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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Isak Jones about 3 hours ago

      My dad owns a small business and I am one of the few who kept giving him credit knowing that sometimes unexpected problems arise. I am finally losing my hope though, after reading articles making me question the use of the funds, and the fact that the coolest team has decided to stop updating their backers, I've come to terms with the fact I'm probably not getting my coolest. I'm not going to sue like a few people on here are suggesting. I got into this knowing I was investing in an idea with a potential reward and that idea doesn't seem to have panned out. I'm just going to take this as a life lesson for the future. Not entirely waving off kickstarter though, I just got my SCIO a few months ago and it is pretty sweet.

    2. Missing avatar

      justin about 12 hours ago

      I've also moved and don't know how to change my address for shipping.... Not that I really expect to receive one. Last updated October. Not a good way to get referrals

    3. Missing avatar

      David Jones about 16 hours ago

      I was number 7,583 and Ordered an Orange Cooolest....Never Got It....and it's a Shame .....I don't know if they are even still shipping, but I see new colors already......

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      josephpng about 19 hours ago

      Backer numbers were not used as a queue for shipping out the coolers. Other campaigns that I have looked at mention how they are using the backer numbers as their queue.
      So from what I have been reading from the comments in this campaign it looks like they play favorites (friends and family program). I suppose that what we are backing.

      Backer #8,668

    5. Lex Hall 1 day ago

      I'm in Switzerland and was an original backer !
      Please ship my coolest now or refund me ?
      I have already asked for a refund with no response..3 years and counting �

    6. CDRudd 2 days ago

      Receiving 13M, and many of us still don't have our coolers. I think Regular Updates wouldn't be too much to ask for. At least Show your not completely ignoring the backers

    7. TechyBeemer 2 days ago

      Perhaps this is a good 'Made in America' case study for Mr Trump to review...not! At this point, I've gone from angry to majorly disappointed. I'm not sour about not getting the cooler at this point, just really disappointed that it's gone completely quiet from creator. Clearly, they've been told not to comment to us for that may hinder whatever type defense they're working on for all those who are part of that petition going on. Yet, here we are. Still bitching to each other about what's not going to happen. I digress...

    8. Chucky 2 days ago

      You think just because they are taking more orders or more specifically more money from unsuspecting customers that it means you will one day get your order?

      I honestly think you are kidding yourself. Just search Ryan Grepper in google and read many of the this one

      "Thousands of people started pouring money in to his campaign, but Mr Grepper struggled to deliver the product. It is now a case study in what can go wrong."

      Or the one I linked you previously:

      "Backers discover extravagant trips (China 10 people) inappropriate discretionary spending – many claim he purchased a Porsche and numerous media/marketing parties, hiring friends and family with elevated salaries. Coolers that are produced are randomly delivered to Kickstarter employees, Grepper’s family and friends and all those investors who are at his children’s school. Coolest Cooler Camp sends out notifications of delays because they are creating or sourcing a better product, but are happy to offer an additional, “opportunity to buy more add ons” now perceived as a cash grab, and they are working on generating a shipping notification, however logistics are complex."

    9. William S. Johnson III 2 days ago

      That is not necessarily the case.... the webside it still operating and they are still taking orders

    10. Chucky 3 days ago

      Pretty sure it doesn't matter James, sounds like Ryan Grepper spent all of the money on himself and family

    11. Missing avatar

      James Cassady 3 days ago

      I moved. How in the world do I change my address on my pledge (though I'm not sure it matters)?

    12. Chucky 3 days ago

      Still no cooler, no update, no info at all...FFS this is the worst kickstarer project in history!

    13. Missing avatar

      CHERLEEN ENGLAND 3 days ago

      I was one of the first backers. Still haven't received my cooler. WHAT'S UP? It has been a few years now.

    14. Rob N 4 days ago

      I went to their site and filled out their refund form. Says I will be notified 2 weeks before my backer reward is scheduled to ship to confirm refund information. Sounds like I'm never getting refunded or getting the product!

    15. Rob N 4 days ago

      Definitely want a refund at this point.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ross McGregor 4 days ago

      I am a backer in the 22,000 and still haven't received one either. Frustrating to say the least

    17. Sean Schwartzenburg 4 days ago

      I attempted to post on FB but it seems as though they are screening any posts as well as they do not have an ability for you to send private messages to them.... convenient. I just want my money.

    18. Paul Sosnov 4 days ago

      2 years. 2 years delay... worst cooler

    19. S. Drake 4 days ago

      I've given up...Requesting a refund, which means no additional shipping charges for you to absorb. I'm guessing this will not be honored either. Very disappointed in the way this project was mishandled, and the way we've all been left hanging out to dry. Inexcusable and a text book example of how not to run a campaign. The VERY least you could do is have the common courtesy to update us regularly. Too busy laughing all the way to the bank??...

    20. Caitlin Walsh 4 days ago

      Can we get a damn update? Geez!!!

