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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kimberly M. Harmon Materia about 1 hour ago

      Backer number 9,387 and still no cooler... I'm not holding my breath. I just feel terrible as I purchased as a birthday gift for my niece and she still does not have this cooler. I wish I had not told her about it in the first place so she could be surprised when and if she ever received. Disgraceful..... I hope the DOJ told him he had to eliminate all of those "corporate" positions he has been paying with our money!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Terri Wald about 7 hours ago

      I have survived this long without my two Coolest Coolers I'll survive until the very end. I'm praying for you, Ryan. And I appreciate the update. I only get frustrated when I don't hear from you. Thank you. I'm a backer who will hang in there. TJ

    3. Missing avatar

      Tammy jones about 8 hours ago

      I have paid my money when this first started and not sure why I have never got my product and others have.

    4. Eric Bergmann about 10 hours ago

      You guys really don't get it, right?
      All those claims cost money and time. Let em do their work.

    5. Aussie Jess
      about 16 hours ago

      Ryan, there's no order or fairness to whom you've backed to first and still no suggestion that things will be processed in order of backer instead of the mess of a system you've started. What are you doing to rectify this??

    6. Missing avatar

      Gregory Struthers about 20 hours ago

      File with the DOJ..they are still accepting claims no matter what Ryan says.....

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan You about 20 hours ago

      I backed almost 3 years ago, still no cooler. Was told recently they "aren't processing refunds". I'm taking it up with my bank, let's see what they have to say.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kurt Richter about 22 hours ago

      Oh and Dave Vick, call the DOJ and tell them they were wrong and you are way more of an expert when it comes to getting screwed. Frustrating how basic this is.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kurt Richter about 22 hours ago

      Just so you all know the truth about the settlement here are the facts.
      Ryan is in the wrong and if you filed with the DOJ on April 15th or before he is forced to send you everything you are entitled to by Oct 17th. If not, they go after him. So him saying that people who filed slowed him down, etc just means he's pissed because the DOJ is helping those people first.
      If you filed after April 15 or did not file then you are in the "up to three year" category when the DOJ is forcing him to put money aside from every sale. There's the truthful update.

    10. Ashley DiCarlo 1 day ago

      Out of 62,642 backers, I was the 4,124th sucker to fall for this SCAM.

      I just received your 55th "Update" since the beginning of this FIASCO and I must say, I have officially given up on you and your whole company.

      Also, I second EVERY SINGLE THING SAID BY Matthew Scampoli below.

      Coolest Cooler is a TOTAL CROCK!! I'm done waiting for for a real response from you people.

      I don't even want the damn cooler anymore...

      I'd love a refund of the extra money I paid for shipping and backup battery...

      And I especially long for the day your bullshit "updates" stop littering my inbox every few months.

    11. Alexander Singbeil 1 day ago

      SO instead of whining, maybe it would be helpful to suggest cost savings or other options that would get us all to the finish line. I'm curious about a few things:

      1 - Does everyone want the Bluetooth speaker? - I know I don't need another one and in a few years will we still be using bluetooth anyway? Maybe is a few thousand could agree to leave that item out we could get the coolers faster?

      2- Any other items or features that could be left out?

      3 - Any possibility to deliver to a central location for pick-up? City by city or regional? I'd be happy to pick mine up from a warehouse in the next major city since I get there several times per year. Save money versus home delivery and get it sooner...sign me up!

      4- What about delivery through existing or future retail and distribution system. Is there an opportunity to save there?

      5 - How about delivering as a "kit" with some assembly required, maybe with reduced packaging. Like IKEA or how bikes are shipped only 80% assembled. Again, save money in labor, packaging, and shipping? Faster fulfillment for those who are willing to slap it together.

      6 - Another round of queue jumping by additional payment? Maybe it could be auction style? I wasn't willing to put in an extra $100 (partially because the Canadian dollar is so much less valuable than when I backed this), but what if 5000 backers would be in for $50. Would that make fulfillment faster?

