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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sammi Jo Roberts about 10 hours ago

      I have been patient until this point, but I can't hold back any longer. I will be flooding as many negative review as I can until I get my TWO coolers that I ordered THREE years ago!

    2. Enrico C
      about 12 hours ago

      Hi Ryan,

      I wish to know if you can send my pledge. backer number 46624. Thanks.


    3. Abraham Drucker about 13 hours ago

      Any word on whether there will be another "pay some money and get a guaranteed shipment" drive? I was willing to wait before, but now I would like to just finish it and get my cooler.

    4. Paula Everett about 18 hours ago

      on the website, it says you can place yourself on a waitlist which brings you to an order form with guaranteed shipping on the new black and red coolers of May 15, but I am not willing to pay again for the two coolers I ordered and paid for over three years looks like they discontinued the green margarita color and I almost don't care which colors I get at this point...nowhere do I see where you can just place your name and email address to be put on a "waitlist"...I just want to know where am I on the "I've been waiting for three years list"???!!!

    5. Sheila Theresa Battaglia about 19 hours ago

      Ryan, can you at least tell us how many of the backers have received their Coolest Cooler? This should be public knowledge to those who backed your project.

    6. Sheila Theresa Battaglia about 20 hours ago

      I'm curious to know how many Canadians are still waiting after 3 years for their Coolest Cooler. The option they provided for us last spring (2016) to receive our cooler sooner, to refer someone to buy it from and then they would send you yours due to the proceeds they received they could afford to. I had someone, however, it was not an option for a Canadian. After 3 years, this has become very disappointing. It would be nice to have an update for 2017 Ryan. Please advise.

    7. jeana mervine about 21 hours ago

      3 years no refund no product �

    8. Jason Lewis 1 day ago

      All I ever wanted was a cooler for the summer. I still have what I felt like was an inferior cooler, but because I've never received my Coolest, I'll never really know the difference.

      My cell phone died at the beach the other day and I couldn't listen to music any longer. Then, I had to make 4 trips back to my car to pack all my things in at once. This cooler was made for me and I need it. Please provide an update as to how you're going to uphold your commitment. I don't need to be disrespectful here, as there's already plenty of that (and rightfully so), but I will please ask that you do a little more to communicate what's happening.

    9. Sean Eber 1 day ago

      I'm backer #10,837 of over 60,000 and I have yet to see anything 3 years later. Requested a refund 3 times in multiple ways. Put complaints through various organizations including the poll to start a class action lawsuit. I request all those hurt by them to sign the poll.…

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Windhorn 1 day ago

      I was a freshman in college when I backed this kickstarter.
      I'm graduating next week.
      I've moved twice since this pledge, and I changed my address once, and got kicked to the back of the line. I know the person living at the address currently on my fulfillment info, so I'd rather just have it sent to them than be thrown to the end of the line again.
      I'd love to know the money I pledged, which was a lot to a poor college freshman, will eventually come to fruition.

    11. Charles Blalock 2 days ago

      Backer 20,658. No info on fulfillment of my pledge. Please update.

    12. Kate Corum Maher 2 days ago

      Please let me know what is going on. I understand that the product had difficulties in production but the very least you can do is let me and the other backers know what is going on and if our cooler will ever be delivered. You maybe overwhelmed but many of us invested our money into your project in good faith. Please give us a courtesy update.

    13. Missing avatar

      Barbara Carson 2 days ago

      Looking for some kind of update! Still would like to think you will take care of the backers to your project. 3 years is really crazy!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Amerphil Madarang 2 days ago

      Backer 7051. Please respond, refund or send cooler.

    15. Missing avatar

      Chang Cho 2 days ago


    16. Missing avatar

      Henry He 3 days ago

      I have been waiting for this for THREE YEARS! And you are cheating on me!

      There is no delivery to my Home in AUSTRALIA! LIER

    17. Carl Ellwood
      4 days ago

      Love the cooler. Have used it quite a few times. So glad I got extra batteries because the blender does drain it, more than I thought it would but the extra batteries help.