    21. Bobby Panos 5 days ago

      Dont waste your time posting here you need to post on facebook page, so more people can be aware of this scumbag who pocketed millions

    22. Missing avatar

      Andy 5 days ago

      You've 'moved' to quarterly updates. I'm moved to tears.
      Get off your arse and write one.

      Backer number #YOUREANARSERYAN!

    23. Missing avatar

      Tricia Skingsley 5 days ago


    24. Chris Farmer 6 days ago

      Posting again so you all realize what a scammer Ryan is.
      Backer # DOESN'T MATTER at this point.
      We are likely never seeing a cooler and if IF he does send one, it's heavy, leaks, and has outdated tech at this point. The only way we see our money back is if ORDJ or FTC or other entity gets involved heavily. Live and learn.

    25. Missing avatar

      Theodore Johnson 6 days ago

      Any status on the shipping? I am Backer 33,615

    26. Warren Walters 7 days ago

      Backer 35,679, and almost 3 years later, I still don't have my cooler.

      C'mon Ryan--this is bullshit to treat your investors this way. Man up, and send your backers their products.

    27. Winchester Laboratories 7 days ago

      Best Product, but worst disaster. If only they didn't spend a bunch of the money on holidays and got the original backers they're products.

    28. Dan Wayda 7 days ago

      Still nothing?? Backer #12865

    29. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Goodman on January 16

      Just wondering if we will ever get our cooler?

    30. Jed Cahill on January 15

      How close are you to sending out Coolest to original backers? I was backer 2,358 I pledged $285 as an international order then an additional $185 when there was a shortfall in shipping.

    31. Marsha Ozborn on January 15

      Come on Ryan, where's our coolers?

    32. Jacob Jarvis on January 15

      February 1st should be the next "quarter update" right?

    33. Missing avatar

      Ruben S. Rodriguez on January 15

      I'm backer 38, 738 but I guess it doesn't really matter... Still no cooler.

    34. Dirk-Jan de Groot on January 15

      Yes i would prefer a refund at this point.

    35. mike grace on January 14

      Backer #15,732 hopping for a update. Way passed pissed

    36. Missing avatar

      Brian ONeil on January 14

      Been 6 months since anything.... What is going on..... You have even made more colors and keep selling to Box Stores.... No Update to the people who backed you to begin your businesses is an insult to all backers. Never mind no cooler which is what you promised. Piss poor business leadership!
      Brian O'Neil
      Backer # 54,097

    37. Pete Wenzler
      on January 14

      At this point people I don't think your backer number matters....

    38. Missing avatar

      Jason on January 14

      When I first read that you decided to only provide quarterly updates I felt like that was grossly inadequate and basically a slap in the face to the unfulfilled backers. Now even that hasn't been honored. Would appreciate the basic courtesy of letting us know where things stand. As part of that update I think many would be very interested in getting some hard numbers as to how many backers have had their pledges fulfilled vs how many are outstanding, how much inventory is available and the company's basic cash flow position. Seeing as how we invested in you and every dollar comes from us think this is a very reasonable request. It's OUR money. We invested in you, kindly invest some time into keeping us in the loop. Posting an update doesn't cost anything but your time and at this point I think we all deserve that at the very least. Look forward to you honoring your commitment to fulfill each and every pledge and would love to get a sense of when that might happen.

    39. Missing avatar

      Matt hall on January 14

      I don't get how people got their coolers when they had backer numbers in the upper 40-50 thousands
      I have a backer number of
      13,527 and still never got it!
      We need some updates or something this is getting crazy

    40. MacG on January 14

      I'm backer 51,789 and they did ship my coolest back in June. Stay strong, it will come.

    41. Heidi Zwahlen on January 13

      I am an original backer still have yet to receive our coolest cooler really no one contacting us anymore take our support and leave us behind I want what I backed

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schultz on January 13

      Where is the next update? I have waited patiently (God knows why). I am backer 11,665. Please refund....

    43. Patricia D Butler on January 13

      How do I request a refund? I've given up hope, and 3 years later, I honestly don't even want it any more.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kayla Tessen on January 12

      When are we getting another update??

    45. Missing avatar

      Trevor on January 12

      So many seasons of soccer have passed, so many years have passed. So many flakes promises have passed. So much disregard for the people that gave $13 million, we can't even get the courtesy of an update. This is utterly ridiculous.

    46. Missing avatar

      Tod Taylor on January 12

      Where is the update? Sad to read that coolers were being sold for less than what I paid as a backer. Will I get my cooler this summer?

    47. Missing avatar

      Dylan Thieu on January 12

      Backer 8220, finally got mine in September.

    48. Shane Crocker on January 12

      Dude, I for one have had enough. I'm tired of waiting, I'm tired of the lies and I will never invest another kick starter project because of this. I think it's time we all start to consider a class action law suite.

    49. Chase Carnahan on January 12

      "Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      3+ years is a bit longer than anyone had envisioned waiting for their cooler.

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