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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jordan about 2 hours ago

      Yea what Mark said.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark A Cargile about 7 hours ago

      This has become a joke in my house. “What a “cool” idea, send someone close to $400, get a rad cooler!” Almost 4 years later, “still think it’s the ‘Coolest cooler’?” I can see it now, when, IF, it ever shows up, they’ll forget to send the extra speaker, battery and plate set I ALSO foolishly let myself get talked into! That will become a whole other Can of worms to deal with. Frankly I don’t even want to see anymore bullshit “updates”. Just send me a Coolest before I die of old age!

    3. Missing avatar

      Carlos Fernandez about 15 hours ago

      I'm curious, why do you tell us to email support and then never reply to our emails?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dmitry Kagansky 3 days ago

      Really puzzled by everything that happened since I was backer 19,767 and got mine as expected, and on time. Not quite sure how things got off the rails, and how backers before and after didn't get their coolers. *shrug*

    5. Ed Mahoney 3 days ago

      You keep at it Coolest.... Pledge 6704. ... Still hanging in there and patiently waiting. I know what I signed up for when I pledged... Hoping for the Coolest to arrive!

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Spilman 3 days ago

      Ha, backer 13831 and well over 3 years and still not received mine. 40,000 shipped and I still don't have one. What a joke!

    7. Missing avatar

      Craig H Grosby 3 days ago

      The battery that was shipped SUCKS! It worked for about three recharges and then promptly died. Customer Support was useless. I tried to order a new battery at $55 and they are "sold out". They probably never ordered replacements. No wonder the DOJ investigated them!

    8. BB Gilson 3 days ago

      Backer #28713, 40K shipped? how was i missed? Bought the Cooler for my son's graduation from college over 4 years ago, since then he's gotten engaged and moved away. No cooler. Asked for a refund, told I'd get it, no refund. Sham, sham, sham... despicable. Sad --legitimate start ups will never be funded because of this experience.

    9. Missing avatar

      Fred Winzer 3 days ago

      I was so excited to get my cooler when it first came out, but after getting it, I knew I got a piece of shit cooler that has been nothing but disappointing. It's leaked from day one, the color faded within a month of using it in the summer time, and it doesn't hold ice like it was marketed on Kickstarter. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE 24 hour hotlines to connect with someone. I emailed finally, and I basically back was "You're a liar, we can't do anything for you!" I haven't been more embarrassed showing this cooler to my friends, and they laugh at me that I would spend that much money on a product that promises you the moon, and get nothing in return! This company is a sham, and don't spend your money, go get a YETI Cooler if you really want one.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomasina Seah 3 days ago

      Why are you switching to direct email, instead of posting in group setting here, to communicate with those of us still waiting for our coolers? You have already breached our trust and this newest "divide and deceive" tactic doesn't fly with me. I requested for a refund a long time ago when I realized this once second highest grossing Kickstarter project has turned into yet another "throw your money away" Kickstarter project. Thanks to you, I have completely stopped supporting Kickstarter.

    11. Rene Muro 3 days ago

      Do you guys sell replacement parts? I need a drain plug cap. Please let me know where I can find one. Thanks,
      Rene Muro

    12. Eric Shannon 4 days ago

      Ryan, I was just thinking yesterday that it was about time for an update. Laughing at all those that are looking at the beach and swimming back to the deserted island. I'm hoping this year will be good enough that my BBQ's will become that much more exciting. (And their quite exciting already.)

    13. Missing avatar

      Monty Perry 4 days ago

      Congrats Ryan. I will never back another kickstarter campaign because of you.
      Signed Backer #28966

    14. Missing avatar

      Reggie Williams 4 days ago

      I paid for my coolest years ago and I then believed in the product. But for this company to tell me now that they are going develop and make new products just to pay for the ones that they ripped other people off for is appalling. Regardless of the DOJ complaints, they should of done a lot more to reassure their backers that they were not just going to rip them off and or blow them off also. I did not go the DOJ complaint path, but I am really considering starting up a petition for a class action lawsuit and personal prosecution for Ryan as he mislead his (Backers) Investors on how his pre-raised funds would be spent. Even refunds were handled wrong. There is now quite a few types of coolers like this on amazon and even at Costco for sale for lesser price. If the DOJ or my congressman wont do anything about this then we as backers should. I am frankly tire of getting these misleading and lie filled updates that keep telling me that I may still not get my coolest.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brenda Byrd 4 days ago

      This month is 3 years I have been waiting to the extent it has become a joke around the house. Chalk it up to experience

    16. Jim Hampton 4 days ago

      I paid the additional extortion fee to get mine early nearly two years ago. I was not happy that I paid the additional amount, but the way it sounds it could be another three years before I got one. I guess two years as Coolest is 'hopeful' that they can get it wrapped by then. I would say you may get one in 35 months.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mike Campogiani 4 days ago

      Backer # 56781. I filed a complaint with the Oregon DOJ. Thankfully I filed early enough and received my Coolest in Oct 2017. It’s an awesome cooler just wish they had better business practice. That being said Coolest has ruined Kickstarter for me and I probably won’t back anything else.

