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Update #6

This Was Our Pact: Preview


Ryan Andrews shared some more previews of his work-in-progress for This Was Our Pact over on his blog. Thought I’d share them with you!

I love what this man can do with brush strokes. He’s like the Hayao Miyazaki of webcomics. I would hang any panel of a Ryan Andrews comic on my wall. If my wall were a wall in a museum of super awesome art. You may be thinking though... what, is this just 70 pages of riding bikes past trees and stuff? Oh no, my friend. Some crap goes DOWN.

I’ve read the whole story, in thumbnail form, so I don’t want to bust out any spoilers, but here’s a quick peek at one of the thumbnails.

WHAT. That bear is wearing a scarf, you guys. WHAT?

I guess now is as good as any to start talking about the future of The Whole Story.

I already have a few projects I’m thinking about... my next book will be called Satyagraha, about the time I slept in Gandhi’s house, turned into a wanna-be freedom fighter, and got thrown out of a moving train by a small army of police officers. I’ve been talking to a bunch of amazing artists, but I don’t want to do any name dropping until things are more final. There’s one book in particular I think you guys’d go coo-coo bananas over that I can’t talk about yet! Hopefully I can tell you guys soon!

Tell me what kind of stuff you guys would like to see in future bundles! The whole fun of this is making great comics happen! Are there any completed, super amazing indie comics you think more people should see? Are there creators you’d like to see create a new story? Are there unfinished stories you’d like to see an artist get the funding to finish drawing?

Let me know! This isn’t just comment bait, if you have a great idea, I will literally start sending e-mails tonight and see what I can make happen!


    1. Newavatar.small

      Creator Ryan Estrada on January 8, 2013

      That looks great! And heck yeah, we’re accepting submissions!

    2. Iand_breadman.small

      Creator ian densford on January 8, 2013

      valentin boudet is a really fun french artist (airfortress.tumblr), who seems to have lots of ideas but few comics. help him out! ...and would you accept submissions for any future projects?

    3. Missing_small

      Creator Chris Neveu on January 5, 2013

      I would love to see something from William George of Bang Barstal fame. I have not seen anything new from Ursula Vernon since Digger ended. I would definitely second that Magnolia Porter nomination.

      There are just too many artists I could name!

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Leora Effinger on January 4, 2013

      I'd love to see more work from Box Brown. Aside from your own work, his was some of my favorite from the original bundle.

    5. Pixie_and_worm!.small

      Creator Alenka F on January 4, 2013

      I'm a huge fan of Magnolia Porter and she's got some finished projects that are pretty amazing (See: The Good Crook and Bobwhite!)

    6. Avatar2-2013.small

      Creator Satsy on January 4, 2013

      Just read Plagued and The Dog's Sins, loved both. I'd probably freak out too at a sudden locust storm, let alone waking up to one!

      The Dog's Sins is... While I want to just say "That's his thing" (which it is) it carries differently to a lot of what Green's got on Gunshow. Except maybe the blood cloud, that also contained an eerie disconnect. In short, great stuff.

      As for stuff I want to see... I watch a lot of artists, few of which I'd feel good about namedropping (most of them I suspect you're already aware of and have talked to already). I just look forward to seeing what stories people want to tell. :)

    7. Newavatar.small

      Creator Ryan Estrada on January 4, 2013

      Oh man, I love Patrick’s work! I met him when he was in Korea. Awesome guy, too!

    8. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Ido Yogev on January 4, 2013

      I'd love to see a new project by Patrick Alexander, of any sort. I thoroughly enjoyed both his children oriented material and the adult oriented. If he has anything major in the works, he hasn't hinted at it through tumblr or otherwise. and I wander if a financial boost will help get the ball rolling. He has a unique sense of humor and marvelous ink work.

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