    18. Obsidian 4 days ago

      At this point, Ryan should have sold his house, his cars and take out a few loans in order to fulfill all the orders. As it stands, he is pretty much a crook.

    19. Landshark 4 days ago

      If you're fed up and have written off ever getting this overhyped overpriced piece of plastic you can always hope that some accountability will be doled out.

      File your complaint here:

      If you had ordered extra accessories outside of your Kickstarter pledge, these are considered PURCHASES and not part of your pledge. Per the FTC, the monies for those accessories if not delivered should have been automatically refunded after 60 days.

    20. Missing avatar

      Trampus 5 days ago

      Got this email today. Filled it out and submitted:

      Please go to OREGONCONSUMER.GOV and file a consumer complaint.
      Please include the following information in your complaint

      Please provide your Backer Number.
      Amount of loss
      How many coolers if more than 1

      Please Identify what exactly you purchased (just cooler; cooler plus extra battery pack; brand merchandise; etc.?)

      Have you received any refunds for additional add-ons?

      Thank You

      Carmen Wood
      Enforcement Officer
      Financial Fraud Consumer Protection
      T (503) 934-4400 F (503) 378-5017

    21. Missing avatar

      Jim Heinz 5 days ago

      Backer# 7,563 still no update on what the hell is going on.....

    22. Austin Swaney 5 days ago

      Backer #47,568 Still no update or word on what is going on with my order. Looking for the cooler itself or a refund of my $225. This is getting a little ridiculous with the lack of responsibility and response from this "company".

    23. Don 7 days ago

      Backer number 19,369, Successfully took my monies on Aug 29 2014, still waiting..... AND take a look at this.. and consider

    24. Missing avatar

      Bianca 7 days ago

      I moved states how do I change my address in case this cooler come? I would really love to get it after 3 years and not whoever moved into my old place.

    25. MakeMyGraphic on April 22

      backer #8137 I saw on several sites some colors for the coolest that were not made available to us backers.... I ordered Margarita and I would have ordered the black one instead. But this was never made an option to us. We need some legitimate updates, I have since backed 3 projects on other crowdfunding sites and those are actually delivering on time, we need a timeframe, no more excuses. Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      Brian m on April 21

      So not sure where to begin.....I backed this product back in 2014 and like many many others I have never received my cooler. At this point I have pretty much given up on it. I asked for a refund 2 years ago and did not receive much of a response and at this point I don't receive any response when ever I inquire about my order. I think this business is a bust. Well live and learn they say!

    27. Chamel Hustle Hard Robertson on April 21

      Hello Coolest, it's been a while since we have heard anything. I'm a backer and order 2 coolest and been waiting patiently just looking for some info on any current progress of delivering my coolers, also even considering the expedited delivery if y'all doing that again really thought I'll have mine by June 8th of this year for my Birthday, please respond.

    28. Missing avatar

      Anne Gassett on April 21

      Backer #15,023.
      Just requested a refund 04-21-2017 after seeing the CC on sale at:
      - Home Depot
      - CampSaver
      - Wayfair
      - Houzz
      - and of course, Amazon

      Respectfully and with much consideration; Please refund our fully pledge amount immediately.

      Anne Gassett

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike Meroney on April 21

      Dear scammer. Either send me my cooler, or return my money - those are your two options. I was backer #3,222 of $16k at the $225 level back in 2014. Original date promised: Feb. of 2015. This comment is as respectful and considerate as humanly possible under these circumstances.

    30. Christina Dale on April 21

      Just as an update for the others still waiting. I was backer #994. Yeah, THREE digits. I just got mine in February. No heads up, it just shipped and was here. Wishing you all good luck. And, this thing is massive!

    31. Debbie Martin on April 20

      Backer #33,132 still waiting...and waiting...and waiting... Would love to know exactly how many backers have received their coolers so far.