    18. Michael Enoksen 4 days ago

      @JimClark. When the shipments first started coming in Ryan quickly told everyone that he was going to ship out of order. People had their choice of colors and a shipment would come in with a solid color, well the first 300 people didn't necessarily order that color.
      That being said, you know Ryan made sure to get coolers to his friends and I am more than willing to bet that people that put in larger orders got their fulfilled while we sit back and have our warm, unblended, drinks.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jim Clark 4 days ago

      Yes and we believe that 40,000 have been shipped when so many early backers still don’t have their cooler. Just another scam artist making promises with no intention on keeping them. I am backer 13,129 since July 2014 and know that I will never see my cooler. Hopefully people are smart enough to never give him another dime. Amazing that he has the nerve to say they are going to innovate and come out with new products when they can’t deliver on promises from almost 4 years ago.

    20. Michael Enoksen 4 days ago

      Post a vid on Youtube.

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt deierling 4 days ago

      I should have let it burn.. Now I have a small cooler with a blender for a power at all... I wish I never received it, that way I could believe it would be as awesome as it was made out to be

    22. Michael Enoksen 4 days ago

      Have to receive a cooler before I can burn it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Matt deierling 4 days ago

      Has anybody else had a battery melt down..I thought they were going to catch fire. Don't spill even the slightest aground the blender.

    24. Missing avatar

      Melanie Inzunza 4 days ago

      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      REFUND, REFUND, REFUND!! I pledged $185 in AUGUST 2014, no cooler. I am backer 56,545, and as such I have no illusions that I will ever receive, nor do I want it. Please refund my money.

    25. Betty Vega 4 days ago

      Thank you Ryan for keeping us posted on all that's been happening.
      I personally see by your aspiring and aggressive spirit, you'll never say die, or quit. Never say Never.
      Onward and Upwards.
      Till next time Ryan, be happy

    26. Missing avatar

      Beth Dawson 4 days ago

      Never received one!

    27. Missing avatar

      Ram Mylvaganam 4 days ago

      40,000 shipped that cannot be true, I am backer 13,676, how did the shipment pass me by!! You are clearly fibbing and I am surprised the DOJ has been so accommodating allow such daylight robbery. I have reached out to DOJ to get transcript of their deliberations.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alyssa B 4 days ago

      Backer #2,786....How interesting that I "accidentally" got passed over when you sent out those 40,000 units. Apparently Canadians don't count. Thanks, asshole...Karma's gonna get you just like you got my $700.

    29. Laurie Graham 4 days ago

      Grepper needs a knee to the groin on the daily. Any volunteers?

    30. Beth Shimkat 4 days ago

      I've said this before and I'll say it again. Many of us would prefer a refund at this point. One of the big issues that Ryan has been touting is that coolers cost more to manufacture than the amount the backers put up for a cooler. Therefore, it would benefit them to issue refunds as opposed to stringing us along waiting for coolers we don't even want anymore. How can we make this happen?

    31. Missing avatar

      Joan Tornai 4 days ago

      Waiting four years, I want my money back

    32. Michael Enoksen 4 days ago

      This just in...All reports of backers having fun with their Coolest Coolers is actually fake news!

    33. Michael Enoksen 4 days ago

      Funny thing is the battery required for this blender is larger than the battery I have running my cordless table saw. Battery tech is well beyond what this craptastic ice chest is coming with, but we won't be seeing any of the latest trends. The battery we get might as well be as outdated as NiCAD by the time it gets to be used. I used to just want my 2 speakers (yes I was dumb enough to pay for an extra speaker), but since I have heard they don't sound all that great and party pairing is now old news, I just ask Alexa to play and control my music. Eff Ryan. Eff the cooler. Eff my life.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nancy Yesu 4 days ago

      I “love” his blame the victim mentality
      with his comment about how much time and energy it took him to deal with the department of justice issues
      What a jerk

    35. Missing avatar

      David Kessler 4 days ago

      Keep up the good fight Ryan. I got my cooler last year and it’s awesome. I cannot tell you how many people stop me on the beach as I’m blending a lemon crush and jamming with the speaker. I love wheeling the cooler out to the beach. Great product.

