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The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
62,642 backers pledged $13,285,226 to help bring this project to life.

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      Bryce Wallington about 1 hour ago

      My blender broke over Labor Day weekend and Coolest has yet to respond to either of my two emails. Are there any other ways to get a hold of this company for support?

    2. Jason Warner about 12 hours ago

      Selling it cheaper then what his backers paid for theirs. Such awesome business practices from this sham of a company. Said it before and I'll say it again, they won't ever make profits because they are going to keep hiring more and more of Ryan's friends. They will keep selling the kool aid as long as people keep drinking it. File your DOJ complaints now. It's a fact that those that filed their complaints over 6 months ago have received their coolers.

    3. Jason hallewell about 16 hours ago

      I'm at a loss after reading all of these complaints as to what I should take as a next step.

    4. SteveL about 23 hours ago

      Over 300 Complaints to the ORDOJ. At this stage in the game, seeing quite a few folks who filed DOJ complaints, ended up being part of the 500 coolers shipped to non ransom payers, what do you have to lose? As the off season approaches, This dude won't be selling many retail units. He's got overhead, employees, a Coolest RV purchased to hawk the cooler at shows, he's great at spending money to make money, unfortunately he's spending more than he's making I'm afraid.

    5. CDRudd 2 days ago

      What the... Seriously? Amazon is selling at 50% off and right at the backer price (without the $90 extra)?! This feels like a real kick in the teeth! Seriously Ryan, give us an update and explain this craziness! Are we ever going to get the coolers we paid for? This is the biggest insult to the backers yet!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Mathis 2 days ago

      Do an Amazon search for Coolest Cooler. You will find all three colors available Amazon Prime to you for $224.99. That includes FREE shipping! GO GET EM FOLKS! I'm sure after this they are gone for good!

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Mathis 2 days ago

      Ryan? You are an absolute fraud!!!! I stuck up for you for soooo long. Now you can go on Amazon, get a better cooler than what was pledged for $40 more than your original KickStarter? I CAN HAVE IT IN 2 DAYS, AFTER WAITING 2 YEARS? SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Kelly 2 days ago

      Folks, I understand the frustration of all of you as I waited for a couple of years myself.

      However, I did recieve my Coolest Cooler, and it is an amazing piece of equipment! On the beach we get stopped all the time and asked about it. The blender works very well and makes fine slushy beverages! I never really knew that ANY drink can be slushy...

      In fact, we took the Coolest to a large family event at the end of August and, with our extra battery, we were able to make slushy drinks all night!

      Hopefully everyone will get their Coolest cooler in a timely fashion. I won't say it is worth the wait, but I will say that we DO love it!

      Take care all!

    9. Tom Churchill 2 days ago

      i had tried to be patient myself too. After seeing the drop in price on Amazon, along with no update this month, I reached out to ODOJ. Of over 30 Kickstarter projects I have backed this is the only one that has been a complete cluster.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Dowling 3 days ago

      I have requested a refund as well as filed with the ODOJ as well. I have been quite and not complained but two years is not ok. Its also not ok to have to wait two weeks before its ships to get my money back.

      Backer 27,348

    11. NancyCM 4 days ago

      Finally had an opportunity to use my cooler at the beach this past week - and the blender is completely non-functioning. I have emailed their one and only email address, and have yet to receive any response 8 days later. Does anyone have any other contact information so that I might get this remedied.

      this entire thing has been such a cluster... and now there's no support. I shouldn't be surprised, but sadly I am. I had hoped that once I finally received it, I'd be able to use it.

      So disheartening. What a rip!

    12. John S. Gagne
      4 days ago

      Ordered one from Amazon. I know I am buying another one to replace the one Little Shriveled Ryan will never ship to fulfill my Kickstarter but I can't wait to get this PoS onto the range and reduce it to ash..stayed tuned for the YouTube.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chad Monger 4 days ago

      Blake (Coolest Support)

      Sep 20, 2:16 PM PDT

      Hi Chad,

      Thank you for writing in, and I'm sorry to hear that you're considering canceling your backer pledge. I understand this project has taken longer than any of us expected, but we are still moving forward and are committed to getting every backer their Coolest Cooler.

      If you would like to request a refund of your original pledge, please enter your information on the website link below and we will address your request two weeks prior to your Coolest Cooler being scheduled to ship.

