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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jessica Lenza just now

      I want a full refund. It's been 3.5 years and no product. It's ridiculous.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Newcomb
      3 days ago

      Quarterly update coming anytime this decade?

    3. Missing avatar

      Anton Vuksinick 4 days ago

      I have not received my reward. Please refund.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    4. Daniel Weissenberger 4 days ago

      Hi Ryan, not that it would speed up anything and you can call me naiv, but I think there are still 2, 3 people, incl. myself, out there who still believe to receive their coolest cooler. A few words from you would give some faith. Thanks

    5. Isabel 'Maisa' Yuvienco 4 days ago

      Hello! When I backed your project way back on July 14, 2014 (backer #22,443), I was very excited and even invited family and friends to do the same. It's now 2018, 3-1/2 years from the time you received my money and I have yet to hear that I will (or will never) get my Coolest!

      Can I just have my money back?

      Thank you.

    6. Bryan BP 5 days ago

      This project was my first and LAST Kickstarter campaign that I funded because of all the problems getting the product. I finally recieved my cooler about a year ago but am dumbfounded by the number of comments stating they still do not have this product. When this was a trending campaign it was worldwide, on every news channel and Ryan even made appearances on morning shows to talk about it. Why has none of these news outlets, at least I haven't seen, reported this scam and made it a big deal like it is?

    7. Scott Whiting
      5 days ago

      So much for quarterly updates on profitability and shipping backers based on the same. He is just buying time per his legal agreement with the State of Oregon ...and might have to give unshipped backers pennies on the dollar to get out of his financial situation. Our reward is not coming, we were scammed out of upgrades and add ons when Ryan knew he could shipped what was ordered ...then extorted more shipping money from backers to get them at retail what they could have bought from Amazon for the same price. He doesn't even offer the additional extortion shipping anymore so you know nothing will be cooler, no add on, and no additions. Scamming, broken promises, but one unethical kickstarter. I wish kick start has a legal team with balls that would go after these scammers. Kickstarter backers put them in business and they thumb their noses at the same bad.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan Van Dusen 5 days ago

      If you're in Oregon, and want a cooler I'm willing to sell. I ordered extra plates, blender, speakers and battery--I think.

      ryandvandusen at

    9. Missing avatar

      Giancarlo Valencia 6 days ago

      This really can´t be happening! Kickstarter must do something about this fraud!!! I wan´t my money back!

    10. Carlos Adriano 6 days ago

      I’m waiting, since February 2015, and I write to Ryan several times and he don’t give any answer. I think this is a fraud. I want my money back. More than 200 usd.

    11. Stefanie Brouwer on January 12

      How do you get your money back at this point???

    12. Missing avatar

      Chelsea on January 12

      6 months no update thought this was a quarterly update

    13. Alan "RegularNintendo" Thompson on January 10

      Ok they responded to my email, but it felt automated, because it said to wait for the quarterly update....which we are not getting... SMH

      I am just checking on on when we will get a update us kickstarter backers. We were promised at least a update every quarter, and the last update we got was in June of 2017. Is there a way to see how far down  the list I am to actually getting my  coolest cooler? Is there a way that I can get a guarantee myself I will eventually get my cooler? Anyway, thank you for your time.


      Hi Alan,

      We at Coolest are incredibly grateful for your support when you backed this project on Kickstarter, and we share your frustration with the delays that we have experienced. Please remember that your pledge to back the Coolest Cooler project on Kickstarter allowed us to create something that previously didn’t exist in the world.

      You may be aware of the agreement that was reached with the Oregon Department of Justice in June 2017. The terms of the agreement have superseded all previous Coolest policies regarding backer fulfillment including delivery and refunds. We are fulfilling all remaining Kickstarter backers per the terms of the agreement with the Oregon DOJ. The best way to ensure timely delivery of your Coolest is by keeping your email up to date by contacting with any changes. We will email you to confirm your shipping address prior to shipping your Coolest.

      Any new Information regarding the Kickstarter distribution process will be released through Ryan's quarterly updates. Thank you again for your support as we work towards completion of our Kickstarter project together

    14. Alan "RegularNintendo" Thompson on January 10

      We need a update for this project at the very least since most of us don't have our coolers at the least!! You can't blame money or people during you on not doing a update. Anyway, I just sent a email to asking if there was a way I could guarantee I would receive my coolest cooler, or at least let me know how far down the list I am and receiving my cooler. I hope they respond... I bet they wont...if they do I will update it here.
      Backer #10,124

    15. Missing avatar

      Terje Pedersen on January 10

      I got my money back thanks to ODJ 5 months ago. Great job from them����

    16. john becker on January 8

      This was the first and last "project" I have ever funded. The "coolest" has ruined any faith I had in kickstarter,I'm 21000 something backer that never got a cooler yet four years and waiting...and the extra three year fulfilment timeframe the DOJ gave you is straight BS!