    36. Paul Franklin 4 days ago

      Backer number 2,629 out of 62,642 total... How the f#*^ do 40,000 people get there cooler before me. No disrespect to the other 20,000 people still waiting, but does that seem unfair?
      I want a cooler or a refund!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Tammla Price 4 days ago

      I'm backer #57,800 I originally backed it with $225 I think since then I did have to add in an additional shipping fee because I moved since the original backing amount in 2014 - which at that point I thought I was going to be able to give this as a gift to my husband for Christmas. Well, that of course and unfortunately, has not happened. And, once again I have moved. So, I have to change my address again. I'm thinking like Mark, that at this point I will just have to leave my backer's pledge in my last will and testament! LOL, oh what fun. I guess I wouldn't be so sore and hurt if they weren't selling them to other people already and I still have not gotten mine and it's already been four years since they excepted my money. You are so welcome for the help!

    38. Jessica McKean 4 days ago

      Backer 8426, and I want a refund. You can start profiting once you pay us all back.

    39. Missing avatar

      Becky 4 days ago

      We have enjoyed our Coolest so much! We take it to outdoor concerts, and when we use the blender it really turns heads! Everyone wants to know where they can get one. It would be great if we had a handful of card to pass out. Hint, hint!

    40. Mark Schmid 4 days ago

      The entertainment value of reading all the comments each time an update comes out has become my consolation. I have already included my original Coolest KickStarter backing into my Last Will & Testament so that my children, or possibly, their children can enjoy what most likely will be a retro cooler by the time it's received. With that said, I would hope we can agree on the following:

      1. It's a miracle that they are still in business!
      2. Refunds are never going to happen so enjoy the show!
      3. Life's too short to take your non guaranteed "investment" personally. Let it go.
      4. Every time someone whines online only slows down the already diminished possibility of backers receiving their campaign promise.

    41. Missing avatar

      Truman E DuBose 4 days ago

      I have one in the lime green color that is for sale. if you are interested or know of someone let me know at: I live in the Dallas area so if you are willing to pick it up then there will be no shipping.

    42. Kevin Waugh 4 days ago

      I'm backer #8,557 and pledged $200 and I want a refund. I have no use for a cooler anymore, no matter how "cool" it is. With how long I've had to wait for this, just give me my money back. I will settle for nothing less than a refund.

    43. Missing avatar

      Rob Young 4 days ago

      Backer number 58,981 since August 2014. I also paid $240.00 for mine and have not received it. Blue tooth speakers are super inexpensive, what is the deal? It will be FOUR years this summer. This also will hurt other kickstarters because none of us will back another project since we are all unhappy about this.

    44. Missing avatar

      Joel Dodson 4 days ago

      Luckily I received mine in 2015. I just don’t understand how you sell to the open market without fulfilling your comment to the people who made your dream a reality. Shame on you Coolest Cooler team.

    45. Missing avatar

      John Chipley 4 days ago

      I am backer 40009. I am coming up on 4 years since I paid $240 for a product that still has not been delivered.

      I want a refund - consider this my official request.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan Paulson 4 days ago

      Ordered in July 2014 - #47,714 and you accepted my money in July of 2014. Still no cooler. tired of the games and the "hang in there" messages. I would like to request a full refund with interest. Go ahead and sell mine on eBay and send me the profit too.

    47. Glenda McDaniel 4 days ago

      I am glad to hear that you are still working hard to fulfill your commitment to the Backers. We know we took a chance backing any project on Kickstart. I have backed several and 2/3rds did not fulfill their commitment, so I am pleased that you will be. I did purchase one for a friend on Amazon and they really liked it. Good Luck and keep working on your dream

    48. Chris Smith 4 days ago

      Hi, I ordered this probably 4 years ago, then I asked for a refund 2 years ago. I have had NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER!! I have now moved, so don't send it to my old address....I want a REFUND

      (It says below "be respectful and considerate"......and that applies to you too!!

    49. blurfus 4 days ago

      After the latest update, I am not confident I am going to ever receive my product or that it is even going to be the Coolest anymore

      Please start the process to send me a full refund.


    50. Michael Enoksen 4 days ago

      I want my $280 back. No one I know likes the product. I wouldn't know because I am 1 of 20K that have not received my Lamest Cooler. Please send me my cooler so I can put it on E-Bay. Effing once a year updates? Seriously? Why bother you effers! I bet your vacations are going great, while the rest of us that paid our hard earned money get so old that we don't even party anymore.

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