      Basically I've been assuming anything I've backed on Kickstarter is possibly going go unfulfilled. DrinkTanks is yet to deliver on their Kegulator, so other good compaines sometimes fail to deliver rewards for years. My swiss army style keychain turned out to be poor quality and mostly useless to me. That's the way Kickstarter is. As Backers we can either complain or we can try to help the process and solve problems. I know which approach is more likely to succeed for all the 20,000 remaining backers. If Coolest declares bankruptcy, we all will get nothing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Scampoli 1 day ago

      As a communications professional I was initially shocked at the terrible quality of this update, considering that it is 1) quite literally the most important communication you may ever deliver, and 2) that you had such a long time to develop it (the last update was December of last year). The grammar is atrocious, as evidenced by the following: "cost of the Coolest ended up more than what we asked or collected per Backers ... still, no one wants to feel taken advantaged so more ... every day I feel your frustration at We’ve had a long hard road with lots of challenges..." Not to mention the fact that in your very first paragraph you state, and I quote again, "here’s an update with some answers you’ve been waiting for," and your update lacks any answers that I have been waiting for. Yet, after further consideration; this communication, or the lack thereof, really serves to symbolize the haphazard manner in which this entire campaign has been conducted; indeed, in which the entire Coolest Cooler product has been developed - in fits and starts, with little to no attention to quality, and with several inconsistencies and downright errors. The grammar is one thing, but the content of the update is also seriously lacking because it reads, at best, disingenuous; and the tone is both angry and defensive. Here are some examples:
      1) "We have learned that retailers are hesitant to deal with a company that only has one product." It would be more accurate to have written: "Retailers are refusing to work with a person who started a company that has been completely mismanaged from Day One, a company that cannot fulfill its commitments to its backers (the very people who enabled the company to develop a product in the first place), a company whose leader blames its own mismanagement on those same backers and is continuously evasive and downright untruthful about both his financials and when he will finally fulfill his stated commitments."
      2) "... complaints were filed and, unfortunately, this really hurt all remaining backers because it put us at a virtual standstill ..." Complaints did not hurt remaining backers, YOU did, through your own inaction and deceit about shipping (that whole farce about zones, etc.). Did you expect that unfulfilled backers would just keep quiet while they were being continually lied to while others, including people who didn't even back the project, were getting their rewards?
      3) "... delivering the Coolest-level of quality you all expect and our backers have loved." Currently, your primary product is a cooler that, according to many owners, doesn't even keep food and drinks cold for a reasonable amount of time and, even with a Coolest-supplied repair kit, leaks. A cooler with a blender whose motor on many occasions has failed, sometimes after only a few uses; whose batteries won't charge; and whose wheels won't roll on sand. To compound these very serious issues, there are several reports of a complete lack of customer service to help rectify these errors. Now, companies have survived worse. But unfortunately, I think we can all agree, there will be no government bailout for a cooler company.
      You are doing what you feel is "the right thing to do" and that is admirable, but your backers still want their product! I have not seen one backer dispute that Kickstarter involves some risk, so for you ( as you have mentioned this in past updates) and many others commenting here who are self-righteously proclaiming this as gospel, you are preaching to the choir! With Kickstarter, backers put up money to support someone's idea, to see it converted into a product that will see the light of day and, if and when that day comes, they can bask in the glory of having made it happen and share in the dream by being among the first to enjoy it. The problem here is that this product did become a reality, and people who didn't make that possible and share in the dream are getting it before those who did. That, to me as a backer, is the ultimate betrayal, and, I believe, the reason that so many original backers are so bitter about this fiasco and filed with the DOJ in the first place.
      So good luck with fulfilling your stated goals, such as they are; with your next update; and the reactions that I expect will ensue from both. If this update is an example of what to expect in the future, you will need it.

    13. Cherisse Gardner 1 day ago

      I am backer #35,508 and have been very patient, but I have yet to receive either of the two I put I for. This last update about 40K having been delivered so far leaves me with a very bad taste and little faith in the integrity of this campaign.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sherry White 1 day ago

      I am backer # 7074. How did 40,000 pass me up? Im a very LOW number so that don't make sense. I am very sad to hear it might be another 3 yrs. I have been VERY patient

    15. Ryan Michael 1 day ago

      The coolest team has no sense of accountability. I just get the sense they feel like nothing is their fault at this point.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lara Horton 1 day ago

      I received your most recent update. Thanks for letting me know that you hope to get my Coolest to me maybe in the next three years. Also, thank you for being so rude to those of us who are angry and are apparently at fault for slowing you down. Give me a break. You are the worst business people.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kimberly McLaughlin 1 day ago

      I believed in this product and I want COOLEST to survive so wherever I am with my COOLEST ..I attract a crowd with that awesome blender, and make some sales!!!!

