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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Michael Prey about 6 hours ago

      The PR team doesn't have to keep you up to date on every little thing. In fact, they don't have to tell you anything.

    2. Creator Richelle Spafford about 11 hours ago

      Well, if it's a girl named Frank? Sorry, missed the part where you said it was a girl. So now we have two reports of people on Oregon getting theirs recently n

    3. Creator Richelle Spafford about 11 hours ago

      A gentleman by the name of Frank King said he received his yesterday as he was packing for a camping trip. This was on the posts to the Coolest Cooler Facebook page. Someone did tell him the #1 internet rule. Pics or it didn't happen. Robert, I think this might have been the same person you were referring to because they are in Oregon City, Oregon.

    4. Creator Robert about 14 hours ago

      Frank: Peace.

    5. Creator Robert about 15 hours ago

      I noticed a girl who got hers (today?), in Oregon.
      I would guess folks will start to feel a lot better when folks living elsewhere start getting them.

    6. Creator George about 16 hours ago

      Hey Frank, while you're correct in that not all 62k+ backers post here, a lot also post on the Facebook page. No one there has commented on receiving tracking emails either. While that doesn't unequivocally mean no tracking emails have been sent, I'm just pointing out the sample size is larger than just these comments.

      People will start unwadding their panties once news of those emails starts to get traction.

    7. Creator Paul Conn about 16 hours ago

      why are some folks acting like this is the last summer you're gonna be able to use this? Do you know something I don't? Sit back, relax and wait for the glory. Yeah I wanted mine yesterday too but the success of this project has lead to ridiculous manufacturing needs. They can only create so many at a time. People are starting to get theirs so I don't understand the whining and groaning. It is happening, just not at the pace you may want.

    8. Creator Richelle Spafford about 18 hours ago

      @AJ, maybe after that but head comment, you can sign up for an etiquette class yourself. ;)

      One year ago today at 6pm, this campaign ended. It's been a long year of waiting, but we are in the home stretch. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It's within arm reach. We are almost at the goal line. I've run out of clichés...

    9. Creator AJ about 18 hours ago

      @Michael Prey

      I am completely calm, my hands are little though so you got me on that! I said I don't care about waiting, I can handle it I don't have any "I want it now" way of thinking. I really don't know why you would claim that about me when I explicitly said I don't mind the wait, just that the PR team should be better at articulating what's actually happening. Perhaps you need a lesson in not being a condescending "butt head" all the time? I could hook you up with a very nice etiquette teacher!

    10. Creator Eric M. Steinhouser 1 day ago

      M. Karr, They actually talked about it in the very first video the posted on the Kickstarter page. It's a ceramic knife that mounts inside the lid with the plates so you can cut up fruit and stuff - pretty sweet if you ask me.

    11. Creator Frank Cruz 1 day ago

      *haven't (not have)

    12. Creator Frank Cruz 1 day ago

      Out of the 62+ thousand backers, there has been 8500 comments. Most are from the same people. Robert and I probably have almost a thousand between the two of us. So there have been what? A thousand people who have commented here? Let's just say a few thousand. That leaves around 60 thousand other backers who don't comment here. I'm not at all surprised that we have seen somebody post a comment about receiving their tracking info. It's barely even been a week or so since the Coolests started to hit our shores anyway. Hopefully the adults who love to act like spoiled little kids can stfu and just sit back and relax. Crying and whining isn't going to magically make the coolest get to you any faster. They have obviously started to ship. Read through the updates, use some common sense, and you should be able to estimate a time frame for yourself on when you should expect your coolest. It's a ice chest people. Seriously. A ice chest. Lol. Smh

    13. Creator M. Karr 1 day ago

      What's the story behind the knives? I don't remember reading/hearing anything about them.

    14. Creator Michael Prey 1 day ago


    15. Creator Michael Prey 1 day ago

      Calm down AJ and everyone else. Let me hold your little hands. It will be ok. You will get your coolers. This, "I want it now" way of thinking is getting old. You are mature adults. Act like one. It will be ok.

    16. Creator Michael Prey 1 day ago

      By the way Bobak,
      You're not a consumer on here. You are merely someone investing in an idea. Geez.

    17. Creator Michael Prey 1 day ago

      Read the Kickstarter rules. You can read read right? This isn't a retail store. It's all risk. You don't like that? Leave Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a process to take an idea and produce a product. Plain and simple. All you people that don't get that can leave. Stop crying and grow up.

    18. Creator Richelle Spafford 1 day ago

      *reposted, not reported. :)

    19. Creator Richelle Spafford 1 day ago

      It's been couple days since this was reported. You people are slackin! :)

      To find your backer number on your PC:
      Go to the upper right hand corner of this web page and click on your profile picture. In the drop down menu click "Backed projects". One the next page, click on the Coolest Cooler one. A new box will pop up. Right below Ryan's name you will see a #. That is your back number.

