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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Frank Cruz 10 minutes ago

      Right on then man. I just thought you said something about not being able to use it until next year. My point was just if you want to test the coolest to make sure it functions as it should, there are ways of using it between now and next summer. But like I said, to each their own

    2. Creator Chad Monger about 16 hours ago

      @Frank - I never said that it would only be used one week out of the year, I am saying that it will be used HEAVILY (put to the test) one week during the year. If I am on my porch with friends I can use my fridge to keep drinks cold, blender plugged into the wall, and radio plugged into the wall for music.

    3. Creator Frank Cruz about 23 hours ago

      Maybe it's been said, maybe not, but does anyone know if there will be separate warranty for the speaker, battery, and blender? Also I remember reading something about some kind of option to replace damaged parts due to drunken accidents. Curious to know if they still plan to go ahead with that and how much it will cost for that accident protection.

    4. Creator Frank Cruz 1 day ago

      How about multiple porch nights then. Or tailgating, random BBQs with family and friends, fight parties, day trips to the beach or lake. Only using the coolest one week out of the year? To each their own I guess.

    5. Creator Chad Monger 1 day ago

      @Phil one night on a porch vs a full week of camping and going to the beach is the difference between "testing" and "putting it to the test"

    6. Creator David McKenna 1 day ago

      @Robert. I liked the way you substitute the word "Frank" to replace any "4 lettered word" I think this is a trend that might just catch on and spread world wide

      Ex. He is such a Franking frankhole.

    7. Creator David McKenna 1 day ago

      WOW! Been traveling for a while and not looked at the posts for a while. Nice to see all is as usual and thank Frank has an opinion about everything and still believes that everyone cares about his comments. Frank just shut the @&)" up. Please!

    8. Creator Phil Gardner 1 day ago

      Does nobody have a porch they can sit on with buddies one night and have cool beverages, Bluetooth music, and otherwise test it?

    9. Creator Chad Monger 2 days ago

      I have been holding out hope since I first backed that I would have it by mid July for our camping trip, but now I think I am finally accepting (not happily) the fact that I will have to wait another year to use it. The warranty will probably be up by the time it gets put to the test the first time next year.

    10. Creator Matt Mathers 2 days ago

      No comment.

    11. Creator R.Schmidt 2 days ago

      @Rick,,,I would like to comment on your comment.

    12. Creator Rick Perez 2 days ago

      I would like to comment on all the comments. Thank You

    13. Creator Phil Gardner 3 days ago

      @David. Neither; i was backing a kickstarter project to get a cooler.

    14. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      Even though we haven't had another update yet, I notice that the countdown has moved along another notch....

    15. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      @Jason Hayes, there was a update 4 or 5 days ago. Before that a update was sent on the 8th I think. Both were pretty nice

    16. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Notice I said "get" it. Not "buy" it.

    17. Creator Jason Hayes 3 days ago

      An update would be nice.

    18. Creator Josh Faubert 3 days ago

      @Phil, it looks like we may have lost one too though. On the FAQ page it says a car adapter is "in the works". I may be wrong, but I thought that was part of the original offer. Not a big deal to me as I already have an converter, but FYI.

    19. Creator David Landes 3 days ago

      So, you were actually buying a product and not really funding a dream?

    20. Creator Phil Gardner 3 days ago

      I'll be honest. As intrigued as I am by the whole process, I really couldn't care less what happens to the coolest brand after I get my cooler. I'd like to see it succeed and wish them the best but at the end of the day it doesn't matter to me

    21. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Either way that igloo looks like junk. I think 485$ is a good price to start out and test the market. It makes more sense to start on the high side and lower the price in the future if it is not selling well. Should be interesting to see how it does when it goes full retail. Regardless, I'm just happy to have been able to get it for 185$. Based of everything we have seen I think it is well worth that price.

    22. Creator Frank Cruz 3 days ago

      Agree phil. I had no clue about the wine bottle opener. Ryan and the Coolest team continue to impress with the way they have handled this entire process.

    23. Creator Mark Nevar 3 days ago

      Who was it that brought up Alibaba knockoffs again?

    24. Creator David Landes 3 days ago

      Frank started the stupid clone comparison, not me,

      Grepper took an old idea that Igloo tried years ago and added to it with newer technology.

      At $185, he will sell hundreds of thousands of units, at $485 he will sell a fraction of that.

    25. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      True, but my impression (based upon reviews of the other coolers) is that the quality of this baby is much higher; .... at least that's my hope ....

    26. Creator Mark Nevar 3 days ago

      and the plates, knife, bottle opener, wine opener, interior light, USB-ports. Yep, the Coolest sure is a clone all right.

    27. Creator David Landes 3 days ago

      Frank, the Igloo Icy Tunes came out in 2009. It would appear that the Coolest is the clone.

      It still sells for $150- $200. The blender and the detachable bluetooth speaker on the Coolest must be worth the extra $285

    28. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      The wine opener is a terrific afterthought ...... well done, Ryan.

    29. Creator Robert 3 days ago

      Frank, Frank,'re absolutely Franking right...Frankly, I've come to grips with my sporadic lapses of Frankness, and will not be a Frank-Hole again.

      I'd add a bit more, but I need to go take a Frank.

