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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jenny Diaz about 15 hours ago

      May I please just have my cooler and extras? Pretty please, please, please... :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly 4 days ago

      You know the one thing I will admit is the CONCEPT of this product was great; The execution of getting it manufactured and out to the public was not. Now, if this was intended as a SCAM from the very beginning, which in reality I do not want to think it was, then CUDOS for getting MOSTLY away with it. Not sure the headache and negativity would have been worth it if it had been me running this thing. Ryan needs to suck it up and fulfill his original obligation instead of taking the "OUT" the DOJ gave him. It is a matter of keeping his "WORD" and "INTEGRETY' intact, which I am not all together certain Ryan actually cares about. This whole fiasco is sad, right down to the last piece of molded plastic. SIGH!

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Villani 4 days ago

      You have to earn respect. You have earned nothing. You recieve nothing. Just like I have received nothing.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Villani 4 days ago

      Fuck you Ryan, fuck your battery, fuck your pitcher, fuck your plates, fuck your leaky Chinese plastic shit, fuck your tooling, fuck your lies.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kurt Richter 5 days ago

      Oregon officials, who described broad outlines of the deal to The Oregonian/OregonLive on Monday, have now provided a copy of the full agreement.

      Under terms already reported, Coolest Cooler agreed to provide 873 coolers to all its Oregon backers and others who complained to the state by mid-October. It also requires the company to set aside 10 percent of its profits from future sales to fulfill commitments to other backers.

      The full agreement includes other important provisions, among them:

      A pledge by Coolest Cooler and crowdfunding campaign founder Ryan Grepper to pay $20 per cooler to all backers who still don't have their product by the middle of 2020. And the agreement states that Grepper cannot avoid the obligation through bankruptcy.
      An agreement that the company will not to use rewards-based crowdfunding sites until meeting its commitments to backers in this case.
      A promise to submit Coolest Cooler's financials to an outside accountant quarterly and to provide the Department of Justice with access to its financial records and progress reports.
      A $50,000, one-time payment to the Oregon Department of Justice.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Toth 6 days ago

      Sssscccccccaaaaaaammmmmmm. I hope you can sleep at night Ryan

    7. Missing avatar

      Richie Stote 7 days ago

      I would like a refund, please. This is ridiculous!

    8. Matt Porten on August 15

      Still haven't received my cooler. When will they be shipping?!

    9. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly on August 15

      Just excited to finally maybe be getting my POS in few months. WOOT!!!

    10. Pete Wenzler
      on August 14

      The comments here are slowing down... people are giving up

    11. Jonathan Ettere on August 13

      Wow just now reading all these comments I'm surprised, I'm one of the people this campaign worked perfectly for. I pledged and received a blue cooler which I have been using regularly for two years now. Love it, battery works great, the speaker is amazing and literally lasts longer than any blue tooth speaker I have ever owned. I take it with me on trips. I guess I just got lucky this time or picked the right color. I do have a freind who has not yet received his

    12. Joseph Lum on August 10

      If I have a relative in Portland Oregon can I have them pick it up.
      No shipping costs to you.

      PLease let me know.
      I ordered a orange cooler and 1 extra battery.

      Joe Lum

    13. Missing avatar

      John Butler on August 9

      So the DOJ actually vindicated you, huh? Not surprised, actually. Still don't have mine, years later. In fact your little petty fraud turned me off Kickstarter, pretty much. Rare that I back anything these days. I hope they're as proud of you as the DOJ.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ricky Sanchez on August 8

      Who do I contact about the warranty about a battery? I never used the battery four charged it when I went to charge it it does not take a charge.

    15. Masaki Kanai on August 4

      Because I am a devout comment, ship quickly.

    16. Dax on August 4

      @michael snow. Your cooler must be a yeti? I have an awesome yeti and the coolest which is a piece of shit I was dumb enough to pay good money for. Everyone who is still waiting. I paid the ransom last year and in retrospect I'd rather have the ransom back. So.

    17. Domenick Doran on August 3

      Would it be considered not respectful and considerate to promise to provide someone with a cooler, have them pay you for the privilege, and then never provide them with a cooler? Meanwhile, you start selling them on Amazon to other people. I can't tell if you're a thief or just incompetent. I'm guessing both.