      Refund request form -

    14. SteveL 5 days ago

      @Ken Ken, indirectly it was shown that when coolest did ship out coolers to backers who did not pay the ransom, many were those who had filed complaints with the ORDOJ. Coolest stated before their mouth piece Susan Towers departed the company, that people who filed complaints would not be getting their coolers sooner, as did Grepper himself. However posts on the Facebook rants and reviews group showed that many of the 500 Lots of non ransom payers were ORDOJ filers and those who actually wanted refunds! Coolers showed up at their door. The ORDOJ can't make Grepper send you a cooler, however every one he does send to those who filed complaints settles an individual complaint. He's trying to bring those numbers down, since the more who file make his neck stick up that much further.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ken gallo 5 days ago

      did anyone get results from filing with the DOJ or wherever? if so please provide the link

    16. Missing avatar

      JY 5 days ago

      Wait, is this real life? Some simple math, Backers Paid $200, then some paid an additional $97 to get it faster, bringing the total to $297, yet it's selling on Amazon for $224. So those who put in even more money just got "used" AGAIN. Holy moly. Did someone divide by zero somewhere? Is this a blackhole? WHAT THE F.

    17. Missing avatar

      Terje Pedersen 5 days ago

      Oregon DOJ got my case a week ago.

    18. Darryl Clark 5 days ago

      I just filed my complaint with the DOJ. I also filled out a refund request and I sent Ryan a message asking for my cooler or my money back. My final step tomorrow is filing with the BBB.

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Epperly 6 days ago

      Filed my complaint with DOJ today. Just tired of the BS. Would appreciate a refund or the cooler before hell freezes over.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tom Smith 6 days ago

      2 years. DOJ is the next step and I've seen results.

    21. TechyBeemer 6 days ago

      If they don't have money to make enough coolers for existing backers how do you think they will provide refunds??

    22. Darryl Clark 6 days ago

      Backer 14,309. Nothing. I asked how many backers still need theirs. No response. Can someone post the links to the BBB and the Oregon DOJ. I just filed a refund request with coolest. I'm not sure I'm going to get it.

    23. Steven Wolf 7 days ago

      Really hoping that the DOJ can get this scumbag handled!

    24. Missing avatar

      Selina 7 days ago

      I'm not sure how to reply to people but if you go to you can put your info for a refund request.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kevin Leese on September 17

      All of us that paid for this on here need to get an update on when these will be shipped - Hell I would have ordered one from Amazon at $224 today that is not much more than I paid for NOTHING... this picture of the Coolest I have been taking with me on picnics and trips to beach is sure a big HIT! I should put a picture of Ryan "Best car sales person ever" along with it. Not only have we been played as suckers but then he pulls off this "feel sorry for me and everyone" deal and we just keep taking it and feeling sorry.
      Kickstarter it is projects like this that will be the downfall of KickStarter.

    26. Jonathan Tran on September 17

      amazon was selling for $199, now at $224...I paid $240 for this POS and never received it. I personally believe that our backers products will never come. And I'm sure they have enough inventory to ship it all out to us. I also never going to trust Kickstarter ever again, as they don't have backers interest at hands. I will be taking my money elsewhere...

    27. Missing avatar

      Ryan on September 17

      How is the Coolest available on Amazon when people who have already paid have gotten nothing? Is this some kind of scam?

    28. Missing avatar

      Gregory Struthers on September 16

      Scum....backer 7,667....crickets!

    29. Denise M. Lanier on September 16

      Im backer 14,133. My pledge was 240 plus xtra bluetooth &blender. It really sucks to attempt to back someone's dream and to be scammed. I have learned my lesson. I was too thrilled to get one. The thrill is gone. By the time I get mines someone will have come out with something better. 2014 until an indefinite time is ridiculous to wait for a product unless you send extra money in hopes of getting the product. It feels like extortion to me

    30. Von_Lonelyha on September 16

      Still got 15/fifteen more days until next update.

    31. Thai Pham on September 16

      At this point I doubt I will see the cooler showing up within this year, and I don't think I can ever receive a refund. Pretty much money I spent on a hype that I thought I would really enjoy, but at this point, I dunno if it was worth the wait. Summer has come and gone twice now. Everyone I told about the cooler sometimes ask me about it and I'm embarrassed to say as a backer, that there are people who bought it on amazon received it almost a year ago while backers are still waiting.

    32. Michaelb on September 15

      The mans a piece of shit. I'm backer in the low 11,000 he got me for $400. We need to put this fu_k in jail. If, if he shipped 1/3 of the pledges how come I got past over. I don't think he's shipped out anyway near what he said.

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Fisher on September 15

      @stacy rose Join us at Information of how Kickstarter could care less and how to file a formal complaint with an active investigation are posted there.

    34. Jeroen Stoker on September 15

      I have Just recieved an amazing offer with the cooler for 50% off!! Ryan, I have never complaind. But please can you send me the cooler? I am an international backer and paid the extra $100. Is there a possibility that I get a refund zlso I can buy it on Amazon?

