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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Patrick about 3 hours ago

      "This sponsored post is a collaboration between TakePart and UPS, who have teamed up to spotlight innovative entrepreneurs who are successfully adapting to the changing rules of a new economy. See more at TakePart Business."

    2. Creator blaine about 4 hours ago

      New article where Ryan is being praised for this project. The is this is a fluff piece by UPS. The irony is few coolers are being shipped.

    3. Creator Dustin Schneider about 9 hours ago

      ya this is pretty much a Kickstarter scam, get the money from backers, sell on Amazon, trickle a few to the backers now and then just to make sure there are some comments from people who get them. I am betting there will be other outlets selling this before the summer and we will still be waiting. The coolest team sucks and I am ashamed to be from the same area.

    4. Creator Steven Perlman about 9 hours ago

      I'm impressed with all the polite ways that fellow backers are referring to a liar and a thief.

    5. Creator Scott Modha about 14 hours ago

      What's the chances of me having mine delivered to me in the U.K. By JULY 1st?

      I want this for my wedding after party (purely for the cocktails!!)


    6. Creator Matt Ceretto 1 day ago

      This is hilarious...Straight from the Coolest website FAQ

      ***Why can't I get one NOW???
      The Coolest has proven to be red hot as well as cool. We start shipping in July 2015 initially to our Kickstarter backers and then to pre-order customers. Your pre-order gets you in line to receive your Coolest this coming fall. Shipping for pre-orders starts September 2015.

      What is happening between now and then, you might ask? The answer is one word: quality. We rank quality as our top priority above all else. Each individual part of the Coolest is being manufactured to the highest standards. Every component is tested and re-tested prior to packaging and shipping.

      The ONLY way to get a Coolest cooler in 2015 is to pre-order now. Your card will be charged when you reserve your Coolest Cooler, but you can cancel at any time for a full refund.

      After your Coolest arrives you have a full 30 days to make sure it lives up to your full expectations. If you don’t feel love at first sight, we’ll even cover the return shipping.

      Here at Coolest we’re devoted to making extraordinary products that will ensure you have the best of times when you’re outdoors with family and friends.***

      More like Fah-Q

    7. Creator Patrick 2 days ago

      "but you have to be realistic here."
      Exactly. That's why I suggested Spring 2020.…

    8. Creator David Joseph Law 2 days ago

      I want my cooler too, but I have read the last updates and seen the little video. There will be very little on the delivery until after Chinese New Year. Then they have to ship from China to the US, then prep the individual shipments with accessories and extras then ship those. If everything runs like clockwork I'd be shocked if anyone got them by late April. Yeah, it sucks, but you have to be realistic here.

    9. Creator Patrick Martin 2 days ago

      Backer 1,039 and nothing. This is laughable.

    10. Creator Patrick 2 days ago

      In the August 2015 Update #31, Ryan wrote that they are "laser focused" on delivery.
      Then in late November 2015 Update #36 Ryan wrote, " These Amazon orders are available right now because back this summer [we made a deal with Amazon]."
      Recently in February 2016 Ryan wrote, "We really appreciate your support and are focused on getting remaining backers their Coolest coolers as soon as we can (a few posts below)."
      So apparently he's only "focused" and no longer "laser focused," which is likely a good thing, since when he was "laser focused" he arranged a deal to ship coolers to Amazon.
      Back in August 2015, it appears he was laser focused on delivery to Amazon.
      Exactly how soon is "as fast and as perfect as possible" or " as soon as we can?" Before you answer, keep in mind it's Ryan who we are talking about.

    11. Creator Jeffrey L Owens 2 days ago

      Backer 17,152 and no cooler 2/3/2016

    12. Creator Danny Dobson Jr. 2 days ago

      Back Number 29,867 here and can't help but feel like I spent $285 on an e-mail newsletter subscription. Patiently waiting for results along with many other so called "Backers" "Investors" "Believers". I am sure I am not alone in stating that I've followed all instructions and details are they come out and would really enjoy some positive accurate updates on an estimated arrival time. The complications are understandable however it's been over a year now with no results in sight...Still Believing?

    13. Creator Amy and Steve Bohner 2 days ago

      Guys we have done a Kickstarter campaign so I really do understand this process. The incredibly frustrating thing here is seeing it on Amazon where someone can get it in two days, and we have waited a year and 5 months. Yeah it's twice the cost but that isn't the point. You have "Made with Kickstarter" on the Amazon page. That's not cool! The Kicstarters funded it and the general public is reaping the benefits?!?! It sure would make your Kickstarters happy and have faith in you again if you would simply stop offering on Amazon until you have sent all of your Kickstarters our coolers! Then we'd all be off your backs and write positive reviews and refer friends and everyone would be happy.