    18. Michael Snow on August 3

      My cooler is AWESOME!!!


    19. Kat Stivala on August 2

      I havent received something so simple as a plastic cup from your company. Its been three years! It must be some plastic cup! Your pledge is the reason i have hesitated from backing anything else on Kickstarter!

    20. Missing avatar

      Dimitrios Stratakis on August 2

      Hi there. Sometime ago you did a one-off where some backers could get their coolest if they commited to pay an extra amount. Is there such an option still ?

    21. Kathryn Rader Norman on August 1

      Please send my cooler or return my money!

    22. Missing avatar

      Candi Bussiere on July 30

      I would really like to get my cooler. I have been waiting patiently forever (it seems) Please let me know when I should expect it. Thank you

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Beardslee on July 30

      I backed this project over 3 years ago and have received nothing but emails and fluff bout settlements (which no reports were sent to backers, just an email stating the results). I do not feel like waiting another 3 years for a cooler that might exist. If you say it costs over $235 to make the cooler then you should at least offer unsatisfied backers another chance to be refunded our initial investments (mine was only $200...there saved you $35+ dollars).

    24. Mick Cassar on July 27

      Well I can't even find my previous comments, Ryan I still haven't had a reply from you or your team, when and if I do receive I will be at least a little happy

    25. Mick Cassar on July 27

      Well I can't even find my previous comments, Ryan I still haven't had a reply from you or your team, when and if I do receive I will be at least a little happy

    26. Lex Hall on July 27

      I pledged $285 in August 2014 .. this is now July 2017 .. STILL NO COOLEST ..

    27. Dwight Gholson on July 26

      I came on here to find out how to get my money back after 2 years of not receiving my cooler but after reading these comments it just seems like I have been banged out of $200 bucks.

    28. Carolyn Dean on July 21

      I was one of the lucky ones & got my coolest cooler over a year ago. But life happened & I didn't get a chance to go use it though until I had a bachelorette party at the lake this Summer. I also happen to have a Yeti cooler. We took both of them out & on the pontoon. I will say this, the coolest may not hold ice as well but it does have a LOT of function! We used the blender for several batches of peach wine smoothies & the speaker lasted all day. Plus my phone was able to get charged and we didn't even need to use the extra battery I got. There is just so~ much versatility & having the knife, corkscrew, etc. was really useful to cut limes for beer & what not. Plus it was way easier to roll compared to picking up the yeti which didn't have wheels. The yeti was awesome to keep food & ice in but we put the Sonic nugget ice & drinks in the coolest. Long story short, it was worth the wait to get the coolest since it works as promised. It worked out well to have both but we all (13 girls) definitely LOVED having the coolest around.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tom Toth on July 20

      Scam scam scam

    30. Dax on July 20

      Daron, if you're not gonna pay his ransom next time he offers it you prob aren't getting anything. And they are not reading these comments btw.
      The ones who contacted justice did so because this was a scam all along. He knew he couldn't make the coolers for the price backers paid. I'll sell u mine for 200 bucks. I wouldn't be caught dead with the pos after all this. But save ur 200 and buy a yeti like I did, then u will actually have something.

    31. Missing avatar

      Daron S on July 19

      Couldn't you at least send out a personal message to each backer that has not received their cooler so we know we are at least in the system? Shame on those that made you spend all of the legal money and time, but shame on you for not spending the time to send a personal message to us that have not been "screaming" and making things worse. Thanks for not giving up, you are a dreamer and that will make a winner in the end...Go for the Shark Tank! You may be eaten alive but you should get a few hundred thousand more coolers sold!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave G on July 19

      Backer number has no relation to shipping order, that has been stated in prior Coolest updates. Plus, everyone essentially backs on the same day when the project gets funded, before that, any pledge can be changed.