    18. Kathy Tolonen 2 days ago

      Thank you for the update. I have been wondering what was going on. Checked the web-site just the other day and read about the DOJ ruling. Glad that is over. I am still patiently waiting for my cooler and excited for the day it actually arrives. Hang in there. I am.


      Backer 33,038!!

      I guess a few more years won't matter too much. it really is a cool product.

    19. Greg Caires
      2 days ago

      I'm backer #39,986 - what is my estimated time of arrival? Sometime in the year 2020, six years after I've ordered? It only takes 7 years for the shipyards to deliver a brand new aircraft carrier to the Navy.

    20. Missing avatar

      David koenig
      2 days ago

      Tooling and development costs were already spent. It's impossible that after those costs each unit still costs $235 a piece to manufacture. I call bullshit.

    21. Scott Weller 2 days ago

      I think I'll take my Coolest to the beach again today.. Always fun making drinks and having a conversation about it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Juan Perez 3 days ago

      So Ryan should I get a lawyer to file a lawsuit against you and your company since you refuse to refund my money. Maybe we can take it to federal court? Please feel free to email me your response.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ricardo 3 days ago

      Ryan is just a guy that had a great idea and at the same time a awful business man.

    24. Missing avatar

      Julie McDowell 3 days ago

      Be respectful and considerate says the message. That's hard when $13M was raised and 60k backers haven't all received a Cooler. Would be very interested to see the financials provided for the recent DOJ case.

    25. Missing avatar

      rhonda miller 3 days ago

      This is the craziest crap I've ever heard. you should just give us (maybe a voucher) that we can go fill on our own purchase, and get it over with. yeah, you'll be further in debt but you will be rid of us and you can catch up by doing all these other things (like making new products) and (shipping international) etc... that your talking about doing and make the money back. I've never been so disappointed in a company (person) in my life.

    26. Daniel Weissenberger 3 days ago

      @David Greenan- you write the option for international backers was there to pay the extra to get their cooler. Which update was that in? kind of missed it. I would today pay the extr $235 just to get mine and have me hooked off the list at Coolest

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave Vick 3 days ago

      @Farley Day: Right on!! Obviously there was a rush of "backers" that were people who don't understand Kickstarter. Here's a big hat-tip to all of you who filed with the ORDOJ and screwed it all up for everybody. In the future, why don't you buy your crap at Walmart and leave the Capital Investment game to those who understand it and are ready and willing to take the risks.

      TL;DR: Next time, read the fine print.

    28. Missing avatar

      Gregory Struthers 3 days ago

      Kickstarter has deleted a BUNCH of posts.......jerks

    29. Missing avatar

      Gregory Struthers 3 days ago

      I think I've been blocked.....LOL...or maybe not?

    30. Farley Day 3 days ago

      Folks, with the DOJ ruling, you'll not be receiving a refund and frankly, you (nor I) were ever entitled one. Hell, Ryan could have done absolutely nothing with the money rec'd via Kickstarter. He could have pocketed it all.

      He's simply guilty of being a great inventor and like most of them, a terrible businessman. When his one big invention finally hit a home run, he forgot to touch all the bases and was called OUT.

      He forgot to consult/hire a decent CFO through this process and now the backers who've not rec'd their cooler are suffering.

      I'll stress again whiners: You didnt pledge for a product to be delivered. YOU PLEDGED FOR THE ABILITY OF A PRODUCT TO BE DELIVERED!

      You all should have paid the extra $97 last year like I did and actually rec'd your Coolest.

    31. Danielle Spence-Tidd 3 days ago

      My complaint has largely been that we habe no idea how far along the list they are on shipping product. I'm 19947 out of 62642 backers. I understand some might popped ahead, but we should still be told where they are on the list, and they should be going in order on that list.

    32. Michael Gilchrist 3 days ago

      I don't understand how 40,000 backers got theirs and I'm in the remaining 20,000 with backer number 10,195. Certainly 20,000 backers didn't pay to skip the line ahead of me, so what's going on with that?

