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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Michael Snow 19 minutes ago

      want to say that I got my cooler in December and it is awesome.
      I just wanted to say that.

    2. Phillip Malasig about 4 hours ago

      Are deliveries to Hawaii still on the back off the bus?As in last to receive

    3. William about 9 hours ago

      What a joke you are Ryan. Do you really have accountability for having failed your backers? You talk about 10,000 like there were no 65,000 backers who supported you! When are we going to see real options?

    4. Terri Mitchell about 20 hours ago

      Backer 42,761 here and hoping to receive some sort of timeline.

    5. Missing avatar 1 day ago

      I finally used my cooler today & I was very excited but to my disappointment the dry side did not stay dry. As the ice was melting it was seeping through. This was one of my biggest reason to buy this cooler. What can I do to fix this problem? I wish I could upload my picture therefore you can see what am saying.

    6. Michael Snow 1 day ago

      I just want to say that I got my cooler in December and it is awesome.
      I just wanted to say that.

    7. MakeMyGraphic 1 day ago

      Also I still say you take this to shark tank and get them to help you SAVE your businesses instead of asking us for more help, I can't help any further.

    8. MakeMyGraphic 1 day ago

      Cool, so what's the update on the regular backers? That color green is the color I requested so it's such a tease right now �. Please give us an update too! Thanks! -Laura

    9. Missing avatar

      Patricia O'Brien 1 day ago

      Hi Ryan,
      I would love to have received my cooler, but did not have the extra money to spend for what was supposed to be a birthday present for my husband. Remember, at the end of the day, if you do deliver all the coolers, the business press will laud you, because ethics are in such short supply in business. If you do not deliver, nothing you can do or say will ever give you the feeling of success that all entrepreneurs want (I am one myself).

    10. Missing avatar

      David Holakovsky 1 day ago

      @Dennis everyone got the update and email about the $97. Obviously you didn't see it or erased it and you weren't paying attention. That's your fault not theirs

    11. Missing avatar

      Dennis cropper 1 day ago

      I was never asked to pay an additional 95$ for shipping or whatever it was for. ..I was hoping I would get mine soon as they were shipping some 2000 some coolers out...what a scam...i.better get my cooler or I will be on the lawsuit too

    12. Cheryl Martin Everson 1 day ago

      How do I change my address on the very slim chance that I get my cooler

    13. Anthony Evert 1 day ago

      I don't understand how he is shipping these coolers out. My brother got his cooler 6 months ago which gave me hope. My number was even higher then his. Ill continue to wait or until someone steps up and starts a lawsuit. Which, yes. We can do.

    14. Troy 2 days ago

      How about some information about how many have been delivered and how many people are still waiting? Vague statements just piss people off

    15. Jason Warner 2 days ago

      Just so everyone knows. Ryan is now selling these coolers on his website. He promises shipping within 24 hours. They started selling on his website immediately after the production lines were opened. He has the coolers, he just wanted to con more people out of even more money. Accept the fact everyone, if you didn't pay the extra $97 you will never get your cooler. There will never be profits from this crook of a company as Ryan will spend every last dime on himself and his team. You can file a complaint with the Oregon department of justice for Ryan selling items to others before fulfilling backer orders, scamming people out of another $97 and then giving the coolest away for free as a promotion at a trade show he is attending. 30,000 people don't have coolers and he is raffling them off for free.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nick Clavijo 2 days ago

      I was just going back into the history of deliveries and such and found this posting on Oct 2015.
      "...Q3: When will I get my Coolest, and why do you keep changing delivery information?! 35,000+ Coolest have been made so far, but this motor strike is a good example of why we cannot predict concrete shipping dates for your particular Coolest. So many are being built and shipped, and so many now delayed, that it’s impossible to tell every single person the answer all over the globe. As I have done from day one, we share the best information we have at the time. I realize that when that information changes it seems as though you've had the rug pulled out from under you—believe me I feel the same. I'm afraid it's just the nature of a start-up operation, this many suppliers, and this type of complex product. ..."

