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More than just a magazine, it's the introduction to a new generation of men who date men.
More than just a magazine, it's the introduction to a new generation of men who date men.
626 backers pledged $26,131 to help bring this project to life.

Hello Mr.—It All Starts Here

Posted by Ryan Fitzgibbon (Creator)

And so you have it, the end of a thirty-day campaign for which I sought confirmation of a simple idea; to create a magazine for a new generation of gay men. With 130% of funding achieved by 626 of you, I'd say I got it. Getting here, though, wasn't easy. You raised a lot of great concern about the concept which prompted many fruitful conversations. A lot was learned in the attempt to win your trust that Hello Mr. will be a multi-dimensional brand. One that's inclusive of a wider diversity of individuals than was initially represented here.

Thirty days ago wasn't the start, today is. The numbers proved the need for its existence, and I am so incredibly grateful for your validation and encouragement through it all. I really had no idea how difficult this was going to be. I always believed that we'd get there, but gosh was I sure hoping someone would just come along and put me out of my misery…and then he did, with three days to spare (thanks NPH)!

I thought I would relive the joyful experience of begging you for money with a retrospective look at the funding timeline (see the graph below and read between the lines to measure my anxiety levels). A blessing and a curse, analytics are (refresh, refresh, refresh…).

So what happens from here?

Now is when the hard work begins! Let's work backwards from the end of February when I hope to start shipping issue #1 to all of you. The printing of 3000, 166-page magazines will take about two weeks, so design and final proofing needs to be complete by mid-February, let's say Valentine's Day (that'll be a good reminder for me). Which means that all articles and visual assets need to be tied up by the end of January.

We have quite a few features underway now, but next on my list is to read through the submissions inbox, which currently contains 73 enthusiastic emails from many of you. (Maybe a monthly mag is possible after all…yeah, not until there's about 10 more of me!) Thank you for sending through all your ideas—it further proves a reason for Hello Mr. to exist on newsstands and on tablets around the world! And speaking of tablets, I've spoken with a handful of digital publishers and developers interested in helping Hello Mr., so I'm excited to start building this part of our offer! The content will always be the first priority though, and I won't publish anything in print or on screen until I feel 100% confident in the quality of what's inside.

I'm so eager to get back to it, and begin laying out the pages and commissioning visuals to accompany the articles – this is the fun part for me! I invite you to experience the process of launching a magazine by signing up for our mailing list where I'll be sharing more updates and sneak peeks over the next few months of production.

So with that, I thank you once again for confirming my idea and for helping me kickstart 'Hello Mr. the concept' into reality. Until next time. 

Ryan Fitzgibbon

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