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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Arentol about 10 hours ago

      John, if that is ALL your pledge page on says then you are fine. If the pledge page also says on a separate line:
      Coolest Battery Pack 1 $55
      Then you have one battery pack too many.
      I am pretty sure you can remove it though. I have an extra speaker ordered and if I unlock my pledge and go to the last page there is an "X" button next to anything I added on after my initial pledge.

    2. Creator Frank Cruz about 10 hours ago

      Ronald, there was only 62,642 backers. Not sure why your email said 65k

    3. Creator Theresa Christenson about 10 hours ago

      My Coolest Cooler is a gift. If the recipient wants extra plates or blender, will there be a web site where Coolest items can be purchased?

    4. Creator John Holbrook about 12 hours ago

      Tracey..thanks..that means I have overpaid by $55. Damn. Hope I get a response back from them soon. Don't see how I'll ever need 3 batteries.

    5. Creator Tracey Kennelly about 12 hours ago

      @John..i was also confused by this. If you ordered extras when you became a backer, it will show that it is included in the pledge because you already paid for it. The coolest as a line item includes the battery speaker, etc.. Hope this helps

    6. Creator Ronald Haulman about 12 hours ago

      Did everyone receive an email today? It say my order number is 65000+ but I'm sure I got in way earlier than that.

    7. Creator John Holbrook about 13 hours ago

      I'm confused about something. When I originally did the pledge I added $40 for an extra battery pack. I forgot about that so when I went into the pledge form site I added another battery. I want to remove that but I'm confused as to what I'm actually getting if I remove that.

      What I see on the pledge page is;

      1 - Coolest Cooler - Margarita (included)
      1 - Coolest Drink Guide (included)
      1 - Coolest Battery Pack (included)

      Does the above details mean I am getting a second battery as one is included with the Coolest and the one listed is an add-on?

      I've emailed their support to get a response

    8. Creator Vicki Scarpato about 13 hours ago

      Is it too late to change my mind about the color we want??

    9. Creator George about 13 hours ago

      If someone can answer because I swear I haven't see this yet; how do you charge the speaker? Ryan didn't show it in the video, or any video I've seen. Wall plug? USB plug?

    10. Creator Tracey Kennelly about 14 hours ago

      For those of you that feel the need to repeatedly ask over and over on every forum about the damn led lights... They are STILL there.. Enough already!

    11. Creator Elsie Dickson about 14 hours ago

      For those of you wanting to know the latest, search YouTube for "Kickstarter Backers 2" to see the latest features.

      To add extras, you can go to your Pledge Manager account, unlock your order, and you can add the Pitcher/Plate Pkg., extra speaker or batteries. Just make sure that your order is locked after you complete your order.

      Hope this helps...

    12. Creator Albert Guevara about 15 hours ago

      I saw some comments about shipping cost from China to USA. Here are some numbers considering worst case:

      Shipment from China is pretty cheap!!!!
      The whole 40' sea train container will cost max $2500 at high rate. If they negotiate the price was better. Each container is bringing 336 Coolest Coolers, which means $7.5 a cooler!!!! That math was the first consideration when they went out of USA for manufacturing!

    13. Creator George about 15 hours ago

      @Albert, for info on the light please read the comments below from me. It's already answered.

    14. Creator Robert about 15 hours ago

      Did you ever think of contacting the source? That is, the contact link to Coolest???
      I have been in touch with them numerous times, and they have always been responsive and accomodating.

      Use Your Head. Don't be the douche you sound like.

    15. Creator Albert Guevara about 15 hours ago

      What happened with the LED light? I didn't see any comment about it in the video. Did I miss any update on it?

    16. Creator Steven Lopes about 16 hours ago

      Unfortunately for me, at the moment, I made it through the entire process, including submitting and credit card approval and then the site threw up the error 500.. My credit card is showing the authorization, but Pledgemanager still shows the order open with items still in my cart wanting me to enter my credit card info again. I've logged out and logged back in, even with a different browser, and I'm still not locked in until I add the credit card info again. I have contacted support.