      My backer # was 36009 - and then the new 10,000 produced plus all that were sold. What is the plan for the rest of us 20,000 backer now?

    17. Missing avatar

      davelyn leong 2 days ago

      So if this is for the people that were willing to pay an additional $97, WHEN DO THE REST OF YOUR ORIGINAL BACKERS GET THEIR COOLER?

      are you going to release another PAID OPTION to get our cooler?? Am I ever going to get my cooler? To be honest I gave up hope

    18. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly 2 days ago

      LOL; his most recent update was for the suckers who paid the extra $97.00. Those of us who chose not to shell out more will still be waiting. Has anybody checked recently to see if HELL has frozen over?

    19. Michael Snow 2 days ago

      I just want to say that I got my cooler in December and it is awesome.
      I just wanted to say that.

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard Zwart 2 days ago

      So how do I get in contact with someone if my speaker is acting up? I need some help in resolving an annoying issue with it

    21. Sara Lasnover 2 days ago

      Does your most recent update include ALL backers who haven't received their Coolest or just those who paid the extra $97?

    22. Jon Calderas 2 days ago

      @Derick and @Dennis - to be clear, that update says they will ship Sunday. From China. They will go on a boat and it will take roughly 20-30 days before they will get to the backers. Still should arrive by July 4, but don't misinterpret "shipped" to mean it is shipping to your door this week. I paid for this option as well. Just want people to gauge their expectations correctly so they don't get upset because they don't get their coolers next week. I am cautiously optimistic mine will arrive by July 4.

    23. Missing avatar

      Raelene Raynor 2 days ago

      Hi Ryan, I have moved since the last address confirmation. How can I make sure you get it shipped to the correct address? Please contact me.

      Raelene Raynor

    24. Dean Prater 2 days ago

      Would love to get mine soon if you plz this is getting to be bullshit

    25. Missing avatar

      Juan Perez 2 days ago

      Ryan FUCK! YOU!

    26. Missing avatar

      Juan Perez 2 days ago

      �� Ryan

    27. Taylor Cake 2 days ago

      Way to blame the shipping companies who have been in business and understand logistics A LOT did I say A LOT more than you. I'm a conductor for BNSF railway and for you to blame shipping companies for your lack of let's just say "lost funds into your pocket" is a farce. Your company is a joke. I saw on your Twitter someone requested a refund that purchased on your less than professional website and you said you'd refund IMMEDIATELY where as your BACKERS will be refunded 2 weeks prior to our FOOLEST coolers shipping date. I want to receive my cooler so I can post on YouTube blasting it with a shotgun and all my other rifles. Which goes to show I don't care about the money I wish Coolest company nothing but failure and law suits. Thanks Ryan you crook

    28. MHelland 2 days ago

      Thanks blaine, I have record with my bank, but no recognition from Coolest. We'll see if it actually appears by July 4th...

    29. blaine 2 days ago

      I paid $97 & didn't receive an email. But I did email coolest and got a confirmation that my $97 was received. I'm confident that my coolest will be delivered before July.

    30. MHelland 2 days ago

      Did any backers that paid the $97 for early delivery receive a receipt?

    31. Missing avatar

      Bonnie D 2 days ago

      Will those who want to pay extra going to be given an opportunity to get it sooner?

      If at all possible, I would appreciate it.


    32. Matt Harker 2 days ago

      What does this mean for those of us who didn't pay extra for 7/4 shipping? What is the status of financing for the rest of us to potentially receive our coolests sometime this summer?