    32. Missing avatar

      Glenn sweeney on April 20

      Backer #33,198 still waiting. Will pay for shipping, not the way to run a business. At least send me an email and tell me your plan.

    33. Missing avatar

      Carie Adasek on April 20

      It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't being sold everywhere!

    34. Odd-Laurits Andreassen on April 20

      Please provide all remaining backers an update to get this item in their hands quicker.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kimberly on April 20

      Will we ever receive any thing (refund or cooler) ???

    36. Jeff Glancy on April 19

      Asked for a refund 3 times and nothing. This guy is a scammer.

    37. Scott Whiting
      on April 19

      Still waiting...and waiting..and waiting...and guest it waiting. Happy 3 yrs anniversary everyone! Coolest sucks!

    38. Ashley DiCarlo on April 19

      Really starting to lose my faith over here... Last month you emailed me offering to send me a dented cooler and I accepted but you never replied! This project is so depressing. I thought you had a really good idea but now realize we are just being taken for a ride. Enough with the lies, guys!! This campaign has officially ruined my idea of Kickstarter forever and I have zero interest in funding any future scams like this Coolest Cooler FIASCO.

    39. Javier Ibarguengoitia on April 19

      Can you email me and give me an update when I'll get my Coolest. And I still expect to get mine.
      As I seen in the below comments, If you can do a list in your web site of the backers that are missing to get their product (not in order of delivery to avoid commitments), maybe JUST MAYBE we backers and help you out promoting the product to our friends but now I think that everyone that support your Project have a lack of confidence in your promises.

    40. TechyBeemer on April 18

      It's with mine. In some plastic molding factory in it's raw state.

    41. shawn knoll on April 18

      where is my cooler???

    42. Brendan McMillen on April 18

      Coolest team,

      Please provide all remaining backers an update to get this item in their hands quicker. You originally offered an expedited shipping option to obtain it sooner and when I originally pledged in August of 2014, I didn't forsee it as a valuable option. Now I just want the product or my money back. The fact remains that for coming on three summer seasons I have no real coolest and I am looking to finally wow people with an amazing product. Please provide us with a real update and a way to expedite shipping again.

    43. Missing avatar

      joe purchase on April 18

      my estimated delivery was feb 2015, still nothing

    44. Landshark on April 18

      Great group to get info from the backer side of things.

    45. Landshark on April 17

      Your best bet. You may not ever see your cooler but hopefully some accountability will be doled out...

    46. Thunder Snow on April 17

      Small claims court?

    47. Thunder Snow on April 17

      Anybody try the better business bureau yet?

    48. Missing avatar

      Joe Muscato on April 17

      Asshats can give them away on The Price Is Right but can't honor their obligations to the people who funded this project. 4 years, I've passed on any number of kickstarter projects that looked pretty cool because of these morons and warned friends away from kickstarter. If a project flat out fails, that's one thing but these crooks are making and selling coolers without taking care of supporters.

    49. Humphrey Joseph Laurente Baltazar on April 17

      Hey Ryan,

      This is way way too long already. I need my unit!!!!

      I'm really pissed reading reasons after reasons of your updates (54 of them). How did Amazon even got units to sell in the first place?!!!!

      I need you to respond to my email personally ( & give me a plan how I can get my unit this year or how I will get my hard earned money back ASAP!!!!!!!

    50. Missing avatar

      Steve Wyatt on April 17

      With all due respect, I'm through cheering you on. I paid for my cooler three to four years ago and even sent extra money when you reached out to your backers and asked. I've supported your cause from the start and have cheered you on with your efforts. Enough is enough!!! I would like the cooler that I paid for and supported. From the beginning, you've promoted that your backers would be the first to receive your product. I realize you had troubles along the way, but take care of those who've taken care of you! Since Home Depot, Houzz, Wayfair, and Amazon (to name a few) businesses are now currently endorsing your product,obviously we were not your top priority. I would hope you would be a good business man and honor your commitment to those who supported you from the beginning. I want my cooler NOW!!! You've have angered a lot of backers. Redeem yourself...

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