 5 days ago

      Brian, the new estimated ship date is in July.

    19. Creator Brian 5 days ago

      i also received the estimated shipping date of February. I messaged them to see the ETA. hopefully it will be soon

    20. Creator Frank Cruz 5 days ago

      @david, you are absolutely correct. It is a simple concept. All of this. Kickstarter in general is a simple concept. To most people anyway

    21. Creator William 6 days ago

      No update this week?

    22. Creator David Landes 6 days ago

      @Frank, you asked Jessica "who told you it would be here by February?". I answered for her. Pretty simple concept.

      Thanks for the extra paragraph regurgitating your position again.

    23. Creator Frank Cruz 6 days ago

      @Matt, no sarcasm just legit questions. If somebody says they were told or promised the Coolest in February, I'm just curious to know who made that promise to them. @David, let me ask you what ryan was supposed to say at that point in the process. At that time, the project had not been officially funded yet correct? And at that time, the estimated ship date that was stated on the project page through Kickstarter was February correct? So why is it so difficult for you to understand that at the time of that video, ryan was still estimating February as the ship date. When asked, what should he say? Should he have second guessed his own estimated ship date? Should he have said something like, well February is when it's supposed to ship, but don't expect it to? Great marketing that would have been (btw, that is sarcasm). He doesn't need to say that because Kickstarter already says it for him. I still missed the part where he guaranteed shipping by February. Did he or did he not say the only place to get one would be through Kickstater? Which means what? Kickstarters rules and guidelines...which means? Scroll down to my comment where I copied and pasted directly from Kickstarter.

    24. Creator David Landes 6 days ago

      @jessica, when you are asked, "who told you it would be here by February?", you can say with confidence, RYAN GREPPER!

      If you watch the clip below from the Today Show, Ryan clearly states February at minute 1:30 (even though he was well aware that he already had 60,000+ backers at the time).

    25. Creator romeojuliets 7 days ago


    26. Creator romeojuliets 7 days ago


    27. Creator romeojuliets 7 days ago

      FRANK I THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TIME HERE .. f.. the rest of these people how cant read.. get over it already you will revive your cooler when its ready and not a mount sooner... DOES THAT SINK IN TO YOU WINNING LITTLE BABY'S...

    28. Creator Matt Mathers 7 days ago

      Frank, your sarcasm and tone towards Jessica is kind of douchey. Spending as much time here as you do, one would think you'd have noticed the Be respectful and considerate link below the Post comment button, but I guess not.

    29. Creator Frank Cruz on March 20

      @Jessica Lewis, if you can please let us all know who told you it would be here by February that would be helpful. For me, I was only told that February was the estimated ship date. Apparently you were told that February was a guaranteed ship date. Who told you this? Also, it helps to read updates. That's what this process is about.

    30. Creator Austin Smith on March 19

      People like Jessica obviously never read the updates or any of these comments.

    31. Creator Jessica Lewis on March 19

      where is it... i was told it would be here by Feb???

    32. Creator Susan Kane Kusturin on March 19

      Very excited to be part of your success. Thanks for the updates. I'll be waiting.

    33. Creator romeojuliets on March 18

      Phil thanks for the link been wanting to a an extra battery.


    34. Creator Don Morris on March 18

      Good grief! I'm not reading these comments any more; too depressing. I'm hoping to get my cooler about a month after I've forgotten it's coming... It will feel like a surprise! Good Luck with the project Ryan and the team!

    35. Creator Daniel on March 18

      @William Angelos Of the 77 projects I have backed that completed funding, 17 have used a third party survey site (about 22%). Your percentage is higher. KS surveys do not have a facility for adding shipping or additional products/accessories. The link to the survey was sent out but with over 60,000 backers some slipped through the cracks or ended up in spam folders. The ability to request an invite allows backers to receive a new survey link so that they can complete their survey. You can also use the link to update your address if it changes.

    36. Creator William Angelos on March 17

      I've done a campaign and pledges before and this is the first I've seen of an outside site where I have to request an invite. Send the survey through Kickstarter if it's done or getting close. I'm sure Kickstarter wouldn't be happy to see your using an outside site as it makes it look like a scam.

    37. Creator Mike Lucas on March 17

      Hello All
      Who needs a cooler in February anyway?
      Delivery date of the summer is perfect.
      Ryan, take your time and do it right the first time.
      Thank you.

    38. Creator Brian Fawcett on March 17

      @ Patricia, please see the message below from the Creator............Forgive the pun but I hope this is now clear?

      Creator Ryan Grepper 2 days ago
      Yes, the blender is clear. This is a screen shot from the CAD program. We'll be seeing pictures of the finished parts in April once first shots are produced with our new tooling

    39. Creator patricia henry on March 16

      Just wanted to say that I love the pitcher..only one doesn't appear that we can see what we are making or is this gray color a sort of clear gray??

    40. Creator Phil Gardner on March 16

      People, it's just a cooler. A really cool cooler that we're all excited for, but at the end of the day it's still a cooler. There's no need to bicker back and forth, we're all just excited to get a cooler.

