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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator RobertZ 33 minutes ago

      Drives ya wild, doesn’t it, John?

    2. Creator John Clemente 35 minutes ago

      RobertZ you do nothing here but annoy people, can you just go away. your not a spokesman for the company so you don't have the answer to our questions. this is probable your only interaction with real people, no doubt your family has already abandon you. you wont even admit that Ryan has pulled some shady shit on the backers. keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

    3. Creator Paul about 1 hour ago

      Does anybody have the email address to kickstarter?

      I believe that this process is broken down into 3 areas.
      1, the build, 2 the delivery, 3 kickstarter's responsibilities.

      The build, I'm very happy with it. Delays happen. It looks awesome and I'll will be giving it a full work out today and tomorrow.

      The delivery, well its been an absolute shitshow. I believe the only reason I have my cooler is that I sent numerous emails and they got sick of me.

      Kickstarter's responsibilities, if Kickstarter does not intervene or change their rules, then I am done with them. I will not back another project at full price.
      This my first project and I did not complain about the delays, in fact I enjoyed the building process. My grievance comes from broken promises and (for me) it's not worth it.
      Take the Coolest for example.
      I spent $285 (as Hawaii is considered international shipping by Ryan), and I was promised to be one of the first owners. Amazon has it at $399 (and ships to Hawaii for free). I would much prefer to donate $5 to a project so I can follow it and then pay the extra once it has been made. Yes, this would cost an extra $119 but I would not have the stress or the nagging (from the misses).
      Finally, to ease people minds their are two things Ryan should do.
      1. Release the numbers. How may backers coolests have been delivered, how many are left to deliver and how many have been sold on and Amazon.
      2. Ryan should 'reward' those backers who have been delayed in receiving their Coolest. He should include an extra speaker, pitcher, battery or plates as a I'm sorry.

    4. Creator RobertZ about 2 hours ago

      ....and to those of you who wonder why I’m still here, well, it’s an attempt to keep the whackos under control, and lend a note of sanity to these last few months.

      You’re all getting them.

    5. Creator RobertZ about 2 hours ago

      To make the masses happy, Ryan needs to send out all the Coolests at the same time, to everyone.

      Yeah, that makes sense.

    6. Creator RobertZ about 2 hours ago

      Always good news.

    7. Creator Robert Fisher about 2 hours ago

      The check cleared.

    8. Creator RobertZ about 3 hours ago

      The Coolest Website actually exhibited a 404 notice.....!!!
      This HAS to be the beginning of the end, the final downfall of the anacharistic cabal that is CC.

      (The nefarious huns...!!!!)
      I mean, we ALL know they’re out to screw us , buy a 68’ yacht and sail off into nirvana, not caring less about anything but their own self-centered pleasures.....


      The 404 isn’t there anymore.


    9. Creator David koenig about 3 hours ago

      @daniel Don't forget they also raised significant money from pre-orders and accessory add-ons at a much higher margin and no kickstarter fees.

    10. Creator Fritz Gutwein about 5 hours ago

      Check out the reviews on Amazon. Looks like there is a problem with the blending and all the additional stuff has made the cooler backbreakingly heavy.…

    11. Creator Robert Fisher about 6 hours ago

      For those happy and understanding about the way Ryan stood behind his commitment to Amazon, lift the wool off your eyes. He made commitments to backers first. He should have been willing to short Amazon, because 62,000 good reviews all over the net would have done more than the shills on Amazon. Those coolers belong to those who have not received coolers who were first to back. If that would have meant I didn't receive mine, so be it. Release the Amazon stock, admit you did wrong and this is your immediate fix, and move forward with honesty. That is a solution, supporting Ryan to keep the lights on in hopes he delivers in the future, baaa! Send Ryan your mint jam now.

    12. Creator Daniel about 17 hours ago

      @Lynn Arseneau Production and material costs have increased over what they originally anticipated. Don't forget that KS & processing fees are about 10% of what the raised. The sales on Ebay are backers that had received their coolers and are reselling them. I think the Amazon sales were contracted when the projections were that we would all have are coolers by the end of Nov. and then everyone else would want a Coolest cooler at the holidays/gifts. The predicted projections did not include explosions or factory strikes.
      I know that none of the backers here ever made a decision based on a projection like a bonus or a tax refund or how many people would want something or when something should arrive.

    13. Creator Lynn Arseneau about 19 hours ago

      They raised $13,285,226, why do they need sales from Amazon, Ebay and all the others sites they are selling them on to give us OUR coolers that we ALREADY paid for? I feel like there is nothing I can do except say that I feel cheated.

    14. Creator Paul Alden about 21 hours ago

      Ryan Grepper is ........ the Grinch who stole Christmas .......... TWICE !

