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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
Created by

Ryan Grepper

62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator GEORGE KAPELERIS about 2 hours ago

      So I haven't been on the comments section for a while.
      Good to hear that Ryan is taking the time to make this a very sturdy functional cooler.For the people complaining about everything Ryan send them the shell, battery, speaker, wheels ohh and plates and let them put it all together. Are you people serious?? You are supporting a great product and the team is trying to make the best product for you.If you are bored go for a bike ride, do laundry clean your house, please do not write idiotic comments on the board. Thanks Kappy

    2. Creator Jason dewar 1 day ago

      I laugh every time I look at comments. Its like some people live on a different planet. Frank, you're a trip with your comments, but right on. I always enjoy your responses. The coolest part of this has truly been the process. And the fact that I know absolutely no one else who is getting one. Still looking forward to it!

    3. Creator Audrey Langstroth 1 day ago

      This is an invention that has been backed by investors. You are the investor, funding the creation of a new invention. Don't you want to say that you were part of a brilliant invention and not some slapped together piece of junk. I'm thrilled to be part of this innovative process. Most of us would never have the privilege of being part of a project like this. Kickstarter is changing the game for inventors and how a project gets funded. Yay!!! The only problem is having to deal with a bunch of impatient newbies who don't understand the process. As for me....take your time Ryan. I expect the best Cooler ever!

    4. Creator k d 2 days ago

      I'd think so too, but haven't heard of any mention yet. So if not, then there will be a market I'm sure!

    5. Creator Frank Cruz 2 days ago

      I would think that there will be some sort or cap or cover piece for the lid to protect that area where the blender goes. Ryan seems to be putting some serious thought and effort into making sure the Coolest is the best that it can be so I doubt that area will be overlooked. I guess we will find out soon enough

    6. Creator k d 2 days ago

      If someone has access to a 3d printer and could get the dimensions of the blender base on top of the lid, some biggg money could be had at manufacturing a rubberized plug for it to keep out sand when not in use. Just saying..

    7. Creator Robert 2 days ago

      The Internet has no brain.
      It reacts to external input.
      Garbage In/Garbage Out.

      There seem to be a lot of garbage inputters here.

    8. Creator KhalidAJ 2 days ago

      Hey it seems like I can't access pledge nanager

    9. Creator KIMBERLY MUNDY 2 days ago

      Is it July of this year? that would be great.
      So when/if this magical cooler hits the general market how much is it gonna cost?
      Upgrades mean expense. My guess is it never goes to the general consumer outside of this project.
      I guess I will have a margarita for Thanksgiving.

    10. Creator Kelcy DePooter 3 days ago

      I am SO excited to get my cooler, hopefully in July!! Loving the updates and watching progress. You guys are doing an amazing job, and I really appreciate the attention to quality and detail!! Keep up the great work!

      Anybody else sort of hoping all the complainers didn't get their surveys filled out?

    11. Creator Lauren 3 days ago

      You need to contact customer service.

    12. Creator 3 days ago

      I tried to pay for my shipping but couldnt get it to go through. What should i do in order to make sure i can get my cooler. Im excited to show it off.

    13. Creator Dax 3 days ago

      It would be nice if Coolest had prototypes with all the flaws that they could send the impatient backers right now. I appreciate the effort Ryan is putting into this and don't mind waiting a few extra months for a great cooler. How often do you people buy coolers? Hopefully this is a 10 year cooler for me.. Whats a few extra months people!

    14. Creator Mark Nevar 3 days ago

      @Victoria, doubtful. You'll get 2 of the upgraded batteries, I'm sure.

    15. Creator Victoria Magnan 3 days ago

      So, my question is since I pledged already for an extra battery with this new update for a new and improved battery do I owe more than what I already paid?

    16. Creator Mark Nevar 3 days ago

      Last year? Haha. Another winner who can't comprehend.

    17. Creator Lauren 3 days ago

      Jimmy, have you contacted customer service to get help?