    35. Missing avatar

      stacy rose on September 15

      I sent in a ticket on the Kickstarter help page, asking about getting a refund. Maybe if we all do that kickstarter will take some action

    36. Missing avatar

      stacy rose on September 15

      We ALL need to contact Kickstarter and get them to put pressure on Coolest to REFUND our money NOW!

    37. Missing avatar

      stacy rose on September 15

      so I got an email today saying that since I MISSED getting a Coolest at the kickstarter price I should go ahead and buy one from Amazon. WTF does that mean? I thought we would eventually get what we ordered and what we PAID FOR. If you are now saying I'm not going to get one, then REFUND my money with interest. Enough bullshit.

    38. Missing avatar

      Dave G on September 15

      Oh, and now it gets even better. Coolest is promoting that Amazon slash price. I signed up for the presale also to see their other communications. They emailed a notification of the Amazon price instead of promoting a full retail sale that would result in a profit.........
      Amazon Launchpad has decided to put their Coolest Cooler inventory on a 50% off sale that’s happening RIGHT NOW!
      We’re sending you this email because you were one of the earliest folks on our email list, someone who barely missed getting your Coolest Cooler at the low Kickstarter price of $185 (and $15 for shipping). If you, or anyone you know, wants to own the Coolest Cooler ever this is probably the best price you’ll ever see, but it won’t last.Click here to get your Coolest Cooler on Amazon now.
      Why is Amazon Launchpad selling their Coolest Coolers for far less than they paid for it? Who knows, but their loss is your gain.
      Amazon can change their price at any time, but this is the price RIGHT NOW so act quickly for an unbeatable deal.
      Regards, Team Coolest

      Coolest Coolers LLC 2016
      916 NW Hoyt Street | Portland | OR 97209

    39. Missing avatar

      Chad Monger on September 15

      Got the coolest last night that I ordered from Amazon, still hoping that my original pledge will get refunded. Overall the coolest seems pretty nice and it is quite heavy. Have not used the blender other than to just make sure it worked without ice. Speaker worked pretty well.

    40. Missing avatar

      Greg McKay on September 14

      Has anyone visited Coolest HQ to get their cooler?

    41. Missing avatar

      Greg McKay on September 14

      All I can say is WTF!!!!! On Amazon for backer pricing!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Eric Jackson on September 14

      How in the world is this on sale on Amazon for a dollar less than what I pledged for. So if I waited and just ordered this on Amazon, i'd have it in a week. You are kidding me. Is this not some breach of contact with the backers? Can't we pull out and just buy it outright at this point?

    43. Brian Epstein on September 14

      To be honest, I'm not all that hopeful about receiving my refund, since they say "We will address your request approximately 2 weeks before your shipping batch is scheduled for delivery. At that time you will have the option to either receive your backer reward or proceed with your refund request" So if my cooler is never scheduled to ship I don't get my refund? I was very supportive of the whole deal until this latest amazon thing... As a business owner myself, I can understand the decision to sell at retail in order to fund the final backers, but to ask people to spend an extra 100 on top of what they've already spent, just to offer them at retail for the original price is unthinkable. Here's hoping for the refund some day... If that actually happens, I will happily buy a coolest at whatever the retail price happens to be at the time, I'm assuming even lower than my initial pledge....

    44. SteveL on September 13

      And the slaps in the face keep right on coming.... such a deal on Amazon!

    45. Tyler on September 13

      Grepper is an asshat.

    46. John S. Gagne
      on September 13

      So funny! All those Kickstarter backers who got conned into Ryan's scheme and then got bilked out of yet another $97 just found out that they could have gone to Amazon and bought and received the unit for the very same price us suckers pledged in the very initial Kickstarter. $199 + 25 shipping. Ryan's project is like a cockroach and just keeps popping up from a new dark, dank fetid places to remind us we've been had. Mind you, we took the slow con in the beginning as the initial pledge was $199 including shipping but tear-eyed little Ryan came hat and hand to us and sobbed how hard he tried but just had to ask for a little more to cover shipping, $25 and everything would be okie dokie. Lol. Yeah. 2.5 years later he's still reminding us all of that really regrettable one night stand we never should have had as freshmen in college.

    47. Stephanie Lamouroux on September 13

      for $224 I can have it tomorrow with Amazon.... I can't believe they are selling these on Amazon when the original pledges haven't received theirs yet.....

    48. Missing avatar

      Dave G on September 13

      One month since the last update. The silence is deafening.

    49. Grepper on September 13

      It sucks that Amazon is blowing these things out at $224. I got one yesterday for $199 and was hoping to flip it for a few $.

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