    15. Creator Dax about 21 hours ago

      They're gonna have to leave the price at 399 if they aim to sell many of these coolers. I watched the few on eBay and they didn't rise to the heights that 'high demand' 'low supply' products normally do. I doubt many have been moving at the full list price.

    16. Creator Mick K about 22 hours ago

      I've been thinking for a while what the Coolest has become, and I think I've just nailed it (tell me if I'm wrong)!!

      Remember that first long term relationship you had? You know the one? Where you sometimes think, yeah I wish that I was still with that person.

      Well the Coolest has become THAT person. Every time you see a notification, your heart skips a beat. But then you read what's happened and you think to yourself "And that's the F**KING reason I'm no longer with them"...

      You have become THAT person Ryan. You've lost a lot of people Ryan. A lot of people will be happy when theirs turns up, but a lot will have a "Meh" moment..

      It really is about time you tried harder to make good...

      Black Friday sales at $399 don't help.

    17. Creator Jennifer about 22 hours ago

      Frawnch Fries, Frawnch dressing....

    18. Creator David McKenna about 22 hours ago

      :-). It's a quote from Better off Dead.

    19. Creator Phil Gardner 1 day ago

      @David email and that will be your best chance at getting your $2

    20. Creator David McKenna 1 day ago

      I WANT MY $2

    21. Creator Phil Gardner 1 day ago

      @Michael they said in an article somewhere that to help facilitate both christmas orders on amazon and still deliver to some backers that they've shut down pre-orders on

      That could be simply an attempt to funnel sales to amazon and fulfill their contract there, or it could legitimately be an answer to the controversy since the last updates. But either way, it looks as though that 404 error was by design, and isn't necessarily the beginning of the end

    22. Creator Michael Wuliger 1 day ago

      Coolest website has a 404 error. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end??????

    23. Creator Bill Elliott 1 day ago

      Good points, Alex. People can be pissed, and have a right to feel how they want to. However, going to the Amazon site and sabotaging sales is counterproductive and will result in at best a delay and quite possibly a complete shutdown.

    24. Creator D12monkey 1 day ago

      Anyone noticed that they dropped the price to $399 on Amazon?

    25. Creator RobertZ 1 day ago

      It’s gonna be an unseasonably onset of a low-pressure front, associated with severe mid winter conditions, centered around an unearthly hot part of the Inner World which would have to inexplicably coincide prior to any apologies to The Tin-Foil Hat.

      Odds are not good.

    26. Creator RobertZ 1 day ago

      A little more patience, Cindi ...... just a little....:)

    27. Creator David McKenna 1 day ago

      I want my $2

    28. Creator RobertZ 1 day ago

      Congrats, Richelle...!!

      Comes down to Good Kharma....:)

      (Well, are the Bad Kharma-ites celebrating?)

    29. Creator Alec Radzikowski 1 day ago

      Also, you can still get a refund. I asked for one when I was really uncool with the Amazon sales. They got back to me. I had time to cool down. I decided I don't want a refund. I want the product I backed. I still have faith I will receive it. It's just going to take longer than I'd like. A company that is in major financial trouble would probably not be discussing refunds with me. They are most likely not in a great financial position due to all the speculative reasons that have been mentioned on the board. But if you want out, they seem to be willing to get you out.

    30. Creator Alec Radzikowski 1 day ago

      I hope Coolest Cooler starts making some money from Amazon so that the rest of us don't get left out in the cold if capital dries up. It's all just speculation. We have no idea on the financial situation of the company but one can assume they needed to sell coolers on their site and they needed to strike a deal to sell product on Amazon at over double the price we paid so that the company could continue to operate. Posting a negative review on Amazon for a product you don't have and might never receive because of that review and the other bad press that is out there just seems like a bad strategy to me. If I'm looking into buying a $400-$500 cooler, you better believe I'm going to research everything I can. There is no shortage of info out there on unhappy Kickstarter backers, bad batteries, Bluetooth speakers that don't always sync, bad blenders, etc. I would rather see reviews on the actual product that someone complaining they don't like how Ryan operated his business. There will plenty of time for FTC and Kickstarter petitions if it becomes clear that CC is going away and your cooler is gone with it. You took a chance on this company and it probably hasn't gone how you would like thus far. Your best bet would be to see the company succeed so that you'll have this by Spring 2016. Also, backers are still getting their coolers. Probably in very small batches but this still seems to be happening. Let the next batch be me and you.

    31. Creator Robert Fisher 1 day ago

      To help combat the solicited 5 star review, we can find 1 and 2 stars as helpful and 4 and 5 stars as not. It takes a few minutes, but will help push what has really happened to the top of the most helpful reviews. Just a thought.

