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A pay-what-you-want collection of complete, creator-owned, DRM-free digital comics. Ryan Andrews' This Was Our Pact debuted here, and an expanded edition is coming soon from First Second!
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Ryan Estrada

2,063 backers pledged $40,555 to help bring this project to life.

Playtesting the magnetic comics sets!

I showed off the freshly printed copies of Learn To Read Korean in 15 Minutes in last night’s update. Here’s the magnetic comic sets some of you are getting in action!

We’re crazy-close to $16000!!!! I have a special stretch reward that a whole bunch of people asked for all picked out for you when that happens! A digital reward that everyone will get right away!

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    1. Creator Ryan Estrada on January 11, 2013

      UPDATE: Good thing I play-tested this. There will no longer be board markers included with the magnet comics. Because board markers apparently do not erase from refrigerator doors. And in the process of erasing it as fast as you can before your wife gets home, you can create a Mr. Bean-like escalation of events that totally jacks up your refrigerator permanently. Then you got to get new magnets to hang a bunch of stuff over the part you destroyed so your wife doesn’t find out and look, basically what I am saying is that my wife doesn’t need to know about this.
      But the good news: The magnets work great and are super fun! YAAAAAY!