    18. Creator Mark Svennungsen 3 days ago

      Just send me my basic cooler that was supposed to have been shipped last year. Quit the damn "updates and add-ons." SPRING HAS SPRUNG; bring it on.

    19. Creator Josh Booth 3 days ago

      Can I just say how great it is to constantly be updated about the status of the cooler! If only all businesses, no matter the industry or product sold, would just keep heir customers updated like the Coolest gang has. The majority of consumers just want to know that their order/item is being handled and to have an expectation for delivery. Thank yall for doing this

    20. Creator Jimmy Ling 3 days ago

      Anyone else having major issues trying to login to the Coolest Pledgemanager Site. Been trying off and on for 3 weeks. Keeps telling me my email address and password isn't correct. Even tried the password reset option but never receive the email. This is frustrating.

    21. Creator Lauren 3 days ago

      @ Ed - Log in to your survey and you can check.

    22. Creator Lauren 3 days ago

      They should get back to you within a few hours!

    23. Creator Ed Luther 3 days ago

      Can't wait for them to ship! How do we confirm the address you have for us is correct?

    24. Creator Erik Watkins 3 days ago

      Thanks! I've been trying, but no response!

    25. Creator Lauren 3 days ago

      Erik, email them.

      You can also contact them on Facebook and Twitter.

    26. Creator Erik Watkins 3 days ago

      HELP!!! My survey link doesn't work and no one is getting back to me! The survey manager is saying my email isn't valid, yet it's the same email they're sending all correspondence to! Love the Coolest and want to make sure I don't miss anything!

    27. Creator Scott sears 4 days ago

      This is by far the most professionally updated Kickstarter production I have seen (next to Pebble). Well done Coolest team!

    28. Creator Scott Weller 4 days ago

      Totally agree with you guys, some people thought this was Amazon or something and not paying for the research and development/production assistance with "backers" recieving gifts (again their called gifts not items you "purchased"). And to the people complaining "just ship it enough with the technology updates", when the battery catches fire or blows because it pulled more power then required you would be the first to call foul play.. I want these to be the best quality products and if it takes his team trial and errors then so be it. I also wish I backed enough for two gifts though.

    29. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      @David, well said. I couldn't agree more.

    30. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      @Ryan-Gemma Smith, you should seriously do some research before posting anything here. It was in December that all of us got a email from ryan saying the new estimated ship date starts in July. A simple read through of the updates and comments is all you needed to do. Also you need to know that you never ordered or purchased anything. You pledged money to help fund a idea and to help ryan start the coolest brand. The coolest is essentially a thank you gift for that. This has been said and repeated numerous times over the last 4-6 months. Which you clearly never read or saw. And why you never saw any of the email updates is also very strange. I take it you have no clue about the survey either? Because you chose to not stay informed during this process, you will be in that last group to receive your Coolest. Which means, rad of now, towards the end of summer. Assuming there are no more delays. Which are still very possible. Try to stay informed from here on out. It might help you from posting such ignorant comments in he future.

    31. Creator David Greenan 4 days ago

      I'm dissapoonted it's not being delivered as mentioned in the initial Kickstarter camapign but people need a reality check. This is funding for a project. Things never go to plan. Ryan has been more than giving in his updates and information compared to other businesses. It is shocking how many people appear to have not checked their emails, dont know what the survey is for or had a clue how to correctly contact support for the project with any questions. Ryan and his team are already going through stress getting this to market so the last thing they need is a bunch of completely ignorant and uptight people giving him more stress just because they feel they are special in someway.

    32. Creator Phillip 4 days ago

      I need to change my delivery address. Can anyone please point me in the right direction to do this.

    33. Creator Kristine Rose 4 days ago

      Too bad this cannot ship before the 4th of July... Just get them into production please.

    34. Creator Scott Ahart 4 days ago

      I'm pretty sure I did my survey a while back but whenever I try to sign in it says the gnome is sending a reset to my email but I never get it?? I've checked the spam and bulk folders and nothing ?? Anyone else having this problem?

    35. Creator Ryan-Gemma Smith 4 days ago

      Yeah I got a simple question.