    17. Creator Cory Peterson about 16 hours ago

      Pledge manager worked great for me added plates, speaker and battery... Typed in cc info got email right away. Done on mobile device!! Which shouldn't make a diff but who know maybe

    18. Creator Dave G about 16 hours ago

      @George Thanks much for the info, including the msrp is very helpful. At $179, it'd be an expensive speaker. If this speaker performs similar to comparably priced Bluetooth speakers, that'd be incredibly impressive. Definitely the best pre-order value but also a bit of a blind leap that it performs like a premium speaker. Decisions, decisions.

    19. Creator George about 16 hours ago

      @Dave: I just added a speaker with no issues. Speaker is $79, battery is $55 and plates/blender are $29. MSRP on speaker is $170, $39 on the plates/blender and $75 for the battery. The discount on the speaker is the greatest if bought right now. I can get the plates/blender later if I decide I need them. I had bought another battery a long time back.

    20. Creator Dave G about 16 hours ago

      Having trouble with pledgemanager too. Could someone please list the price for additional plates, battery, and speaker? Thanks in advance

    21. Creator George about 17 hours ago

      More from the Facebook:

      I thought the first ones were shipped last Friday... at least that's what my email said??
      4 hrs

      The Coolest Cooler They did - just posting a picture. But it will take two weeks - China-->US. UPS will be delivering in a couple of weeks.
      1 · 29 mins

    22. Creator Frank Cruz about 17 hours ago

      Is it still a scam David? That beach ryan is on sure looks green right? Lol. Idiot.

    23. Creator George about 17 hours ago

      Regarding the LED light, this post from their Facebook page:

      Hi there, perhaps I'm mistaken but wasn't the Coolest supposed to have LED lighting inside for night time? I don't see that feature anywhere in your videos.
      46 mins

      The Coolest Cooler There is an LED light in the lid!
      2 · 35 mins

    24. Creator Bill Elliott about 17 hours ago

      @StevenLopes I logged in to check the price of the blender and plates, and when I clicked through to get out I got the same error. I backed out and reloaded the previous page and it all came up again. Be sure to go back and finish your order and re-lock it as it won't ship without being locked. Great video, looking forward to getting it in hand sometime soon.

    25. Creator k d about 17 hours ago

      Links to the video for those not coolest enough to get an email?

    26. Creator Kannika Garcia about 17 hours ago

      @Steven Lopes, no issues for me. I received a confirmation e-mail for the new add-ons right away.

    27. Creator Cory Peterson about 17 hours ago

      Ok so watched new. Idea and nothing about led lights!!! I don't remember anywhere that they said lights would not be included. Kind of a bummer most of my drinking is at night in the dark

    28. Creator Steven Lopes about 17 hours ago

      Anyone having issues ordering extras? Just tried and after accepting my CC info and getting the green check mark that it was successfully submitted the browser went to a "500 internal server error" page. My CC shows a temp authorization, but Pledgemanager still shows my order open with the items in the cart and wanting my CC info again :(

    29. Creator Connie Garone about 17 hours ago

      I received an email asking me to confirm my shipping address and to order any extras - all to be submitted by August 2nd. The receipt says my cooler has shipped, not sure what this means, other than - its getting closer to being mine - can't wait!

    30. Creator Cassidy Clark about 17 hours ago

      WooHoo emails! Didn't they say that an email would go out a week or so prior to shipping? Did I miss that?? Does that mean we should be getting them soon??? I'm stoked.

    31. Creator Dave G about 17 hours ago

      Wow - where did that come from?

      Looks like a solid build all around. If ordering an extra plate/pitcher set, wonder where they would have to be stored. Throw 'em in a bag and tie it down on top I suppose.

      Even if no LEDs, that doesn't bother me much. Even when camping, not having light never seemed a big issue for me when going into the cooler.

    32. Creator Dawn Stansbury Studniarz about 17 hours ago

      How much does the cooler weigh (I did scroll thru and didn't find any comments relating to that, although I may have missed it).