    14. Creator Patrick 2 days ago

      Reflecting back to August 2015, Update #31:
      "our Coolest team members responsible for answering support emails and messages, and lately this is what many look like:
      'When the hell am I going to get my damn Coolest?! You’ve been sitting on all our money for over a year and all you keep saying is it’s coming. I’m getting REAL impatient and if I don’t have it in time for (X) I’m going to post a video on Facebook and YouTube warning everyone the truth about this SCAM!'
      Ahhhh… we hear you. Waiting for your Coolest sucks, especially with these hot weekends, planned family trips, and summer slipping away. We’d all love to take our Coolest out this weekend and enjoy it with our friends and families, but right now no one even knows when they can hope to get it.
      I promise we are not off yachting it up somewhere, rather we are still laser focused on getting your Coolest to you as fast and as perfect as possible."

    15. Creator Ryan 2 days ago

      So at first I thought everyone was being negative and whining- as often happens on these comment boards. After all, the scope of this project is large than could be imagined and it was bound to have a hiccup or two. Then I read more.

      It's been a year and a half since they collected my money now and I'm getting irritated. Ticked off, even. Why? I can go to Amazon and buy this- and have it delivered in 3 days. That's total disrespect for your backers, Ryan, and there is NO way to justify it.

      Oh yeah, and I also didn't get my email on Jan. 21- just like a lot of people. I'm losing faith, angry, disappointed and bothered all at the same time. Pull the product off of Amazon and ship them to the people that you made promises to first...a long time ago.

    16. Creator Patrick 3 days ago

      " soon as we can." Exactly when is that?

    17. Creator Armando De Leon 3 days ago

      Hi, up to date I have not received the Email, from Coolest as you had mentioned to verify mailing address. I checked, spam, junk, and nothing.

    18. Creator Ryan Grepper 3 days ago

      Just wanted to remind everyone that if you have an inquiry that needs a direct response (e.g. you can't update your address or a link in the last email we sent isn't working), please email SUPPORT@COOLEST.COM. If you have already received your Coolest and you have any questions relating to usage or parts, please email SERVICE@COOLEST.COM. We are monitoring these comments daily and responding directly to those posting with specific questions. We really appreciate your support and are focused on getting remaining backers their Coolest coolers as soon as we can. Thanks!

    19. Creator Sherry Connors 4 days ago

      I received my cooler just before Christmas. I plan on using it a lot this summer! I know there are issues with shipping- people's addresses have changed and coolers are being sent out to an old address or a wrong address and then trying to get those back is not so easy. They should have had something implemented in the beginning so this wouldn't happen. I'm sure it's another learning experience for the coolest team. Meanwhile people aren't getting their rewards and coolest is taking a hit for lost product. It's a shame that it's hit so many down falls- it really is a good product.

    20. Creator Neva Ardoin 5 days ago

      Wrong. One is cracked and the other is dented

    21. Creator Inno Orlando 5 days ago

      Backer 21,064 here, still waiting...... ... .. . . .

    22. Creator Neva Ardoin 5 days ago

      Yes. Got my four and extras. Everything looks good except one is cracked

    23. Creator Omar Buhaza 5 days ago

      I still haven't received my cooler.. how do you sell your product online when you haven't even provided your backers with their items.. absolutely unbelievable how you treat your clients

    24. Creator The Family of Mazel The Cat 6 days ago

      I received an email this morning from Julie of the Coolest Support Team, after reaching out directly to Ryan. Very responsive!! By thje way, anyone that has worked with overseas manufacturing knows the challenges and issues that occur. Plus, when you are working out the "kinks" of a new product, well things happen. A year is not that long from start to finish....remember, this was prototype that has changed and been upgraded throughout. I have two other projects that are taking equally as long, and like Ryan, they have continued to update us on the status and manufacturing issues. With that said, I've also twice been the "victim" of a Kickstarter project that turned out to be a "scam" and "defrauded" backers of their money. I don't think that applies in this case.

    25. Creator Steven Wolf 7 days ago

      Backer havnt recived anything yet and starting to doubt that i ever Will... :-(

    26. Creator Jer S on January 29

      I remember when I placed my order for 3 coolers in 2014, I thought "man, it will be awesome to use these 2+ years from now". I am not saying anything that hasn't been said, but man this is frustrating. Why isn't there some sort of "we are shipping backer # 30,000-32,000 next week" or ANY sort of update aside from generic ones? The updates that don't really give any information are just annoying.

