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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jason Forberg 17 minutes ago

      Although I have received my cooler my parents have not. I don’t quite understand how you can be updating your Instagram with a promotion of free shipping and a extra Bluetooth speaker with every purchase when backers haven’t even received theirs yet. Also went to use mine a couple weekends ago I went to charge my battery for the blender and it wouldn’t hold a charge or work. Lovely.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brenda Robertson about 1 hour ago

      wow over three years. no cooler still or updates. where are they.

    3. Jeffrey Leathem about 2 hours ago

      Backer 38.393 here. Where's the qtr updates? Anyone still there?

    4. Missing avatar

      Leeann Niccolini about 6 hours ago

      Hi- I have my Coolest and have a question about the speaker. It is making a particular sound that is clearly supposed to indicate something, but I don't know what it is. Is there someone who could contact me so I can ask? I didn't see it addressed in the manual. Thank you!

    5. Troy Coughlin about 9 hours ago

      Would love to know if we will ever get our money back!

    6. Matt Thomas about 22 hours ago

      Anyone get a refund?

    7. Steffen Potter 1 day ago

      I would like to get information on the 3rd quarter update status report. You stated in your last update you would provide quarterly updates, yet it is now Nov. 20th and your last update was in June. Thank you - Backer #55,665

    8. Brent Baker 1 day ago

      Looks like they are abandoning their supporters with excommunication. I have nothing kind to say.

    9. George Grecky 1 day ago

      Backer #5911. Hanging in there.

    10. CDRudd 2 days ago

      Backer 48,872, Still waiting....

    11. CDRudd 2 days ago

      Is there anyway to get the extra Speaker and batteries ordered? if I'm not going to get the cooler, at least you can send the extra speaker and battery, so I can pair with the friend who bough his on Amazon (He mocks me for not getting the one via kickstarter. :( )

    12. Paul Ponte 2 days ago

      Backer 49,581

      An update would be swell.

    13. Missing avatar

      dj_ToRMeNTeD 2 days ago

      No updates since 6/23... over 3 years of waiting... all for nothing. I hope the fleas from 1000 camels infest your testicles Ryan. Please go die in a fire.

    14. Paul Franklin 2 days ago

      All you need to do is say ‘thanks’

      We’ll take care of the giving.

      Latest email promo from the "Coolest Gang"

      There is a snowflakes chance in hell you ever get another penny from me!!!!

      "Purchase any new Coolest Cooler and we’ll give you a FREE extra Party Pairing Outdoor speaker. That’s a $79 value. And, while we’re in the giving mood, we’ll throw in FREE Shipping."

      So glad they are in the spirit of the holidays.... Send me my cooler!!!

      Backer #2629

    15. Ivan Hayashi 2 days ago

      Back 48,669. From Singapore. Where’s my cooler chief?

    16. Gary Donaldson 3 days ago

      Backer #14977
      Total pledge with shipping to U.K. $2750!
      Coolers promised 10.
      Expectation 0.

      Happy days coolest backers!

    17. Dor Ariel 4 days ago

      our pledge
      Jul 28 2014
      Backer number
      62,642 total
      Still Waiting :X

    18. Jonathan Reed 4 days ago

      Can't comment on the FB page- I guess you cowards blocked me. I only asked if you were sending any units- even one a month- to backers. Be honest and publish a plan or say you never intend to live up to your promises.

    19. Kevin Tyler 4 days ago

      Still no way to update our addresses. I've moved 5 times since you said you would deliver. I suppose since there is no way to update addresses, that means you have no intention of delivering what we paid for. Congratulations, excellent theft. I find it funny you need to leave a be respectfull and considerate comment when you are nothing but a thief.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kendall Lennox 5 days ago

      Cooler will be obsolete be we get them!! No more updates?

    21. Pat D 5 days ago

      Last month a cashier in PA who stole $13M went to prison for the next 8 years.
      After over three years of being remarkably patient. I've had it and will now start working with the DoJ.

      To take $13M on promises...then ask for MORE for better batteries, then ask for MORE if you actually want it sent to you (maybe), then say you need to sell them to other people so you can send them to the people who already paid....You guys really should be joining her in prison for fraud.
      It's outrageous!

      Pat Darienzo, backer #11,068

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian Mack 5 days ago

      I can't wait to get my cooler so I can burn it. This is damn ridiculous. 3 years and 3 months later - no cooler, but my $185 bucks is gone. what a piece of shit.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jolene Apodaca 5 days ago

      Wow I just checked my date sent you $$ in Aug 2014 guess maybe in 10 more years might see my cooler. Saw this project on the Today show way back then I guess besides them you did the same to everyone that gave you money. Can't trust people like you anymore. I want my $$$$.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jolene Apodaca 5 days ago

      When am I ever going to get my Cooler it has been years of waiting and I guess it is to late to get our $$$$$ back. Jolene

    25. Missing avatar

      Kelly Golden 5 days ago

      I have now crossed the 3-year threshold. Even the USPS can't be blamed for this delay. WTF!!! You advertise them, have them in stores etc... and yet an ORIGINAL BACKER still does not have his cooler. Ryan, are you a child or what? You have more excuses than a 9th grader with straight F's. And right now you are a failure in my eyes. Suck it

    26. Marcel Fung 5 days ago

      Still waiting ........ please update

    27. Bobby Wesley Rackley 5 days ago

      Still nothing?!?!?!?!?! Absolutely no updates and no cooler! I'm tired of excuses! Ship the item we paid hard earned money for! You have them in stock on your own website along with countless other retail sites!