      First ordered some time back in 2014. You said first ones will be shipped in Feb. then changed to April and yet still no cooler or email saying that it has shipped. I have already paid for this and yet I have nothing.

    36. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      @Loren, I have that same regret. I wish I would have bought at least 2. Maybe we can talk Ryan into a discount code for Kickstarter backers to purchase a second one once it hits the retail market

    37. Creator Frank Cruz 4 days ago

      @Cory, you do understand that the Coolest is in production right now right? And that the estimated shipping date is July, as of now. The upgrades, like the latest battery upgrade, isn't delaying that estimated ship date. Basically there is no Coolest to ship as it isn't made yet. This is a process. Nothing ridiculous about it at all. The fact that Ryan is deciding to make things on the Coolest better, rather than being ok with average, is a great thing. I'm not sure why you or anybody else would want the Coolest to be rushed out with inferior parts instead of being the best that it can be. As @Loren said, just be patient, grab a beer, sit back and relax. Being upset won't get the Coolest to you any faster.

    38. Creator Cory Tucker 4 days ago

      Yeah, I have a question. When are we gonna stop hearing all this BS and actually got the f'n cooler. Every time I get an email it's another great upgrade, but no cooler. This is ridiculous!

    39. Creator Loren Winter 4 days ago

      My ONLY regret is that I didn't buy 2 Coolest coolers! And Frank Cruz, just want to say as a fellow backer, I appreciate you keeping it real on here and helping to set wayward backers strait! I love it! Everyone just needs to show a moderate amount of patience, as the production schedule has not changed since December! Sit back, relax, have a beer, and you'll have your Coolest with plenty of time to use it this summer! Cheers!

    40. Creator Elizabeth Toedt 4 days ago

      Technology changes daily. I am tired of waiting for my cooler. Just send it out please.

    41. Creator Dax 4 days ago

      Added the second speaker! Can't wait for this to arrive hopefully by summers end.

    42. Creator Katy Boyd Dutt 4 days ago

      I have been trying to login to take the survey but can't get the "gnomes" to send me my password... help!!??

    43. Creator Daniel 4 days ago

      @Dleec19 It's alright if they don't complete the survey by today. Just means that their cooler is not in the first production run and there will be further delays to receiving it. You have until June 6 to buy an extra speaker or battery and/or change your address.

    44. Creator Dleec19 4 days ago

      Hi there,
      Well, if you all didn't know it's tax day! And last day for doing your survey! Any changes or want to buy an extra speaker or battery, best do it today.

    45. Creator Frank Cruz 5 days ago

      All I know is that there seem to be quite a few people who had absolutely no clue what they were doing when they decided to back a project here. Those same people who are clueless about the ship date are going to be here crying up a storm when they realize that they never completed the survey. Should be fun (not really) to see them all here in a couple months whining about this being a scam and how they didn't know about the survey. Oh well. What can you do

    46. Creator Frank Cruz 5 days ago

      Starr you haven't heard anything else? That is your fault. Ryan sent a update in DECEMBER saying new estimated shipping date is July. All you have to do is check your email or, come on to Kickstarter and check the updates, or comments, or go to I hope you realize that you need to have the survey completed by tomorrow. Obviously since you have refused to stay informed during this process, I'm sure you probably haven't completed the survey. And you probably won't. So you will have a much longer wait than the rest of us. Have fun with that.

    47. Creator Starr Frazier Hargraves 5 days ago

      When are we going to receive our coolers. I was told in February, it is now April and I haven't heard anything else. Please let me know. Thanks.

    48. Creator Frank Cruz 6 days ago

      Hopefully @Elyse completed the survey. Very doubtful judging by her previous comment. Has only herself to blame

    49. Creator Brian Fawcett 6 days ago

      @ Elyse, where have you been? Did you not keep up with the Updates?

    50. Creator Xenatos 6 days ago

      It took some time (a week) but they responded to my msg from KS directly to my email. giving me the instructions and all. So its all good. They do have large orders and backers to get back too...

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