      Anybody unclear of crowdsource funding should read up kickstarter's FAQ and do some outside googling on the subject - including for people's experiences and what to actually expect from the process. has a cool tracker feature with weekly updates (usually friday or saturday) with development pictures and a big picture tracker showing overall progress.

      Anybody needing to edit their address can do so here using the email that you filled out your survey with. Any other questions should be emailed to You can also sign up on the countdown page and have the weekly updates emailed directly to you

      Sit back, relax, and enjoy the process. When you shop at igloo, they don't email you weekly showing you the progression of fashioning the tools out of steel blocks, CAD drawings from scratch to cooler, or all of the other inner workings. It's really a fascinating process.

    41. Creator Frank Cruz on March 16

      Also, congrats on your first child.

    42. Creator Frank Cruz on March 16

      @Jenn...just thought I'd let you know that for me personally, I have zero affiliation with Ryan or the Coolest team. Or Kickstarter for that matter. I just choose to respond back in defense to the people who are clearly lost. The people demanding refunds or threatening to sue. Had these people read and researched what they were getting into, they wouldn't be here complaining in the first place. So I simply try to post things that could possibly help somebody who is disgruntled to realize that their anger is mis directed. I have no idea how people can say that the Coolest was "promised" or that they "were told" that they would get it in February. It's just crazy to me.

    43. Creator Brian Fawcett on March 16

      @ WC, there are too many Whingers, Whiners and way too many spoilt Brats, not only on this Project but throughout KS and Indiegogo..........We are Backers, not Buyers. If they don't like it then don't pledge.
      Thanks for the updates Ryan, very much appreciated and keep up the great work!

    44. Creator Sharon Snowbird on March 15

      Ryan, due to the delayed delivery of the cooler, I need to change the address that mine is shipped to. How do I do that?

    45. Creator WC on March 15

      Shelley Hoppe-Mayer, Susie Gelman, Cheryl Thirtyacre, Constance Fairchild, Jennifer Johnson are CLUELESS!

    46. Creator Eda Oliver on March 15

      I wish I would have read the comments before sending him a message by using the "contact me" button. lol! Guess I'm not the only waiting with a February (estimated) ship date. oh well! Patience is a virtue, i'll continue to wait…Thanks Ryan!

    47. Creator Frank Cruz on March 15

      Hopefully this will help some of the people complaining. Once again, directly from Kickstarter:

      •The Estimated Delivery Date is the creator’s estimate. The date listed on each reward is the creator’s estimate of when they will provide the reward — not a guarantee to fulfill by that date. The schedule may change as the creator works on the project. We ask creators to think carefully, set a date they feel confident they can work toward, and communicate with backers about any changes.
      • Backing a project is more than just pledging funds to a creator. It's pledging your support to a creative idea that you want to see exist in the world.
      •It's not uncommon for things to take longer than expected. Sometimes the execution of the project proves more difficult than the creator had anticipated. If a creator is making a good faith effort to complete their project and is transparent about it, backers should do their best to be patient and understanding while demanding continued accountability from the creator.
      •At the same time, backers must understand that Kickstarter is not a store. When you back a project, you’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised.

    48. Creator Frank Cruz on March 15

      Shelly do not compare motorcycle parts to this. Tell your dad to start a Kickstarter campaign. I bet if he got 100 backers he wouldn't be able to get 5 of them done within a year. Making motorcycle parts out of a garage is not nearly the same thing. It is so easy to make a fiberglass mold for parts like that. The fairing is a simple piece that does not need a team of people to create. Nobody has to approve the design for your dad. He doesn't have to test each individual part, even though there aren't a lot for that fairing. Look I can go on and on but bottom line is you are comparing apples to oranges.

    49. Creator Jenn langille on March 15

      So my first child is due 7/13. Wondering which will come first lol. On a serious note occasionally I have reviewed comments to get updates and it's clear that certain users must work for the Coolest and are not simply investors. This observation is based on their many defensive comments (maybe hundreds of comments posted by a handful of names because they always respond) that they have made to the community's frustration over this project. At the end of the day, Kickstarter does explain the rules to investing in its products but it's experiences like this that make me pause before investing again. With this being Kickstarters largest project hopefully they are invested in seeing this project succeed and have learned from this round.

    50. Creator Frank Cruz on March 15

      Susie you need to do your research on what Kickstarter is. You seem very lost. All you have to do is read through the Kickstarter guidelines and FAQ and I guarantee you that you will see that you are wrong in your comments that you made. I'm not sure how people can be so clueless. We were not given a shipping date. Just estimated. Nobody told us when it would be delivered. Stop making up lies. February was estimated. Not guaranteed. Just as July is. There is no fraud or scam. Only uniformed backers like yourself who thought you were purchasing a product. You weren't. You were helping fund a idea and getting a ice chest as a thank you gift essentially. The fact that so many adults are acting like 5 year olds is crazy to me. I knew by the size of this project there would be a couple. But so many? Crazy.

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