      ... and "be respectful and considerate"? Really? It's a two-way street ya know!

    28. Missing avatar

      Matt harris 6 days ago

      Backer 25,088 and still waiting! �

    29. Missing avatar

      Kim Robinson 6 days ago

      What’s the email address to check on the status?

    30. Missing avatar

      Gary B 6 days ago

      Was just checking here to see if anyone has received their cooler in a while or if I should just give up...I finally actually saw one in person over the summer, so there's that...I see people are still getting them, so that's good...

    31. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly 6 days ago

      If anyone cares I did finally receive my cooler the day after the DOJ told me after they checked with Coolest it should be on its way. Funny, it is still in an un-opened box in my garage. It is like a prized Unicorn; lol. Still can not bring myself to open it. Probably will soon to make sure it is in good shape; the whole experience has really soured me regarding this project.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rob Young 7 days ago

      Still waiting as well. Has anyone head anything?

    33. Christopher Murphy on November 14

      David , you are about 2 years too late on that

    34. David Lange Durall on November 14

      Did I miss the signup for a class action lawsuit? If there is one, where do I sign up?

    35. Allan David Yang on November 14

      This was the longest kickstarter I have ever invested in. Makes me realize just how much hype this getting in on the ground floor is. I don’t reckon I’ll ever see my $185 back or my coolest. We helped you start your company. Figure it out faster please.

    36. Missing avatar

      Matt fluke on November 13

      wheres the update?

    37. Hendrik Wehr on November 13

      Update Please! Update Please! Come on give us an Update Please!

    38. Paul Franklin on November 12

      Backer number 2,629. 62,642 total backers, so 60,000 ppl backed after me. Backed on August 29th 2014. By the way, Amazon shares were $304 each then, they are now worth $1125... Maybe a refund would be nice??

    39. Lorrie Hinton on November 12

      well, another Christmas is almost here. My daughter still doesn't have her christmas present from 3 years ago.

    40. Missing avatar

      Justin Mruskovic on November 12


    41. Melinda on November 11

      I believe my backer # is 48,387...was told to include this info. Cooler or money back. Either one would be greatly appreciated.

    42. Melinda on November 11

      Over 3 years later still no cooler...

    43. Junsheng Soh on November 11

      2015 feb deliver start.................... 2018 nov still waiting for your unit

    44. Scott Whiting
      on November 6

      One of the most successful projects ever on kickstarter and one of the biggest scams in kickstarter history....good job Ryan...two kicketstartet records.

    45. Scott Whiting
      on November 6

      Ryan, how many more cooler have you send to your backers this guess
      At least be a man and tell me that you screwed me out of a few hundred.

    46. Missing avatar

      Frances Kearns on November 5

      Updates? Honesty? Cooler? Plan? Bueller? Bueller?

    47. Missing avatar

      Judith Levine-Maizels on November 2

      I am backer 45,370. Will I be receiving this in 2017 or should I just write off my investment as a lesson learned? BTW I’ve moved three times since backing this and I have no clue where to go to change shipping address

      Judith L.
      Richmond VA

    48. Josh Johnson on November 2

      I had a dream that I got my Coolest and told my wife about it. She laughed at me and said, "ha ha. That's a dream all right."

    49. Missing avatar

      Steve Nadeau on November 2

      Lauren Poloski;

      To check what your backer # is just go to the Kickstarter home page after you log in.
      top right corner you will see a blue globe, click on that and you will get a list of projects you have backed.
      Click on where it says "VIEW ALL" and you will see a full list of what you back
      Scroll to where you see Coolest Cooler and click on that and you will see the information your backer number is at the bottom
      hope this helps

    50. Missing avatar

      Steve Nadeau on November 2

      In an email I received back in August, your support team informed me that you were going to do quarterly updates per the DOJ and that there will be an update in September.
      The last update was in June and it is now November....
      As backer # 46,202 I am NOW demanding an update as to what is going on and where are you with our orders also I am not happy with the DOJ's decision on this 3 year time table as those that filed will get their rewards first..
      Again I get pushed back to the point I may never see my Cooler if I live another 3 years
      As this was my very first backing and to date I have backed around 60 projects with 4 just backed last month and 4 more just pledged for funding in the next 2 months and I have received 95% of all that I have pledged
      You have failed miserably in returning messages hopefully I will receive my cooler soon and hope you never do another Kick Starter Project again since I won't back you in the future and I hope nobody else does
      I was pleased at the beginning when you answered messages now you dodge everyone who has messaged you maybe except those inconsiderate people who paid the extra 90.oo to cut ahead of the line
      I surely hope that either you or you support team gives me a reply before Thanksgiving Holiday or I will be in contact with the Oregon DOJ informing that you are not abiding by their decision

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