    33. Cindy Leonard on July 18

      My question is: I purchased ADDITIONAL items(ie: extra battery,etc) to accompany my coolest cooler. Will they arrive when my cooler arrives? Is there a way to see or find out how many you have already sent out? What number you are up to on the list? Or have the horrible backers that forced you into the courts made you send their coolers to them no matter what number they were? Basically "jumping the line" & therefore messing up the order in which you are sending out the remaining backers coolers?

    34. Jeff G
      on July 18

      Bryant Dean, I live in CA, who should I contact?

    35. Missing avatar

      David Greenan on July 17

      Horrible to read that batteries are failing after little use. Just shows you how the money has been spent. What assholes the Coolest team are.

    36. Missing avatar

      Karen Magner on July 14

      Based on a 3 yr estimated delivery, it will be almost 6 years since I made my initial investment to delivery of the actual item. I invested with reasonable assurance it would be 1 yr to delivery. I did it to get the item for a charity fundraiser. That is WAY past at this point and cost us extra money to get a replacement item. I would like to know if the investment order (actual chronological order) has anything to do with the delivery order. I suspect MANY who invested after me, already have their Coolest. Of the 21k backers, can we learn where we are in the order of delivery? I appreciate the updates, communication, and scenario. At this point, I simply want to now where I personally stand in terms of potential delivery--beyond being one of a 21k mass that waits up to 3 years from now having already waited 3. Fingers crossed, I will get it soon and all will work out for the company.

    37. Chad Jones on July 13

      This is either a pure scam or the absolutely worst run business I've ever seen. Your explanation is quite literally a joke.

    38. Missing avatar

      Josh on July 12

      I live in Portland and have offered to pick up my Coolest, so the shipping costs that are supposedly high are non-existent. I've heard nothing back. I actually moved to a Portland months ago and send them a request to change my shipping address and never heard back.

    39. Kevin Nelson on July 12

      Whatever happened to the personal cocktail party reward? Did that ever happen?

    40. Missing avatar

      Tom Toth on July 12

      Scam scam scam

    41. Dax on July 12

      @Dan. Good luck. Seemed amazon was having to give them away to get rid of shipment they had and took years to sell. I'll prob try Craig's so someone will have to come get it and not worry about trying to ship this thing.

    42. Ryan Michael on July 10

      I got 5 uses before it failed. One battery wont charge, the blender stopped working with a full charge on my second battery. What a joke. They say "it's out of warranty" and I have to purchase a new battery, but i have a feeling the issue goes way past the batteries. It's a joke.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dan Brown on July 10

      I just looked up sold listings on Ebay. They are bringing in pretty good money. There are few in the $250 range but the most seem to be $300-400. I might give that a shot.

    44. Dax on July 8

      @Dan. I agree. Got my cooler last year and wouldn't be caught dead with it in public after all this. I think I'll take it out of the closet and put it on Craig's as well. I think 200 is optimistic.

    45. Missing avatar

      Gaston on July 7

      I'm backer 4,640. I love my coolest cooler.
      I rarely use the "Pitcher".
      I've used it three times in the whole two years I've had my coolest cooler.
      The first two times the "Pitcher" worked flawlessly.
      The third time I used it, the battery refused to charge.
      Now I have a paperweight that looks like a rechargeable battery.

    46. Missing avatar

      Raushanah Najeeullah on July 6

      How do I update my address for this pledge? Thanks

    47. Missing avatar

      Kathy Crossin on July 6

      Backer #59,060. Ryan-I have faith in humanity and I want to believe that you are going to make good your promise-work hard and smart so this venture eventually becomes successful. Remember we invested in you because we thought your product was a GREAT idea. Go back to the days when you saw it come to fruition to regain your passion and learn from the roadblocks you are trying to overcome as a new business owner. There are some of us that still support you-I look forward to the day i receive my Coolest Cooler.

    48. Sean Puckett on July 5

      Trying to figure out how I am backer 27,785 and 39,000+ have been delivered and I still don't have one!!! How do I go about getting a refund?

    49. Ryan Michael on July 5

      I received my cooler before last summer. Today, I have 1 battery that holds a charge, 1 battery that will not charge, And a cooler that does not function with a charged battery. Nothing works. The light wont turn on, the blender wont blend, the port wont charge. It worked great for a summer, but has since disappointed.

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