    17. Missing avatar

      Brian Frusterio on January 7

      I don’t even know what to say Ryan. This is wrong on so many levels what you’re doing to all of us backers that believed in you and your dream. 4 years into it and never one reply back to simple questions I sent you. Not one. The updates are a joke. We really believed in you Ryan and we feel so let down. I really hope you do the right thing
      and back us the way we backed you. Four years into waiting for a product. Now people that didn’t even back it or know that it even existed for that matter are getting their coolers today. it’s just wrong. I hope you do the right thing and I wish you a happy new year.

    18. Peter Wouters
      on January 6

      I have not received my reward. Please refund.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    19. Missing avatar

      Steve Nadeau on January 5

      I have contacted the Oregon Justice Department and mentioned that there was no updates for Sept and Dec since the last update I received was the June 23rd update, was told that I can still file a complaint for the non updates that you were suppose to send, I also was given a more reliable email that is used by the ODJ instead of the support email since I never get an answer nor never a reply to my messages sent through KickStarter. as well as an address and phone number please be advised that I will be contacting you before I go and file that complaint......

      Backer 46,202

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Young on January 4

      Backer #11289, ordered an orange cooler (apparently not even one of the more popular colors people selected0 I also ordered an extra battery and have paid for shipping. It all ads up to a HUGE miscalculation and management of costs on Gepper's part. I've sat on the sidelines for 4 years not commenting or trying to be the squeaky wheel...The numbers in all of this just don't add up. That is the most frustrating thing and outright lack of honesty through this process. Time and again the promise of something that I believe the Coolest team always knew would never be delivered. That lack of honesty, is what rules judgement over this company today.
      So....there has to be a way to give people an order they would be in moving forward for receiving a cooler. Most people won't give a crap what color they get anymore. But at least if remaining backers had an idea of the order they should see something in the mail...when we are told another 100 Coolers have been shipped we will know it is more BS if we were #50 in line and the mailman didn't show up at our door!!

    21. Bryan Betsworth on January 3

      Hey Ryan can we get an update for Q4

    22. Linda Lackey on January 3

      I was backer 7317. No cooler, no refund, no response! So disgusted!

    23. Missing avatar

      Ilkay Altintas on January 3

      This was a big scam after all! Half received their cooler half didn't. Worse, I see people who backed after me received the cooler. Because of this, I'm hesitant to back anything else. Very bad service to the whole kickstarter community.

    24. Krista Paige on January 2

      Has anyone gotten a refund ???

    25. Krista Paige on January 2

      So this was the greatest waste of my money !! Best idea, love that it won’t ever come !!

    26. Becky Szot De Vries on January 2

      What happened to the quarterly updates?? Not that it’ll change anything about getting my coolest because I’m a foolest for trusting this “company”

    27. Missing avatar

      Nini on January 1

      4 years later and I still have not received my cooler. My estimated shipment date was Feb 2015. It is now Jan 1, 2018 This is unacceptable and I will be contacting the BBB about this and Kickstarter being that I can never get in contact Ryan. I want my money back or my cooler .

    28. Dario Daurù on January 1

      have not received my order.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.
      Backer #42.123

    29. Missing avatar

      Willy on December 31

      As today I never revive the cooler.
      Their don’t told me when .
      I never can speak with that people .

    30. Missing avatar

      Bas van Mullem on December 27

      Reading all comments I read lots of frustration and for good reasons.

      I was one of the lucky persons who received its pledge a bit more than a year ago. One thing for sure, if you ever receive it, you will realize it is worth any penny.

      In summer we take it out camping or to the beach and with Christmas we held a party in the garden. Friends always have the wow factor.

      By posting this message I would like to say it is a fantastic product. I hope 2018 will be the year for the backers remaining and waiting to receive their Coolest. Keep up the good spirit and to all of you a merry Christmas and a Coolest New Year!

    31. Missing avatar

      Oliver Fischer on December 27

      One more early backer who is waiting for his expected delivery since Feb 2015

      I am looking forward to see the final product with the US$ 13M you 'raised'

      Backer 43077

    32. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on December 27

      I have been trying to get a hold of customer service. I am backer #6,186 and I still do not have my cooler yet. I'm having a VERY hard time believing I was passed over by 36,000 other backers who already have theirs. I also never received the latest "Q3" update via email like some people are posting they did - so I'm thinking I was incorrectly passed over. I did not change my email address. Please respond - you have my info from the Kickstarter backing. It shouldn't take this long to respond to someone who backed you from the beginning and who has never complained before. I'm going on one month of unreturned messages.

    33. Julie Lengel on December 26

      I know I’ll never receive the cooler I paid for and quite frankly, I don’t even want it anymore. Lesson learned. I don’t know how you can show your face, Grepper. Oh, that’s right... you don’t anymore. You hide from all of the people whose money you took because you know you snaked us. GFY, buddy.

    34. Austin Paramore on December 21

      Backer #31,758. I would like my money back or my cooler shipped in Q1 2018. I'm guessing the response will be money back since there are still over 20k people in front of me without one. This is the first project I ever backed. Everyone since this one has been a positive experience, so I don't blame Kickstarter for your BS.

    35. Rachel Mayo on December 19

      Same comment as Kenneth Helton- my address has changed twice since I originally backed this project. Hoping you guys will send out a request for updated shipping info when/if my cooler is finally mailed to me...