    33. Missing avatar

      Soraya Dominguez 2 days ago

      Is there any way that a status on when the remaining cooler backers can expect to receive their cooler? This was supposed to be an anniversary gift...two years ago! With an update at least I'll know if it'll change to a Christmas gift or a birthday gift or if another year will pass and it will be a possible anniversary gift. I understand the setbacks, but clearly communicating to those of us still waiting will earn more respect (and patience on my part!) than the standard emails. Thanks.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dennis cropper 2 days ago

      Hell I want a cool max cooler..if it's not fake. the coolest is...

    35. Derick John Clack 2 days ago

      And for all those whiners out there, kick starter is NOT a store, grow up and accept that or go buy your boring stuff on Amazon

    36. Derick John Clack 2 days ago

      Awesome, seems like my Coolest is shipping this weekend!!! Even though I had to pony up the extra cash, I know how these things go off the rails since I am an entrepreneur as well :) So many people would simply have just folded the company and everyone would have been shafted but Ryan stick to his promise and even though we didnt quite pay what we wanted, he didnt leave us hanging dry. Awesome job Ryan, cant wait for my Coolest!!!!

      Derick Clack

    37. Missing avatar

      Dennis cropper 2 days ago

      Just got an email today saying they're going to send out 2870 green coolers today!!!hope the hell I'm one of them!!!!waited quite long enough! !!!!grrr...

    38. Michael Snow 2 days ago

      I just want to say that I got my cooler in December and it is awesome.

      I just wanted to say that.

    39. Missing avatar

      Lauren Hoeflich 2 days ago

      I didn't want to cough up more money for your scams. My backer # dropped. I am never seeing it. I hope you see the inside of courtrooms real fast. I will be there clapping for the attorneys who take you to task.

    40. JT 2 days ago

      @ R.Schmidt - I'd be out of business if I didn't.

    41. William Bennett 2 days ago

      I would like a refund. For money I put toward this.
      I would like a refund. For money I put toward the extras.
      I would like to see this money as I have no desire nor want for the resulting product.

    42. Missing avatar

      Hunter White 2 days ago

      I want an answer as to why only 10K people were allowed to pay the $97 expediting fee? Quit beating around the bush and give us a straight answer! I requested and never received the email. Now I have to wait potentially years for you to sell enough retail coolers to pay for mine? How many do you have to sell at retail to produce one backer cooler? Are you stopping production now that this batch is done? These are all relevant questions and any startup with full disclosure would have answered these by now. I'm involved in a startup and I understand the struggles you are going through, especially financial. What makes me mad is the lack of communication!

    43. Kiel Basel 2 days ago

      Where does finishing the 10k leave the rest of the people that funded this? Any updates on production of the remaining orders?

    44. Joe Valiente 2 days ago

      Yeah afte 2 yrs I don't believe anything these guys say , when I see my cooler I will believe it until then this was a total scam. Not even issuing refund how lame!

    45. Coolest 10,746 2 days ago

      Actually John, no cooler compares to this

    46. Patrick Tyrrell 3 days ago


      I'm glad none of you are getting refunds. I have been waiting patiently and if you get a refund I won't get my cooler. You all jumped on the bandwagon at the great prise as a backer and this is what that price gets you. Stick around and you may get an awesome brand new coolest. If something is to good to be true it usually is.


    47. Missing avatar

      John Bishop 3 days ago

      None of those coolers compare.

    48. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly 3 days ago

      There are a lot of similar coolers on the market, hitting the market. Ryan provided a great idea to other people who actually got the job done. By the time the Coolest Cooler is produced in the quantity needed to fulfill all the backers and get it into stores properly Ryan will never be able to sell it as others beat him to the punch....JUSTICE?

    49. leon sergiyenko 3 days ago

      after multiple requests for refund "I appreciate that you'd like the amount of your Kickstarter pledge refunded; however, we are not processing backer refund requests "

    50. leon sergiyenko 3 days ago

      After multiple refunds request its clear that coolest is NOT and will not BE issuing any refunds despite the refund page. "I appreciate that you'd like the amount of your Kickstarter pledge refunded; however, we are not processing backer refund requests

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