    30. Creator Phil Gardner 3 days ago

      apparently a new feature has snuck its way through unnoticed.
      "The Coolest comes with four reusable plastic plates/flying disks as well as a Samurai sharp ceramic knife for cutting up whatever you might need to cut up. We even added a wine opener so you won’t need to “McGyver” one."

      I hadn't heard about the wine opener yet. Loving the small touches and attention to detail

    31. Creator Karie Altvare 4 days ago

      I am so excited and can't wait to show this off to all of my friends and support u guys all the way. Yes a little disappointed summer will be almost over but well worth the wait!!! Thank you so much for the free upgrades in lu of the delay, it just tells me u guys are 100% real and respect your customers. Thank u again :)

    32. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      Another coolest clone even tho made by igloo. Looks like crap I think

    33. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      Have you seen this one yet David?…

    34. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      Lol. Wow. Very sad

    35. Creator Matt Mathers 4 days ago

      Knock it off, Frank.

    36. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      Ignored, but yet you clearly read it. Curious. That comment was meant to inform, not hurt feelings. Besides it had nothing to do with you Robert. Why you decide to post a comment with no other reason than to try to insult is beyond me.Let me say it again, please keep my name out of your comments. It's really not that difficult to do guy. unreal

    37. Creator Kannika Garcia 4 days ago

      @william, you can cut your sandwich on one of the included plates.

    38. Creator william childress 4 days ago

      Has anyone mentioned that the divider / cutting board is a bad idea? Say you have your ice cold drinks in one side with the divider in and you have your deli wrapped sandos in the other side. It's before swimming and you only want half a sandwich. So, you pull out the cutting board to cut it and there goes ice cold water all over your dry goods. Thoughts?

    39. Creator Ana Muir 4 days ago

      Can you please update the countdown.

    40. Creator Robert 5 days ago

      Ah, Frank, wise posting will be ignored know it.

    41. Creator Frank Cruz 5 days ago

      this really isn't the place to be asking ryan/Coolest team questions directly. Email for any questions. You are much more likely to get a response from there as opposed to a comments section for the backers.

    42. Creator Cassidy Clark 6 days ago


      If we purchased extra batteries and Bluetooth speakers, does that move us up any higher on the distro list??

    43. Creator Loren Lang 7 days ago

      Ryan, I hope that you've been getting the positive feedback you deserve. In all the updates you've sent, you've been upbeat, appreciative and honest. I am very excited to get this thing in the dugout and by the pool whenever mine makes it across the ocean. Keep doing what you're doing and I do hope to maybe see some more creative ideas from you and your product development team down the road.

    44. Creator Jarrah 7 days ago

      Will my Coolest come with ice and a drink in the blender, like in the picture? The ice would melt right, so will we just get a bottle of vodka in the Coolest box and need to supply our own ice?

    45. Creator ConnieSue Dickinson on June 22

      Ryan (my hero) ... You can put my coolest on the list of last to ship... It will be a gift and I am really thrilled to know how hard you have worked to bring this challenging project to fruition .... there are a lot of impatient people out there... I can only imagine how overwhelmed you've been with the terrific response to your crowd funding campaign ... I'm proud of you and wish you a very long and successful business life with this product and any other product you come up with... from a thought to real life... just like in the movies!!! keep up the good work!!!

    46. Creator Phil Gardner on June 22

      You can see in the right of the video as the cooler spins around during testing, as the cooler rolls the part of the body closest to the ground is angled off for higher clearance. Good sized wheels, seems to be a fair bit of clearance, wheels are pretty thick... i really don't know what to tell ya.

      I do know that to put in bigger wheels means either sacrificing the wheel well altogether and losing the slim profile, or else sacrificing interior storage for the wheel well, and either way there would be major production delays as at the very least you'd have to redo the tooling for both the exterior and interior mold. Suffice it to say that "about a month before we're shipping it" seems far too late to make these changes

    47. Creator Frank Cruz on June 22

      I think 2-3" is more than enough considering other coolers with less than half of that. But for me, this is just a moot point anyway. It will roll in the soft sand beaches. It was designed to.

    48. Creator David Landes on June 22

      Since there are no good pictures of the rear of the Coolest (that I could find), here is a closeup.

      The rear of the Coolest is concave between the wheels but the edge directly undetr the drain plug determines clearance and it can't be higher than the center of the wheel which appears to be about 2-3" of clearance.

    49. Creator Frank Cruz on June 22

      @fred, why all of a sudden, a month before shipping starts, the concern for ground clearance when they have said from the beginning that it won't be a issue. I have a cheap rubbermade cooler that pulls long ways at much less of a angle than the coolest with skinnier, cheaper plastic wheels and that thing has never had a problem in any soft sand so cal beach it's been in. Plus it has a flat edge between the wheels. Ryan has said they designed the wheels and the coolest to not drag in the sand. Also as josh stated, watch the video to see for yourself. The Coolest isn't designed the way you are thinking it is. It's not flat across that back bottom portion between the wheels. From that video it seems to be cut out specifically for extra clearance. They said it will roll easily and not drag on soft sandy beaches. I will take their word for it. The video and pictures are just further proof.

    50. Creator Mark Snyder on June 21

      Just sit back, chill out, have a beer and be patient. We'll get them soon enough!

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