      Find backer number in the iPhone app:
      Click on the “Me” button in the lower right hand corner (the one with your profile pic). It will take you to your backed projects. Open the Coolest cooler one. When it takes you to the campaign page, you should see a blue button at the bottom of the screen that says "View Pledge". If you choose that, the backer number will show up on the next screen under your name.
      I am not sure if Android devices are different.

    20. Creator Richelle Spafford 1 day ago

      @Bobak, 7 is "many" in relation to what? There are commenters here with hundreds of back projects. They don't get all worked up over it because frankly, we consider ourselves lucky to be getting the cooler. See, I'm sure seasoned backer such as yourself at least scanned the Kickstarter's terms and conditions and saw that there are no guarantees you will get anything. They could have taken our $13 million and had a really nice life with it. We wouldn't have been able to do squat about it either, because we agreed to that risk. But instead, they honored their promise to make us a cooler. Sure, it's taking longer then expected, but no one expected the campaign to explode as quickly as it did. I would rather wait patiently and be thankful we are getting a cooler and the updates. I am not going to waste my energy being upset over a cooler. Hang in there. It will be here soon and it will be awesome.

    21. Creator Bobak Nayebdadash 1 day ago

      As a consumer (I don't care about the technicalities here cause that's what we are), I'm very disappointed. Yes, I know this is Kickstarter. Yes, I've backed many projects. I know there are delays at times but this takes the cake. I don't care if it's worth $500 or $1,000 cause right now I got something worth zilch. Summer will soon be gone and my regret grows every time I think about this.

      Some will brush thing like this as simple complaining, but where does this end? What if its another 6 months? It's astounding that so many passively allow for delinquent Kickstarters to simply get away with this stuff. But since there are no repercussions and the comments are filled with apologists....well, screw it. No reason to stick to your word or to communicate clearly.

    22. Creator Gabbie Espinal 1 day ago


    23. Creator Gabbie Espinal 1 day ago

      @Davis also, on the order in pledgemaster, at one point mine said "Shipped" and had a little truck next to it, I got so excited :(

    24. Creator AJ 1 day ago

      @Matt I am most definitely not acting like that, but I digress. The July update was worded to lead us backers to believe that some of us would begin to receiver coolers. Things were not clarified until over a month later. They also had a snafu where they said each individual backer would receive an email requesting an updated shipping address a week before their individual cooler was shipped. However every backer was then asked to do this by August 2nd with no regard to when their cooler would ship - another spread of misinformation from the coolest team. Like I said I'm still excited, I don't mind the wait. As you can see from my profile I've backed a number of projects, waiting is part of the game. What I don't like is being fed the wrong information.

    25. Creator David Landes 1 day ago

      Just to stir things up, here is my theory.

      The first batch went to media and a few supporters in Portland. The launch party last week was a good photo opportunity and a chance to attract new buyers.

      The next few batches will be held to fulfill new orders @ $485 so they can generate new cash and deliver product to shoppers for before the Holidays.

      As of 8/21/15, 3,000 Coolest's had left the factory. It is odd that none have hit UPS yet.

    26. Creator Gabbie Espinal 1 day ago

      In a post in facebook they said they were hoping to have the first ones in the hands of backers on August 21st, which they did... PDX Party :P

      The first Shipping update was extremely vague, but if you notice MANY people came on social media after it was posted; and almost everyone thought they would get their cooler before august was over, and at this point the timeline said "end of July", now we're entering September, and still nothing, I'm not saying people need to be rude about it, but I get it.

      Sometimes it does feel like they're not being completely transparent as to what is going on, just enough to placate some folks. This contributes to people getting antsy, and even thought there are photos of UPS loading coolers on to a truck not one person has come on and said they've received a tracking number, I find this weird.

    27. Creator Robert 1 day ago

      Good advice from Phil....covers a coupla bases.....

    28. Creator Matt Fernando 2 days ago

      @AJ....what was incorrect about it? The first shipment from China was made, and some backers DO have it in their hands. Granted, it was the ones who were able to pick it up in Portland, but you're acting like this is some kind of "Mission Accomplished!" banner draped on a naval ship.

    29. Creator Phil Gardner 2 days ago

      @Andrew, i'd email but i'd also make the change here too:

      Both would be your best option

    30. Creator George 2 days ago

      Andrew, send email to

    31. Creator Andrew Murdock 2 days ago

      Where do i change my shipping address? Recently moved and don't want my coolest sent to the wrong house!

    32. Creator AJ 2 days ago

      They definitely jumped the gun on the "First SHIPMENT!!" update since it has been over a month and none have actually been shipped to backers. It was misleading and ultimately annoying. I'm still excited but perhaps they should hire new PR people who know what they're doing?

    33. Creator Jose Salmeron 2 days ago

      Just learned my number is 55691 so I should basically be receiving mine Feb 2016. Hooray!! Just in time for when Football season ends.