    33. Brian Ricker 3 days ago

      Ryan should be in jail and receiving the "Schillinger" treatment on a daily basis

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom Toth 3 days ago

      Funny how all those who have received the product are coming out now and telling everyone who hasn't to stop complaining. Easy to say when you're not looking at waiting 5-6 years for an outdated product that you no longer want. I asked for a refund and got an email back saying "we are not offering refunds" so it seems as though they have no intention of doing so, for those who were looking to explore that route.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Benemerito 3 days ago

      Not what I wanted to hear. Wow, no cooler for vacation again! Cooler will be an outdated dinosaur by the time I receive it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kawika Boyce 4 days ago

      International Backer 5,703.
      Still no Coolest Cooler.
      Just read your latest update, Ryan Grepper you are a fucking Dud!!!More excuses!!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris Neurohr 4 days ago

      Can't believe the difficulties you've had to go through Ryan! I paid the extra last year and got my coolest and it is awesome. I would definitely be interested in buying some other coolest products...maybe some Coolest swag is in the works? Either way, I still fully support your vision and wish you all the best as you continue to push through this difficult time!

    38. William Bennett 4 days ago

      I Do Not Want This Cooler Any More.

      I Want A Refund; nothing more than a refund of all my money you took from me.

      Save yourself the shipping cost, manufacturing cost, etc... Refund me the money.

    39. Curtis Glenn 4 days ago

      So I guess this means that I get to wait another 3 year to maybe possibly get my coolest cooler.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ray Alba 4 days ago

      LOL, Scott Sears! I also have a blue Coolest Cooler, and it's also awesome! To think way back when the orange ones were first to ship, I was pissed but kept my mouth shut. Backer 3,619 received in Dec 2015 so at this rate, a lot of you have a LONG way to go.

    41. Rick Smith 4 days ago

      Is there going to be another option to boost what has already been paid to get the cooler sooner?

      I would definitely be interested in doing that in order to get my cooler this summer.

    42. Doug Brashear 4 days ago

      Congrats, backer idiots who complained to various DOJs. You successfully sucked needed funds from the resource pool and now others have to suffer for your childish complaints. If you're not ready for the risk and potential reward of Kickstarter, don't back on Kickstarter. No skin off my back, though...I sat tight, and then paid the additional fee to get my unit on time for my bro's birthday and gave it to him, and then scored one of the discounted units on Amazon for myself there after. Seriously, folks, grow up or just buy your stuff from Amazon...some of you are definitely not ready for investor backing platforms like KS.

    43. Carlos Guzman 4 days ago

      The only thing i dont like on my cooler are the wheels. They dont work to great for the Florida beach sand specially on the West Coast where i live. Sand is to soft and they sink so i have to drag it through the sand because the wheels wont spin so i end up at times putting it on a cart. So you guys might wanna reevaluate those wheels.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andy 4 days ago

      Happy Christmas everybody.
      Just in case we don't get another update this year!

    45. Missing avatar

      Gregory George 4 days ago

      Ryan, you are a crook, I was an original backer and have been waiting years for my cooler that I will probably never see. I would be fine with never getting my cooler and they just put you in jail for fraud.

    46. Phil Moore 4 days ago

      I got mine 2 years ago. I paid the ~90$ at the time for boosted shipping. What I feel awkward about is the fact I was backer 50k something...WAY BEHIND other backers...

      I still thoroughly enjoy mine and have had zero problems with it, batteries or otherwise so i'm still happy.

      Everyone will eventually get theirs, or hopefully a refund. I will at least give coolest that much benefit of the doubt.

      We can argue and squabble over so many things that went wrong or how many mistakes they made...but I think the PRIMARY BIGGEST WORST MISTAKE THEY MADE WAS:

      Why did they not ship in backer order? Why did I get mine before anyone else? Why wasn't it 1,2,3,4,etc

      Even considering that I paid the extra cost, there's probably a few thousand people that were ahead of me that also paid the extra shipping cost and are still high and dry...

      I know I should keep my mouth shut cuz I got mine...but I do actually feel bad for prior backers not getting theirs....dafuq is the logic?

      PS i'm in CANADA. !?!?!

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