    36. Neal Dunkinson on December 18

      I come back here once in a while for a chuckle and to lament money well wasted so long ago.

    37. Missing avatar

      Robert Beddoe on December 17

      Anyone notice how many projects Ryan has backed/pledged and still backing.
      I followed him to see... You should as well...

    38. Jacob Moyer on December 15

      So what do I do if I want a refund?!?!
      This is bullshit

    39. Kenneth Helton
      on December 15

      So when these do ship (I'm assuming 2020) are you going send out new address requests? My address has changed 3 times since this item was originally supposed to ship.

    40. Missing avatar

      Frances Kearns on December 14

      Backer 56,027 here Aug 2014 I think they will colonize Mars by the time mine ships and my descendants will have no way to change the shipping address:(
      On the upside it will be a cool retro product when it finally arrives..Kind of like a 56 Chevy

    41. Missing avatar

      Craig A. Liess on December 11

      So everyone can see the latest "update" -->

      Q3 2017 UPDATE
      Hello Backers,

      We received our Q3 financials back from our outside accounting firm and unfortunately just like last quarter our net income was not positive. In layman's terms this means that the costs we incurred in making, selling and shipping Coolest Coolers and operating the business was more than the amount of revenue we took in from those sales, and we won't be able to ship additional Backer rewards this quarter.

      On the up side, including the DOJ agreement shipments, we’ve been able to fulfill over 800 Backers since April 1st this year. While we’re not happy that some folks pushed to the front of the line, at least there are fewer people who are no longer in front of you.

      Selling Coolest Coolers has made this possible, and while this strategy may be frustrating to some backers I hope there is now some comfort that we have an agreement with the DOJ that specifies our path forward.

      Here’s our plan for 2018:


      This has no doubt been a tough year for Coolest, but there are silver linings looking ahead:

      1. We’re in the process right now of moving all our tooling to our new contract manufacturer and from here on out every Coolest Cooler will cost less to make. This means for every Coolest we sell, we’ll have more money we can use to make and ship more Backer units.

      2. The DOJ agreement specifies we have three years to get every remaining Backer unit shipped and while that feels like forever and may be the ‘official’ deadline, our own personal goal is to push as hard as possible to ship all units in half that time. Lower costs will help, but so will #3… selling more products.

      3. Since we need to sell products to make the money needed to ship the rest of the Rewards, we are doubling down on more products to sell. While we didn’t have as much inventory as we could sell this year, we’ve worked hard with our new suppliers and next year we’ll be bringing several new Coolest products to market, including all-new lid configurations for the Coolest Cooler and a truly Coolest-level soft sided cooler.

      While this quarter's shipping news is disappointing the positive takeaway is that we are still working to improve the overall situation. If it was easy we’d be done by now, but since that’s not the case we’re keeping our heads down and working the tasks every day.

      Thanks as always for your continued patience on a project that has taken much longer than any of us ever expected. We are continuing to make solid progress on new products and our overall cost reduction strategy, both of which we expect will help us ship more rewards more quickly when put in place. Enjoy your Holiday season with family and friends and we’ll have another update for you when Q4 information is ready.



    42. Missing avatar

      Leana on December 9

      Backer 7,658...since my pledge my address has changed, and it is now in Canada. Who do I contact for this?
      Thx :)

    43. Brian Fawcett on December 9

      Seasons greetings Asshole! I hope you are happy ripping people off and depriving them of their pledge and hard earned cash >:(

    44. Karolyn McNeely on December 9

      Backer #803. If they shipped over 800 units since April, why have I still heard crickets?

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Watson on December 8

      Backer 47,506. The coolest team, selling snake oil and asking everyone to pay for it. Still no cooler after years. I look forward to my settlement when this fails. Like most people, this is the only KS that has failed to deliver.

    46. Missing avatar

      Ben on December 8

      Backer 18,734 , I've changed my will to ensure my children will get my Coolest when it is finally produced. I'm 44 now....

    47. Missing avatar

      Dave G on December 7

      In the update, it says "On the up side, including the DOJ agreement shipments, we’ve been able to fulfill over 800 Backers since April 1st this year."
      This is very misleading. The DOJ forced them to ship 873 rewards, so it seems that every shipment since April is due to the DOJ settlement.
      Based on this update, retails sales are not in sufficient quantity to fulfill more rewards.

    48. Julie Kriedemann on December 5

      Be respectful and considerate. This works both ways. Treat others as you wish to be treated. If the company cared so much about their supporters they would send out emails to individuals, no matter how long it took, to give some guidelines of what to expect. Instead we get updates that tell us nothing and emails asking to buy a cooler or that there is a special sale on!

    49. Missing avatar

      Allen on December 4

      What a joke of an update that he didn't even want to post here. Pathetic.

      Kickstarter is dead to me, and Ryan single handedly killed it. Only reason I even log back in is to occasionally comment on the dumpster fire that is Ryan and his "company... if you can call conning 62,642 people out of $13,285,226 a "company". Sounds more like it should be a jail sentence.

    50. Chris Weilemann on December 3

      So is the refund we requested ever going to show up? Or did you guys just buy Bitcoin with it?

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