    27. Creator AndyW on January 29

      I sent an email to

      She responded with my link. I updated the delivery address and was able to confirm my order details.

    28. Creator michael carucci on January 29

      I never received the address confirmation email on 1/21

    29. Creator Shannon Dunn Vanek on January 28

      Ernie I have had a similar experience. I can't get money back and I can't get a response from Ryan. I never received the most recent email and I am starting to believe I will never receive the product that I backed. I am more than disappointed in how this has all been handled.

    30. Creator Ernie Bartley on January 28

      Can anyone explain why it will be another month before they can roll out a delivery schedule?? None of this makes sense. I have seen posts here of backer numbers higher than mine, in my area, getting the exact pledge as me? I can appreciate that this undertaking was way more than Ryan could have expected when he launched the Kickstarter, but this is just getting ridiculous now. I have emailed support on 3 different occasions, only to get a standard copy and paste response back. I think we have all been patient, for the most part, but it is time to get what we paid for, or a refund!

    31. Creator Whitt Israel on January 28

      I never received the address confirmation email on 1/21

    32. Creator tiffany martinez on January 28

      I made my pledge of $185.00 in July of 2014!!! I received 1 email asking for address confirmation and have never heard or received anything!!! It will be 2 yrs in July i pledged this money and never received the product!!! I will never never back another product on Kickstarter again!!1

    33. Creator Patrick on January 28

      Grumpy- Ryan planned to deliver the coolers about a year ago, February 2015.

    34. Creator Grumpy on January 28

      Is it true that you plan to get all of the Kickstarter backers done by April? I saw you on a local news station (News4NY) where a guy contacted the news on his side about his cooler and the news station contacted you and you sent his cooler out the very next day and telling the news reporter that all of the Kickstarter backers will be delivered by April.

    35. Creator tiffany martinez on January 27

      I already made a pledge over a year ago and still have never received mine!!!

    36. Creator Patrick on January 27

      Lara Fan- "Now they apparently are just making shit up to skirt around their accountability....."
      Did Ryan fabricate the motor factory strike?

    37. Creator Glenn Rogers on January 27

      Would have ordered an additional battery, but there is no way to alter my pledge now??

    38. Creator Donald Earp on January 27

      Backer #6x,xxx... Happily and patiently waiting, the longer I wait, the more bugs they can work out. Looking forward to getting my Coolest no matter how long it takes.

    39. Creator Lara Fan on January 27

      After contacting them, I just got an email from them explaining that I didn't get the second confirmation email (though I got the first one....hmm) because my order was incomplete --- I didn't choose the color of one of mine. Total BS cause I have emails from Coolest clearly stating my colors in their system. Now they apparently are just making shit up to skirt around their accountability.....

    40. Creator L. V. on January 26

      Got it!!! Love it!!!!

    41. Creator John Womack on January 25

      Are YOU still there, Coolest?

    42. Creator Michael Enoksen on January 25

      I contacted Coolest Support and they sent me the email. All confirmed. Now just waiting for my Coolest.

    43. Creator C Breitner on January 25

      Hi! I confirmed my address and now have to change. :(
      Sorry for creating issues. Can't find the area to do that. Please let me know as I have 2 other accounts that I need to do that for. thanks!

    44. Creator Michael Enoksen on January 25

      Always used the same address, have not received the latest email. Junk mail folder has plenty of Dental Implant, Male Enhancement, and Russian (and now Asian) Bride emails, but nothing from Coolest.

    45. Creator Rohan on January 25

      I have not received the email from Coolest. Double-checked all folders including spam. Nothing yet.

    46. Creator Jeremy Bryant on January 24

      Just for reference - I updated my email address with Kickstarter more than 5 months ago but the Coolest team still had my old email (even though all the project updates from Kickstarter come to my new one) . For those of you who haven't received your email, you might want to check any old addresses you may have used in the past.

    47. Creator Erick Jason Strength on January 24

      Same here, no follow up email received to confirm my address?!? Come on guys!!!

    48. Creator thomas grota on January 24

      Ryan, just as a feedback on the overall project. Main issue is the enormous huge number of backers and to-be-delivered pieces. Next time keep the number lower. Less communication. Less complains overall. Less need for support and email systems. You would be good by now selling via Amazon who have much more ressources on logistics, IT and support capacities. Maybe even now you could ask them for support. Switching backers to become Amazon customers. Deliver all coolest to an Amazon center and let them handle the rest. Just my 5ct. Me waiting patiently for my cooler. Recieved and processed my confirmation email last week. So all good on my end so far. Cheers Thomas

    49. Creator Chris Wall on January 24

      What is the email address to contact if we haven't received an email to verify our address?

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