    32. Creator Robert Fisher 1 day ago

      Ryan is an idiot. He could have inked a deal with Amazon that would fulfill their order provided or within so many days of backers, ALL BACKERS, receiving theirs. His stupidity and unethical behaviour leads me to n believe he knew he was in the biggest weeds known to man when he inked the Amazon deal. And there he goes whining that those of us calling him on the carpet are angry and posting negative reviews. News flash, you have been proven to be a liar, master misleader, and a baby for crying about people being mean.
      Had you followed the plan, shipping in order of backer number, or close toit, been upfront about the challenges and plain honest, then as much as it would suck, backers who were at the end may not receive a cooler, but at least you followed the plan.
      To now threaten the remaining backers may not receive a cooler because of the negative reviews on Amazon proves how poor the company is being run. No sense of how to right the ship by doing the right things. I don't care if my cooler ever arrives as long as Coolest goes out of business beforehand and Kickstarter is mentioned everytime Coolest Cooler is mentioned.
      I have backed numerous projects, many with long delays, but never felt scammed. I have not even looked at backing another Kickstarter project in months due to Kickstarter s it is not my problem approach to this situation. They helped cause the excitement of being the highest funded.

    33. Creator Jennifer 2 days ago

      You're right, Phil. I didn't do the math. Too much turkey. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    34. Creator LBalk 2 days ago

      @Phil Did not realize that, guess it makes sense. The big concern is the quality reviews on Amazon. People are complaining about the blender not working.

      I don't have a problem with the delays, it happens all the time on KS, at least he keeps us informed unlike some other projects. I have a problem with the Amazon sales. That makes me angry !!!

    35. Creator Phil Gardner 2 days ago

      I doubt that's a plausible solution. The issue is with the blender motor, not with the blender itself. The motor is housed in half a lid section. Either you'd have a cooler without half a lid, or a replacement lid in the meantime. Then, once the motors are back in stock, they'd either have to ship you a new lid, or ship you a motor for you to install yourself by taking the thing apart. both from a quality perspective and from a cash flow perspective I don't see that working out well at all - especially if they are having cash flow problems

    36. Creator Bill Elliott 2 days ago

      Hope everyone has had or is in the process of having a lovely Thanksgiving Day. All the best!

    37. Creator Jennifer 2 days ago

      I'd be happy with that - send my cooler now without the blender & send the blender later. @LBalk, that's a good idea. I'm going to email support and ask them to do that for me.

    38. Creator LBalk 2 days ago

      I understand the challenges of this project. The dates should have been changed when the project grew so large. If you can not deliver the product with the blender you should deliver without and ship the blender later. People would at least like to give this as a gift this year since we could not least year. The fact this is available on Amazon is not acceptable, I don't care what the justification is.

    39. Creator Jon Cain 2 days ago

      Pledged $240 on July 10th of 2014. Guess Amazon can get theirs first... Sell out.

    40. Creator Richelle 2 days ago

      @Curt, if what they say in their Geekwire article is true, they have made and shipped 35k coolers with 25k to go. Supposedly they paid for half of those to be produced and are using Amazon sales to pay for the rest. That's assuming I understand it correctly. So there is a better chance then not that you will get it. Maybe I'm optimistic, but I believe everyone will get theirs eventually. Hang in there!

    41. Creator Richelle 2 days ago

      @Carl, I'm not so sure about that. Usually when they discount it, they tell you by listing the original price with a strike through it. It does not show the original price of $399. I guess we'll know for sure on Saturday when all Black Friday sales are done. If they don't sell out at that price soon, that will not be a good sign for them.

    42. Creator Curt Speaker 2 days ago

      So, will I EVER get my Coolest?!?

    43. Creator Carl Ellwood 2 days ago

      In Amazon it is 399 with deal and if you are a prime member.

    44. Creator Carl Ellwood 2 days ago

      @Christopher it might be a black Friday sale. Amazon started it a day early.

    45. Creator Richard 2 days ago

      I saw that on Amazon and available to ship within 48 hours!!!

    46. Creator Christopher Kit Kindred 2 days ago

      BTW, the Coolest price on amazon has lowered to $399

    47. Creator Richelle 3 days ago

      @David, if he wasn't being such a jerk, I would apologize to him. He gets off on scaring people,causing drama and starting arguments. I have told other people when they were right and I was wrong. For a person like him though, he does not deserve an apology. I wish I could muster one up for you but it would probably be hollow anyway.

    48. Creator Richelle 3 days ago

      RobertZ!!! Guess what!?!? Guess what!?!? Guess what!?!? I got my tracking number!!! I didn't get an email. I just opened up my UPS app to track another package and there it was! Scheduled to be delivered December 2nd. Blue Moon, extras. Yay!!!

    49. Creator Arthur Thomas 3 days ago

      "Shipping the remaining orders by next spring" What??? Need a another update...this one with realistic shipping dates and facts of with what is going on with CC minus strike info...not interested. I've been part of two failed projects in the last month...hope you guys turn this around!

    50. Creator R.Schmidt 3 days ago

      All speculation until facts are actually known....

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