    33. Creator David McKenna about 17 hours ago

      FRANK! Shut the FRANK up. If there is a prize for the most annoying, you win hands down.
      On one wants your input. Go away, get lost. Frank off . Swim back across the border. the good news it that once the CC's are delivered there is a good chance you will not be heard from again.

    34. Creator Frank Cruz about 17 hours ago

      Great video. It has the look of a high quality cooler and appears to be very well made. the lids sound solid when he closed them as well. Having plates and knives I'm surprised they didn't add a spot to store coolest cups. 2.0 maybe.

    35. Creator Kevin Rhine about 17 hours ago

      I'm loving what I saw in the new video! I can't wait to get this thing! Only detail that I didn't see was the location and operation of the led lights.

    36. Creator Kyle Morgan about 17 hours ago

      No LED light inside the coolest on the new video.

    37. Creator Phil Gardner about 18 hours ago

      Everybody should check their emails. There is a deadline now to lock in your address and final choices for accessories (including the option to purchase more plates and another pitcher)

      New vid on the features in the email too

    38. Creator Frank Cruz about 18 hours ago

      Good point phil. I guess it's already a success in my eyes because it wasn't a failed project with endless delays. But it makes more sense to call it a success after we have it physically in our hands. @Alkettory, one of my favorites as well. More times than not lately it seems like that is where we are headed. Brought to you by Carl's jr.

    39. Creator Robert about 18 hours ago

      I mean, The Coolest and all it's hype and anticipation are great, but goes on.

      Revelation and Admission: Sometimes I sit when I pee.

      (Oh, the shame......)

    40. Creator Robert about 18 hours ago

      I mean, sure Frank's not my favorite guy, but, at 3:00 a.m. and ya gotta go, sometimes I don't turn on the light (I'm not even awake at that point) I just sit.

      Does that make me an ogre?

      (Do ya think I want pee sprayed all over the place??)

    41. Creator KrazyKrivda about 22 hours ago

      @George, thanks for that. Well there goes my hopes. 7th backer and in a major city, but didn't order ORANGE. Damn...

    42. Creator George about 23 hours ago

      @Krazy: it's on the Coolest Facebook page. Buried. I had posted it here already but will paste it again:

      The Coolest Cooler Yes - as your Coolest gets ready to ship you will be sent an email with full tracking information. Please remember that we have more than 62,000 Kickstarter backers and the factory cannot ship all in one month. We start shipping now and will ship approx. 20,000/month. When you backed, what color you ordered and where you live all impact delivery.
      The Coolest Cooler Very first ones are orange but we change up production every few days and ship weekly so will be a mix arriving every month. Backer order primary factor, your location a more minor one. Hope this helps.

      Btw their Facebook page has a new update:

      We can't get them here fast enough for you, we know. But the first Coolests are on the way! If you're a Kickstarter backer keep an eye out for an e-mail confirming your shipping address and a final opportunity to update it if you have moved in the last year. Thank you for your support and patience!

    43. Creator Matt Mathers about 23 hours ago

      Frank sits when he pees.

    44. Creator KrazyKrivda about 23 hours ago

      @Rich, where did it say what color was in first production run(s)?

    45. Creator Dave G 1 day ago

      Love the pattern here. Dumb comment, Frank pipes up. Stupid question, Frank pipes up. Bitching about something that is usually nothing. Frank writes an essay. It's all just speculation from all parties.

      I'll just laugh along while waiting for the official posts.

    46. Creator Matt Mathers 1 day ago

      Once again, Frank: you take forever to say nothing.

    47. Creator Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria 1 day ago

      Idiocracy is one of my favorite movies.

    48. Creator Phil Gardner 1 day ago

      ***itll be a success when I have in my hands the coolest and deem it to be of a quality unit

      Everything lately suggests that is coming soon. But that's when it'll be a success.

    49. Creator Frank Cruz 1 day ago

      At the end of the day, why keep complaining. This project was a success and our rewards have started to ship out. How is that not enough

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