    34. Creator Dave G 2 days ago

      Read the last update again. Adding up the steps, it likely takes around 30-35 days (and add a couple days for the first time in the process) between leaving China and people getting their tracking links. So I think after Labor Day is fair for when to expect the first set of links to come through. Like we tell our kids, you get what you get and don't get upset. Moving on.

    35. Creator Richelle Spafford 2 days ago

      I'll admit, I started to wonder why we have not seen anyone posting about getting their tracking numbers yet. However, keep in mind, he did not say they would be getting their Coolers Septeember 1st. They may not start shipping until after Labor Day. It takes awhile to pack these things especially when you factor in the extras people ordered such as the extra battery, speaker, etc. That adds time. Finally, keep in mind that not everyone is going to post in these forums that they got a tracking number. They may be afraid that people will hound them for tracking updates. They maybe waiting to see if other people post that they got their tracking numbers. I won't see mine until October. I'm totally prepared for the fact that it might not be until October 31st but I hope not because that would mean they were running behind because I'm not backer 40k.

    36. Creator George Mack 2 days ago

      I'm very relaxed and fine with it and happy about the deal. I doubt he's making much money on it at $200 each even with 60,000+ units. I will be thrilled when I get it. I was just stating an opinion that I feel is true. Without 60,000 units being pre-bought we wouldn't have gotten a lot of the upgrades.

    37. Creator Eric M. Steinhouser 2 days ago

      And also, everyone just needs to relax and enjoy the excitement! We are getting a $500 cooler for around $200 if you include shipping. I'm stoked! Yeah u should be too!

    38. Creator George 2 days ago

      Don't forget there was an 8 day period when none were manufactured.

    39. Creator Eric M. Steinhouser 2 days ago

      Tagging off of what George said, I'm starting to feel like nothing has been shipped as well. I've checked YouTube a few times and noticed that not a single (lay) person has posted a review of their new Coolest. At this point we should have three full shipments from China already in stock and being shipped out.

    40. Creator Richelle Spafford 2 days ago

      Plese, knot' anther; grammer" war!!!!

    41. Creator Scott Stepka 2 days ago

      @George, I was thinking the same thing about the cooler party. I think that first picture of coolest's being shipped was for the party. Im not sure ups has any coolers ready to ship out yet. Just my thoughts. Still super excited to get mine though!

    42. Creator Robert Hilton 2 days ago

      This, from, an, old ,fart ,that ,puts, a, comma, after, ever, word,what,a moron,

    43. Creator George Mack 2 days ago

      In a way nick has a point. They did get greedy. Other kickstarters realize they are selling too many at a tier level for February so they end that tier and make one for March with a limit of say 10,000 coolers, then the next for April with 10,000 coolers. The problem for Ryan would have been, he would have sold nowhere near as many coolers if he did that, so he didn't.

      I'm not in an uproar about not getting my cooler in time for summer but the way he said during the campaign that he realizes that they are selling a lot and contacted his build team to make sure they could handle it made it seem like he could handle getting it out by the summer. It's par for the course for kickstarter and since its hardware and electronics (the speaker). I'm still surprised it's going to ship this year.

      What I do not believe is that they've shipped any coolers at all yet. I believe they had one container come over at the end of July so they could test out 100 units or so which explains the locals coolest party. Just my thoughts, I will still use my cooler in November.

    44. Creator George 2 days ago

      I fear for people like Nick when real adversity strikes. If that's how he's affected by a cooler status, my god.

      I do think anxiety levels will come down once people post that tracking emails were received.

    45. Creator Phil Gardner 2 days ago

      Also, the order of tweets looks a little deceiving. His "they refuse to reply" and "the phone number goes to a mailbox" were tweeted before coolest posted the cell number, and not after like it might appear. There hasn't been another tweet by either since the cell was posted

    46. Creator Phil Gardner 2 days ago

      Looks like the Cell number is for Susan Towers who lists herself in various places online as the head of marketing for the coolest. On the latest update, she wasn't listed as one of the people responsible for replying to customer service emails, so it could mean that twitter is handled differently (which might explain why sometimes twitter responds sooner or later than facebook), or it could mean that it was just an issue escalated to where a superior got involved.

    47. Creator Richelle Spafford 2 days ago

      @Robert, go get on Twitter and take your frustration out on that Nick guy. He totally deserve it for harassing the Coolest team. It might make you feel better. :)

    48. Creator Richelle Spafford 2 days ago

      Sorry, she. I thought it was that jerk who posted his cell. I bet he was the @$$ hat behind that email Ryn included in his last update.

    49. Creator Richelle Spafford 2 days ago

      @Phil, did he seriously just post his cell number for the world to see????

    50. Creator Richelle Spafford 2 days ago

      @Robert Hilton, welcome to being a backer. It sounds like it's not for you. Trust me, they all go late. I have one project where the creator started shipping in June and I have not heard word one since. We all share in your disappointment, but we will get it soon enough. In the meantime, to save yourself unnecessary stress, avoid backing any new projects. Here or another crowd funding site. Best of luck to you and I hope you get your cooler soon.

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